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American Sniper

chris kyle a true american hero
Born in texas the first of two boys in the family of kyles chris father bought his son his first gun when he was just 8 years old and later on a shotgun with which the two hunted deer sometime later kyle and his brother grew up rising up to be good grownups he later went to high school before he become a sniper wanting to become a sniper he went on to join the milltary where he had lots of traing during his time as a solider he served four tours in iraq and was one of the most lethal snipers in us history over time he quit being a sniper in 2009 and moved back to texas to live with his wife taya and his two children he was later named presdient of the us milltary and wrote a book about his career as a sniper which he named american sniper however on the day of febuary 2 2013 kyle and his freind chad littlefeild were shot and killed at a shooting range by a vertan kyle was trying to help a momiral serivce was held for kyle as well as his funreal and in august of 2013 he had a legacy known as the chris kyle bill

the film american sniper which has bradley cooper in the main role is based on kyle life as a sniper in iraq i think the movie was good and the way clint eastwood directed the movie was pretty good

i would also like to note sienna miller does a bad job playing the real life taya kyle

and bradley cooper who i think is one of hollywood most popular actors should play chris kyle a secend time because he was so good

and the fact that people rate this movie 1 out of 10 is just so stupid i mean if you think about it the movie may be propganda because it misleads the audince

but that does not mean it a good movie and the resson i rated the film 10 out of 10 is because it such a great movie

but here how the movie started filming and what happened with the film ending taya kyle who lost her husband at a shooting range is saying quote " i dont want this movie hanging over the kids heads"

i would say taya respected her husband but here the real quote

" this is going to be how my children remember their father so i want you to get it right"

of course as always the movie in the end was not about how kyle got killed and shot but how he lived his life as a father and sniper when he served four tours in iraq

that is my last say about american sniper the film was really good and their not a moment wasted in this movie

we will respect the man that is chris kyle

stick around for the ending credits because their real life footage of his funreal

American Hustle

The movie american hustle is one of the best movies i ever watched set in 1978 the movie has a really big cast of actors that have

bradley cooper amy adams jennifer lawernce christan bale jeremy renner and robert de niro

of course the film is very enjoybul because you have good actors

Captain Marvel

get ready for avengers endgame
In the film first post credits scene we see captain marvel logo we then cut to steve rogers and black widow we then also see war machine and then doctor bruce banner aka the hulk then we cut to captain marvel who in the last part of the scene and she says " where fury"

at the very start of the movie it 1995 and we get to see captain marvel life before she meets the avengers

i mean i liked captain marvel a lot and rated it 10 out of 10 because it a really good movie

It Happened One Night

it happened one night is one of the best movies ever it black and white and it got clark gable in one of the best roles of his career
As a fan of clark gable i had watched gone with the wind and gable plays rhett bulter in the movie and now with it happened one night gable is playing a charchter in one of his best acting skills so if you have not watched it happened one night you have to watch it here what the movie about

a young woman by the name of ellen andrews escapes from her mean father and runs into clark gable who playing this guy whose name is peter warne as the two go through several adventures tegether the two prove they love each other no matter what

when the movie first came out in 1934 the film won best pitcure at the oscars and their were good reviews about the movie

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

am gonna miss how to train your dragon
I like to think that since how to train your dragon is over it gonna be pretty sad because i like the how to train your dragon movies

but going into how to train your dragon the hidden world i have to say it better then the first two

and it quit a nice movie picking up where how to train you dragon 2 ended the hidden world opens toothless and hiccup and they are rescuing captured dragons

but one day toothless falls in love with a famale nightfury however a few years into the future toothless has a dragon wife and the two dragons have mated

and given birth to baby dragons hiccup however sees toothless and the two become freinds again

while hiccup vows that until humankind can coexist with dragons the dragons will stay hidden while hiccup guards the secret

i knew that going into how to train your dragon the hidden world i was gonna be sad at the end

but then i knew it was just three movies so the hidden world was the movie i loved the most in the how to train your dragon series

but once i did watch the hidden world i had a sense of happiness back when i watched how to train your dragon

now i know that the film made 1.5 million in its opening weekend but it still pretty sad how to train your dragon is over

but if i was gonna talk about the hidden world i would have to say am gonna miss how to train your dragon

despit that being the title of my review

now am gonna miss how to train your dragon a lot

How to Train Your Dragon 2

better then how to train your dragon
Am a huge fan of how to train your dragon 2 by the way and it a really good movie that needs a good sequel and their was a good sequel

How to Train Your Dragon

it the classic that ends with the hidden world
First off let me say am a huge fan of the how to train your dragon series and the first and the secend how to train your dragon movies i would rate 9 out of 10

not because i love the film franchise but because the first film was okay but not as good as how to train your dragon 2 and how to train your dragon the hidden world

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

this sequel is why it should not get hate
You might be thinking why in the world am i saying nice things about fantastic beasts the crimes of grindelwald

well because it not as bad as people say it is let me just start off by saying am a huge fan of this movie

and am furious with all the hate this movie is getting you know what movie you should hate fantastic beasts and where to find them

because it sequel the crimes of grindelwald is much better then the first film so quit with all the hate

or your godamn fools anyway so the movie starts in the year 1927 and grindelwald is about to answer for his crimes

but somehow he escapes and newt meanwhile can not travel anywhere because of the events of the first film

meanwhile creedence barbone who might have died at the end of the first film is now on the run with nagni a human turned snake

anyways their so many plot twists in the movie but that not a bad thing at all cause it makes you ready for fantastic beasts 3

and jude law does a good job acting in this movie as the headmaster of hogwarts

what i really like about this movie is its bigger then the first film and better then the first one

screw you fantastic beasts and where to find them

Mr. Bean

15 episodes and a good show
I do not want to lie but when anyone brings up the topic of mr bean people might start laughing

why you ask because he funny and their are like 15 episodes in the mr bean live action series

where mr bean does a lot of funny things one of the funny things he does is get himself stuck on a train headed to moscow

but other then that the mr bean show has humor and that what so funny about mr bean

