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Gabriel's Rapture

Incredible storytelling!
Well done, Passionflix. What an incredible film. Part Two hit every pivotal scene a fan yearns to see. Thank you, Tosca Musk for staying true to the authors beautiful body of work. I've never watched a film that is so close to a book than Gabriel's Inferno. Every scene was perfect thanks the talents of Giulio and Melanie.

The Will

I loved this movie so much and the emotional backstory of Josephine. Passionflix has made it their mission to bring these books to life. They are all wonderful.

Gabriel's Inferno: Part One

Film making at its best! I loved it!
Thank you to Sylvain Reynard for your beautiful words.

Thank you to Tosca Musk and your incredible team at Passionflix for staying true to the love story of Gabriel and Julianne and making it magical on screen.

Actors Giulio Berruti and Melanie Zanetti are outstanding and perfectly captured the fictional characters we imagined them to be.

I will probably lose count on how many times I watch this incredible movie but like I've told SR in the past, every time I re-read or re-listen to the series, it's like the first time all over again.


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