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Alien Intrusion: Unmasking a Deception

Don't waste your time!
Ok, so I never leave comments or reviews but I felt I had to on this one! This documentary was absolutely horrible! I saw this documentary last night and it was laughable if you have spent any amount of time and done some research on this topic! So they charged $15 per person and the documentary was 90% interviews from the 70's! It was so out of date! The info was straight up lies and they just happened to leave massive amounts of info because it would of gone against their Christian theory(and im a christian) It was so bad we left 15 minutes before it ended. Damn I was disappointed and pissed! I was really looking forward to a "new" documentary but showed mostly old information and false information and left out massive amounts of information. If you really want to watch a documentary then watch Unacknowledged and it's free on Netflix!

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