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A Wrinkle in Time

After 50 years of waiting
After 50 years of waiting to see one of my favorite childhood books brought to the big screen, I am back to waiting. While the name of the movie was A Wrinkle in Time, the movie itself was something that had died a horrible death, strangled by the need to be diverse and carrying a "powerful message" that was hidden in shocked disbelief. The scriptwriter and director clearly did not care about the plot or power that existed in the book (the final battle between Meg and the brain ran chills up my spine in the book, but was actually boring in the movie), but instead focused on a message...and such a message that the "MESSAGE" (caps courtesy of the interviews) was more important than the plot, actors and actresses, CGI, conflicts, resolutions or anything else. If you want a "MESSAGE" and don't feel like spending time in the religious institution of your choice, I might raise my rating tp 2 stars for you.

By the way, if you have never read the book, I suggest you watch the movie, then read the book (that way giving the movie every chance) and then rate the movie.

How to Save Us

I have to spread my hatred out here...
I must admit, I don't know whether to hate anyone who had something to do with the film more than I hate myself for suffering through to the end when I could have hit fast forward. The movie follows a customary bad, boring move pattern: tidbit to keep you interested, 15 minutes of utter boredom. A couple of brothers (one of whom lost an eye, even though it does not play into the plot) wandering through a Tasmania that is quarantined in a way that does not stop people from entering or leaving, and playing a game of tag. We learn clever "rules" about the electric, infrared, ghosts like "they can't see you if you burn corpses and spread the ashes on your face or clothes," and "since they are electric they cannot be created or destroyed." Then we build up to the climactic finish where everything is explained...what, what? It isn't explained? But I thought it had something to do with child abuse...or viruses...or pathways from another dimension...or...forget it. And the movie.

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