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Jusqu'au déclin

Well worth your time, short and sweet.
I looked at the reviews on here before deciding if I should give this a chance or not, and I have to say that the things people complained about were pretty ridiculous.

I enjoyed this movie from start to finish. The characters and there motivations were very realistic and logical, and in general there were not any ridiculous decisions made by the characters for the sake of creating action (like in really bad horror movies).

The movie does a nice job spending the first part with character development and giving us a decent idea of who everyone is, only to be disrupted by an unexpected accident, which allows us to see the truth beyond the surface of these characters.

This is not a Hollywood movie, everything is done realistically, and when there is action, it is very intense. The movie didn't have a big budget, but a big budget wasn't necessary to create this story, it lacked nothing.

I rather enjoyed the theme of a group of doomsday preppers being deep in the woods together in the middle of winter and then seeing what happens when conflict arises from an accident, when some have more to lose than others.

Definitely give this movie a shot, it tells a very entertaining story in just under 90 minutes, can't go wrong!

One last note, I watched this movie with subtitles (not dubbed in English), your viewing experience might be dramatically different if you watch it dubbed in English, sometimes bad voice acting or bad translation can ruin a script if it doesn't sound natural.

Dig Two Graves

A grim story told perfectly.
This is a perfect example of fantastic story telling, told in a way to capture your attention from the first scene right until the credits are rolling.

My girlfriend and I started watching this when we normally go to sleep, and she always falls asleep during movies when we do that, so the fact that she was wide awake and talking about the movie with me after it ended is a true testament to how entertaining it was for us.

I will only give away the first moments of the movie, no major spoilers. It begins with the tragic death of a young girl's brother, and shortly after she is approached by 3 creepy gypsies who promise her they can bring her brother back, if she is willing to replace his death with the death of another. From there the layers, history and motivations of the characters are slowly revealed over the duration of the movie that at least for us, left us very entertained and satisfied.

If your looking for a good way to spend the night, give it 5 minutes and I'm sure that will be enough to suck you in until the end.


Great storytelling
I'm not sure what is not to like about this movie. Although I don't mind horror movies, this was told in a way without any cheap scare tactics and drawn out suspense scenes. I enjoyed the characters of the story and was very pleasantly surprised at how well the costumes and special effects were. Not top budget special effects but what they used served this kind of movie perfectly.

What might seem like a very dark, scary horror movie on the surface ends up being a very interesting story delivered in a way that I think a wider audience will enjoy. I'm sure it would be disturbing for small children, but it certainly won't keep any teenagers or adults awake at night.

If the description of the movie that IMDB gives sounds like something your interested in, then give it a shot. I think you will end up enjoying this foreign gem.

One last note, I watched it in its original language with subtitles. I don't know if watching it dubbed in English would take away from the experience or not.

Trump: An American Dream

A fresh look at an embarrassing past that everyone has forgotten.
When I saw this title on Netflix, my first thought was "Oh god, Donald Trump paid someone to make a propaganda documentary about himself". There were no reviews on IMDB yet, so I just decided I would give the first episode a chance.

I found it to be actually very interesting and watched the whole thing over 2 afternoons. It isn't biased towards him. It tells the story and just shows what a true sociopath he really is, and how he is a master of using hyperbole at all times to inflate his image and whatever he may be attempting to do.

Donald Trump understands the game and how do use the media to his advantage, even when everything appears to be falling apart. He is possibly the greatest con artist that the world as ever seen.

Whether you like him or not, it's entertaining to watch, and it definitely says some things that the president would not approve of. Judging from some of the stories, I'm amazed that anyone actually has the balls to say anything negative about him on a documentary, knowing he enjoys threatening to sue anyone that has an opinion that doesn't show him in a positive light. Maybe this documentary will be the end of Netflix. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if this documentary is suddenly no longer available in a week or 2.

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