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Aliens on the Moon: The Truth Exposed

Terrible.. Plain disbelieves and utter bull-sh*t
Actually pathetic and truly a disgrace to mankind...

The whole documentary they are just zooming in on NASA pictures, claiming to see some alien structure, wheels, hidden UFO's, etc., while these are just embossed crates of the moon. Actually I hated myself for even having watched this (partially)!! What kind of idiot makes this up and possibly photo shops some NASA images and actually believes it? Wow, how low can someone actually go by making a story of it and claiming this to be true.

I wanted to poke out my eyes with a needle for seeing this, worst is that I know some people might even get persuaded by this load of sh*t...


Inrealistic actions of the characters made me want to kill them my self
This is probably one of the most lame movies I ever saw. What was this director thinking!?! Moreover, what were the actors thinking?

First off: Why are we given the impression that the main character's best friend has something to do with the killer (because of his broken bank card and the door)? If you do this, than please follow this direction up. Don't let this suggestion bleed to death and never speak of it again.

Second off: Why didn't they just run the three of them in the first place. There is no sign of a gun, the actors look young and agile and there was a main road very close to the parking lot.

Third off: there is no real suspense. There is just one (supposedly strong) killer, walking with a very slow pace around the ATM. There are loads of opportunities to run off. The ending made me even laugh more. As if it was a thoroughly thought through plan. Man, there were loads of possibilities for all of them to escape and the factor coincidence was way too high to think this idea through. The killer is simply dumb and it is a fact that this dumb idiot could be caught way too easy.

Fourth off: The impression the movie gave that the man character was the killer????? Come on, awfully ridiculous. By showing little parts of the security camera which made him look like a killer?? Come on, we all know that there was more to be seen on the camera and that he could've never killed his friends and a complete (supposedly innocent non- speaking) stranger (made me realize again how fake it is that they killed the guy who entered the ATM, because you always enter an ATM without saying a word and attack the other people inside) when you are just an innocent bystander.

People who give this movie a higher rating than a 3, must be sponsored because I just simply can't believe their words...

The Ward

Pathetic acting and a predictable script!
Although I am a huge fan of John Carpenter's Halloween, I must admit that a lot of his productions were straight garbage as well.

Including this one:

1. Acting for the most characters was completely terrible. The girl who was trying to imitate a girl with the mentality of an 6 years old kid was absolutely embarrassing. What was the deal of this stupid character anyway? And what about the ginger girl who was murdered by being electrocuted. That scene was lame! With computer-animated burnt tissue coming up instantly and the girl not screaming or fighting in a convincing way. That was simply annoying and embarrassing. For some reason I started to get irritated by the main character as well, with her so-called bad attitude, which was horribly put together by Amber Heard!

2. The setting of a psychiatric clinic was not convincing at all. How the hell was it possible for the girl to escape three times? A nurse coming in a cell while she knows the patient already escaped twice with such ease should be on guard, not entering a cell like that. The floor on which the girls live was too modern and clean to be convincing. There were too many times which made me feel that this was a setting which comes from a modern madhouse!

3. The plot of the movie was terrible as well, I was able to plot the wafer-thin script from start to finish, while I am actually not good in predicting plots. Next to that, why did this insane witch pop up in her mind and why could she kill this computer animated (ugly!!) creature with this ease? There was no tension in this movie at all, because all scary moments were simply too predictable and lame.

Never in a million years would I recommend this movie to anyone!! Please stay away from this one, or recognize 1.5 hours later that you have wasted your time!


Goosebumps, right from the beginning...
This movie literally gave me goosebumps all over my body, as well to my girlfriend who couldn't keep watching as she was so scared! As a matter of fact, everyone in the cinema was scared!!!

Why? It already started with the credits, they were scary (with insane sound effects). For some reason I just knew it would not be an ordinary horror (from the people who brought you Paranormal Activities and Saw).

The development of the story was great, starting with the procurement of an old, eery house. It kept everybody thinking it was the house who brought the unexplainable things to happen, but it was far more worse than that! The creatures in it keep popping up in my mind, even two days after seeing the movie.. The final part of the movie was the most frightening, with extraordinary confrontations of the creatures that haunt the family.

Wow, I finally have hope for the horror-genre again. After seeing so many bad-horror movies these days, I finally found one that gave me goosebumps and keeps me hungry for more!

Great movie, and a must see in the cinema (because of the special effects and sound effects)!


A vet is confronted with the US army in her hometown, unknowing that she is trapped in a conspiracy theory of the US government.
Throughout the intro of the movie I immediately noticed that the producer just loved extended and stretched shots, I guess to fill up the movie. We see a man riding a horse for about 2 or 3 minutes, ending up dead by a lethal virus.

Immediately after the incident, we see the young vet driving in her car for about 2 or 3 minutes.

Then, we see the US army entering the small village for about 2 or 3 minutes.

Not much later, we see the young vet driving through town, greeting everybody, again for about 2 or 3 minutes.

What I'm trying to say that this horrible movie is so slow-paced, that you start to get bored instantaneously. I felt skipping those boring, long scenes or just play with my phone, because in large parts of the movie, nothing is really happening.

There is no action throughout the movie and the movie could not grab me and let go of me, because the plot was so weak, there were no interesting dialogs as the acting was horrible and I was expecting to see "something" happen! But literally nothing happened.

The vet was quite annoying with her big mouth and seemed to be the only resident of the village who actually stood up against the contamination of her village (imagine?? only the vet, not even the mayor).

I was seduced by the cover of the movie and the title, hoping for an outbreak of a virus! But nowhere in the movie you can see a man in radioactive suit, or do we get to see dead people rising!

I hope my review keeps people from viewing this lame movie, as it will ruin 1.5 hours of your time!

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