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  • I've completely retired from writing reviews on IMDB, but this short animation made me write a review again. Not because of the animation is very good, it's because it's very bad. Honestly, I can't believe that this is from Dreamworks and a Christmas special of How To Train Your Dragon.

    I've watched a lot of How To Train Your Dragon animation series, and I've never seen anything like this that bad. I mean, it's Christmas and so, they should've made it more special. Instead, they made it dump. To be honest, when I first saw this, I was like what the hell is this? There are too many unbelievably long gaps between scenes where people/things appeared on the camera. If you don't understand what I mean, I'll explain it in detail. Please continue reading.

    The reason why I watched this short animation is that this one is a Christmas special of How To Train Your Dragon as I've stated in above. So, I thought it'd be great. But it turned out to be the worst one I've ever watched. When I watched this one, I had to increase the playback speed to 2x. I've never done this before in my entire life. But I had to when I watched this one because I've run of patience. So, most of the time, the playback speed is 2x and when someone or something appeared on screen, I paused and backward 10 secs and watched it. Every time someone or something appeared on sceen, it always takes a lot of time to apppear the next scene. Most of the scenes are fixed on that damned fireplace. And the other things are just short scenes. That's why I've said there are many long gaps which are very unnecessary. Because of those gaps, the animation becomes longer. If those gaps are removed, I guess it'd be just 5 mins long only.

    Moreover, the content is also not good. It's very simple and so predictable. I predicted what the final result. I only kept watching because I wanted to know what I predicted was right or wrong. It turned out I was right. That's why I said it's so predictable.

    To conclude this review, I recommend you not to watch. It's just a total waste of time unless if you want to listen some Christmas songs and scores. Otherwise, you'll disappoint watching this one like me.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Chen Qing Ling Zhi Sheng Hun aka The Living Dead is the extra movie/film followed by Chen Qing Ling (The Untamed) released in July - August of this year 2019. The film focused on the night hunt (Ye Lie) of Wen Ning and Lan Sizhui which is not in the novel. So, I'd say this is the other story written by some screenplay writer to make it an extra.

    The story is out of the original novel, so, before I watched this film, I also didn't know what it's about. The story seemed to be kind of mysterious and also, of course, it's what followed by Chen Qing Ling (one of my favourite TV series of all time and also, I'm a big fan of Mo Dao Zu Shi/Chen Qing Ling), so, that's why I watched the film.

    The story is not that bad. As I've said in above that it seemed to be some mysterious, so, it's kind of interesting. But it's kind of creepy unlike Chen Qing Ling. Although Chen Qing Ling does have zombie things and thrilling scenes (like dead cat scene), but I could watch it at night. This one? When I watched this the first time, I couldn't keep watching because it's so creepy and I became afraid of there's something behind me, something like that. Plus, most of the scenes are dark which makes me afraid. So, I stopped watching it and on the next day evening, I watched it again. This time, I could watch it because there's still light. Anyway, I could watch it the second time I tried to.

    What made me so annoyed is the name of that girl from Xiao family. Xiao Qing? Seriously? In Chen Qing Ling, there's already one girl which has the name Qing. Wen Qing. Now, Qing word again? What's wrong with them? They always want to give every girl in Chen Qing Ling or Chen Qing Ling related films the name Qing? If they gave the other name, it'd be better.

    Plus, there are two big mistakes in the film. One is Wen Ning indeed died before. But Wei Wuxian brought him back. In this film, Wen Ning says he hasn't. Two is Lan Zhan didn't save Wen Ning before. Not even once. But they mentioned that Wei Wuxian and Lan Zhan saved him. As for Wei Wuxian saved him, yes, he indeed has. But Lan Zhan? Nope, he didn't and hasn't. So, those two facts are the biggest mistakes of this film. I really want to ask the screenplay writer whether he really knows the full story or he didn't even read the novel or watch the Chen Qing Ling live action TV series before he/she wrote the script.

    What I love about Chen Qing Ling and it's related film is it always has some twists. In this one, there was also. Because of that twist, it really deserves to get high rate from me. But why I didn't give 10 stars? Well, please keep reading this review. I'll explain in next paragraphs.

    What I don't like the most and makes me angry at them is they decided not to let Xiao Zhan perform as Wei Wuxian in this one. I mean there's a scene where Wei Wuxian appeared. But they didn't show his handsome face. This is what makes me take back two stars. If they let us to see Wei Wuxian's face, I'd give full 10 stars. Now? I really don't want to give 10 stars. Hence, 8 stars because they put a scene for Wei Wuxian.

