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Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

The forgotten game
It has been over 10 years since this game came out and after that ubisoft stopped making main line pop games but because the remake is coming out in a few months i decided to revisit this game and to my surprise the mechanics and parkour system is still quite great despite the games reputation of being the most bland in the series i gotta admit that powers you get in this game are really cool and challenging to use specially towards the end but the combat is easily the worst in the series it's very simplified and it gets repetitive very fast.

The story is like how the force awakens was to star wars and this game is very similar to the sands of time which that didn't help the game either but i would tell you that this is not a bad game in fact far from it, give it a chance it's not the best in the series but still worth checking out.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Timeless classic
Great start to the series, very revolutionary for it's time with it's gameplay and parkour systems but the combat is very repetitive and hasn't aged that well, hopefully the remake can fix that because this is the game that really put Ubisoft on the map and the game itself is a timeless classic.

Prince of Persia

Should have gotten a sequel
The most unique pop game and with it's cel shaded graphics the game has aged quite well and by far the best looking game in the series, it also has a really nice soundtrack and great environments.

Elika your traveling companion is the heart and soul of this game and she helps the prince alot throughout the entire game, she also stops you from falling which means you can't die in this game but that's really not an issue since it helps the game to flow better without going through a loading screen.

It's a very underrated game in the series and it's a shame that it never got a sequel.

Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time

It's about damn time
Setting it as a continuation to the original 3 games, toys for bob did a really great job at capturing the feel and lighthearted tone of the originals while adding some new mechanics that brings a lot of new challenges to the game such as the edition of masks which they have different powers and most of them are really fun to use and it takes some time to master their abilities.

Really nice game to play in these times at home though I gotta say it's absolutely the hardest game in the entire series by far but it's definitely better than wrath of cortex which was considered as crash 4 up to this point, now hopefully we can get a new spyro game as well in the near future.

Persona 4 Golden

Happiest game in the series
It's quite unbelievable how good this game is, the writing is amazing as it make you feel a whole lot of emotions, the cast is even better than p3 and every single one of them are likable with their own set of problems that you have to solve through their social link and with the edition of golden there are a lot of new added scenes which makes the party to feel even more alive than the original p4 and most of their interactions are very funny and heartfelt to the point that it actually feels that that these kids are your real friends which makes the ending all the more emotional when you know that you have to say goodbye to them.

10/10 One of the best in the series, characters, music, story, combat... They all stood the test of time and it's a must and with the fact that now it's on steam you can easily pick it up and enjoy this amazing gem of a game.

Persona 3 FES

Darkest in the series
One of the best and darkest stories in the series and with a really good and charming cast of characters that you will grow to love through the 50 hour runtime of the game.

The concept of death, dark hour and tartarus really help to shape this game as something unique but not without it's issues since the dungeon crawling is kinda repetitive in this game and the gameplay hasn't aged that well but the freakin music and the story itself make up for the game's short comings.

Now even though the gameplay and graphics might not be as you would like in a persona game, the characters make it really enjoyable to complete with such an ominous and heartfelt ending that didn't really needed a continuation tbh and the answer will ruin your experience since it's a really bad grind fest with little story here and there that is not worth your time, if you skip it, it makes the game itself so much better and in my opinion the journey is almost a masterpiece that every persona and rpg fan should experience.

The Last of Us: Part II

Flawed but definitely had it's moments
Now i do understand what most of you think about this game because like how druckman said, this one is all about hate and even i was really upset and disappointed after you know "the thing" happened but if you actually continue to play the game it all make sense and it's not like you are not getting any joel and ellie moment, you should know that joel in the first game did some really messed up things and his past is coming to hunt him in this game which was always the case, he's not a hero guys even if you want him to be.

The graphics and environments are breathtaking and the gameplay while similar to the original still provides the tension and horror that you would expect from this type of game.

