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Fear the Walking Dead: Gone
Episode 16, Season 7

What a horrible episode they bring back Madison who originally was a good person and turned her into someone who takes people's kids. The writing is so bad. And why was Madison being referred to as a man when they were in the crypt? The character Ava kept saying to Morgan "tell him were his kids are" meaning Madison.


Sarah Lancashire knocks it out of the park her acting is on point. All of the cast is amazing really. I've watched a few shows about julia Child and this is hands down far superior.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Worst movie ever! The only good thing was watching a bunch of woke a**holes getting it on the bus. Bring back the older versions stop doing this to good movies.

Ozark: Ace Deuce
Episode 4, Season 4

So haven't watched the whole first half yet but I gotta say at this point I hope Jonah goes down with Darlene that kid is an a**hole. He needs a good ol' fashioned spanking lol.

Dexter: New Blood

What a joke they killed him off! What now a new show with his son taking over can't stand his character. This all has to do with age demographics. Stupid show.


So so
This show is about a kid that refuses to listen and gets people killed I'm rooting for the elves. And yet as the show goes on she still refuses to listen. To bad spanking is "cancelled"


So so
The show is predictable. They rob the biggest drug dealer then go home were everyone knows where they live. Also what was the point of that. To many holes in the story.


Excellent movie
This is totally different from anything you've seen. I really liked it. The acting is amazing and the story line is so different. It's refreshing to have something out of the ordinary.

Little People, Big World

Love this show!
I've always enjoyed this show! I wish Amy would move on though I know she's with Chris but it seems all she talks about is Mat. Everyone else has moved on but her.

The Walking Dead: Acheron: Part I
Episode 1, Season 11

Maggie's gotta go!
Maggie is a self righteous witch! Negan should die because of what he did to Glen and Abraham but I hope he kills her. Can't stand her why are they listening to her boring.

Home Before Dark

Good show overall, not sure why there's 3 daughters when clearly there's only 1 they focus on. Bad parenting lol.

The Ice Road

This movie is really hard to watch, very obvious mistakes. Also watching an A list actor Liam Neeson doing B budget movies I really don't understand that.

Home Before Dark: Fighting His Ghost
Episode 3, Season 2

Great show!
I really like where this season is heading, all the actors are amazing and just like season 1 the story remains fresh.

War of the Worlds

Season 2 is so bad
So everyone has their heads so far up Emily's butt do they forget that she tried to kill Bill first! And the fact that she's probably going to have sex with a 13 year old is disgusting. This season is very frustrating to say the very least.


I like the comment that says this is a watered down version of what really happened. Not EVERY white person is a racist like this show suggests. Great timing by the way. When can we start to try and be better. That means everyone.


Throw him out
S03e08 "blue flock" I used to like Liam but I would like to see Jenny with someone who isn't a piece of crap. Plus his story line is dead.


Season 3 sucks
I really enjoyed season 1&2 great story line. Having said that season 3 is just a joke right from the start the writing is horrible. It's a shame really.

Wrong Turn

Wish they had a zero choice
Had to turn off this movie half way through the writing is so stupid. They shouldn't have changed the storyline. Really bad acting everything sucks about this movie. Me personally I like the mutant version. The way this movie is done now I feel I've seen the same thing done many times.

Tin Star: Come to the Edge
Episode 6, Season 3

Worst season
Loved the first 2 seasons, that's were it stops for me. The third season is horrible. Most of the time they're walking down the streets of Liverpool with their guns out which wouldn't happen in any city for that matter. At the end they just jump off a building, stupid.

W lesie dzis nie zasnie nikt

This movie sucks! I'm rooting for the twins. The acting is sooooo bad.


Worth the watch
Great story and has some amazing actors. The only problem I see is the do good nun, very annoying. They should have left that character out

The Walking Dead: World Beyond

Just bad
This show is just horrible. Of course if you're looking for a very mild non violent zombie show this could be for you. And the people saying "give it a chance" or "to many haters" are clearly under 16. I'm rooting for the zombies.

The Walking Dead: A Certain Doom
Episode 16, Season 10

Love this show!
Having said that I find it hilarious that Lauren Cohen is back. She figured she would become a big star on another show just like David Duchovny. LoL but it got cancelled and now she's back. Wtf!


Sub par acting
So if you don't want people to know you're a woman wear lots of eyeshadow, lip gloss and leave your hair long. Also when trying to hide that you have breasts put the duct tape right underneath your boobs so you have instant cleavage. You can tell right away that's a woman. Lol. On top of that her acting sucks.

Persons Unknown

Not impressed
This show is a train wreck. The writing is horrible. Don't believe the good reviews they're probably high.

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