    All in all, the story is quite different and as for me who is big fan of Xiao Zhan, it's so not good to not to see Xiao Zhan in this film. So, although the story is good and enjoyable, but they didn't let Xiao Zhan in, I'd say it's not that good for me. Thus, 8 stars, although I really wanted to give 10 stars for every Chen Qing Ling film because I totally love Chen Qing Ling.
  • One paragraph plot summary : One day, while Samantha swims in her garden, one of her neighbour sees it and checks her garden out when Sam's away. She feels strange because she doesn't find any swimming pool. Then, Lewis Tate, Larry's wife called her to meet with her. Meanwhile, Larry Tate, Darrin's employer is having problems with his tooth. And so, he goes to see dentist. There, he sees Sam and Lewis talking about having a child thing. Larry mistakenly thinks that it's Sam who's having a child, not Lewis. When he gets back to office, he tells Darrin about it. Darrin then pictures how it's going to like when they have kids. By thinking, he feels afraid of it. Later in the day, Sam invites those two to her home for dinner. When they get Sam's home, Darrin's started to care Sam because he thinks she's having a baby. And Larry's also taking care of Sam. The actual one who is having a baby, Lewis becomes so miserable, thus, she tries to tell Larry about it. But because she's so afraid that Larry's going to freak out, so, she didn't. Later at the dinner, Lewis asks Sam to talk Darrin about it. Sam tells Darrin that Lewis is having a baby. At the first time, Larry didn't hear what Sam said and happy for Darrin. Then he finds out something's wrong. In the end, Lewis tells about it and Larry knows that it's Lewis who is having a baby. In the end, they both happy. On the next day, when Sam's trying to swim again, her neighbour is watching. So, she only has to do some jumps. When Sam sees that she's gone, Sam jumps into swimming pool. Her neighbour hears water's splashing but she thinks she's just hearing things and run to her house because she's afraid of it.

    Episode 12 is really a cool one. It's full of joy and so, it's totally funny. I laughed out loud when I was watching this one. Mostly, when Larry finds out about Lewis is having a baby. Their dinner moment is really funny and it's the best part of this episode.

    In this episode, the most pitiful person is Lewis. All the attention which she deserves is on Sam. She should have all the attention.

    I don't like Sam's neighbour being curious for everything that Sam did. Sorry, not curious. It's over curious. I really want to see her leaving Sam alone.

    Hence, conclusion is that it's just a simple episode, but it really has a comedy and it's so funny. Because of it, I really had a great time watching it. I laughed out loud. It made me refresh. That's why I really love this episode.
  • One paragraph plot summary : On the ancient site of Pompeii where it attracts tourists around the world, an ancient dress like Roman guy is disturbing tourists. On the other day, the Mystery Incorporated gang's arriving and they start to learn about those disturbance. Then they investigate and get a lot of clues after being chased by that guy. Step by step, they uncover the truth behind those disturbances.

    This episode 12 is a little bit boring. I was nearly falling asleep. But it's not that bad either. At least, I could finish it. Maybe because I'm not interested in Pompeii or whatever ancient. That's why I felt like that. That being said, the motive is so clear. In some of the episodes, the motive of why the disturbances are keeping to happen. But in this one, it's so crystal clear. This is the only one thing that is good of this episode.

    All in all, although it's a bit boring, but it's not that much. If they've made it less boring, I think it'd be better. I really hope that the next episodes will not be like this.
  • One paragraph plot summary : Magica is still trying to get Scrooge McDuck's first dime. This time, she wants to use a spell that allows shadows come alive. She makes her shadow comes alive to steal the dime for her. Because of her amazing magic skill, her shadow really comes alive. Then it goes to McDuck mansion and steal the dime. Unfortunately, it doesn't succeed. Scrooge McDuck and the triplets know that the dime is being stole by a shadow, they chase it. When that shadow goes back to Magica, she scolds it and because of that, that shadow takes over the control by keeping Magica in a storage room. Magica sends his raven to get help. Her raven gets to McDuck and try to get him to save Magica. When Magic's saved, Scrooge asks her to stop her shadow from doing bad things. Magica requests to give her McDuck's first dime. But Scrooge refuses. Then he comes up with a plan. Plan's good. Unfortunate thing is that it doesn't work. With no more good idea to stop her shadow, Scrooge has no way but to give up his first dime. When Magica gets the dime, she stops the shadows, but when it's finished, she doesn't want to give the dime back to McDuck. Thanks to triplets, McDuck gets back his dime in the end.