In terms of story i still think the original is told better because literally every character in the original last of us was likeable even the villans and that's not the case here, abby and owen are incredibly unlikable, dina and jessie are alright but they should have been way better, still in my opinion this game is nowhere near as bad as some would make you believe and most of them didn't even gave the game a chance and made up their minds based on the leaks which works for a movie but this is different and you have to experience it for yourself and even if you still hated it, it's understandable like i said the game is very flawed and it's not for everyone like the first game.

Crash of the Titans

The most underrated crash game
It's one of those crash games that I'll never understand the hate towards it, the sequel sure but this game is pretty kick ass as you can hijack and control a good veriety of mutants which is the main selling point of the game, the game also got new redesigns for the main characters that was alright in my opinion nothing to bad to hate about, the co-up is also really fun to do.

It's a great game, way better than people credit it to.

Crash Twinsanity

Hilarious and Amazing
It's one of the better games in the series for the ps2 and post naughty dog era and my personal favorite crash bandicoot game since it was also my first one.

The game is a bit short with a lot of cut content but other than that twinsanity is extremely funny and self aware (almost mocking it's formula and cliches) specially the writing for cortex and the fact that he teams up with crash makes for some awesome encounters in the game with a very unique soundtrack that you won't forget anytime soon.

I really wish they do a remake of this game with some more added content it can easily become one the best/funniest crash games as it already is in my opinion.

Assassin's Creed III

The most underrated ac game
Now this game had a lot to live on to coming from the emotional goodbye to ezio and altair by the end of revelations and honestly the game delivers, in terms of the modern day though it had a questionable ending it was easily one of the best in the series and modern day aspect of the series hasn't been any good ever since this game.

This is the first game in the series that really shake things up in gameplay/combat and made it really fun and less frustrating which is a welcome change and carried over iv and rogue as well.

The character of connor is not underdeveloped as some would say and the character that you meet in the beginning is vastly different by the end of the game, him and his father are some of the most badass characters in the entire series and i can never understand why would anyone hate them... overall it's a fantastic game and a huge turning point in the series.

Perusona 5: Za roiyaru

One of the greatest jrpg's ever made
Everything from the stylish combat, colorful environments, the freakin' music and with a cast of unique characters calling themselves the phantom thieves make this not only a great experience but one of the best you can ever have with a videogame.

The game specifically this version has even more content over the original and it's going to take at least 85 to 100 hours of your time and after completing it i can tell you that it's all worth it and i didn't regret a second of it, the only problem i had with the game was the fact that sometimes the dialog and the texts can be too much specially when there is no voice acting over it which has a lot but other than that the game is really immersive, heartfelt and satisfying to complete.

Resident Evil 3

Doesn't deserve the hate at all
Now despite the fact that the game is not as great as re2's remake, knowing the original (re3 nemesis) i really don't know what people were expecting, this is still a pretty awesome game even though it's short (every re game except 6 is kinda short you know) and saying it's disappointing is just not right because this game still contains the atmosphere, tension and everything that made last year's remake great, nemesis is still pretty terrifying and i'm glad he's not like mr x from 2's remake because the way nemesis runs at you it would have became really annoying rather than scary.

I would say that the game is not worth full price specially if you don't play online but it definitely didn't disappointed me at all because i was expecting a short and sweet experience and the game was excellent at doing just that.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Fantastic experience that does not disappoint
Without a doubt the best final fantasy since x or xii depending on your taste (xiii trilogy and xv were equally flawed)

The graphics are breathtaking and the music as you would expect from a ff game, combat also really improved over xv and it flows really well with the music, now it's not flawless and you might get a texture pup in every now and then which is alright for a game this big and it can easily be fixed with some patches.

But all around this is a beautiful love letter to final fantasy and vii fans and even though the story is not complete the game is up to 35+ hours with the side missions and you'll get your money's worth so don't hesitate to get this gem of a videogame.

