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Atomic Blonde

Great action but boring story
I love Charlize, but I'm getting a little tired of James, as he seems to be everywhere lately. This movie looked great, and I love the era, especially with the background story of the Berlin wall, but I just didn't care about the characters much, nor the story. The action was fantastic though, and I wish there were more of it. Perhaps a laugh or too occasionally would have helped as well.


The best Christmas movie!
There is only one movie I need to watch every Christmas, and that's Elf. I saw it in the theatre when my kids were tiny, and wasn't super keen on going, but ended up loving it. We've watched it every year since, which probably puts it up there as one of my, if not my most watched movie ever. And I don't know why, but I always get close to tears with the singing part near the end.

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens

I love this movie, almost as much as the original!
I was so excited when the prequels came, having always loved the original trilogy. I was a bit disappointed with them, but still enjoyed them. This movie brought back the magic of the originals, with a fresh cast and goosebumps at the returning characters. Not a perfect movie, but an awesome and welcome edition to the saga!


A modern Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
At first, I was a bit annoyed at the method of filming, which is to say an attempt at live footage, (6/10) but as the story progressed, it seemed important that they were filming, and I felt like rooting for the obvious (non)couple. It's probably easy to make such a movie with most actors acting like stiff, bad actors (6/10) and yet the main two were likeable enough. There were some nice twists on the formula, like the delivery via the creatures, and the ending was pretty good, which brought it up to a 7 for me, and as much as I'd probably watch a sequel, I'm sure it won't happen.


This movie was overhyped and probably ruined it for me
Hereditary was a unique new horror that I enjoyed, and this being the second form the filmmaker, I was curious. I'd heard it wasn't as good, and yet its been getting rave reviews all year. I finally got a chance to watch it, and its...interesting. A very slow start but once it gets going, it gets crazy fast. Not necessarily good crazy. Some surprises, some things predictable. Some hard to watch. Overall, I'm glad I finally saw it...but not sure if it'll sneak into my top 10 this year or not.

Final Destination 2

Slightly better than the first!
I love these movies-an original horror series. The big crash at the beginning is so well done and better than the airplane from the first. Also, kind of lives a nightmare from my childhood car trips.

Under the Skin

Very slow...was the ending worth it?
Total Film magazine rated this in it's top 10 of the decade...I get the idea here, and I typically love SJ...but this movie was very slow, and strange. I'm glad I waited around until the end, but at the same time I wouldn't have been sad to have skipped this movie. A seductive alien, with minimal effects and story? I would have rather rewatched Species which I much preferred to this. Not even in my top 100 of the decade, but possibly top 500.


He wanted 5 stars so badly...I gave it to him
The preview and idea for this movie were great. A couple of funny guys, one a massive cop and the other an uber driver, make this a unique idea and it had potential. If it were PG-13 I would have given it 2 more stars, but because we mistook this for a potential family movie that only I ended up finishing, I do not. Take away all the needless language and full frontal male nudity, and it isn't too bad, if predictable.

Hot Rod

Very silly but also somewhat fun
I watched this with family years ago, when we really needed a laugh-and it was the perfect fit at the time. Rewatching it now, it doesn't hold up as well, but still has some magic to it. In the same category as Nacho Libre and Napolean Dynamite.


Interesting, but I needed more closure
There are two stories here. The main one with Matt Damon, is interesting and dark. The there is about the new neighbours are tormented by racism. I keep waiting for the stories to combine or intertwine, but they don't really. They just get darker and darker, until the end, which is really a non ending. I really hate unanswered questions in a movie. Let people live happily ever after, or not, but don't let us not know. I was hoping perhaps the new neighbours would adopt the boy, but I suppose in that era it was not possible. Speaking of, I love the era, with the clothing and cars and colors. Worth watching but just know the ending leaves you kind of hanging.

Silent House

Not at all what I expected or wanted
I knew nothing about this movie when I started watching. I was happy to see the main character was Elizabeth Olsen, and she did a great job acting afraid. Also most of the movie felt like one long shot, which was impressive. But this was extremely low budget, and I thought maybe ghosts but it went darker than that, which was fine, but overall I just wanted something more paranormal.

