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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Are you serious, less than 10-star reviewers? "Oh, it was boring", "Missed opportunity", "Dragged on a bit", "Life's too short." "GUUUUMBY!"

    It's a true story. What would you have done? This isn't Big Brother that needs producers to keep poking the contestants to do something for the viewers. This is the reality of that "social experiment".

    Yes, they got trapped. Yes, they made mistakes. Yes, they weren't prudent and judicious and pragmatic and rational. Yes, they wasted their supplies. Yes, they went crazy. Yes, they died. What type of character / personality would survive? Flamboyant? Aggressive? Inefficient? Quiet? Self-contained? Meditative? Hawk or Dove?

    Did the portrayal of differing / contrasting personalities require thought by the director and their cast? (The answer is,"Yes", incase you couldn't manage). Was the film made to entertain tiny brains who get bored by reality and need drip feed adrenalin to keep going, or was the film made to document and explore an extraordinary historical event?

    If you can't answer those questions, then at least you have Gogglebox