WrestleMania 36

Ironically the best wrestlemania in years
It's so unfortunate that the situation we have happened exactly right before wrestlemania but i'm really grateful for what wwe did during these times and it just shows how creative can they be with the limited environment, the boneyard match and the firefly fun house was the big example of that and we probably wouldn't get those with a regular wrestlemania, the show also had great matches such as edge vs orton, owens vs rollins the ladder match, drew closing the show... now it wasn't perfect by any means and it didn't really feel like wrestlemania of course but with what they had to work with i say this was a solid show and probably the best mania since 31.

A Plague Tale: Innocence

One of the best and most overlooked games of 2019
A beautiful experience that will surprise the hell out of you at how good an engaging the story is, in a year that most games felt flat for me this one really moved me with it's wonderful voice acting and amazing graphics that will grab you from the start and you really care for amicia the protagonist of the game and her little brother hugo, their relationship is so touching and innocent that you really want them to survive in their cruel world and to be perfectly honest this is easily behind RE 2 reamke and DMC 5 as one of the best games of 2019.

Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker

Solid movie but kinda messy and rushed
It's definitely not the worst in the series but as an ending to the entire saga it's a little disappointing and I always keep saying that the sequel trilogy is light years ahead of the prequels but now with this movie I feel like revenge of the sith was way more successful at ending the saga and I kinda knew jj would rush through the story and he clearly wasn't a big fan of the last jedi so this movie doesn't feel like a sequel to 8 so it's very disjointed as a whole but it still has a lot of cool moments specially the back half of movie and rey and kyloare easily the highlight of the movie and again like the force awakens not enough luke skywalker... if only anakin would have showed up in this movie I think it would become way better and it felt like a missed opportunity but overall it's not as bad as some angry star wars say it is.

The Witcher

Really good if you don't compare it to the games which are vastly superior
And also no this is not as brilliant as game of thrones at least not yet and hopefully it won't end like that but this show has serious potential to become one of the best tv shows on netflix if they improve on some of the dialog and the main 3 characters should become a lot more charming and likable, the relationship between geralt and ciri is very important and they they have to nail on it and for the love of god please change the nilfgaardian armor.

another thing that didn't work for me is some of the casting... as for geralt himself henry did a great job with what they gave him to work with, yennifer I was terrified as first but she's ok and the actress did a good job, ciri is also good if they move her story but I think they messed up triss and fringilla, now for triss all they needed to do was changing her hair to red that's all then she would be fine but sorry fringilla didn't work at all and she shouldn't have been black.

all an all it's a really good start to the witcher world, all I can see is for them to move up and hopefully improve some of the problems with season 2.

Fainaru fantajî XIII-2

A great improvement over xiii
Pretty much everything got improved over the first game, the fighting system is the same but a little bit better (it's better without using monsters) the story is more focused with a better antagonist that actually has a reason for stopping you and you actually face him multiple times in the game.

the characters i wish there was more of them, sara and noel are good enough but at least lightning needed to be there as well (she's barely in the game)

the cinematic action's and live trigger events are also a welcome in the game which made the game much more engaging and for the first time in ff you can actually jump and strike first before the battle starts.

in my mind this is the final fantasy that square wanted to make and it improved a lot over 13 with a good cliff hanger for the last game.

Fainaru fantajî XIII

Underrated but very flawed as well
In my opinion nowhere near the worst in the series but i understand why people would hate it.

the characters and party members are mostly great (vanille and snow are kinda annoying) lightning is a great protagonist and no she's not a female version of cloud and hope as a character has a great ark.

the srory is fine but it's all over the place and for me it never got that epic as a final fantasy game should be and the main antagonist and final boss were incredibly weak.

the battle system is ok but i wish if it was more like x-2, it really gets repetitive over time but overall it's better than xii in my opinion.

on it's own this game is actually pretty good and it's even better with it's 2 sequels and a decent start to a series of 3 games.

