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Attack of the Gryphon

Just what you expect of a Sci Fi low budget movie
I've never seen any Sci-Fi original movie,but this one caught my attention.Why?,simple,I just wanted to get in the Time Machine and remember how poorly designed were the computer-generated graphics back in the 90's.

One of the things that really made me mad was when the armies of both kingdoms united.Was it supposed to work?,I only saw a bunch of soldiers shooting arrows at Grypon and running away like cowards,it was useless.Then the dialog kicks in,with the wizard exchanging popular phrases with the princess in an intense battle to decide who can talk more trash while pointing their swords at each other.Then the princess says:"there's noway you can beat our armies united",but what the hell are they doing down there?!? dying,running away and shooting arrows randomly.Then the kings screams "charge!",what the hell? the bird is up in the sky,you can't charge!!,then in the next scene when the battle is over the super powerful united army of fools was in the same place they were the whole battle,and what's worst,all the dead bodies disappeared,the questions are,what did they do?,where did they charge to?,they went to charge their Ipods to play some music while they runaway?I thank to God this was not the army who defended the Middle-Earth in the Lord of the Rings.

This movie had little good dialog,too much cheesy dialog and evil guys who can talk trash for over and hour while giving the good guys enough time to figure out a way to kill them.Gryphon is just a clone of many many movies out there,there's an evil wizard that plans to rule over the land,a handsome prince and a not so attractive(this is the only difference) princess of two kingdoms separated for some reason.But what makes this movie a really bad clone of other movies is that they always have to find some sort of item/sword/spear/magic or whatever,to help them defeat the evil "talks a lot of trash" wizard.

The problem with Gryphon not only relies in having low budget for special effects,the actors were terrible,the story and the events were so cheesy you could laugh at them,they totally failed at effectively adding a sincere feeling to the movie and worst of all the story is n't,in any way,original.

There are more useless events,like the queen sacrificing herself to kill two bad actors taken from Xena:the princess warrior.I was laughing at this part,was this supposed to make me cry or something?Why does she sacrifice herself to kill two .USELESS!

So the exciting final battle is between a fat guy,a woman,the guy who dies and nobody seem to care,the prince and his loyal kisser who dies as well and nobody cares.This battle is exciting!,the wizards swings his arms and a lame effect appears to TRY to make you believe he is strong.And finally we got to see the amazing spike (or whatever) that's the only thing that can kill the wizard,they found it at Toys R' us I guess.Then,the evil wizard has the prince right when he wants it,and after 2 hours of lame dialog he picks up the spike to kill the prince,but the princess offers him her hand in marriage and the EVIL wizard spares the life of the prince in exchange.Quite frankly I don't know why she wants the woman for,he will have all the power he could ever want,PLOT-HOLE alert! But then he discovers that she is pregnant,and he rejects her because she is not a virgin (I thought I was watching Jerry Springer's show for a moment),then the prince stands up kills Gryphon and the wizard dies.

Nothing could have been more unoriginal that what they did,I think low budget affects special effect,but it also forces producers to hire 7 year old to write the dialog and story.


I am Ultra - disappointed
I know I wrote a comment giving this movie 10 stars.I saw the thriller and I thought it was good,I read the book and I thought it was good,I've seen Kurt's previous movie "Equilibrium",and I thought it was AWESOME.But when I saw the UltraViolet,I was very disappointed.There are a few good things about the movie,but it was too cheesy and confusing.

First,Violet says to the kid that if she has to kill him to save herself she will,but then she is risking her life to save him,they don't explain us the reason of this change,it just happens.Her feelings for Six are caused by her lost child,she feels that Six can replace the son she lost,but the chance to build that relationship is unexisting.You can see how Screen Gems manipulated the movie to make it a "eat-pop-corn" movie,you know what I mean,don't you?.The action is terrible,she just moves her sword a couple of times and everyone is dead,but the scene where she dodges bullets is really cool.The thriller presents a scene VERY similar to the scene in The Matrix:Reloaded,where Neo is surrounded by many agents Smith,this time Violet is surrounded by a lot of armed guards,I was looking forward to see how she could survive that one...and I was very disappointed :( Then we have another scene that comes out of NOWHERE!,she is in a park with Six playing,this one is very cheesy,and totally kills the excitement.

