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Thor: Love and Thunder

How disappointing
I cannot emphasise enough how disappointing I found this comedy. I call it a comedy but I did not find it at all amusing. It has nothing in common with the original comic book character of Thor that I used to read as a child. I was a great fan of the Marvel comics but the latest Marvel movies are nothing but ridiculous. Why do they keep turning them into bad comedies?

I don't think I will bother with any future Marvel movies because they are getting increasingly worse with formulated bad humour jam packed with special effects. The essence of a good superhero story is simplicity and hope. DC comic movies get better and better whilst Marvel movies just get more ridiculous.

My advice, don't bother with this one.

Raw Nerve

A stylish B-Movie
I only watched this because Glen Ford plays the sheriff character. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the simple yet stylish cinematography and flow of the story. There is a slight comic book element but somehow it doesn't follow the usual US made formulas. That's a good thing.

Time isn't wasted on building up complex characters except the necessary background of the suspects. The script is simple, the action is believable and the story is interesting.

On the negative side I didn't have any nail biting experiences or thrills. The outcome was predictable quite early on, so no surprises there.

Songs for While I'm Away

Not a moment too soon
I confess that this pretty nearly had me in tears. I've always been a massive fan of Phil and the band.

It's a very well put together documentary with plenty of music and interesting interviews from those who were around him whilst he was alive. Some of the extra imagery was very professionally produced. The pace is perfect throughout.. So many thanks to the producers.

It didn't go into his drug addiction in much detail or mention some of his conflicts with people but hey. Why dwell on the darker things in his life? This is a celebration of a truly great man.


Much better than I expected
I thoroughly enjoyed the bikes and the action and rate this as the best Spanish movie I have seen. Strong performances from the cast with a solid storyline and script. It's an adrenaline packed movie with plenty of visual entertainment.

Shin'ya shokudô: Tokyo Stories

This is my ideal world!
Such a lovely series of dramas that truly reflect life in the kabukichou area in Shinjuku, Tokyo. I spent 9 months there and this series reminded me so much of the wonderful characters I encountered. The diner and master there of, reflects my own experiences to such a degree that I felt I was reliving one of the best times in my life. I felt great sadness also, because I am no longer there. This series is so true to life.

As an extra bonus I picked up many tips on how to reproduce the delicious meals I enjoyed so much. Japanese food is beyond compare.

All I can add is a thank you for such a wonderful production and my opportunity to relive my time in Tokyo.

So far I have only seen season 1 but I look forward to the next season.


Unmissable thriller
A very dark and grim thriller filmed in black & white, mostly in the slums of Hong Kong. This movie is so atmospheric with a soundtrack that compliments it to perfection.

This really is one of the best thrillers I have ever seen. Emotions run high in this true masterpiece of a movie!

Little Richard

An inspiration
I thoroughly enjoyed this short biography of a greatly talented man. Being a massive Prince fan prompted me to watch this as Little Richard was a great inspiration for Prince.

The acting is good and the key elements of his career were well documented in this movie.

Occhiali neri

Atmospheric thriller
I disagree with the last review I read regarding the acting in this movie. I think the acting was excellent.

It's a short movie so it didn't have time to go into character backgrounds etc. However, the balance was good, giving just enough info to give impressions of the characters involved. There is plenty of suspense and the relationship between Chin and Diana creates an emotional response.

Mostly I enjoyed how the director creates an atmosphere that makes it stand out from other thrillers.

Kaidan yukijorô

Enchanting and sad
A wonderful story told so well in this adaptation. It is so much more than a horror story. It is a story of love and compassion but with great sadness. It captures the imagination in a way that the Japanese are true masters at.

I want more of these kind of movies!

The Commando

Big names, big flop!
I'm disappointed by this appalling attempt at a thrilling action movie. The story is very basic, the script atrocious along with the directing. Such a shame to see the likes of Mickey Rourke and Michael Jai putting their names to this.

The most ridiculous thing I found was how so many people in a average size house seem to have no idea of what is occurring in the other rooms. I think I have been generous giving it a 3.

Don't waste 90 mins of your life on this one.


Entertaining nonsense
To be honest I think this movie only worked because of Elisha Cuthbert's acting ability. Joe Mantegna on the other hand should be ashamed of his bad cheesy performance.

I think it is too far fetched to hope for a 13 year old with no experience to be capable of landing, or even controlling a jetliner. The whole scenario is ridiculous. But well done Elisha!


Couldn't be better
I've come to expect brilliance from South Korean movie makers and this does not disappoint.

Great character build up, plenty of humour as well as serious drama. The special effects are excellent, depicting the frightening situation they are all faced with.

It's a 2 hour movie but time flies past so quickly with entertainment this good.

Naega salinbeomida

Ridiculous and thoroughly entertaining
I just can't get enough of Korean movies. They show so much imagination and know how to keep an audience glued to the screen. This one is no exception to that rule. It provides plenty of humour, comic book action, sadness and great story telling. Just when you start to think you know what is coming next there is another twist to prove you wrong.

I find Hollywood movies boring by comparison to South Korean movies. They don't necessarily follow the same old winning formula which, quite frankly I am bored with. Less cheese, more surprises and great character portrayals. This is definitely worth watching.