Mr. Bean's Holiday

mr bean first movie
Mr bean holiday is the first movie where bean gets his own movie if your expecting mr bean holiday

to be like the show keep in mind mr bean the best

Mr. Bean: Mr. Bean
Episode 1, Season 1

a nice start to the mr bean series
15 episodes of the mr bean series started with the very first mr bean episode mr bean

in which bean goes to school and later leaves the school to head to church where he falls asleep

it not often mr bean can pull off humor

Mr. Bean: The Return of Mr. Bean
Episode 2, Season 1

mr bean headbutts the queen of england
The return of mr bean is the secend episode in the mr bean series the episode opens with bean at a beach

and he later tries to go shopping but fails bean later heads to a resturant since it is his birthday party

but when he does not like the taste of the stake tarter bean is later seen at a movie premire

greeting the queen of england but he headbutts her

Mr. Bean: The Curse of Mr. Bean
Episode 3, Season 1

give mr bean credit it not everday that he scared of horror movies
In the curse of mr bean the episode first opens with bean going to a swimming pool

later on bean is having a sandwich but when he sneezes on his sandwich the man sitting next to bean

gives him an extra sandwich later on bean heads to the movie theater to watch a horror movie

with his girlfreind there mr bean learns the hard way as he is scared of horror movies

and embarrses himself in the theater

before he scares his girlfreind and the episode ends

that why it called the curse of mr bean

Mr. Bean: Mr. Bean Goes to Town
Episode 4, Season 1

a good fourth entry for mr bean
Mr bean goes to town is the fourth episode in the mr bean tv show which has like 15 episodes

in the episode mr bean does a couple of funny things before he goes to a club with his girlfreind

who made her debut in the curse of mr bean and when the girlfreind gets bored of bean being silly

she goes to the dance club however bean gets in the way and causes trouble which makes the girlfreind mad

later when bean is heartbroken he turns off the power in the dance club and leaves

Mr. Bean: Mr. Bean Rides Again
Episode 6, Season 1

never go on a train with someone mr bean
In the episode mr bean rides again mr bean is going on a train but he runs into a man who is laughing too much

and bean gets bored of the man laughing but when the man laughes too much bean is furious

and decides to do stupid things you would not enjoy this episode

but for mr bean fans who like mr bean when he bored you will like this episode trust me

you will like it

Mr. Bean: Merry Christmas, Mr. Bean
Episode 7, Season 1

merry christmas to you mr bean
In one of the episodes merry christmas mr bean mr bean is enjoying his christmas vacation

and does silly things along the way

Mr. Bean: Mr. Bean in Room 426
Episode 8, Season 1

the best mr bean episode
I think you might be wondering why i like mr bean in room 426 well it because the episode is so good

and i love the fact that mr bean in a hotel and he drills a hole in the wall which is quit funny

Mr. Bean: Mind the Baby, Mr. Bean
Episode 10, Season 1

the dog vs mr bean
Sometimes mr bean is doing something silly but let me tell you this you have never seen mr bean run into an angry dog

in the epiosde last few moments bean is heading home after he gives the baby to her mother

and just when bean was not expecting the dog to show up bean is shocked by the dog barking at bean

it silly right

Mr. Bean: Back to School Mr. Bean
Episode 11, Season 1

why does mr bean destroy his car
You might expect a mr bean episode to end with a cliffhanger ending but mr bean going back to school was one of those episodes

because in the last act bean car is destroyed

why would bean get his car destroyed

Mr. Bean: Tee Off, Mr. Bean
Episode 12, Season 1

mr bean is silly
Let me make my point

bean is silly too silly i mean what would you expect

Mr. Bean: Goodnight Mr. Bean
Episode 13, Season 1

mr bean might suffer from cancer
Goodnight mr bean is one episode that shows that bean is depressed and tired in the episode first act

bean is at a hospital but when he grows bored he eventelly heads home and tries counting sheep

but he eventelly falls asleep and passes out poor bean

Mr. Bean: Hair by Mr. Bean of London
Episode 14, Season 1

mr bean gets stuck in moscow
In the very last mr bean episode mr bean is first seen trying to get a haircut but when the attempt fails

bean grows bored and eventelly leaves to head to the fair where he joins a pet show afterwords

the episode gets to it last act where mr bean is at a train station but hides himself in a bag

shortly after that event bean gets stuck on a train bound for moscow really funny

so funny

Maze Runner: The Death Cure

a good end to the maze runner
If your a fan of the first 2 maze runner films you will enjoy the death cure i know you will

picking up after the events of the scorch trials thomas and his freinds decide to rescue their freind minho

what eventelly happens is a good action movie and a bit of a sad ending in which newt dies

but i do not want to talk about that

because this movie is amazing


the disney classic
Since pinocchio is disney second feature length film it was not bad at all i mean the movie was amazing

and if your a fan of disney go watch pinocchio because it not a very bad movie at all

thank you walt disney for this movie

give him credit

Batman Begins

batman give him credit
You should watch batman begins because i think you will really enjoy the movie a lot

and i think that why you should watch it because christan bale was a good batman he really was

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