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Green Mansions

Mel Ferrer has directed and brought to us one of the most beautiful stories of love and life with a great cast Audrey Hepburn and Anthony Perkins and some other familiar faces. The visuals in this movie are absolutely stunning, even the ones filmed at MGM Studios.

I just purchase the DVD and it is beautifully presented in original Cinemascope and Color.. actually filmed in the locations it is set, Columbia, British Guiana (as it was called back then) and Venezuela. A great music score with fantastic bird sounds created by a instrument. The waterfalls are breathtaking.

What more can I say this is a movie that takes you to a time and place long lost. Watch it for the beauty it contains and don't judge it by today's movies.

Apocalypse Pompeii

Well this movie is nowhere as bad as some movies I have seen over the years, even some made by major studios. This was a director's first feature and as so he has a lot to learn about directing people.

The major actors have done a load of work and I'm sure with better directors they have done well. Overall I thought the Visual Effects were exceptionally good. If this movie has been made in the 1950 s it would have been thought of as a lot better.

I actually lived through the Mt St Helens eruption in the early 80s and the fear that the actors showed in this movie was exactly similar to what happened at Mt St Helen's. I had to drive 100 miles through falling ash and the next day my house was surrounded by 3feet of ash. The car was ruined.

People have to really experience an eruption to know what it is really like. I have been through 3 different eruptions and survived. No lava was involved in the ones intent through.


Many people in their reviews have called this movie/story racist. Obviously these people do not know their history. This period in Africa actually happened as many other events in other countries did at the same time or earlier periods.

I even just read today that at the Alamo in San Antonio they are trying to remove the names of certain people who were killed there because they kept slaves. History cannot be changed only in the future Dan we all try to make the a better world.

SIMBA is a remarkable story with top British actors of the 50s and wonderful visuals. The violence is portrayed as it really happened. I lived through this period. Even one of the Producers was born in South Africa and lived through the Mau Mau wars.


How these people could even get finance for something as bad as this beats me. It makes Plan 9 from Outer Space look like a winner. The location looks nothing like the Himalaya Mountains, must have been shot in CA somewhere. Even Yeti as incredibly bad.

The Last Tycoon

What words can really describe how wonderfully brilliant this production is. Everything about it is magnificent. The ensemble cast headed by Matt Bomer is absolutely top notch. Some reviewers have stated the ending is typical Hollywood writing but for me who has never read F Scott Fitzgerald's novella I could not tell where Fitzgerald stopped and Hollywood continued. The ending was absolutely a shock but understandable as the novella was never finished.

The directors and writers created a period in time long gone. The hair styles, the costumes, the superb cinematography and a tastefully created music score gave this story a depth beyond anything I have ever seen made for television ever.

Matt Bomer looked and acted his role to perfection. I am sure Fitzgerald would have been proud of this character he created. Having seen all of Fitzgerald's stories brought to the screen, including various versions of THE GREAT GATSBY, I found THE LAST TYCOON to be the best ever made.

To conclude I can only say how it could not have possibly won any Golden Globe Awards although it was nominated for a couple.

A Farewell to Arms

I can't understand why this movie got such bad reviews and even Hemingway himself walked out after 35 minutes. I have seen this movie several times and find it to be entertaining although long. The war scenes are very spectacular, great sound, great music score and great cinematography. The actors well, Rock Hudson's portrayal of what I understand was Hemingway's early life in Italy was as reasonable and likeable as any actor would have portrayed it.

Jennifer Jones at 41 may have been a little too old for the romantic issue but I guess like all movies made they cast on the attraction they would have to an audiences.

All in all it is a production worth watching. I just purchased it on DVD and during this time of Covid it is very entertaining to watch. Rock Hudson being one of my favourite actors from that time as he was by millions all over the world.

The Drowning

I cannot understand why there are so many bad reviews of this series. I found it tense and very driven by the lead actress. I only found it dropped down a little in episode 3, I felt the whole series could have been 40 minutes shorter. My thoughts as I am a writer myself, although not famous, the story was very well written. The lead actress pursued and was driven to find the truth and to find her son which any person would want to do. The police do not in any case believe she is doing the right thing as they often close a case if no body is found. DNA tests were finally done but could not have been done earlier with any suspect.

In some way it reminded me of some of the early Hitchcock films. Intelligent people with a serious interest in storytelling should find this mini series suspenseful to watch.

The Pride and the Passion

Stanley Kramer did his very best to create this great epic set in 1810. So they cast Frank Sinatra as a Spaniard, what about all the English actors cast in Dr Zhivago and other epics. Americans cast as different ethic people has also been so common. If you want to pick a movie to pieces try doing it on many of the trashy productions currently being made by Netflix. Rebecca with Armie Hammer was a good example.