    This episode is really a cool episode. It's all about magic. What I really love to see is the way Magica used to bring shadow alive. Since it's not possible to bring shadows come alive, so, it's really very rare to see. Thus, it's a total new thing to me. And also, it's somehow funny. I smiled and had a really good time with watching it. DuckTales episodes are really good. No wonder it's one of the best shows that Disney ever produced. I can't wait to see more of the episodes. It's so exciting.
  • One paragraph plot summary : Darrin is searching for a role model for perfume poster. He already has three choices. But none of them perfect. Later, a girl comes to his office. He finds that girl is so perfect for the perfume advertisement board. So, he chooses her to be model. Unfortunately, Darrin is attracted to that girl. Samantha was told by her mother that Darrin was into her. Samantha disagrees. Then Darrin cancels the lunch date with Samantha. So, Endora wants to take Samantha to wherever Darrin is at, just to prove that her dearest husband Darrin is into some other girl. There, Samantha finds out that girl is actually a witch. Sam warns her to leave Darrin alone. But she doesn't listen. Later, Darrin and Larry Tate go to her apartment. That girl is trying to persuade Darrin to fall in love with her and kiss her. Sam stops her husband from everything. When everything falls apart, that witch becomes a little bit angry. Larry Tate wants to be with her too. But Sam doesn't let him to be. At the end, they both left the place.

    Episode 11 is not entirely my taste. I hate to see married man having an affair or trying to be with some other woman rather than his own wife. This episode has exactly that. So, I don't like this one that much. That being said, I must admit that the acting of that actress who played as the model was quite good. I kind of hate her character very much. I even want to kill her when I saw she was trying to get Darrin to kiss her. On the other hand, I love to see Sam is jealous.

    All in all, although this episode isn't my taste, and I don't like, it's kind of enjoyable. It's funny and I laughed in some scenes. So, I'd say it's still doing good.
  • One paragraph plot summary : On a set, while crews are filming a movie, a faceless ghost appearing and it's disturbing casts and crew members. The ghost wants them all to leave this place. If they don't, then a lot of bad things will happen. The next day, the Mystery Incorporated gang is arriving to that film studio because Velma's relative invited them to visit. During exploring the studio, they learn the event currently happening. They put themselves as stunts in the grou[ to lure the ghost out. By doing this, they get the clues. Step by step, they uncover who the ghost really is. But they didn't put him in jail because no one's got hurt. Later, because of the reason why that one who is responsible for those disturbances did those things, they create the film in the other way around which let the Mystery Incorporated gang ended on the red carpet.

    Episode 11 is simple and the reason for why that one did those disturbances is kind of difficult to guess, in the other word, it's unpredictable, but it's still simple. Still, it's so much fun. There are some funny moments. I even laughed out loud when I saw those scenes. So, I'd say it's very good to enjoy.

    As for me, if they've made it a bit complicated than this, it'd be better. That being said, I'm not saying that the current one is not good. It's indeed very enjoyable and I've enjoyed every second of it. Thus Scooby-Doo animations are really cool and I'm looking forward to see the next and next episodes.
  • One paragraph plot summary : The episode started with Launchpad gets the driver license and he drives around with Dewey. Lanuchpad mailed the driver license to Scrooge McDuck, but McDuck is always ignoring the mails that are sent to him. So, he doesn't know about it and Launchpad is waiting for McDuck to give him surprise. Later the day, at the Gyro's lab, they met an intern guy and then, they find out a guy named Mark Beaks invented a robot named B.U.D.D.Y that can drive the cars safely. Launchpad is so worried that McDuck would replace him with a robot. So, he makes the competition with that robot. Unfortunately, Launchpad lost because he followed the rules and tries to drive it safely. At the end of competition, Gyro finds out the tech that used to create the robot is actually Gyro's and Gyro finds out that intern guy from his lab posted it online. So, he fired him. Then, Scrooge McDuck and Dewey gets into the car which drives by that B.U.D.D.Y robot. B.U.D.D.Y robot gone bad because Mark Beaks talked something wrong. And so, they all face the danger. Launchpad and the intern guy try to save them. The intern guy gets the robot that Gyro is currently working on to save them. They both work together and finally, they saved them successfully. Later at night, Scrooge McDuck congratulates Launchpad for getting the driver license. Launchpad knows that McDuck's not going to fired, he's happy and hugs McDuck. Meanwhile, Mark Beaks tries to find someone called Gizmoduck who saved McDuck, Dewey and him from his own robot.

    This episode is really, really fun to watch. It made me fresh and it's so enjoyable. But I found that this episode has some parts from DuckTales 1987's episodes named Armstrong, which is also a robot story which gone bad in the end. I'm not saying that it's bad to have contents from old show, I'm just pointing out that it's really similar. It gives me that feeling of already watched it. Still, it's doing good.

    All in all, DuckTales episode are very cool and I really love to watch it. I'm looking forward to see more of the awesome things from DuckTales.
  • Scooby-Doo and Mecha Mutt Menace is concerning about big robots. In the other word, K9. Robots are out of my depth. So, I kind of don't know how to write review on them. I've written this review as much as I could.