Then she is gonna fight guys as strong as her,and as fast as her.This is supposed to be a very long action scene when sometimes we think she is going to die,but then she starts to kick their butts again,but that scene barely lasted 5 minutes,very...very disappointing.

But,who's to blame for this mess?,not Kurt Wimmer,the studio took away from him this film,they edited the sound,scenes and dialog,and they also removed action scenes to get a PG-13 rating.Kurt never had the chance to give us the movie he had planned,this is very sad.And I hope that Screen Gems will learn a lesson from this one,and finally they will stop ruining our films.I'm really looking forward to see a director's cut DVD,if that happens we can rewrite our comments,and I hope those comments will be more positive.

Final Destination 3

Nothing special,but still very enjoyable.
Final Destination 3 is about one girl that has a vision about her friends dying in a roller-coaster accident and tries to stop it,however,she could not save all of them,and those who were saved are threatened by the Death.

No,this is nothing special,just what you have seen for the last 2 movies,and it's very disappointing.The director tried to add some photos to the plot just to give to the concept a breeze of fresh air,but it does n't help that much.Everything is very similar to the first 2 films,they try to save their lives,nobody believes them,and then they have to witness their dead over and over again until is their turn to die.Mary Elizabeth as Wendy and Ryan as Kevin,both of them do a great job looking scared and they had chemistry together,which made this movie more enjoyable,I am not an actor,but I still think they need to work more on their acting,but they did a good job.The events leading to the guys' dead is always very original,it seems like they spend more time planning how they are going to die than planning what new stuff they can bring to the plot line.

Overall,is not a bad movie,the movie is really enjoyable,but nothing new,if you have n't seen any of the previous films you'll love this one,but if you have then you'll think just like me.

When a Stranger Calls

When I pay to see a bad movie.
When I pay to see a bad movie....I get really angry and definitely more scary than this movie.

Jill Johnson (Camilla Belle) must work as a babysitter to pay her phone bills.When she gets to the home,in a hidden place in the mountains,she starts receiving calls of some stranger.Well that's it,as simple as that,don't expect any twist in the drama,don't expect the good guy turn into the bad guy,don't expect anything special but some scared girl receiving calls,entering rooms and getting scared by cats jumping from hidden places,clothes and some shadows.Director Simon West is always trying to keep the suspense during the whole movie by playing suspense music in the background.We can even hear this music in the background when nothing terrifying is happening,just Jill and her father talking about the phone bills NOTHING ELSE.This is obviously a bad intent to keep the viewer interested and expecting something when the movie never really gets scary.Then Jill gets in every room of the house while she receives calls from the stranger,and just when we think things are gonna get interesting...is just a cat jumping from a hidden place,they have you waiting the ENTIRE movie for something really scary to happen that when it happens it has lost its impact completely.When the bad guy appears,maybe to keep the bad suspense,his face is covered by the shadows and you cant see his face until the end,just another intent to hide Simon's unexciting imagination and creativity.The plot of the movie is also not believable,how a sick sexual predator could get into a home with security alarms and run through the house without being spotted???,and why he wants Jill when he can get anyone else?,does he knows her? from where?,how did he know she was going to be the babysitter in that house? judging by the location of the house is not believable. No Simon,I am not going to turn my brain off,and one more thing...THIS SUCKS!.

Blade: Trinity

Who paid to see this?
Okay,Blade is already out in DVD,and STARZ is repeating it like one hundred times a month,but some people still want to know if they can rent it or not,well let's see.

The first film was bloody,violent,deep with great story and a very good performance by Wesley.The second one was a little bit more bloody,which is VERY good,but the other vampires with stupid names and stupid outfits ruined this film,but not enough,so it was a VERY good film that surely pleased every fan of the series.