Yes P&P may be slow in parts but that is only because audiences in 2021 just so want, action, action, action and no dialogue. Kramer was one of the greatest directors of our time and this is just one of his great productions.

Watch it for what it is, a great cast, magnificent cinematography, good music score all telling a real life story that may be dramatised a little in parts but what movies aren't these days.

And most of all it gave work to thousands, yes I say thousands of actors where as today it would be all cgi.

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

After all these years CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF, at least this version with Elizabeth Taylor, Paul Newman and an excellent supporting cast, is worth watching again or for the first time.

The power, the love, the mystery builds to a climax that will last in your memory for years to come. I bought it on DVD recently and can now watch it whenever I wish to.

The Woman in the Window

Great dramatic film but no, no, no, it should never have been colorised. It loses all it's suspense through not being in black and white. Now on STAN, AUSTRALIA, worth watching but would have been so much better left in the format it should have been.


Good old fashion action drama set in the outback of Australia and actually filmed there. No cgi in this good adventure. Excellent cast of the day, great action, good music score, cinematography very good and one of the best dire history of its time. Cattle stampede, bushfires and kangaroos, what more can you want from a story. See it for what it is and don't judge it on things some reviewers obviously know nothing about. Now available mon PRIME.


I got through the whole series in about 2 hours. Absolutely boring...... most of the story takes place at dances. The acting is atrocious by people who obviously did study how people reacted and were in those days. Even what sex was in it was pathetic. In the first episode it's like, look at my stunning body and my muscles. Another flop from Netflix.

The Queen's Gambit

I cannot understand why there are so many votes of 10 for this series. I found it an absolute slow moving bore. The lead character was constantly on drugs and a alcoholic. Even taking pills to boost her before the games. I know I am not a lover of chess and this never made me one.

As for some people saying this has a good music score I'm sorry to say but you obviously think songs comprise a music score in a production. Music Scores are the base of many great movies and songs were never used.

All I can say this falls into the same category from Netflix as REBECCA and the other tripe they have put out this year.

One Desire

Ross Hunter produced some of the glossiest, tearful movies of the 50s and 60s and ONE DESIRE included. IMITATION OF LIFE, BACK STREET and many many more. Rock Hudson is caught between the love of two women, one who genuinely loves him and the other who tricks him into marriage. Nice to see a very young Natalie Wood also in the cast. All of the cast is well suited. I Chadwick never seen this movie before and finally found it on DVD. Very good print although color a little faded.

Dream of Italy

Great Series
I have enjoyed this series so much giving me many memories of my trips to Italy. I hope the series will continue. It is a delight to watch each one and to listen to the dialogue from the host who is full of energy.

Ghost Rock

I don't know why ever gave this such a low rating as I have certainly seen so much worse on Netflix lately. This is a story of revenge like many movies over the last few years. I loved the scene where Savannah gets out of the bath with her two guns and keeps blasting away at the killers. She is stark naked during this sequence, something I have never seen in a movie before. It may not be the greatest around to watch on Prime but it's certainly not the worst.

The Prom

What a wonderful movie from the team of Ryan Murphy. The all star cast delivers what can only be called great in terms of the characters they are playing. There have been so many bad reviews for James Corden yet his over the top, outrageous performance is wonderful.

In my opinion the most stand out actor is Andrew Rannells who has finally been given a role which shows what great talent he has. His dance routine in the Shopping Mall is just spectacular. When he stood in the middle of the water fountain at the end of the dance I could see Esther Williams rising in the water. In Boys in the Band he gave an amazing performance with his real life partner, and now Ryan Murphy has given him an outstanding opportunity in continuing to build his career.

So much of this film reminded me of the CinemaScope musicals of the 50s and 60s. I even expected to see a water ballet scene at one time but alas that did not happen.

This movie is certainly what we need in this difficult time of Covid. Those who give it bad reviews should never have watched it in the first place without reading what it is about.



This movie is worth watching if you really want an intelligence story with lots of dialogue. Unlike today's modern movies it is rather slow moving but certainly has sex scenes as some viewers said, it has no sex. Why is it everyone wants sex, sex, sex these days? Obviously they have to watch it as they never get any. LOL. Unlike today's movies which are full of sex, usually from the opening credits this is very tastefully done. The actors suit their parts well in interesting locations.

All I can say again is it's worth watching as it's Edgar Allen Poe. Builds to a climatic ending.