    As usual, Scooby-Doo films are so interesting and mysterious. Most of them, the one who is responsible for the troubles is unpredictable. And also, this one. It's totally unpredictable and when Velma explains the how question, well, for me, it's the best time of the whole film. The reason and how it's become that way is very clear and so, I totally understand the film. (Some of them, I don't quite understand unlike this one.)

    I like the fact that Scooby-Doo and Shaggy are always afraid of monsters. But when you finished a lot of Scooby-Doo films, you get tired of seeing Scooby and Shaggy are the ones who first encounter the problem and run. That being said, it's so funny to see their funny faces in this film. It's too bad that they didn't show it to the end. I really want to know how they cope and do when they are sent to space. If they showed it, it'd be much better.

    Overall is that this film is kind of short, so, I guess it's just a short film. But it's kind of enjoyable. It's very unpredictable and mysterious. And also, it's somehow funny too. Hence, I'd say it's a good one to enjoy.
  • Aloha Scooby-Doo is one of the Scooby-Doo animations produced in 2005. So, I'd say it's a bit old compared to those ones produced in 2010s. Still, I was surprised to see it's awesome quality. I'm not quite sure that they've enhanced the quality or they didn't, but based on the one I've got, the quality is so good to be the one produced in 2005. The images are sharp and yeah, it's quality is very good.

    As I've said in the title, this film is concerning with surfing thing. I'm not that much into surfing, and I don't surf, but it's good to see how people are surfing and happy. And also, I like to see some Hawaii cultures. I've never seen it in any films. So, I'd say it's good to see in this one.

    Moreover, I was so surprised to see it's very huge inside the volcano. Even people can live inside there. It's like a whole underground city. Thus, the creators' ideas are very cool.

    That being said, there's something that is not possible. Dental floss scene. It's quite impossible that Dental Floss could hold a person. No matter Daphne's body is so light, I find it it's not possible that dental floss could hold it. So, it's entirely impossible. Furthermore, I find this film is somehow a bit boring. I was feeling sleepy during the movie. I know that Scooby-Doo films are interesting. But this one made me feel a little sleepy. I was trying not to fall asleep. So, if they have made it a bit less boring, it'd be good.

    The mystery is also quite good. It's concerning with the Hawaii cultures and so, it seems to be a little difficult to guess the one who is responsible for all disturbances. But I could guess who that one is. They made it so obvious at the beginning of the film. That was a big mistake they've ever made in this film.

    To say it overall, Aloha Scooby-Doo seems to be a good film to enjoy. But as for me, it's kind of boring and so predictable, so, compared to the other ones, this one is a little inferior to them. But if you're not sleepy and not thinking the other things when the film's started, you might find this one quite enjoyable.
  • One paragraph plot summary : While Scrooge McDuck, Donald Duck, Launchpad, Webby and the triplets are adventuring, their plane goes into a bad shape because one of the triplets did something to it. They land on some place called Ithaquack which is supposed to be a myth. The leader takes the reason why his people left is because of Scrooge McDuck. So, he makes a competition against McDuck's family. Meanwhile, Webby and one of the triplets get into the temple and find out more about his mother's disappearance. Outside of the temple, McDuck's family is competing with that leader's son. McDuck's family wins in the end and then, McDuck makes peace with him. On nearly leaving from that place, one of the triplets makes a mistake with that round glass ball that he got from Selene. And then, Launchpad says he finds what's wrong with that plane.

    Episode 10 is kind of not interesting. I was kind of looking forward to see more of amazing stuffs. But there wasn't that much in it. That being said, it's kind of funny to see their competition. McDuck's family is so lucky and I like how that leader's son is happy when McDuck's family wins. That's what that shows the friendship. Because of it, I like this episode even though there wasn't any interesting thing going on except for the fact that they got tiny information about the disappearance of triplets' mother.

    Overall is that, although I didn't see that much of interesting things, it's turned out kind of enjoyable. I feel like this episode doesn't end. I think there will be continued episode. I think there will be some kind of interesting thing in the next episode. Now, they know more about their mother's disappearance, so, they will try and find their mother. Thus, I guess things are getting interesting soon. I can't wait to see DuckTales' the rest of the episodes.
  • One paragraph plot summary : Toys from a toy store come alive and scared the employees in that store. After some time, the Mystery Incorporated gang is arriving to that store because Velma has to buy a toy for her cousin. And then they learn the disturbance. As usual, they take the case and search for the clues. One by one, they find many clues. Meanwhile, the toys are chasing them. In the end, Velma makes some device to reveal the person who is responsible. Before it takes out, one person confessed and the police arrests him. When they leave the place with a doll for Velma's cousin, because of Shaggy and Scooby, Velma realises that the one they apprehended wasn't the one. So, they go back to the store and get the real person who is responsible for those disturbances.