But then they released this film which looks like a Scary Movie parody of Blade.The film was n't so bloody,and the daylight scenes killed the environment of Blade completely.Having Blade dealing with a group of computer geeks and amateurs killers with no special power at all reduced the impact of Blade,but Wesley did a good job keeping his bad attitude.Why it reduces his impact?,if Blade is so great and strong,why does he need their help?,they should have put him with a better crew,or just by himself with a defenseless woman or something like that,but the additional characters and "computer geeks" did not work at all,they just have few dialogs explaining how everything works bla bla bla,they are definitely unnecessary characters.Then the bad guy is a good-looking Dracula,you know what people usually call "pretty boy" pretending to brake the concept that movies like "Van Helsing" has been doing for decades.But,in their intent to be original they also took away from Dracula or "Drake" all the impact he could have with some people,because this character has been so exploded even in comedy films and it sometimes gets cheesy.Dracula does NOTHING in this film NOTHING!!!!!!,when he appears walking in the streets the music they play IS HORRIBLE!!!,definitely not suitable for the kind of character that they want us to believe Dracula is,UGH!.Dracula little speech about vampires and people not living by the honor of the sword is HORRIBLE,why would he care about that?,but at least he does n't seem to take it seriously,but it is stupid.Here Dracula can change his form,I'm surprised that he did not change his form to Godzilla.The final battle between Blade and Dracula completely sucks,it takes place in the wrong environment and his transformation is HORRIBLE and it does not have any sense.It would have been better adding a original character of their own than this pop star.Dracula did n't have the chance to show why he means a great menace,then you wonder why Blade needed the help of computer geeks and the very STUPID jokes of Reynolds that surely kills the essence of the series.The daughter of the old man was not a bad idea,but hers dilemma about following hers dad steps just cant work with this type of movie.Then yeah,they ruined Blade.I really liked Parker Posey,hers character was a very good idea,but not enough,and Triple H (Paul Levesque)and his little doggy was also unnecessary.

If you are a hardcore fan of Blade you may be very disappointed.


UGH!,What a lame movie
Well,this is when I hope a 0 would be a possible score.

OK,must people said that this movie was a funny movie,a parody of others werewolves movies,well,the commercials on T.V. said other thing.This was supposed to be a scary movie,if this was going to be a funny movie,they should have told this to the audience first,even the DVD cover tells you that the movie is suppose to scare you.This is one of those many cases where Hollywood wants to entangle people in its spiderweb,once you are in the theater your only chance is to walk out,but you already gave them the money.But with this movie you don't walk away,you RUN AWAY!.I feel VERY bad for those who had to pay to see this movie,UGH it's so painful.

Why I did NOT like this movie?,if this movie was supposed to scare me...well..I could watch this movie with all the lights off,at a cemetery,a haunted house,wherever it wont scare me,I don't think this would scare anyone.The werewolves look like cats,and the environment is not suitable for a movie that's supposed to be scary.The usual environments for this kind of movies are dark and Gothic,but this is far from dark and far from Gothic,this looks like a frustrated "scary" movie from the 90's.The characters are just AWFUL,they gay guy,the girl's brother (I don't remember the names because I was completely BORED),everyone in this movie never took seriously their current situations,and if they did not take it seriously,why would the audience take this movie seriously?.The werewolf concept is so exploded that it takes more than stupid CGI monsters to make a really scary movie out of this.Also,I don't remember any promos of this movie telling to the audience that this was going to be a movie about werewolves,I thought this was a movie about some satanic ritual,which would have been more scary.

If this movie was supposed to be funny it was n't either.The girl's brother is n't funny,his character is pathetic,he acts like he has some kind of mental disorder.This movie does not have the background to be funny,also people were n't prepared to laugh,they were prepared to scream,but they did n't laugh and they did not scream either.The gay guy thing was n't funny either it's also a joke that has been exploded in many movies,just like the concept.The only thing that made me laugh was when the woman werewolf showed hers little sign with hers finger,that was funny,but obviously not funny enough to save this movie from being HORRIBLE.

So,why would you watch this movie for?,it does n't make you laugh,it does n't make you scream,it just gives you a screen to look at for a couple of hours,no emotions involved,no deep story,just some exploded clichés.