Christmas on the Square

Best ever
The best movie ever that Netflix has had anything to do with in a long, long time. I do understand all the bad reviews here. It's Christmas, it's a Christmas movie, wonderful songs, wonderful choreography by Debbie Allen. So the story is not what everyone wants but it's lovely to watch. Great to see Treat Williams again. Dolly is magnificent.

Watch it for what it is and enjoy the Spirit of Christmas. I remember reading many years ago that WHITE CHRISTMAS got many negative reviews but now it is a classic.

La vita davanti a sé

I hate to say this but I wish Netflix would stop making remakes of brilliant films from the past. The 1977 version of this, MADAME ROSA was winner of an Oscar as Best Foreign Film and the performance of Simone Signoret was outstanding and also won various awards.

Sad to say Sophia Loren was a brilliant actress in her day but in this film it is obvious she is failing fast, now 86. Most of the film she spends sitting or lying dow, resting against other people and against walls. She should now retire gracefully.

I was desperate to see what year this was set in but the only notice I saw of this was 1981 across the back of Momo's Shirt. This film was so badly dubbed into English. I can't understand why other reviewers here have rated it so high. Obviously they never saw the original.

Surely it is time Netflix reviewed it production system as it has had so many disasters lately namely. THE CROWN, REBECCA, HAUNTING OF BLY HOUSE (Turn of the Screw) and also Haunting of Hill House.

Very disappointing.


When I watched Season 1 I was drawn in by the incredible building of suspense from one episode to the next. Season 2 which was worth waiting for continues the suspense building to a devastating climax. The production value on this series is excellent, cinematography excellent, music score excellent, locations excellent and the acting some of the best ever in a series from a multi talented cast. Max Irons, son of Jeremy Irons delivers a natural and compelling performance matched equally with all the other actors together in CONDOR.

I truly hope the Producers delivery a 3rd Season and make it as excellent as the first two. CONGRATULATIONS to all involved in this serie.

The Crown: Fairytale
Episode 3, Season 4

The actress playing Diana is absolutely a disgrace to the character. As I have said in a previous review I have lived through the lives of the Royal Family and the way they are being portrayed is disgraceful. If this is what viewers want to see today I feel so sorry for them. The assassination of Lord Mountbatten was not totally the way it happened. I know this from writing a screenplay and doing full research on the assassination. Margaret Thatcher is being portrayed as a limp no feeling woman and yet she so much cared for her country.


I think it's fair to say this new version of REBECCA is another distasteful attempt by Netflix to destroy the classics. First it was Hill House, then Bly Manor (Turn of the Screw) and now Daphne DuMauriers novel. The first 90 mins plods along changing the original dialogue at times to the wrong character which isn't too bad but then the story starts to go downhill for the last 30 minutes. The ending is a travesty and the director and writer should be barred from ever doing a movie again. The actors are quite pathetic in their roles.

How a director or writer has the right to change the ending of a story is beyond me. I am sure when he sent Lily James to see the doctor for information at the ending was just to give her a bigger part in her role. Then we come to the fire, what a shame to see such really bad visual effects and then the final nail in the coffin on a high cliff overlooking the ocean.

Hitchcock's version of REBECCA is still considered a masterpiece and won a Best Picture Academy Award in 1940. I watched this version again on YouTube after viewing the Netflix one. It's amazing how a film made in black and white with top stars of the day achieved such fame. Music scores in movies today have practically gone, replaced by stupid songs which never seem to have anyone to do with the story. I'm not saying the new version had songs in it but the music score was nothing compared to the original. Hitchcock, the master of suspense made the use of music and cinematography to create a suspenseful mystery thriller.



Hitchcock's film of REBECCA is an absolute masterpiece compared with the new Netflix Version. The new one is entertaining but lacks the mystery and suspense that only Hitchcock can deliver. The music score in his adds so much to the mystery of the story and the black and white cinematography is excellent. Hitchcock's burning of Mandalay closes a magnificent story by a great gothic writer.

The Haunting of Bly Manor

Henry James who wrote the novel in the 1800s would turn over in his grave after seeing this ridiculous, stupid telling of his story, THE TURN OF THE SCREW. I am sure the writers of this garbage have never read the book or seen any British version of this. First of all this TV Series is set in America, no British locations at all. It starts in 2007, I have no idea why that year, then goes back to 1987. Switches back and forth from another year to another creating an absolute tragedy of a story.

The lead actress is so bad in portraying the school teacher. She should not have been hired in the first place. The two kids act with such stupidity. After seeing what a disaster HILL HOUSE was I was truly hoping this would've better but it takes my vote for the most rotten tv series I have seen in years.

If you want to seeing a true telling of THE TURN OF THE SCREW then watch a British version, there are many around. The Deborah Kerr one titled THE INNOCENTS was excellent.

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