    Episode 10 is kind of a good one too. Normally, we all see that Shaggy and Scooby are in one group when they split up to look for the clues. But in this episode, Shaggy pairs up with Fred. But they are not in the same shape. So, Shaggy and Fred couldn't make a pair. Sometimes, it seems to be it's better but it's not. Old school is the best for some condition. This episode shows exactly that. That's why I love this episode.

    What I love the most is that Velma realises that he wasn't the one who is responsible for those disturbances although he seemed to be. She's so clever to know that he was just taking credit for it.

    All in all, Scooby-Doo episodes are presented in detective style and there are a lot of cool mysteries to solve. They are, like, so clever and the stories are pretty cool. I love every Scooby-Doo episode. I can't wait to see more of the awesome episodes.
  • One paragraph plot summary : While Samantha is preparing breakfast, Sam's mother is visiting her to tell about that her father's coming to visit her. Endora is not completely in front of Darrin when she talks about it. So, she's talking in a way to not to let Darrin know that she's talking to her mother. Later, Samantha tells Darrin that her father is coming to their home. She also mentions that her father has a bad temper and also her father doesn't like mix marriage (witch/warlock and mortal/ordinary human marriage). So, Darrin is afraid of meeting his father-in-law. Later in the office, he talks about it to his employer, Larry. Larry tells Darrin that he should stand up for it if he really loves Samantha. So, Darrin decides to takes a big risk and meet with his father-in-law and talks about his mortal thing. But Samantha's afraid of Darrin being punished or something like that, and so, she locks Darrin up in a phone booth after they talked over the phone. Then, a few minutes later, Darrin gets freed and goes home. And he meets with Sam's father. Meanwhile, Sam and Endora are convincing her father/husband about Darrin. When Sam's father finds out that Darrin is not a warlock, he makes Darrin disappeared. Sam and Endora beg him to take Darrin back. He doesn't want to, but Endora is pushing hardly. So, in the end, he agrees to take him back and Darrin is back home again. Soon after that, they all are having family dinner and ends happily.

    Episode 10 is superb. It's so funny and I was laughing the whole time. Even my aunt heard that I laughed a lot, so, she asked me that whether I was watching some kind of comedy. I said, yeah, it has comedy and it's so funny, and thus, I was laughing. I find the comedy that Bewitched has is really good. But I must admit that not every episode is funny, but I'm glad that this one turned out to be very funny.

    All in all, comedy is sometimes necessary because it can remove stress from us. I really love this episode because after I watched this one, I felt like I was so refreshed and I was like on the top of the world. Because of some comedy, I'm loving Bewitched episodes and I can't wait to see the next episodes.
  • One paragraph plot summary : While Scrooge McDuck is reading a newspaper, he finds his competitor Flintheart Glomgold is constructing a bank, so, he goes to the site to find out more about it. When he arrives there, he finds out Flintheart Glomgold is doing construction using robots which Gyro invented. McDuck warns him about doing works with robots is a mistake. But Flintheart Glomgold doesn't listen. On the construction site, not only McDuck is there, but also Ma Beagles is also there. She finds out all about it. That night, she takes those robots and frees her boys which are in the prison. She and her boys, all fours take robots and try to break down McDuck's money bin. Meanwhile, McDuck is trying to stop those robots by using a lot of ways before they take money from his money bin. After a few hours, they have finally stopped those robots. Ma Beagles left her boys and makes an escape alone. Police puts Beagles boys in prison again. As for Flintheart Glomgold, he has to pay for all damages that robots made.

    I love this episode because it shows that robots can harm and make damages. On the other hand, it can help people too. They are just tools. As for they will become good or bad, it only depends on how people use them. If they use those robots in good places, yeah, they are priceless and very helpful to us. But if they use it to do bad things, robots become bad things. Good or bad, it's just on how people use them.

    After 10 episodes of DuckTales, I find that there were a lot of lessons that we all could learn. The episodes are simple, but it's very enjoyable. I think they made it simple because of the fact that the show is for kids. So, episodes become so simple. But it's not inside. That is what makes me love DuckTales TV series. I can't wait to see more and more. Totally love the show!
  • Scooby-Doo and the Alien Invaders is something that is very different from the other Scooby-Doo films I've ever seen. The reason is that this one has the love stories of Shaggy and Scooby. Before I've watched this one, normally, what I always see is the love story of Daphne, Fred and even Velma's, I've seen. But I've never seen Shaggy's in love and also Scooby. Until this one, I always wondered what's gonna be like if Shaggy fell in love. In this one, I got the answer to that question.

