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Le porte del silenzio

Sometimes Ghosts Don't Know They're Dead
'Door Into Silence' turned out to be Lucio Fulci's final film, completed in 1991. His previous movie 'Voices From Beyond' (also made in 1991) is in retrospect hailed as Fulci's final film of any real quality but that line of thought sorely overlooks 'Door Into Silence'. Hollywood actor John Savage stars as 'Melvin Devereux', a man who embarks on a decent towards his own demise, a demise that he eventually discovers has already taken place.

Devereux's last day seems at first to be just like any other, as he drives along minding his own business. Things begin to take a turn for the worst when he has a few encounters with a mysterious woman and eventually a hearse which to his horror has his name displayed in the floral decoration next to the coffin.

Devereux follows the hearse as his journey turns surreal, the continious driving sending him into a fog of psychological confusion. John Savage portrays the character of Melvin Devereux in a subtle understated manner, which allows the true doom awaiting him to slowly unfold, or perhaps more accurately, allow him time to discover what has already transpired.

You'll see the ending coming, and you're meant to, for as confused as Devereux is, the plots foreshadowing is 'anything' but subtle, and given subtle is not a word that was ever accociated with director Lucio Fulci, its fitting that this psychological horror film continued that career defining trend.

Many detractors of the movie claim its a slow narrative that meandered its way to nowhere. Its a shame those same detractors didn't point out the fact that John Savage's character had already got to his destination before he ever set off. Sometimes, ghosts don't know they're dead.

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