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  • The background music for this series is the worst in the world. Other than that this is a great series. Best scenery, great plots, great actors. You've seen it before but not this well, except for the awful music. They do better plotting and better scripts so you know the background and the setting, but the awful music. Find a way to edit out that awful music and I would watch these every day.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    All the actors are great in it. And the music is wonderful. It is so uplifting and lets us all know what we should do. When prejudice raises it head, we should smash it down. View people for who they are not what they are. And I enjoy it every time. And I will the next time.
  • This was a most interesting show, not a beautiful Midsomer Murders, but a little darkness but nothing overdone. The characters were interesting and I wanted to see more of Muriel and her upward career. The scenery was nice and the mysteries were good and not overly complicated, just human. Please let there be more like this.
  • I bought this book through a book club and loved reading it. I learned so much. Then watched the miniseries. It was watched by most of the country and was the most watched miniseries for years. Then TV Guide wrote about it and said that "the only reason white people watched it was because it was on consecutive nights. That white people could not identify with black characters. So they had put in a couple of white people for us to watch." How they underestimated their audience and their author, Alex Hailey. Whether this story is factually true down to the tiniest detail or not is irrelevant, in my opinion. And maybe the land used for the filming was not technically correct. It is great writing and the acting was fabulous. We got to see actors of color that we never saw before and a story telling the history of our nation. One thought I had at the end of the miniseries was that now these great actors would be getting parts and series on tv like others had done before, but we were disappointed. So many black actors were not seen again for a long time. The powers that be missed their chance. Perhaps the time for Roots has passed but it was wonderful in its time.
  • The story line is so great and the acting superb! You can watch it over and over again many times. I have lost count how many times I have seen it and I never get bored or tired of it. Each scene is as interesting as the first time. Enjoy all the stories in this movie. I just bought the book.
  • Good writing, Good acting, but then you are distracted by that jerky camera technique that has become necessary to some. Stop it and your work will be so much improved.
  • This is the best episode so far. Like the others, I would like more Endeavour. This one has the most mysteries inside the story that I have to watch it at least 3 times to understand it all and it doesn't get boring. It is so interesting to see how the British police worked in those days and the great acting as well. Keep them coming, I beg of you!
  • The show was pretty good. Mostly I have a hard time with British comedies, but this one was different and I really enjoyed it. I also don't enjoy the way Americans are portrayed, but at least the American wasn't a total idiot. Better than the comedies I have seen lately. A classic with a twist.
  • I like the non-violent aspect of it. So many shows these days don't do detecting, they do shooting, shouting, punching, and yelling. Love the intelligence.
  • The writing was so boring. Why do they have to do those 'cute meeting' scenes? Why does the theme music have to be straight Indiana Jones? Couldn't they write anything good? Gosh! I'd rather watch a rerun!
  • Every single Midsomer Murder is very agreeable to me. A lot of different villages and stories. Not all the same but most tell of the country and the people. Nothing is better than a mystery that has on average three murders per episode. And you get a lovely backstory while you are trying to figure it out. This one is just like that. A nunnery in modern days and what has happened around it. Like I said, any mystery with a Barnaby is my most favorite series.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Sure, change some things, but not the most important points of a story. I tell you, you don't kill off the most important person in the story. They totally negated the whole point. If you do that, you do not understand the point of the story. And they did it twice!!! If you want the real story watch the miniseries done later.
  • I was there when this really happened. Stephanie was born with handicaps and the doctors said she would not live past 5 or 6 years old. When her next birthday was coming up, her father decided to do a 7 day run to thank God for letting her live that long. He arranged it to end on her birthday. The story was in the papers in San Antonio and the whole town was proud of him, and admiring. He was a loving father to a handicapped child. I guess the movie makers did not understand that.
  • We have enjoyed this program on PBS so much. The acting is excellent and the period of the piece is not overdone. The cases/mysteries are more interesting than on American tv and my only complaint is that there aren't more stories. Munro is an interesting character. The actor was a good guy in another show and you loved him. Here he is not such a nice guy and you want to rip him in two. Great acting. Give us more of this kind of thing.
  • Sometimes a movie should be about the person, not the history. That is what a lot of people are missing. This is a unique chance to make a movie about someone well known who has dementia and how it might manifest itself in them. We saw Margaret as a politician, but not as a person who had trials of her own. I disliked her politics and really didn't want her policies lauded and praised, but it was interesting to see the woman herself.