    The way Shaggy falls in love is somehow cute, but also, somehow disgusting. But cute part is more. So, I'd say it's still OK. It's just sad to see that their loves flew away. Literally, they flew away into space. Shaggy and Scooby are left on earth. It's really kind of terrible and sad. I really want them to be together.

    What I love is that Shaggy is still OK with her even though he knows the truth about her. And also, Scooby. The last scene of their love stories is really touchable and it's so sad. I really pity them. On the other hand, I really don't like Velma's voice artist. Her voice is small and a bit sharp to listen. I really like that nowadays, they always choose the ones with deep voice for Velma character. I feel like it's the best. So, Velma's voice artist's voice is kind of annoying. Somehow, I couldn't even listen that much. Thus, if they have chosen the other voice artist, it'd be better.

    All in all, Scooby-Doo and the Alien Invaders needs things to improve. I feel like it's kind of boring. I watched this one a few days ago. At that time, I had to stop watching for a while. Last night, I continued to watch, but last night, it was just after I've finished my dinner, so, I wanted to sleep. Thus, I stopped watching. Just this afternoon, I watched again and finally, I've finished it. Hence, I'd say, it's a bit boring that I couldn't finish it in one sit. That being said, it's still OK because it can give the audience a different view and various feelings. And so, to conclude this review, although it's a little bit boring, it's kind of enjoyable.
  • One paragraph plot summary : Scrooge McDuck and the triplets are travelling by the train. They take a lot of gold with them too. Unfortunately, a lot of rocks fall over the train tracks and they can't go on. Then McDuck calls for Launchpad to pick them up. But when Launchpad nearly gets there, his plane is out of fuel, so, he can't take them home. A few minutes later, Gyro gets there with a robot piloting the plane. Because of the fact that robot can do everything, McDuck likes it very much. In order to test whether a human is better or a robot, McDuck makes a competition. Unfortunately, Launchpad lost it and so, McDuck gets a lot of orders for the robot. The triplets and McDuck love the robot too because it can do everything. A few days later, that robot has taken over everything. The triplets have to request help from Launchpad to save McDuck and Gyro. Launchpad beats the robot up and so, McDuck and Gyro are free in the end.

    This episode shows robots are good, but they could be a problem one day. Robots are made by computers, so, they might have some faults/bugs and because of those bugs, they will become bad things. Although robots are good, but in some way, humans are better. So, I'd say this episode shows robots are not comparable to humans in some places and humans are better than robots. We can't possibly depend on robots entirely.

    So, to conclude this review, this episode has more amazing things and thus, it's better than the one that is produced in 2017. Because of that fact that it shows robots' advantages and disadvantages, I'd say it's a great episode and I totally love it.
  • One paragraph plot summary : Darrin is busy with his work in the office and couldn't come back home on time. Everyday he gets home, it's very late and Sam is already asleep. So, Samantha is missing him. During that time, Samantha's mother Endora comes to Sam's home and asks her to go to Paris with her. Because Sam is boring in the house, so, they go to Paris for lunch. After lunch, Endora takes Sam to a fashion show. There, they meet with Larry (Darrin's employer) and his wife. While they are in Paris, Darrin finds out about Sam is in Paris. When Sam gets home, they both get into argument. Sam's angry and she goes back to Paris. The next morning, Darrin finds out from Larry that Sam is unhappy in these days. So, he goes to Paris to meet with Sam. But Sam's back to her house and then she goes to Darrin's company. Then she finds out Darrin is heading to Paris to take her back home. Sam couldn't wait Darrin gets to Paris, so, she searches for him in every plane to Paris. Finally, she finds Darrin in a plane. On that plane, they both make peace and becomes happy.

    Episode 8 is a great episode. It's so funny. I was laughing the whole time when I was watching this episode. The performances are great and I totally love it. The episode is the only one which is very funny that I've seen so far. Comedy should be like this one. It has released me from a lot of stress and unhappy feelings. It's very enjoyable and I've totally enjoyed every second of it. I really hope that the next Bewitched episodes would be like this. Totally loved this one!
  • One paragraph plot summary : As usual, Scrooge McDuck, Webby, Lauchpad and the triplets are going on an adventure again. This time, it's a climb on a mountain known as Neverrest, the highest mountain in the world. Before they climb the mountain, because of the fact that there's no treasure on the mountain, one of them dropped out. During climbing, they all discover about this mountain and McDuck's connection. Meanwhile, Launchpad is experiencing cold fever and fighting hardly for it. When they nearly reached to the top, they discover the unusual thing of this mountain. In the end, they had to go down the mountain because of an accident.

