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Strangers on a Train

First of all I have to tell you that I had no idea what I was going to watch, I was sure it was a comedy. Second of all, I have seen this plot before in a Simpsons horror Halloween episode, and I never looked to know what movie was it parodying. With that said, this movie is good. I mean, I've never lived in the 50s so seeing some things happen was weird for me, for example the people smoking inside a train or a car. The ending fight scene really depicts both character, as you can see the evil one try to kick a kid out of the ride to his death, while the good one steps in to save him. I don't know why but seeing the man that worked at that ride get shot and killed surprised me too.

Parigi è sempre Parigi

1950s Paris
I enjoyed this movie. I really did. Yesterday I watched like three different 50s movies and surprisingly I liked them all. This movie here takes place in Paris, the plot is pretty simple, with an Italian group of football enjoyers trying to get to see the match. They all split into different groups and go on their own adventures. Some try to pick up French women at the station, others fall in love with a tourist guide, others make friends with a local couple. I'm not someone that usually likes love in movies aswell but I have to admit I smiled when the two lovers said goodbye in the train station.

La famiglia Passaguai

I surprisingly enjoyed it
I'm someone that usually hates Italian comedy movies, but I decided to see this one in order to have a looknat the past. I ended up enjoying this movie and even laughing at some jokes. It is a simple movie made to gain simple laughs but it got them from me regardless. There are some recurrent gags that I loved, such as the one where the older son of the family menages to get payed for everything he does, or the one where the watermelon keels getting crushed, or the one where a curious stranger kept asking questions to the father of the family. I really liked the ending too, pretty funny not gonna lie.

Meet Cute

First of all, what the hell is that streaming service? Ok now let's go to talk about the movie. It is too long. Some scenes are too long too, they could have cut even like only one second from those and the movie would have lasted at least five minutes less. That doesn't sound like a lot but if you remove one second from five minutes you get the amount of scenes that I am talking about. Let's talk about the protagonist, did I like her? Yes, she wasn't my favourite in The Big Bang Theory but she was here, even if she said a lot of slurs just for the sake of it. What about the male protagonist? I won't express myself since I hate that actor so it wouldn't be fair.


It's ok
I'm rating this one a 7/10. You might look at that score and think that it means it's a mediocre movie, but it doesn't mean that. This movie is better than mediocre, it's ok. It's not good otherwise I would have given it an 8, but it's close. I had fun watching it, I was looking for movies about time loops and this was kinda what I was looking for. I was intrigued with the whole concept explained in that movies about zombies in Las Vegas, I can't remember it's name at the moment. So yeah I was looking for some kind of funny comedy about time loops like it was a videogame. Imagine it as a game, a videogame.

Pokémon Smile

Good for kids
Kids usually find brushing teeth boring so it's nice they have an app where they are playing while doing it. Same goes for Pokémon Go, that made them want to stay outside while this one makes them want to brush their teeth. I believe that this is starting to become the timeline where Pokémon takes over and replaces parents as a whole. Next up what's going to happen? Pokémon tells your kid to go to bed? Lol like that would ever happen *winking at Pokémon sleep*. So yeah, 151 pokémons you can catch that are made in a chiby way so kids will like them more, what else can you ask parents? They made it easier for you.

Pokémon PC Master

Another game I have no idea what it's about. Searching on Youtube I was able to find a trailer completely in japanese so I had no idea what was going on. Basically from what I gathered it was like the goose game but in pokémon version with minigames such as typing on a keyboard some words or painting. I guess it was also online since the guy in the trailer says communication and the trailer shows 3 different kids sitting in front of different monitors. I'll give it a point more than Pokémon Project red and Pokémon Project blue because at least this one had communication and it seemed fun to play.

Pokémon Project Studio: Blue Version

It's like the other one
Why did they make a red and blue version? Like not on version called red and blue, but one called red and one called blue. They are the exact same, I saw no difference between them. I still have no idea. What this is supposed to be. On a Youtube video I saw there was the ability to print or fax what you made in the game. Was this game made in order for children to be able to print birthday party invites? I don't know and you probably don't know aswell. At least the second video I saw was more normal than the first one. So yeah, go check yourself if you are able to make sense out of these games.

