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His House

Why the low score
Unless you're an idiot, you are going to love this film Thought provoking, political, but also really bloody scary.

An absolute treat, definitely deserving of the critical high praise.

The Suicide Squad

Don't believe the hypea
I went into this really expecting, FINALLY, a decent DC movie after a 10 or so year wait. I was not impressed.

Zero character development (or really any time spent with any of the characters), a paper thin plot, fairly unimpressive effects (as per usual for a DC).

It was occasionally mildly amusing, I always like Harley, though there really wasn't enough of her.

I suppose it's a bit more blood splattered, if that's what gets you off, and there's a smile to be had here and there.

Army of the Dead

Another Syndertastrophy
Dreadful characters, you really don't care if any of them make it out alive.

Ridiculous plot decisions, too many to mention, but it's just ludicrous.

Overlong Poorly acted, but then they aren't really given anything to do.

This will be appreciated by the rabid Snyder fanboys only.

I did like the zombie tiger though.

The Rental

Dreadful - Avoid at all costs
A slightly intresting build up of characters, none of whom you can either identify with or bring yourself to care about, decide to rent a house. Some blatantly obvious from the first five minutes character flaws are revealed. Then all of a sudden, 3 cast members are dispatched with zero flair within 5 minutes. The other one does the obligatory slasher - misdirecting the killer, followed by fall down the stairs and hurting an ankle before limping through some foggy woods with the slasher in pursuit. How this attracted two talented actors in Stevens and Brie is beyond me, but i suppose everyone has bills to pay Avoid at all costs.

It's a Sin

Outstanding Drama, RTD at his absoulute best
From it's joyous beginning recalling those hedonistic early days of the London gay scene in all its promiscuous glory (whilst signposting the horrors of what is to come), this outstanding drama had it all. RTD has an uncanny knack of writing for five main characters, all of whom have their own supporting cast, but by the end of the first 45 minutes you know them all, you know their backstory, you like them all, you have your favourites, and you just dont want anything bad to happen to any of them. When things do happen, often in the most unsurprising or genuinely heart-breaking way, you feel the pain and sorrow. When it's funny, and it is often very funny indeed, you find yourself sitting with a borad smile enjoying your time with these new friends There are uniformly excellent performances from all of the main cast particularly Olly Alexander and the fantastic Lydia West, although Keely Hawes swoops in in the final act to remind us all what a tour de force she can be. Upbeat, sometimes joyous, often hilarious yet never shying away from letting us know how long the fight and how brutal the losses were in the struggle against AIDS. Fantastic.

Death to 2020

Such a shame
The usually excellent irreverent observations by Charlie et al have how been dumbed down for the yanks to considerable detriment.

One could barely raise a smile.

Doctor Who: Spyfall: Part Two
Episode 2, Season 12

Strong second half
Again, we have a face off with the doctors nemesis, we have a whistle stop tour through time picking up a couple of great historical figures on the way, we have a really interesting alien foe who I hope we return to. Unless you're a keyboard warrior bemoaning a female doctor and nail biting over a series that just tries to treat everyone respectfully (or PC as these idiots moan) then there's really very little to dislike.

Doctor Who: Spyfall: Part One
Episode 1, Season 12

Silly Reviews
This is a great episode. Its break-neck paced, its gives everyone something meaningful to do, it sets up the tone of the series really well, it has comedy drama and thrills. I'm not the biggest fan of Chris Chibnalls Who either, but this vendetta people have is getting tiresome.


A poor initiation of an average original
I was astounded that this was a Ben Wheatley film. Arnie Hammer is at least not the dreadful Olivier. Mrs Dr Winter continues to be tiresomely simpering. Mrs Danvers remains the only one having any fun. There's probably scope to do a really good contemporary update. Wasted opportunity.

Project Power

Ever so dull
Almost zero action, a plot so obvious and thin you can see through it, cringeworthy freestylin' scenes, generally poor performances all around. Avoid.


Finished watching for the fifth time
Every year I look forward to watching the series from start to finish, and every year I get sad during season 5 that's is going to end soon. It's quite simply one of the most fun, endlessly inventive sitcoms that has ever been made, and I beg that not only do we get #andamovie but One day we get another six seasons.

The Vast of Night

Well worth a watch
Great camera work, pacing, superb acting, snappy sharp dialogue and a constantly building sense of unease make this film really stand out and demand a watch.

Modern Family: Finale Part 2
Episode 18, Season 11

So weak
Such a Shane that they ended an entire series in such a rushed, uninspired, terribly unfunny fashion. Possibly the worst series ending of any long running show in recent memory.

Parks and Recreation

An absolute joy
Warm funny kind, just the absolute best from a writing and acting team of pure talent


Wow, this is bad
Uninspired and poorly executed in just about every single category. Bless Tamsin Greig as the only capable pair of hands doing her absolute best with what she's been given.

Avenue 5

Great stuff
Offbeat so it goes over most people's head judging by the reviews, razor sharp, funny, well acted, superb.

Noughts + Crosses

Like a depressing Vice-Versa
It's like black people are white people, and white people are black people, sort of like the UK in the 70's, but set in modern day. For a race drama is sorely lacking in any other forms of diversity. There's not much more to it.

Frozen II

Decidedly average
If you're wondering what they've been up to in all this time since frozen, the answer seems to be 'not much'. Most of what made the first film so charming is absent.


Good, but not great
Quite how this managed to win best picture at the Oscars is beyond me. How it won best director is truly daft, especially up against the magnificent Sam Mendes. It's a really good first half of character set up, though they themselves are never really developed, witty and fast paced, followed by a let down of a second half that doesn't deliver on its midway point revelations.


The real best picture winner
Almost faultless. A moving, nerve wrangling rollercoaster of a movie, superbly and cleverly directed.

Doctor Sleep

Unexpectedly Great
Really well shot. Good cast, especially Rebecca Ferguson. Good chills. Just much much better all around than I expected. Check it out.

Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker

If I could give it less I would
What a terrible way to end a 40+ year wait to the biggest and most epic sci fi series in the galaxy. Those involved should hang their heads in Shane.

Knives Out

Great fun
Really enjoyed this, great to have a good whodunnit back on the silver screen at long last. Also great to see Daniel Craig having an absolute ball in his role. Good stuff.


I can't believe this is getting a second series
I only made it half way through the first episode. I couldn't stop laughing at just how bad every element of this show was, with the exception of the location it was shot in. Just truly truly dreadful

Dracula: The Dark Compass
Episode 3, Season 1

Just terrible
One of the worst things I have ever watched. Fascinated at how quickly this show became so bad

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