    This episode 9 seemed to be interesting, but I found that it's a bit boring. When I watched this one, I was nearly feeling sleepy. And so, I was impatiently waiting for some miracle to happen. Thank Buddha that there was some good thing. That thing saved me from falling asleep. If they could do it less boring, it'd be better.

    All in all, although it's kind of boring, it's still watchable. I just hope that the next DuckTales episodes will be better than this.
  • I didn't know about this film until I saw it right here on IMDB. It was on recommended section. So, I checked it out. And also, I found a film named "Zombieland: Double Tap" a few days ago. This is how I came across this film.

    Zombieland, as the title says, it's all about zombie apocalypse which I like to watch. Zombie thing is one of my favourite genres. So, I watch it immediately when I saw this film. Before I watched this film, I didn't have that much hope for this one even though it really has high rate. After I watched it, I found that this film is difficult to rate because I don't know how to rate or write a review. The film is less serious, unlike "The Walking Dead" TV series. But it has funny things. In some scenes, I laughed out loud. It kind of released me from some stress. On the other hand, some scenes made me feel those are really useless. If those scenes are out of the film, it'd be better. That being said, I admit that I've kind of enjoyed it indeed.

    So, I really don't know how to rate or write a review. I can't say I like it that much, but again, I can't say I don't like it that much. This is my first time of encountering this kind of situation of how to say whether I like or hate it. Hence, it's kind of enjoyable but it's not that much serious. I'm sort of a girl who likes to see some serious film, thus, this film isn't the best one for me. But again, I kind of enjoyed it and I'd like to see sequel as I'm impatiently waiting for it.

    Finally, is it true that Bill Murray's house really has private home theatre?
  • One paragraph plot summary : On an island in the middle of the sea, there are people who are enjoying the sea. One family among them is enjoying their time, swimming and riding a boat. Unfortunately, they meet something that is called sea monster. And it's disturbing them. After a few days, the Mystery Incorporated gang is arrived on the island, thanks to Daphne's father. While Daphne's surfing, she sees that sea monster and then, they all hear about the legend of the sea monster. To know more of it, they ask that family who has encountered the event and also, they all go to aquarium and ask more about sea turtles. When they know what they wanted to know, they start to investigate the case. By finding clues and clues, they have found the real person who is responsible for those disturbances.

    This episode 9 is kind of different for me. Maybe because I'm not that kind of beach girl, so, I don't enjoy surfing and all. But the episode is funny. And also, I love to see Scooby-Doo's clever. I've never seen Scooby saves someone rather than Shaggy. So, I said it's different from the other episodes I've seen. But I don't understand the reason that much. Still, it's OK, and hence, it's a fine episode. I can't wait to see more and next episodes.
  • I rarely watch short animations/films as I don't normally find they are that much interesting. No offence, by the way. But when I saw this one on a website, I was kind of immediately into it. Maybe because it's about Donald Duck as I'm currently watching DuckTales (both 1987 and 2017 versions) and I'm loving those shows. So, when I saw this one, I wondered how it's gonna be like. That's why I watched this short animation.

    As it was produced in 1938, the year I wasn't even born. Not talking about born, I don't even know where I was, which life I was in. So, this animation is kind of lower in quality than nowadays' animations'. But the content is pretty good. I can't quite believe to see that those triplets are that much naughty and love to give a lot of troubles to Donald Duck. And so, at the same time I saw that, I also wonder how those naughty boys became so quiet and not giving any troubles (less trouble at most) to their uncle that much. LOL. I wish whether they made another one showing this.

    Anyway, this animation is old, but it's very good to enjoy. That being said, I found that the voice artists' voices are so sharp and hence, I felt that it's so disturbing. Maybe they all are ducks, so, their voices are the same as Donald. It's very difficult for me to caught the words they are saying. For the whole 7-8 minutes, I was watching without listening any word they are saying. If they have made it clearer, it'd be better.

    As for conclusion, this animation is very enjoyable, but I kind of predicted how it's going to end. So, I'd say it's kind of predictable. Still, it's good and I've enjoyed it.
  • One paragraph plot summary : Scrooge McDuck, Launchpad, Webby and the triplets are going on an adventure again. This time, they went to an ancient pyramid to find a hidden golden treasure. But they were trapped and the group is split. Webby and Louie went the other way and found the hidden golden treasure. Meanwhile, the rest are meeting with the locals. And their pharaoh Toth-Ra appeared. After that, Scrooge McDuck talks the locals into rescue mission of Louie and Webby. Surprisingly, they were convinced to do a rebellion just for some food. About Louie and Webby, they were captured by a guard. So, they made an escape. By going and going, they find a secret way and they are back to where they were started, the chamber full of gold. Then they find out the truth about so-called pharaoh Toth-Ra. By accident, the real pharaoh Toth-Ra has awakened and starts to capture them. Scrooge and his family stop him and take all the locals to the outside world. The locals can finally eat what they want to eat in the first place.

