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Please stop Usless Criticism
Today i finished watching Jinn. I was Super excited to share my experience To Others. I start to recommend my friends and shared my opinions on Jinn. So Some Jordanians says this doesn't reflect There culture but if there culture was as same as the show I would have loved it. People are so Hypocrite half audience Haven't even watched the whole show and started abusing and bullying there cast online. I guess that the culture they want right? To oppress. Yes it's fiction just take it as a Art work not something real. It doesn't make difference if a girl is in hijab or how you look at her. And if They use Too much abusive words I guess every teen somehow does that. Its not about Qur'an not Jordanians it's just an Piece of work. Just enjoy. Give it a Try Jordanians Bruh.

The Perfect Date

Fun high school based movie
Okay yes the story isn't much good. But sometimes you wanted to watch friends rather than game of thrones this is for those who like watching high school movies like me . It's fun, romantic and simple nothing beyond. Characters are simple. Actors are great. Music is also good. And yes cinematography is top notch. Overall Can Give a Try.


Till Date it's the Best School Days Series Made In India.
My words are less to express how amazed I was watching a series like this that can make me relive my school days. It's damn relatable. Till Fourth episode It Made in Laugh And in Last Episode Burst of Emotions happened and emotional ending. Each and every Actor and actress were Best. Old Gold Music is always best. A must watch better then Flames and TVF's Best Original Series Yet.

Selection Day

Movie Turned Original
Episodes are really short basically 20 Min. Which makes it a 120 Minutes Movie. So coming on the show. It's Plot is About Cricket but I would say the show has been making a base for second season. As most of character were still evolving.if you are interested in Cricket it has a great experience Aspects which I Didn't liked much but we're a kind of mystery explainer. So no problem with GOD appearance. The creater Have done a Great Job.

Kaksha Gyaarvi

A most Recommended StandUp
There is a reason why this guy is on top. Kaksha Gyaarvi let you to relive memories the way zakir tell his story feels that you had same connect to your life. Worth to Watch. It's a mix of emotions.

Gangs of Wasseypur

A Hidden Gem
It's not made on high budget but the story characters are too addictive. Literally this is best movie in Bollywood made in last 18 years(2018).it has still the same feeling as watching it first time. Anurag Kashyap is currently the best director in Bollywood.

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