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Gukga daepyo

i enjoyed this
Korea doesn't make a lot of good movies honestly but this was good with some of my favorite Korean actors the only negative and this is common using horrible American actors to make the Koreans look better at the cost of the production.Still worth watching

Ocean's Eight

the movie has no pulse
All these talented actresses and it bombed, could not hold my attention all these grift movies requires suspension of belief and that's okay but this went to far


what a surprise
Okay i just heard about this series five years after its off the air, its such a fun show they laugh and make fun of all races genders and nationalities, probably not a series that would be allowed in 2020, i almost quit after ten min but it comes around quickly

The Kissing Booth 2

its okay not as good as the first
The last 20 min saved this movie thought i knew the ending but not quite.It's worthy of a 3 addition


good acting, fun comedy but unfair
They did a good job with this considering Bush is a dud personality so why don't they ever do this about a democratic president like Carter,Clinton or Obama can't tell me there isn't material there

12 Strong

We don't get enough of these great war movies this is worth while, Shannon, Pena are fantastic

Saikojiman Gwaenchanha

special actress special series
Seo Ye-Ji sells her character really well the male lead is just a stiff as normal can't act just looks clueless and reads the lines but he's been in big time series and i cant live with his style, only seen one episode on netflix its got the making of a good series defiantly a high budget series and its very professionally produced , this actress is scary good. seen through episode 4 its the goods, the making of one of the best KD ever

The November Man

No ideal why the low ratings other than people are clueless, this was a really good to watch, even pace great acting and believable, much better than the James Bond movies of the last ten years. Brosnan show he's one of the best male actors of all time

Dan, Hanaui Sarang

missed again KD
This had the making of a very good series but as it turned out was just average, the two leads were good together but for some reason the writers gave the 2nd male character more lines than the lead who was much better and hes supposed to be the lead, go figure. Dong-geon Lee cannot act and his role in the series was annoying i had to fast forward his parts just to watch this.

Naui Ajusshi

lets see
Just starting it so far okay, if IU wasn't in it probably would pass, good lord does that old goat Jeon Kuk-Hwan have to be in every KD i watch

Kkotminam Ramyeongage

easy eight
One of my first KD and still one of my favorite, has it all, crazy Korean women death, comedy and a pretty good story, its at min a 8 borderline 9 rating

Di-eo Ma-i Peu-ren-jeu

nothing like it
This is such a wonderful series with these special elder Korean actors, the story is well written and these women are Korean Gems, funny and touching, well done

Sseulsseulhago Chalranhashin: Dokkaebi

solid 8, little to long
For the actors, filming,music its outstanding top notch but it was a little to long for me so i skipped some episodes, few series where the supporting cast was as good if not better than the main and don't get me wrong they were very good so 8 is a fair rating its not a 10, the main issue i had was the last two episodes was a male crying competition which i cant stand. watch it is damn good borderline great

Naesungjukin Boseu

not wasting my time here
Gave it two episodes and quit the main character is to much of a freak doesn't make for an enjoyable series, probably gets better but I'm not willing to find out


its good loved it
Its entertaining and thats why i watch movies, for this type of film its very good if your looking for Serpico or the French connection than rent it


wasn't impressed at all
Was looking forward to this as i like the main actress so much but it doesn't deliver at least the first episode and I'm not sure i can watch another one.

Blue Bloods

good for a TV series,Selleck's best acting
Its good of course there is the stupid liberal agenda but thats on all series, wish the character Eddie Janko would catch a bullet so annoying with her Reagan issues.

The Victims' Game

very good requires close attention
Two episodes in and its really good, superb acting script is top notch, wish the sub titles stayed on for just another two seconds but that's my problem. Finished it and have mixed emotions it might have been to complicated of a script for me I'm not Asian so i would get lost with the names not being able to connect them to the characters i think i got the just of the story which is disturbing, sad and beautiful, its worth finishing the ending isn't foolish and gives closure on the lives in the show for the most part.


nice change from silly romcoms
Its good very good story and seems to have a lot to build on from both personalities, just two episodes in but nice change.Never seen the girl actress before she's good. Finished it it was good until the ending which wasn't that bad, lets face it Korean series can have some foolish final episodes. i would like to see a season 2 but I'm done with this cry baby pussy lead character wish someone would have capped his ass.

Never Have I Ever

yeah its that damn good
Just thought i would give it a look and dang i totally watched the whole series one setting, this is the best series ive seen out of the USA in five year, have we ever done a series with Indian people as the lead roles.

The King: Youngwonui Gunjoo

well done, not your typical KD
This series and ive only seen the three thats out are done quite well its a little hard for me to follow as i'm at the mercy of subtitles but im happy wit hit so far, thank goodness its not the same cookie cutter KD thats tailored for young Korean women, there is enough for all in this if you want a silly romcom plenty to watch.Time will tell how good this is we all know how bad KD can get.

The Siege of Jadotville

seriously it's a ten, ten times better than 1917
Its a must watch a story nobody heard about, everything about the is excellent just show you dont need a 100 million dollars to make a classic movie and this damn sure is.


Sorry just to much male dominant in the script, cant believe im saying this but i need more violent/wack Korean girls in a series.

Car Masters: Rust to Riches

this one rises above the rest
This car show is the best one out love the pace and the concept of trading up.No fake deadlines, this isn't OCC.

Mr. Baseball

it's flawed but its also baseball
Its not Bull Durham but its watchable, looks like the raciest Japanese blackballed the beautiful actress Aya Takanashi because that was her last movie

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