Æon Flux

A beautiful movie
I am sure that most of the bad reviews this movie got came from people that don't know anything about how twisted and weird the TV series of Aeon Flux was.I saw it a couple of times,and it was really weird,that's what people liked about the series,and that's was delivered in this wonderful film.The action is just great,the human story is not just great,but also suitable for the film,the twists of the story were almost predictable,but it's not so easy if you are not a very good observer.

My favorite character of the film was Aeon.Charlize did a wonderful job playing hers character delivering through hers face the intelligence that characterized Aeon in the TV series.The action sequences were may be a little bit not believable,but it is based on a sci-fi animated TV show,so what the hell!.The city in which they live is very convincing,with such a weak government,a huge city would not have been believable.All the actors did a great job in this one,this is the best action movie based on a sci-fi TV show that I have seen so far.

I bet that the film makers had to decide between making this film for everyone or making this film for the TV show fans,they made the right choice,this is one of the greatest film based on a TV series just because they decided to capture the original show,instead or capturing old stuff we've seen like a hundred times.


Worst super hero
I know that Hulk was even worst than DareDevil,but this hero is even worst.I already know why Daredevil is not so famous as SpiderMan or Batman or many others.He is just a BLIND GUY !!!!,who can believe that just because he enjoyed running and jumping on building roof tops would give him the ability to do all the things he does!.But his "girlfriend" is even worst.Elektra is not even a super hero,and I think that Jennifer Garner was not the right choice to play the character,maybe this movie was so bad that the film makers just wanted "star power" to support this bad movie.Elektra's character is the most stupid character ever.If some member of your family dies,would you dress like a lunatic and start jumping on roof tops to find who killed your family member?,NO!!,you go to the police to start an investigation and put the responsible behind the bars.That's what mature people do,but Elektra decided to dress like the cat-woman to start jumping on roof tops like a monkey,at least SpiderMan has special abilities,but a normal person like Elektra ???.She does not own any special ability,she was just trained by "senzeis",but that does not justify this either.This shows the lack of story-telling of this movie.The antagonist of the story,bullseye,is a very original bad guy.Most of the bad guys in the super heroes comics are presented like monsters with five hands or mutations,but bullseye is just a guy with mental disorders,which makes him look like a dumb guy,but if he can see you then he can kill you. We see this in SpiderMan too,he looks dumb,but he isn't.

What else?,the story of the movie is very similar with the story we find in Batman Begins.Daredevil lives in a city where criminals are being released and he feels that is time for someone to take justice in his own hands,that's why he becomes a lawyer and a super hero.But Batman is a little bit different,he is not the lawyer,his girlfriend is the lawyer (not so different).Daredevil's father was killed when he was a little kid,just like Batman!.Daredevil's main goal is to put the king of the criminal empire behind bars,JUST LIKE BATMAN!!!.Can you believe this ?.But Batman is a far better character than Daredevil,and I believe that the movie was also better,I don't know much of this stuff,but I think that Batman was created before Daredevil,so Marvel took a lot of Batman to make this character,but he is not as good as Batman.

The actors are good,Jennifer Garner is a great actor,Ben is good too.But the movie is based on the lamest super hero ever,with the lamest and most stupid girlfriend ever with the most not original story ever.But,hey! this movie is the best you can get with this lame hero.

The Chronicles of Riddick

Great Movie
At last,a great movie with Vin Diesel on it.Yes,Chronicles of Riddick was my favorite movie of 2004 involving galaxies,but the DVD showed different sides of the movie and it was great.Vin Diesel plays Riddick very well,although his character is far from being original.The decision of not calling this movie "Pitch Back 2" was also pretty smart,because it does not have anything to do with Pitch Back.