The Upside

An inspiring tale of redemption and hope
Best Kevin Hart performance yet, and good cast all around. I don't know how true this was, but it was eye opening and funny. Of course it helps to be rich, but I was glad to see a realistic portrayal of a quadriplegic story.


Pretty good but not up to the hype
I love horror movies, and this is on a lot of peoples lists, so I had to watch it. I'm kind of over zombies, so it didn't do much for me, as it's basically just zombies on a train. There is some good emotional moments, and some of the infected move in creepy ways...but I've seen a lot of better ones, so it won't be near the top of my list.

Doctor Sleep

Excellent adaptation and continuation of the Shining!
Once upon a time, there was The Shining, and it was great. Never thought I'd see any of that hotel again. Then came Ready Player One, with a great tribute. Finally Stephen King himself wrote a very good sequel, and of course I hoped for a movie. A great cast, and some great callbacks to the Shining. Not everyone will love it, but I did. My second favourite movie of 2019, and better than It Chapter 2.


Not as bad as everyone says, but not as good as the previous 2
I hate when they switch out actors for a main character, but they actually got a good choice here. David does a pretty good job, with the makeup and voice to be very convincing. But the rest of the creatures in this are very unconvincing CG effects. That being said, I still enjoyed the movie somewhat. The backstory was ok, and Milla is always welcome. The other new characters were ok too. Probably no more of these movies will be made, and that's too bad because there is potential here.

Terminator: Dark Fate

A pretty good third movie-I'm fine with pretending the others don't exist
Honestly, I'm tired of these movies. I don't want to see another Terminator movie for 20 years. That being said, most of them are entertaining, especially the first 2. This one is supposed to be #3 and I'm fine with that. I've read enough comic books and sci-fi movies to call it an alternate timeline or whatever. Arnie and Linda are fine, but its the new characters who shine and make this movie good, but I still don't want to see a sequel anytime soon. Come up with new stuff Hollywood!

The Girl on the Train

An interesting, sexy mystery
I did not read the book, so I was happy to see what it was all about. Great performance from Emily Blunt, and an interesting story that had me thinking. I didn't love that the time jumped around, as some movies do, and almost feel the need to watch it again because of that. But it all came together nicely at the end.

Jurassic World

I welcome reboot/continuation
The first Jurassic park movie was epic, but the two afterwards were forgettable. Many years later, this reboot of sorts comes along and does a pretty good job getting us interested again. Some good action but some unlikable characters. Of course the dinos all look great.

Final Destination

An original idea that became a fun horror series!
I loved this movie, and all the movies that followed it. The whole idea of cheating death, while it's trying to kill you in a variety of ways is cool. I'm rewatching them all, I'm sure some of the later ones are better than this first, but it gets extra points for being first.


Needed more scares and less drama
I enjoyed this a lot when I first saw it, but not as much many years later. I seem to have remembered more stuff happening, but perhaps that was in the short story. Some good effects, and ok performances, but I'd like a remake of this one.


Been waiting a lifetime for this twist on Superman!
A great idea and cast. Effects were choppy but the make-up effects were great. I'm hoping for a sequel or series of these movies. A prequel or anything to tell more about this kids origin.

The Lazarus Effect

Flatliners 2.0
A great cast here, in a mediocre thriller. Yes, it feels like flatliners, but with a slight twist that can't decide where to go. Is it a horror? I guess, but not a scary one. The animals are generally scarier than the people, perhaps they should have continued in that direction.

Casino Royale

One of my favourite Bond movies!
I've always loved James Bond. Great stunts and villains, some cheesy womanizing. This movie makes the character much more serious, and the stunts to another level or realism. Daniel Craig does a great job of re-inventing the character. Like Pierce Brosnan's Bond, this first one is also the best of Daniels.

Anna and the Apocalypse

Normally I avoid musicals, but this one is fun!
I can't remember the last time I even watched a musical that I wasn't forced to watch. Throw some zombies and teen school hijinks into the mix, with some English humour, than you have a fun movie. The songs are well written and kind of catchy, and the characters are good enough that I was sad when some of them died.

John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum

Great action, but really just more of the same
I like this character, what little there is of him. This one seemed to really want to go out of it's way to find strange locations for him. If you like tons of killing via guns and knives, this is the movie for you, but don't expect much else, like story.

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