Pokémon Project Studio: Red Version

What the hell is this supposed to be? I saw a video on Youtube but it didn't expalin anything, hell it made me more confused. Is this game meant to teach how to programme videogames? What it is supposed to be? The guy on Youtube made, I kid you not, an image of Misty saying she liked him. I swear on God, look it up yourself, that is some weird stuff. Was that how people were supposed to play this game? Like roleplaying about your non existing anime crush liking you? I have no words I am both desgusted and laughing my ass of because of it. That said, I have still no clue what this game is or was.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

This videogame is unbelievable. More than 60 characters, maybe even more than 70 or 80, I don't know I lost the count since there are now so many. Hell, they managed to get Altair and the Fallout Vault boy in the game someway somehow. They really kept their word when they said that everyone will be in smash. Damn, the Internet went crazy when Steve from Minecraft got announced. This might be the best game for the crossovers, arguably more than Fortnite. Don't get me started on that game or else this will be a review of it. I can't even imagine the next Super Smash Bros game that will come out for the next console.

Dairantou sumasshu burazâzu for Nintendo 3DS

I just made the Wii U version review, but the game are basically the same so what I said there can also be applied here. One thing I love is how they had to make two different versions because they had a handled console and a home one too, both being one the 3ds and one the wii u. After those we got the Nintendo switch, a console that comes from the 3ds and the wii U breeding. Nintendo is probably going to announce a new console in the next 3 years, I expect it to be 2025. Let's get back to the topic, super smash bros. Really fun, you should get the new version o the game for the nintendo switch.

Dairantou sumasshu burazâzu for Wii U

I know, it's like Mortal Kombat, it's the same as the previous Super Smash Bros, but I don't care. Tha game came out almost 10 years ago, and it hasn't aged one day. I love the whole idea behind all these characters that come from all these different worlds only to fight each other. They all have a differebt and unique story, all have their strenghts and weaknesses, and they all have a reason they fight. One day I hope I can make something like this, my own game of this genre. Maybe I'll give it the option to play 1v1 like in Mortal Kombat and the other option like Super Smash Bros, but regardless I would love it.

Badge Toreru Center

Today I decided to review some of old things Nintendo and Pokémon made, or that involved or included one or either of them. I gotta say, this wasn't that great back in time, nor looking back at it with nostalgia helped. I mean, we are talking about Nintendo, they make franchises like Super Mario Brothers, The Legend of Zelda, Pokémon, Super Smash Bros. You know, all this great stuff, and then this. I owned a Wii and a Nintendo ds when I was a kid, I got a dsi later and even a 3ds. I always loved Nintendo, I even have a Nintendo switch nowadays, but come on, this is something they could have made better.

Tetorisu 99

Using the classic tetris and adding a Battle royale twist to it is an amazing idea. I don't like the whole dlc thing, since we alreay pay for the nintendo subscription we shouldn't have to pay for the dlc, it should come directly with a game update. Other than that I like the game, like a lot. I never was able to win it because the other survivors were too good but I managed to get into top 10 once. The music for the game is something incredible, like I found myself humming it every time I played. The tetris theme is something people will never forget and always remember and love to sing, alone or in company.

Pokémon GO

Pay to win
The game was fun at first. People were looking for pokémon all over the world. Mountains, lakes, cities, forests. It didn't matter where you were, a pokémon was there. Slowly in time the game got added new generations of pokémons, and even mega evolutions. That sounds cool you might think, but what you don't realize is that niantic became greedy and the game slowly shifted towards the pay to win. I remenber leaving the game because this was unfair. What once was incredible became corrupted and the shell of it's former self. Regardless of what you think about the game, you will agree that pay to win sucks.

Poketto monsuta-shin to yoba reshi aruseusu

Really disappointing the fact that Arceus did not knew who Ash was. I would have given it a better rate if the movie showed continuity. I mean, it kinda did that because Ash referenced the previous encounters during the Tv series, but no one mentioned that time where Ash met Arceus and saved his life. Ash did not even know who Arceus was. And what really disappointed me was that Arceus did not speak at all. At least he did not say his name like every other Pokèmon, that is a thing about the tv show that I hate. I would have rathered that they used the games pokemon cries instead of their names.

Pokémon TCG Online

I mean it was alright
The game lasted from 2012 to 2022 I believe. Those are 10 years for those of you that don't know math. The game improved a lot in those 10 years, but it never became something so good that it appealed enough in order to become as popular as the fisical trading cards. You can say there are a lot of reasons for that, and I would say you are correct. The most important reason I believe the game was not that popular compared to the card themselves, it's because the card were physical and you could touch them, feel them, ruin them or keep them forever in plastic cases so that their value wouldn't decrease.

