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After the Rain

My Dad was a Stand In
I remember when this film was made in San Augustine Texas. My Father and I along with my 5 year old twin boys went to the auditions. My Dad was chosen to be a stand in for Ned Beatty. They are exactly the same height and build, so Dad would stand in for all of Mr. Beatty's close up scenes to get the lighting just right. He also was in the crowd scenes at the Rusk State Railroad in Mayberry. When the movie first came out for all the locals to see, it was called "The Passage" and was shown at the SFA Theater in Nacogdoches, TX. I have searched for this movie for many years with no luck. Was not aware that the name had been changed. I could not find any of the Stars credited with this movie. So glad I found it and can't wait to watch it again with my Dad, and to show it to my now grown kids!!!

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