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  • As a fan of superhero films, I'm now bored of them as they are just shoving same formula and giving us repetitive crap. But Birds of Prey felt fresh and was something new.

    Without spoiling much I'd only say that trailers didn't show much. The movie has lots of amazing action sequence and perfect balance of action and comedy. I'm glad they made the film R rated. Hats off to DC and WB for pushing boundary, take risk and give us something new everytime. Now after films like joker and Birds of prey, I'm really excited for upcoming films like WW84, Batman, etc

    Also ignore the drama by haters as movie isn't about that at all.
  • I'm sorry but this movie was boring except for the last part. Infinity war was well balanced and every character had a role. Also had action from beginning to end. But endgame mostly had unnecessary talks or travelling here and there. Most main characters don't even have any fight scenes. Whole movie is focused on only 2-3 characters. Rest of the characters were in it like they just have a cameo. Should have made a semi team up film after infinity war and then Endgame with all the characters having enough screentime. Wasted opportunity.
  • This movie is just perfect in every way and very different compared to other superhero films. Trailers barely show anything. There are so many surprises (no, I'm not just talking about some little cameo, I'm talking about main stuff). Also if you feel that most superhero films are showing similar stuff and want something new then this is for you and those who enjoy every superhero films anyway then it's definitely for you. And even those who don't like superhero films at all, will also love it.
  • Like others, I never cared about her acting, face expressions, etc. Honestly I liked her but it's just the movie was boring. Also it has nothing to do with avengers endgame except post credit scene so if you're short on money and watching it only for endgame (that's why most are watching this film according to report) then don't.
  • This movie was really enjoyable from beginning to end. Action was insane. It has same level of action as avengers infinity war, maybe more. This movie felt really big for a solo film. Visuals and CGI are simply the best I've seen in a while. Perfect use of comedy. They didn't insert a funny scene in between a serious moment. Loved the music. The use of music was very different than other superhero movies. All characters are lovable, even aquaman's dad who didn't had much screentime. James wan gave his horror touch in this movie as well which was awesome. Atlantis is much more than shown in the trailers. 3D effects and camera movement are so good that you'll feel like you're actually in a ship taking a tour of atlantis. Many questions that people had like why black manta's helmet is so big have been explained in movie. Overall the movie is so good that I'm going to watch it again.
  • Oh boy! It's amazing. Trailer didn't impress me but show is awesome. Dark tone really worked for me. They made the proper use of R rating. Action scenes are so satisfying. Loved all the characters. One thing I can say for sure, this show is going to be badass.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It totally wasn't how i expected it to be. It's just a silly film with only action. Many cringy dialogues and dumb moments ruined the film. I felt really bad when yondu died in GOTG 2 but in this film never felt anything for anyone. So many died but i don't know why this film was in a rush and that's why their death didn't made me feel bad for them. They should have increased the runtime of the film. One of the worst thing is characters were not balanced. Captain america hardly had any dialogue. Hulk was shown only for 30 seconds in the entire film. There were many ways to stop thanos but hey he should look badass so let's make heroes dumb. Cgi was okay but in many places it looked cartoon-ish. In one scene it looked like Mark ruffalo's face is pasted on hulk buster. The film is full of plot holes.
  • First half of the film is really boring and second half is a cgi mess. I yawned so many times during the first half that I felt like leaving the theatre. I stayed expecting the second half to be good but dissappointed and was really irritated by the cartoon-ish cgi.

    The cgi was so bad that it looked like people are fighting rhino's hologram. It was irritating when they show two cartoons are fighting and then scene changes to real people and then back to cartoon.

    Overall this movie is not at all good.