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Dave Bautista is the only one that makes it work and worth watching.
Could have been a really great movie if they put some money into it. All actors except Dave Bautista are extremely horrible especially Zambrana. Very low budget but entertaining. Dave Bautista is the only one that makes it work and worth watching.

Legado en los huesos

So much talking:
This movie is very slow it seems they wish to talk more than actual work. The lead investigator hasn't a clue what she is doing. I also noticed she had a perfect opportunity to help out a young lad but instead turned a blind eye. Overall just boring boring boring and the acting was horrible especially the lead investigator and her boyfriend partner. They definitely picked the wrong actors for this drama.

Don't Speak

Just plain awful
Sorry but this movie was all the things ya love to hate. People just standing around, the ole turn around in super slow motion when you hear something behind you. No attempt to fight back or save a family member, just stand there and watch. You know it comes when you make noise so what do you do? SCREEEEEAAAAAMMMMM over and over again. The kicker was when father and son were competing to get killed.

Uncut Gems

Low Budget
Everyone talks at the same time. Very low budget looking and sounding.

Lethal Weapon: One Day More
Episode 22, Season 2

Y'all blew it
I don't know why they fought so much and I don't care, it's about the viewers not themselves. They work for us not the other way around. That's the problem with actors, athletes, etc. they make a huge amount of money which goes straight to their head and forget who paid them, that's right the common people that pay to see their movies, to watch them play, etc. To take Riggs (Clayne Crawford) out is a huge mistake, he is the show, I absolutely will not watch without him. I guarantee there will be a huge amount of viewers that will not be tuning in. Sounds like someone was just a little to spoiled to make it work with him.

Jack Ryan

A clumsy like child in the field.
Jack Ryan is a moron, every time he gets a chance to subdue a bad guy he freezes. He is smart at financial but very stupid with the street smarts. He is a very annoying character. We watched all his episodes and all agree he is a moron. He gets people killed because of his ignorance.

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

Non American
Just the fact this "guy" loves to dis this great country and is not even from here explains it all. But the fact a few still listen to the rantings confuses me. The whole act is nothing more than a constant beat down of the great USA. Bee is a racist and all that find her funny fall into the same category. There isn't anything that comes out of her mouth that shows any signs of intelligence, just a bunch of racial slurs.

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