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Children of Men

Not my cup of infertile tea
Nah, I don't like this one. I hate the way it's shot and the acting, the plot and everything. It's just boring

Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich

Why so serious?
This movie took itself way too seriously, it had no idea what it wanted to be. I wasn't sure wether I was meant to laugh or not at some parts. Note "meant to laugh" because even when this movie really tried to be it wasn't funny at all, it also wasn't scary either so it's confsuing as you don't know what this movie is really about or who it's for. If this movie cracked a little more jokes through the run time I wouldn't be this let down, but I am very pissed that I actually sat through this. Overall this movie was fine it was honestly just fine it wasn't good or awful it was just fine


Not the first of it's kind but one of the best
I don't understand all the hate for this movie it's visually beautiful and very smart. The movie makes a great point by using a computer to teach us how to be human, this is a highly enjoyable movie and one of Netflix's best. My only critique is the use of the Star Wars scream, that should not have been in the movie.

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