Never Better

A brave subject
Hmm.. Well, I thought the acting was superb and the main character a very sweet person.

The condition CF is something I know very little about so from that perspective I found it informative. However, I don't buy into the pandemic and it was just another scare mongering movie which I object to. Note that NONE of the group contracted COVID either, despite be regularly tested. With so many false positives that's quite remarkable really.

I know you won't all agree with me on this issue but hey, it's my opinion.

Anyway, I enjoyed watching it to an extent. In years to come it might become a footnote in history.

The Boy Behind the Door

It starts off good but...
Such a shame that it got worse as it went on. It starts off with plenty of promise and suspense but then it just got more and more ridiculous.

Without going into the story and giving away any spoilers all I can say is the boys didn't have a brain cell between them. The last kidnapper was even more braindead. The story writing for this movie is atrocious. Hey, the first 30 mins was good. Shame about the rest of it.

Don't waste your time with this one.


Somewhere between heaven and hell
When I started watching this I had no idea what it was about. I found the subject to be very fascinating so I continued to watch. Now I am totally hooked and I can't wait for the 3rd instalment.

Firstly, the subject of bullying always makes me very sad as I can imagine the pain of the victim very clearly. Not that I have ever been a victim or a perpetrator but I believe in karma and never like to hear of mindless suffering.

People who want to commit suicide should be made to see things differently as there is always hope. That's what this series is about. Suicide is never the best option.

As per usual with Korean productions the acting is flawless. The special effects are sometimes breathtaking and always impressive. So far I can't fault this series and its moral message and I eagerly await the next episodes.

Korean dramas are by far the best in my experience. 10/10.. so far!

The Conjuring

More than you can be prepared for!
A lot of research and work went into making this truly scary movie which is based on real events. James Wan has created an absolute masterpiece. Top level acting, camera work and directing ensures that the viewer is totally engrossed from start to finish. Even the pre-credits footage is eerily fascinating.

To be honest I generally avoid movies of this nature because I find them to be ridiculous. However, this one is the exception to the rule. Don't let it be the last thing you watch before going to bed. I'd recommend watching a good comedy after watching this.

Nightmare Neighborhood Moms

Embarrassingly predictable
This is typical middle class suburbia formulated and not so thrilling thriller.

The characters, script and basic plot are all ok but nothing original or fresh. Some of the ideas are totally unrealistic and they don't portray realitistic behaviours. However, the movie flows along at a comfortable pace and it is ok entertainment for a braindead 90 minutes.

Gasoline Alley

Does Devon Sawa remind you of anyone?
I thought the movie lacked rhythm. That's to say I didn't think it flowed along at a comfortable or consistent pace. The story was OK but somewhat laking in realism.

What really struck me is Devon Sawa's likeness to Steve McQueen. That's a real compliment considering Steve McQueen is amongst my favourite movie stars. Sawa's acting was good and if it weren't for him I would have rated this B-movie much lower. As per usual (of late) Bruce Willis's small role didn't add anything to the movie. I think he just takes whatever part is offered just to earn a few extra bucks. It's time for him to quit now. All in all an average action movie.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Absolutely amazing!
It's a well known story but this is my first viewing of the 1916 film. Wow! I am amazed how well it depicts the story at the dawning of cinema.

I was absolutely glue to the screen. 10/10.

Angie: Lost Girls

If this doesn't move you nothing will
Every parent should watch this. It is a grim yet realistic reminder that there are many evil people out there who care more about money than life.

Purely from a movie perspective it is well acted and believable. The dialogue and filming is very good and I don't feel any need to downgrade it in any way.

Please watch this with your teenage children. It is a sad fact that we need to expose them to possible dangers so that they take the utmost care.


Ridiculous but nail-biting thriller!
OK, I can't deny that this movie is ridiculous in many ways but artistic license allows that for a nail--biting thriller.

The police are ridiculously thick as are most of the stunned crowds of people. But were that not the case the movie would have only lasted for 15 minutes.

I absolutely loved this movie and I was glued to the edge of my seat. Top notch acting from the whole cast and plenty of atmosphere. This is just what I hope for from a thriller. Once again I am blown away by a brilliant Korean movie.

Oh, and did I mention that the lead actress, Ki-joo Jin, is stunningly gorgeous?

Juvenile Justice

Wow! Every episode brings a surprise
I found this series to be very touching, bringing lots of emotions to the fore. It has an important social message concerning the delicacies of raising children in the correct manner. Superb acting with excellent scripts and filmography. All in all it is a very intelligent series well worth watching.

A Day to Die

Extremely annoying soundtrack
This below average action movie with a big name cast was further hindered with an annoying soundtrack. The music played over most of the conversation which made it difficult to follow. Why did they do that? It didn't add atmosphere. In fact, most of the time the music didn't match the scenes.

Bruce Willis, yet again gave a weak performance. Such a shame as he used to have some style. I'm also surprised that Frank Grillo agreed to participate in this run of the mill action flop.

I thought Brooke Butler made it slightly more palatable but all in all the whole experience was a disappointment for me.


A very moving drama
This is a powerful drama centred around the tragic accidental death of a schoolgirl. It depicts the characters around her coming to terms with their own unique responsibilities which led to the tragedy.

This is by no means dull or boring. I found it very moving, well scripted, filmed and acted out. 10/10.

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