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M Squad

Credit for Stanley Wilson
Even though Count Basie wrote the theme for M Squad, much credit should also be given to the Stanley Wilson orchestra for writing and performing the music for each episode week after week. Stanley Wilson, Benny Carter, and Johnny Williams wrote all the other cuts from the album, most of which are better than the theme in my estimation. The album from 1959, LPM-2062 includes: The Chase, The Search, Phantom Raiders, Lonely Beat, The Juke Box, The Mugger, The Discovery, The Late Spot, The Cha-Cha, Club, A Lady Sings the Blues, and, The End. They have all stood the test of time, just like the show. Does anyone remember if the opening credits show a Navy flying boat taking off? If not, what similar show from the same era had that scene? I thought it was M Squad, but since it was set in Chicago, maybe not. I believe the show I am looking for was set in San Diego, since the scene I am speaking of showed a Navy P5M taking off from the sea lane between North Island and San Diego. I was in that squadron at the time and would like to get a copy of that show just for the memories. Thanks

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