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Steven Universe: Change Your Mind
Episode 28, Season 5

This is the best episode of Steven Universe EVER! Everything in this episode is what I wanted! I love Peridots' and Lapis' new outfits and stars (they're my favorite characters now.), the fusions (Obsidian was awesome!), and the ending was an emotional rollercoaster that we see the corrupted gems now healed along with Jasper. I love the crystal gems' new outfits better including Lapis and Peridot because it suit their personalities more. This is my new favorite episode along with Reunited. Can't wait for the movie and season 6! Steven Universe is STILL the best to me!

Over the Garden Wall

A wonderful show!
I'm getting this show on DVD this Christmas. I love EVERYTHING on this show!


Hilda is fantastic! I love it!
Hilda is an excellent show! I love the animation, the characters, EVERYTHING! I hope they make a second season soon. I enjoy this show SO MUCH!

Always Watching: A Marble Hornets Story

My Favorite Slender Man Movie along with Slender Man (2018)
I like this movie. The story is great, the acting is good, the characters are good too, and The Slender Man/ The Operator is fantastic! People don't know that this movie is not like Marble Hornets, it's BASED on it and it's different, like for example:
  • The Slender Man is completely invisible unless you look through a video camera that is recording, but he makes it scramble when he's near.
  • The Operator symbols are used for signels not only that hes faceless, but signs of The Slender Man has been there or stalking you into paranoia.
  • When the slender man marks you with the symbol, it means that you're going to die or gonna be taking by him without a trace.

I like this movie. Doug Jones does a great job as The Slender Man/The Operator. The design is actually pretty accurate to describe slender man, I still like the design from the new movie, because he's more monstrous and his suit is all part of his whole flesh and body, and tree-like.

BlackBoxTV: PROXY: A Slender Man Story
Episode 13, Season 3

I love this short film
I like the slender man's design and everything,I love it. But I still love the new movie,though

Steven Universe

I love this show
I love the Characters,the character development,the beautiful art for the background, the emotional moments,the fights, everything,also can't wait to watch the movie.

Slender Man

I love this movie
I love this movie. The Slender Man's design looks creepy like he should be,I like the cast,the visuals on the forest,the creepy scenes,everything. This is my kind of movie.

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