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Good Script
I've always believed that the most important thing in filmmaking is a decent story. You can have the most expensive production ever, but if the story is pants, so is the film. This has a good script, with a couple of nice twists. I liked it, thumbs up. 8/10


Loved It!
On Amazon UK, this is £2.50 SD to rent or £4.99 SD to buy (8/20). As my 2011 Mac is SD, I thought..let's go for the buy. What a good call! The first ten minutes of this film is a tad cheesy, but after that, wow..what a good film. Sergio Leone basically made 'A Fistful of Dollars' from this..and then promptly got sued. That was a good film, this is better. The only reason I've given this a 7/10 instead of an 8/10 is that the music soundtrack is awful. A minor blip in what is a great film. I'll 100% watch it again.


Not Bad
I quite liked this but I wouldn't put this into my top 10 of best films. It's different, its acted well, the script has a nice twist, but to me, it's lacking something. It felt a bit forced in places. Anyway, that's me being overly fussy. Overall, a good watch and 7/10 does it for me.


Tries Too Hard
This could have been good but sadly it just missed. The script wasn't quite there. There were moments of cardboard / forced dialogue and forced storylines that took me out of the experience. When you start questioning the story of a film, you know the script is a tad off. It has a good cast, it's filmed and mostly acted well, but overall, it just wasn't quite there. It's one of those frustrating films where you can see the potential but sadly it ends up bland. 5.5/10

Hotel Del Luna

Good for Food Poisoning
Tied to the bed and toilet, I thought I'd give this Korean TV show a go..let's face it, I'm not going anywhere else at the moment. So, I clicked play and once I saw the lead actress, I was like..oh my lordy, I'm in love..let's watch this bad boy for a bit more lol.

I liked this show but man alive it's veeeeeery slooooow. It's 16 episodes with about 20 hours of content. Yes, 20 hours! If it wasn't for the food poisoning, I probably wouldn't have finished it. This could have easily been trimmed to 10 episodes.'s filmed well, acted quite well, and has amazing sets and costumes. It has drama, sadness, comedy, and nice characters you can relate to. Plus, everyone is super good looking, the product placement is hilarious and each episode comes with about two songs of heartfelt, poignant staring off into the distance. Thank eff, Netflix has a plus 10 button! It's nice to see Seoul as well. I have to say, it even made me think about the futility of striving to achieve while missing out on the present moment..although that could have been the cocktail of drugs I'm on at the moment. Overall a thumbs up, 7/10 and as this is about reincarnation, I hope I can meet the lead actress in a later life and..also be good looking too lol!

Now, back to dying!

Ozark: Civil Union
Episode 2, Season 3

This is where I bail out
Season 1 was very good. I binged watched season 2. It's not bad. However, in season 3, the main character, the ice cold man who has survived the cartel by being sensible and clever suddenly gets jealous of his wife's abilities and starts sabotaging cartel deals..seriously? This would have been a 8.5/10 but the change in character for season 3 makes me drop it to 6 for bad writing. Shame because I was a fan. Bye bye, I'm out.


S1 & 2 Good: Season 3 gets silly
Season 1 was very good. I binged watched season 2. It's not bad. However, in season 3, the main character, the ice cold man who has survived the cartel by being sensible and clever suddenly gets jealous of his wife's abilities and starts sabotaging his own cartel deals just to make a point..seriously? This would have been an 8.5/10 but the change in character for season 3 makes me drop it to 6 for bad writing. Shame, because I was a fan.

The Old Guard

Tis No Highlander
Not bad but not great either. It's watchable but a tad bland. The script probably needed a couple more rewrites. 5/10

The Umbrella Academy

Enjoyed It
I liked this. I liked most of the characters, which means it's written well. I had to laugh though as we have every 'tick box' category in here. We have the empowered woman, the black character, the Asian character, the gay character, the evil white guy lol. Twitter will be happy so that's good. I think Netflix will struggle to get a second series out of it though. This story could have been rounded up in 14 episodes. 20 episodes will be a push. Anyway, minor gripes aside, thumbs up 7/10.

