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Mortal Kombat: The Journey Begins

Ugly Anime Wannabe
Those are the only three words needed to describe this abomination, "Ugly Anime Wannabe." The only thing worse is when it goes into poor quality CJI. Now the fact that it was made in 95 is no excuse for that. Toy Story same out in the same year. As for the non CJI animation, well Little Norse Prince was made in 1968, 27 years before MK:TJB and the animation in LNP is still a hundred times better. So knowing that the CJI is poor quality for it's time and the animation would have been poor quality if it was made 30 years ago, IF you can forgive that, how is the story? Well it is competing with the CJI and animation to see what can be the worst. You get a bit of info about why they are going to the island. Raiden has 3 boring flashbacks all in that terrible quality CJI and it ends with them going to compete. So no tournament. Just 3 boring flashbacks and one or two badly animated fights. As I said before, Ugly Anime Wannabe.

Shadow Hearts: From the New World

Good game, but not as good as previous SH titles
OK, I will start by saying, there will be spoilers, from the other SH games in this review, as well as to this one, so that you know before reading on.

As you can see, I have voted 8/10, this is because I like the game, but it may disappoint you if you really enjoyed the other two, I would give both of them 10/10 but a lot of the dark and contaversal themes have gone from this new game.

I will start with the story. It was not what I expected, the only main villains are really Lady, Killer and Gilbert, which was quite disappointing, In Covenant, the first main villain was Rasputin, then Nicolai, then Kato. It was quite clear the Nicola would take over from Rasputin in covenant, but I had no idea Kato would turn out to be the main boss. In the original SH, it is clear enough that Albert would be the main boss, but the first mission was to defeat another villain, Dehui. This made the story to the latest game feel very short. I would have liked if it went on a bit longer.

On the subject of Bosses, the main bosses from the other two had more depth, they told their reasons, I SHFTNW, Lady doesn't say what her plans are.

The characters in this game. Johnny; The main character, OK, not too bad, after you get used to not having Yuri, he is not too bad.

Shaania; A good character in the game, this version's harmonixer, only has four fusions but three are dark, I can see this as a good idea in a way. She really suits the element of Dark, as she is driven by vengeance.

Natan; Not a lot of depth to him, but seems a strong character.

Frank; Really fond of this character, liked the way he has Joachims way of picking up random things to use as weapons.

Hilda; A good character definitely, but in a way disappointing. I say this because, as you know if you are an RPG fan, there are 3 main types of characters in battle, Those very strong with weapons, those with magic and average weapon, and those who are very strong with magic, but not very good with weapons. Hilda was on the average, this is disappointing, because both her brothers in the previous games were more strong with weapons. I think that is the way she should be as well. Still a good character that I do use, but I think a vampire should be very strong with weapons.

Mao; What can I say, A talking cat. OK, first impression is bad, but remember first impressions are often wrong. Mao is good in battle, but being a talking cat does push it. Blanca was a good idea as a wolf but he was a normal wolf that didn't speak, although, as a water element character, Mao is OK, The only Water element character that I often had on my team was Margarette back in SH1, they should really have another character like Margarette if they make a new SH. Secret weapons was a great idea.

Lastly, Ricardo. Don't use him often, an OK character I think, any Desperado fans out there? You will like him, he has a guitar, that has built in fire arms, like one of the guys in Desperado.

Conclusion about it, a very good game, definitely if you like the other two, it should be worth a look, just don't expect it to be near as good as the other two.


awesome film
Azumi is an amazing film. A must have for Martial Arts fans. There are some great fights in this film and in the second film. The way it is made, Azumi is a very strong character, a character who all viewers would like. The villains on the other hand are made to be despised, this makes the film even better when Azumi gets them.

Also a lot of the special effects were good, there was not too much blood after they are cut, making the film more realistic. They can be seen as similar to kill bill, only based in the past and better.

In conclusion, it is definitely one of my favourite films. If you are a fan of Kill Bill then you will LOVE Azumi.

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