    This episode 8 is really good one. It's funny and McDuck is so cute in this episode. Most of the dialogues McDuck said are my favourites. Those ones are so funny. I even laughed out loud. So, I'd say this one actually has a real comedy. I kind of don't like McDuck when he was feeling sad to pay $9000 for foods. I mean he's already got a lot of gold. Why would he feel sad to pay just a little money compared to those huge amount of gold he's got?

    Anyway, this episode is a good one and I've completely enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to see more of DuckTales episodes.
  • One paragraph plot summary : There's a show which the triplets love. Every time it's aired, they always watch it. They are a very big fan of it. Meanwhile, Scrooge McDuck has to get money which he loans to a person. But that someone couldn't pay that money to McDuck, instead, he gives McDuck his studio which the triplet's favourite show was made in. So, they all go to that studio and they meet with the star Major Courage. But McDuck wants to cancel the show, but the triplets don't want it. So, McDuck wants the spaceship to be real, so, he ask Gyro to create a spaceship as real as it can be. When it's finished, the triplets, Major Courage and Launchpad get on it. By accident, they launch it and left the earth. Major Courage still thinks that this is the show and they all didn't know that they really are in space, except for Launchpad. When the spaceship is about to crush into rocks, Launchpad controlled the spaceship and avoid it. Then they meet the aliens. While they are kept as prisoners, they try to escape from them. Major Courage gets away. McDuck wants him to go back and get the triplets. But Major Courage declined. Meanwhile, Launchpad and the triplets are trying to control the aliens' spaceship and take that spaceship which they come with. Finally, they all get home safely. After a few days, McDuck turned the studio into space museum and let Major Courage to sell candies for five years as his contract says.

    Episode 8 is a total space adventure. I love that there are some aliens on screen. Sadly, the aliens are just normal ones. I wanted to see more of them. I think they made them simple for kids. This is the kid show anyway. So, it'd be better if they are not scary. Anyway, this episode is kind of simple, but because it's a space adventure, I totally love it. I can't wait to see more of the DuckTales episodes.
  • One paragraph plot summary : A female reporter shows an interest in Darrin and Darrin takes her to his office to explain about his job. As soon as they left, her boyfriend shows up at Sam's doorstep and talks about splitting Darrin in half. So, Sam cools him down by inviting to breakfast and feast him a lot of foods. Meanwhile, Darrin and that girl are in the office. Darrin explains about his job, but that reporter doesn't pay any attention at it, instead, she pours drinks and tries to get him drunk. But unfortunately, she doesn't succeed. The result is Darrin takes her back home. When they both get home, that girl sees her boyfriend at Darrin and Sam's home. When they left, Darrin and Sam get into a fight. Meanwhile, that girl lies to her boyfriend that it was Darrin who tries to take her, instead of she tries to take Darrin. Her boyfriend goes back to Darrin's home angrily and tries to punch him. When he punches Darrin, Sam uses her magic and he gets hurt himself twice. Then that girl slaps Darrin and they both left. Darrin and Sam seem to be OK, but they are not. At night, Sam puts invisible walls around her to keep Darrin away from her. Darrin knows and tries to be OK back again with her. At the end, they both are back to OK.

    This episode is really cool because it's somehow funny even though the plot doesn't have that much things and plainly simple. I really love to see Sam and Darrin are jealous. I've never seen that scene in the previous episodes, and because there is such a scene, I think this episode becomes a good one for me.

    To conclude this review, Bewitched episodes are supposed to be funny because it clearly shows that it's a comedy. Thankfully, this episode is funny. I hope the next episode would be like this or even better than this.
  • One paragraph plot summary : On an island, the glowing animals are scaring people who come to that place. A few days later, the Mystery Incorporated gang is arrived and learns about it. They met a couple who say they came here for honeymoon and a cop who is undercover for investigating the missing animals. So, the gang started to investigate the case. While investigating, they all have encountered the same event and the boat goes down while escaping from those animals. Then they arrived a place that is on the other side of the island and stranded. Just there, they find out Scooby-Doo and a monkey are missing. So, they search for them. While searching, they see a boat and then they investigate it. By clues, they have uncovered the real mastermind of those events.

    Episode 8 is something that seems to be interesting but it wasn't that much. As for me, it's not that much a good episode. I really liked previous episodes, but I don't like this episode that much. Mainly because I don't quite understand why and how questions. So, it's just an episode with nothing. As for conclusion, I really hope that the next episodes will be better than this.
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