The Meg

How big is it?
That is my main issue with this movie. I couldn't focus on some things happening because of this, the meg kept changing sizes and lenght! Based on what the scene needed it was either less big or more big than the previous scene. Some things were really unbelievable, like how is a meg able to see when it spend milions of years in deep dark waters were there is no light? As soon as it saw sun light it should have gone blind! And how the hell do you mistake a whale for a meg?! And yet it happened! Don't write stupid things because you need them, that does not work well for a script, it makes viewers angry.

[REC] 4: Apocalipsis

I found it boring to the point I fell asleep and had to watch it again the day later. I had to watch it again from the beginning because I even forgot at what point of the movie I had arrived. I don't understand why some things established in the previous movies weren't done here, for example leaving a crucifix on a door would prevent the infect from leaving said room, or praying would make them stop. Both are thing used well in the previous movies, but here were not used because they would have made the movie last less than five minutes. That really bothered me to the point I could not enjoy the last chapter of this saga.

Pokémon Journeys

I hate it
I really do, I hate it. I have the aknowledge the fact that it is a good anime in terms of story, chacacters, music, action and all, but man do I hate it. The thing I hate the most is the fact that regardless of the fact Ash has lived trough all the movies and Tv shows, he does not age one bit. In fact, he even got younger! This makes no sense! Some people say it's because he met Ho-Oh, I say it's because they want to keep him young in order for the kid to always be the protagonist. People get tired of things if they always stay the same, you have to age him up one day! I would love to see him become an adult and have to train new generations of trainers.

[Rec]³: Génesis

Acting was great
I really dig the acting in a movie, and the two main protagonists were great! I didn't knew them before, but I really liked both the girl and the boy characters. I know the movie didn't follow the "tradition" of the first two movies but come on. The first one was all trough the camera pov, the second one had multiple povs, like the soldiers cameras and the kids camera. The third one started with a normal camera like the one used in the second movie and a professional camera like the one used in the first movie. They payed homage to them but they couldn't keep using the same formula, this is why this movie was totally different.


Let me start by saying I enjoyed the first Rec movie, but this one? Not that much. The movie continues a story that should be over, there was no need for this, instead the third Rec movie decided to do something different and it needs to be recognized for it. The initial characters are all professionals so you don't get the same anxiety about their fate like you did for the characters in the first movie. The additional characters instead were added to the plot in a way that made me hate them, to the point that I was rooting for them to die. You can't make those stupid decisions and expect me to hope you survive.


Hear me out. It's a really good movie and we all agree on this, but don't let the emotions you feel fool you into believing this is a masterpiece. The music is fantastic, the colors are amazing and the animation is incredible, but the story is not that great...I won't spoil anything, but come on! It all could have ended in a few minutes if some people made some decisions instead of doing something stupid instead. There was a life at stake! And an afterlife (?) too! Other than that it's a pretty cliché Pixar movie, you can see where it's going half an hour before it gets there. But yeah, pretty good regardless.

Alien Warfare

Don't get fooled by the title
The title may bait you into watching this movie, since the title is cool you might expect something cool but you'll end up watching a really awful movie. Bad acting, bad dialogue, bad characters, bad action, bad special effects, bad location, bad cgi. You get the point, everything is bad. Does it suck to the point of a 1 or 2 star review? Maybe, what I saw was really bad but not to that point. I liked only one thing in the whole movie: a conversation between two soldiers. One drops a gun because bullets are useless and asks the other why I didn't, he replies that it's better than unarmed. Made me think that if I ever find myself in a battle with an immortal being I shouldn't give up my weapon even if it's worthless. What am I going to do instead? Punch it?


Watch it in original not dubbed.
For the best experience possible you have to watch this movie in original language, not dubbed, because it takes away from the experience. This movie was so good that it had 3 sequels and 1 copycat. While only Rec and Rec 2 have the found footage pov, Rec 3 and Rec 4 are not to avoid watching, they are not that bad. Quarantine is an almost identical movie to Rec, so if you want to watch it in English you might aswell watch Quarantine instead of Rec.

This movie is one of the best horror movies ever, and I believe that it's the second best ever found footage horror movie, while the best on is Cloverfield.

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