Life Is Strange: Before the Storm

kinda disappointing!
The game is good don't get me wrong the problem is that it could've been and should've been so much better... the entire game revolves around the relationship between chloe and her best friend rachel and it does a fairly good job for the first 2 episodes (there were some boring parts) also the final farewell episode with max and chloe are really good stuff and a great send-off for our favorite characters.

the problem here is episode 3 called hell is empty and jesus christ the episode is horrible, so many plot holes, it really is empty... i was hoping to see what actually happened to rachel based on the original lis but no it didn't went there at all, it all ended very nicely... with that the whole game felt completely unnecessary.

13 Reasons Why

From bad (S1) to terrible (S2) to boring and unnecessary (S3)
God this show sucks, it tries to be realistic about some major themes and teenage problems but it fails miserably, these kids has some serious personality issues and if you take away that aspect they have nothing else to offer... it's so utterly ridiculous and over dramatic, season 2 was just all about arguing... crying... and that horrible finale.

if you wanna be sad depressed and bored by the end in a bad way then yeah watch it, it definitely succeeds at bringing those to your feelings but if you wanna stay healthy plz don't waist your emotions and time with this piece of crap.


Incredibly deep and powerful
So good, the atmosphere, the acting, the writing everything is amazing with a very complex and rich story that will keep you guessing until the end.

this show is in my opinion is really underappreciated just because it's in germany doesn't mean it's unwatchable.

the story about the 4 family's (known as dark's family tree) is very fascinating and their all connect to each other the way that makes your head explode.

definitely worth your time i absolutely recommend this if you like drama/mystery with some si-fi elements... this is exactly for you.

Child's Play

a fun, different take on the original
We all thought this would probably suck and tbh the buddy doll still looks really off and unfortunately he's nowhere near as great as the original chucky but other than that this movie is pretty good.

the chemistry between andy and her mom, the relationship between him and chucky (which we never saw in the original) their all fleshed out great, at some points you really feel sorry for the doll because all he does though sadistic at times is to make andy happy and mark hamill did a fairly good job at making the dull sound innocent enough.

people often say this remake is completely unnecessary because the original series is still going but if you look at what they've done it seems to be a very tired franchise that doesn't know where else to go so this one can start a freshly new take on the series and hopefully we'll get a sequel out of this.

Tekken 7

Ok at best, very disappointing!
The gameplay is fun and it has improved over the years and the graphics are fine (the hair looks very dated) but boy oh boy this game is underwhelming.

the story if you can call it that is very generic and if you cut the last fight between kazuya and heihachi (which was the only cool part) the story has nothing to offer compare to the previous tekken games.

remember when you played the arcade mode for example in Tekken 5 every character had one or two rivalry in the middle and by the end you would get a (mostly fun) cutscene... well forget about it here you get 5 random fights and by the end you get nothing after beating kazumi (she's also a disappointing last boss) now for the cutscenes you only need to win 1 battle with another random character and the cutscenes are very uninteresting, they're all unfunny, it's mostly someone running away from something.

as for the characters themselves why the hell lei or anna are not in the main roster? that's such a cheap move so now you have to pay for them too.

the game overall is very lackluster in its modes, customizations and story, online is fun but as for the single player the game feels really empty, no survival or team battle, after a few weeks you'll be absolutely done with this game unless you have a friend to play with.

5.5/10 easily one of the worst in the series and sadly we won't get tag tournament 3 for this generation either.

Biohazard 4

So good it ruined the series
Re 4 is without a doubt still to this day the absolute best game in the series and for a good reason, the game is insanely fun and replayble and it's almost on every platform possible.

this game not just horror games at the time but it literally ruined the franchise because of how amazing it was and the two games (5, 6) following it's formula were nowhere near as good as this, it took capcom more than ten years to figure out how to to it right again and re 7 though flawed, definitely was the best thing that came out ever since 4.

the only annoying problem i have with this game is ashley, the girl you have to rescue... talk about one of the worst npc's ever, you won't forget her screaming anytime soon after playing.

charming characters (the game not taking itself too seriously) , great villains, great action (not over the top like 6) atmosphere and of course the merchant make this one of the most unique experiences that you can ever have with any game.

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