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Music Box

Classic 1980s PBS kids show or of Ontario, CA.
Still memorable, quality at the time. An interactive grahamaphone with the dutiful assistance of it's human taught the fundamentals of music. After my seven-year-old son built a Lego record player with a large bell speaker, this show was the first thing I thought of. Not many videos from this show have made it VHS to YouTube.


Totally underrated!
Real. Relatable. Engaging characters that don't seem to beer over acting, just being adults in adult situations in today's world. The story lines covered in this anthology all makes sense. Watch it! Straight through Or hop scotch around by storyline. Either way is a win!

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

Beautiful but on the whole missing something.
The cinematography was amazing! 4 out of 6 of the stories were satisfying Ave engaging to the end. All of the characters served complete and vivid in their depiction. Enjoy.


Action with fantasy -enjoy!
Tolkiens Middle Earth was basically real. We live there. Time has past. Picture a contemporary setting for contemporary action story with fantasy characters and driving elements.

Stranger Than Fiction

Not a good play or a well written book, this is a GREAT movie.
Multiple viewers have stated that they turned-off the movie after the first 30 minutes, the second 30 minutes is where characters start to shine. We really need to get to the third act, that is where the meat is and the actors shine in their roles. I have watched and re- watched this movie over the years since release (sometimes starting at minute 24, the entrance of Dustin Hoffmans character).

It was ahead of its time with the integration of H.U.D.-like CGI elements to explain our main character's inner monologue.

Will Ferrel is evocative as becomes Harold Crick.

The relationships in no way feel forced for developing in under two hours, the characters are real, as are the emotions they feel for us by the actors.

Give the movie a chance it should not disappoint.

*And its a got a great soundtrack that adds to without distracting from the movie.


Tip of The Iceberg
No spoilers. No plot points. You do not need them in a review of this show. Watch it and feel the performances.

Dan Stevens is a force of nature, in this story he literally is & his screen presence is a growing maelstrom. I first knowingly crossed his path in The Guest & have not looked back since (comparable with Matthew McConaughey in Killer Joe). The story is vague & intriguing from the beginning with growing enchantment as the episodes stack-up.

Sure. I'm a comic book geek from the 1980's, but Noah Hawley seems like he has more than his ducks in a row for this project. As SONY/Fox has often mis-stepped with the X- Men and its creative use of characters and story lines, LEGION seems to be avoiding the potholes, while creating a new amalgam of story from the past to forging ahead with a cohesive story.

Aubrey Plaza's performance is delightfully off-beat and maniacal.

I could list the positives for every actor and their character, literally the casting (and execution) seems perfect at this point (through episode seven).

Love it!

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