  • I hope there is a third season, I don't think I could live without it. The storyline is so unexpected and moving. It is like life. You can understand what is going on in the characters and they seem to have cast the best actors in the world. I feel the Sergeant's sorrow and yet you also feel her strength when she walks into work or into a situation that could be the end of everything. Makes me want to be like her. More, please, more.
  • I enjoy the show and despite some people saying the endings were not clear, I thought they were pretty good. Sometimes you were undecided whodunit. Or not to see it til the last minute. The thing I did not enjoy is the misogyny of the main character who shouted at people, especially the women and seemed to use women like servants, calling them names as he did so. The stories were good despite him. Would have been great without him.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I had a problem with the ending of the first series, but the acting is great and unforgettable. The endings were not what I expected, with the abuse of the wife with dementia being not addressed and all the murders laid at her door. It was entirely possible it wasn't her. Then you have the suicide of another in jail, not really knowing if it was suicide or revenge from his bad guy friends.
  • The first problem is I do not understand their Coroner system and they don't explain it. I like learning from British shows. The second one is that this is only 2 seasons! I wanted a couple more. The scenery is lovely and more current than some British shows. The characters are humorous and subtle at the same time. I like the fact that the violence is a lot less than in other shows and it is more intellectual, as if you were solving the murder/death yourself. I'd live in that village any day.
  • Inspector Morse was just about the best show on tv but I love Endeavour even more. The character is like Morse but younger, a little bit naive and learning his way around. The ability to see through mysteries is just as good but more characters in the show gives you a better look at the character of Endeavour Morse. I could watch this show every week, if only they could produce them that fast.
  • I have enjoyed the Poirots immensely but this and the few surrounding it have puzzled me. Poirot seems so much more angrier in these episodes than I remember him being before. Instead of charmingly uncovering the murderer he has been yelling at them and judging them. Not what I remember. This made the movie difficult to watch and the ending done badly, if you ask me. Otherwise, I recommend David Suchet in the role of Poirot highly, view all of the earlier seasons and enjoy them, but I think I will skip this one next time around.
  • I've seen two episodes and I want more. This a great show with tons of possibilities. I watched it on Acorn TV and was pleased to see here that there is more to come. It is intelligent, well written, with drama but no violence and hatred. There should be more shows like this that give us a smile or a tear but do not make us hate humans or fear for our futures. Don't know how else to say it. Amanda Redman is very good in a new character, not typecast, so are the other actors. The setting is nice and realistic at the same time.
  • I don't understand all the bad reviews, but then they usually say they gave up watching early on. I went all the way through it and wish there would be another season or two. I don't know what they think is 'well written' but I enjoyed most of the plot and scenes. Only the sexy scenes were not to my liking and felt as if they were put in to make things more 'exciting'. The last episode was the best way to end things. I didn't feel cheated or let down. I really liked the scenes in the hotel. It was interesting to see the challenges after the war that we never really see made into a series or a movie. I think the story message to me was that people in a difficult situation don't always do the right thing. They aren't always brave and sometimes they are just plain overwhelmed. And that is whether you are on the winning side or the losing side.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Several points came up with me. I am glad to see a movie by someone who tells a story of something besides a murder, robbery, or a terrorist attack. Secondly, I love being shown different cultures even if it is in the year 1938 and the movie I saw was in Hindi, so some of the cultural nuances were lost. I would have liked to see a more complete English translation of the actors lines. Another thing that ran through my mind was the similarities between cultures even though they are so very different. I thought about the Magdalene Laundries in Ireland run by the nuns and the catholic church. Any single woman who was considered dangerous in one way or another, either by promiscuity or unwed pregnancy or just being really beautiful and therefore too tempting to men, could be involuntarily consigned, without trial, to the laundries run by nuns and forced to stay there and work until some man came to take charge of them. Either a father , or a priest or some one who was willing to marry them. Many women spent the rest of their lives in those places. These laundries were still operating until the 1960's.!!!! I bet if we looked into the histories of all our countries we would find similar things in all of them. It does tell us that religion has done many disservices in the name of god and I think that was what they were trying to say with Ghandhi delivering that one line at the end. And misogyny is at the root of most of those prejudices that become god's commandments. That was shown by a comment or two here and there in the movie.