This movie has awesome landscapes,and it is a really good action movie,although it's not original,and the end it's almost very predictable since you hear the phrase "you stay with what you kill",I don't remember really well the phrase,but that was the main idea.The only thing I did not like about the movie it's that most of the time he just stays in Crematoria trying to scape,he does n't fight anyone of that weird religion in a while in the movie so,that's a bad thing.The dialog is very smart,and the conflict of Riddick with the woman I don't remember the name :( ,anyway the conflict involving them is really suitable for the movie,and it also gives GOOD reasons for the character to talk each other.While this woman is trying to show Riddick how strong she has become,Riddick tries to show her he still stronger,and he also seems to like hers new attitude.Riddick is definitely the best character Vin Diesel plays.Also,the other conflict about the woman forcing his husband to kill their leader and become the leader was great,this conflicts keep the people interested in what happens in both sides,the side of the good guys and the side of the bad guys

This movie is action-packed,it's great,so it is definitely worth watching.


Worst Secrete Agent Movie Ever
This movie has all the elements to be called a complete failure,it is boring,empty,not original,the action stunts are fantasy,does n't have good actors,this movie completely awful.I don't know why Vin Diesel is so famous,he is not a good actor,but he makes the ladies go crazy so let put him in a movie that calls James Bond an old fashioned,well I have news for you,James Bond is way better than this "movie".

Well let's start.First,from the beginning of this movie I knew that the Russian lady was an agent too,but I said,"no this people cant do this again,it has been done like a hundred times,it would be so pathetic" then the Russian lady opened her mouth to say she was an agent too,WOW ! what a surprise,they killed this movie with this.The action stunts in this movie are more fantasy than reality,I know that there's a lot of good movies with action stunts that are not believable,but this is too much.Vin Diesel was supposed to play in this movie a rebel,and he was too "hot" to be rated with other classification than XXX,but he ends up looking like a James Bond wannabe.With his car full of missiles and secrete compartments and secrete agent stuff,he also falls in love with who they want us to believe that is the bad girl,JUST LIKE JAMES BOND !!,if Vin diesel were a video games I would rate him E for everyone,he is nowhere near a XXX classification in this movie.

This movie failed to be good in whatever it was supposed to be good at,and it also failed EVEN MORE in everything it was not meant to success in,the only reason to watch this movie is for those crazy girls that love Vin,otherwise it's not worth watching.

The Island

Perfect Summer Movie
This is movie was one of this year's surprises.They started promoting the movie with promotions that you could not even dare to guess what was the movie about,you just knew it was about going to be about some island.Some of the movies just reveal the whole story in the promotion,you can almost predict was gonna happen at the end,but this movie was very different,this movie was very surprising and it has a great story with originality,something that many others summer-movie don't have.It has also very good actors,very good scenes,the places are very detailed,and the action,although sometimes is not believable which happens a lot in every action-summer movie,is very good.

This movie is something new and it turned out to be AWESOME,with a great ending,it always keep you interested,definitely one of the best Michael Bay's film to date.

2 Fast 2 Furious

Is this a sequel ?
I don't think this movie deserves to be called a sequel to "The Fast and the Furious",not because it is a bad movie,it is great and it does not fail to entertain most of the public,but for those who really liked the first one,this one is not a sequel.The first was very original,its conflicts were original,the movie was really about cars,and driving,and street racing,this one,in the other hand,presents us conflicts that we have seen for the last decades,the police couple that don't like each other,and at the end of the movie they finish kissing and hugging each other,the guy that falls in love with a woman that could make him fail his mission,the guy that has a drug empire in Miami,and pretends to become more powerful,the police that's trying to stop him,this are most of the conflicts we see in this movie,and we have seen in other movies,so it's not original.The Fast and the Furious was very original with great conflicts,it wasn't as fun as "its sequel",but it was awesome as well.But I think that this is the reason why this movie was released in the summer,to make critics say "well,is not original it has some cars stunts that are hard to believe,but is a summer movie,what the hell".I also did not like the decision of the director of making the movie in Miami because usually the backgrounds of street racing are nocturnes,Miami is usually more popular on daylight,street racing is usually on high ways in big cities like New York or Los Angeles,but it is clear that the director was just trying to make the movie more attractive to the summer-movie lovers because a lot of people identifies Miami with summer.This movie is more like a cop movie than a street racing movie,you can notice how hard is for the writers to make a space for races,and how easy is for the writers to find space for those things that usually a cop has to deal with.Is not a bad movie,but it is not original,and it cant be called a sequel.

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