Dark Waters

Good Film But 20 Mins Too Long!
This is a good film. It's acted well, written well, directed well, and comes with a good true story. My only 'minor' gripe is it's 20 minutes too long and often drags in places with regards to 'family issues'. If it was tighter and stuck 100% to the law case, I would have popped it an 8/10 instead of a 7/10. That's a minor issue. Overall, this is a very good film.

Warrior Nun

Cardboard Dialogue and Wooden Acting
Producers meeting: 'Ok. We've got the empowered female lead, tick. We've got the black character, tick, we've got the Asian character, tick..evil bad guy..tick. Phew..we won't have a twitter storm now..we're good to go! Wait? Have we got a decent script? No? Ok..well we're socially acceptable, so it's ok! Pile in the good looking actors who can't act, ply them some cardboard dialogue and we'll figure it out as we go.' 4/10.

The Invisible Man

Really dark in places, so hard to see, very slow moving, awful script, and comes with the added bonus of some wooden acting in places. 4/10

The Gentlemen

I liked it
I'm from London so I guess I am a bit biased but I did like this. It's a 'refined' gangster film. More laid back then the old shoot em up ones. Nice script, well acted and an enjoyable watch. 6.8/10

Space Force

I really wanted to like this but it's boring and not even funny. It's all style and no substance i.e. it looks great but there's no humour. It's just bland and 'meh'. Shame. 3/10

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

It's watchable but it's not funny. It's just bland and pretty 'meh'. All that money spent on the film.. and they couldn't pay someone to write a funny script. It's mad really. 4.5 /10

Jojo Rabbit

Caught this on dvd today for £2! (3 films for £6 for 2 nights :) I thought this film was brilliant. It's got a great script, great casting, great acting, well directed, and it's also funny and sad. Loved it 9/10.


Good film but 35 minutes too long
Don't get me wrong, I liked this film. It's acted superbly and directed very well. There's also some wonderful camera shots in this as well. Overall, I enjoyed it but it was waaaay too long - coming in at a stonkingly large 2:47 run time = the film dragged in places. Just to note, this film is very slow moving. If you're not in the mood for a slow moving film, wait until you are. For me (who has lived in Denmark) I found it fascinating to see Denmark in that era, which is why I liked it (along with the superb acting and directing). A good film but 35 minutes too long. 6.5 /10

Just Mercy

Cardboard dialogue and acting
I like my legal films but sadly this one fails to live up to the ratings. I found the dialogue very wooden and a lot of acting quite poor. It's interesting to learn about the case, but as a legal film, it's pretty bland. 5/10

Jumanji: The Next Level

I liked the first one but this one is flat. It's been done before and that's the problem.

Den skyldige

Cracking Film
All you need is a strong script and good acting and you can make a cracker. You don't need millions and millions of dollars and tons of CGI. This is set in one location..and yet I was still glued to the screen by the on going story. Big thumbs up 8/10

Fukufukusou no Fukuchan

Loved it
I really like a lot of the Japanese Third Window Films because they're quite wacky with deliberately weird characters. Right at the beginning, this has one of the funniest laugh out loud scenes. I was killing myself lol. Simple story, great cast, well acted, totally off the wall in places.. and it made me laugh a lot. Thumbs up 8/10

Samurai marason

Not bad
I enjoyed this but it was lacking something. It's an ok watch but it's also a bit bland and missing an ingredient. 6/10 does it for me.

Spenser Confidential

A Bit Bland
This is one of those films were you'll watch once and probably never watch again. It's watchable but the script isn't great to be honest. It's all a bit predictable with a few cardboard characters = kind of bland. 5/10 does it for me.


More Cheese Than A Cheddar Factory
Good lord this film is bad and I regret paying £3 to rent it. First of all, it's like watching a giant video game. The CGI is quite dodge. Secondly, I just thought this film was rather cheesy and way too patriotic. The best war movies (probably from the 1960s to 80s) had good storytelling, great actors and good drama...The Great Escape, Kelly's Heroes, The Guns of Navarone, The Bridge on the River Kwai and Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence etc. would easily put this cheese fest to shame. Also, why did they hire an English person with a dodgy American accent to play an American hero? I'm English and I spotted his bad accent from the first line of dialogue! 4/10


Mindless Fun
I enjoyed this, especially the fun character Snow with his one liners. It's silly, it's mindless and overall, it's quite fun. 7/10 from me.

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