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Neil's Party

A Better British film than the usualfFayre
It was always the filmmakers intention to give this film the look of a well lit, Hollywood style movie and I must thank them for that because they succeeded in that endeavor. Too often, British films will be poorly lit with blown highlights and detailess shadows and then try to get away with it claiming that it was deliberately done for an artsy look. That fools nobody and the makers of Neils Party are to be commended for paying great attention to this important detail in film-making.

The films storyline will be understood by anyone who can still remember their own 18th year and though it might be predictable at times it succeeds because of strong performances from the young cast. The performances come across as realistic and believable. it doesn't appear forced or over the top.

To use the American vernacular, it's a cute film and a very good first effort for the filmmaker. it brings a new look to a part of Britain that's rarely shown, not the gritty working class landscape nor the affluent manor houses that have become tiresome exports this past decade. Instead, we are treated to a view of life in a rural market town albeit from an area with the highest real estate values in Britain.

All the Real Girls

There's a method to this madness
It's an extremely rare occurrence when we stop a film after 10 - 15 minutes and remove it from the player. While we all realize that movies can't all be the same nor look alike there is a very basic formula that must be followed to keep the audiences attention. We felt that this movie failed on that score because both of us got up and started doing other things both to each other's surprise

The story is not a unique one. The small town, the lads, and the return of sister of one of the lads best friend. She been away, and values her virtue he on the other hand has ridden every bike in town. The two fall for each other so the story goes. Loves labors lost! Our problem was that it needed proper editing to keep the pace and momentum going. It was this little annoyance that prompted our early termination of said film. Now, this does not mean that the film is bad. We've both come across plenty of those and this isn't one of them.

You Stupid Man

Woody Allen, The Next Generation.
The movie presents a typical New Yorker who just has to, irritatingly, over analyze every single aspect of his relationship with his girlfriend who moves to Los Angeles to star in a TV sitcom. Honestly, you feel like you want to grab the guy and shake some sense into him. He is so annoying, and maybe so, because there are aspects of his behaviour that reminds me of myself at that young age.

Fine performances all round, though I have to agree with poster simonsayz that the original relationship between Owen & Chloe is a stretch, but can be forgiven since the movie deals with their breakup and his reaction to it.

House of Wax

House of 9
Is a great movie, very, very suspenseful. While knowing only one will survive, the way the numbers go down is so believable and scary. Sorry to post here but there's no House of 9 in IMDb.

House of Wax was a good film too in the spirit of the horror genre. I've driven in remote ares like this so the town is quite believable and the plots and twists do the film justice. Clearly it's to be expected there'll be a big fire and the effects shown that event are excellently executed making you want to pick up your feet lest they disappear beneath you. I liked Paris Hilton's appearance in the show, it was very entertaining and her eventual demise again another well done special effect.

50 Ways to Leave Your Lover

A heart warming love story
Beautiful and well worth watching. A successful biographer wonders where his future lies and soon begins to tire of his supposedly shallow life in Los Angeles. When an offer for work on the East Coast comes along he seriously considers burning all his bridges and leave Los Angeles forever. All goes according to plan until a chance encounter at the airport delays his departure.

I found it funny and enjoyable to watch. Of course it will appeal most to LA residents for the the subtle humor "I like the bus", but any one who has transplanted to a big city will enjoy the movie. It's a very well made movie with Fred Willard providing his usual impeccable humor.

Within the Woods

Stay at Camp Blood for just 24 hrs and win $1 Million
A reality show producer dreams up a sure winner for ratings when he sets up 5 lucky finalists to spend just 24 hours at "Camp Blood" A place with a macabre history. Good plot and writing. It's a well paced movie which can be very difficult to do even by the best of them, great performances by all the cast but one and I'll leave you to find that lucky winner. Death befalls the cast members early in the movie and you are kept on the edge of your seat after that. The "Clown Theme" is brilliant in my view, a simple phrase that ends forebodingly. It's a good addition to any collector of this genre with a well produced "extras" feature where you can appreciate the difficult conditions under which the movie was filmed.

The spoiler, well lets just says it pays homage to "Valentine"

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