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The Boarder

slow start, great finish
The first 20-30 minutes are a little slow but it picks up and turns into a great ride, exactly what you'd expect. Not every aspect of the movie is perfect but where it makes up for it and excels is casting. Lorynn York is a strong female lead, and lights up the screen as the concerned, suspicious daughter trying to protect/save her mother, played by Tanya Clarke. Clarke delivers a solid performance even though her character's refusal to see anything odd or weird about her boarder/boyfriend makes her seem a little desperate or daft (but still a great performance). Maslow is spot on as the eerily creepy handsome guy, and the energy/tension between Maslow and York is one area where the film excels. Adam Huber rounds out the cast as the perfect cop/ex-boyfriend. While it's tempting to think of this as a case of the playing being better than the piano, or performances being better than the film making, the director does a solid job. The pacing of the first 20-30 minutes is slow but once it gets into the action the film delivers.

Seven Seconds

Great show, heavy, painful
Great show with amazing actors. Usually I like to single out faves but honestly there isn't a bad performance here. But like some of the other reviews mention it's heavy, painful. A powerful look at personal and institutional racism in USA

The Killing

Amazing classic
I'm not usually one for older films, but made an exception for Kubrick, and glad I did. I'm surprised this isn't one of his more celebrated and talked about films, but it is definitely worth seeing.

Web Cam Girls

Scary but fun ride
Web Cam Girls is a terrifying, fun movie. As a parent of adolescent girls it stokes a certain paranoia regarding what children are up to online. The plot is a little predictable but director Doug Campbell delivers his trademark suspense (Death Clique). Most of the acting was great, especially the two female leads. Lorynn York as the abducted cam girl was excellent, and watching her go from cavalier cam candy to terrified captive was a fun ride. Can't wait to see her in The Boarder. Sedona Legge as her cousin was a nice surprise, and kudos to the film's makeup team for making Sedona look like such a girl next door type (instead of the stunning face of Gucci). All in all a fun, scary movie... hoping Lifetime makes more like this one!

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