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Too Young to Die?

An 18 rating!
It was really good but it shouldn't have an 18 rating. More like 12A. I watched it when I was nine and it was on in the early afternoon. It wasn't scary and I didn't think it unsuitable for me to watch. There wasn't blood and gore and most nine year old kids know about drugs and sex. Well I did anyway! overall it was a great film but with too high a rating.

Brad Pitt was in it? Who did he play? I can't remember that but I'd love to watch it again. I've never seen it being sold on DVD or video though. I really want to watch it again. I remember little bits of it. Like when that guy gives her a drug and she dances around on that stage. I can't remember it too clearly though. That's why I want to watch it again. They should lower the rating though. If Meet The Fockers is just a 12A that should definitely be a 12A.

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