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Sonic the Hedgehog

A Good Video Game Movie Where A Company Listens
Yeah, Sonic The Hedgehog's movie debut had a rocky start. Planned for release in November, it got delayed to Valentine's Day 2020 when the first trailer was met with backlash over Sonic's initial redesign for the film. Having seen it myself, I am happy to say this is a good video game movie.

Basically, in this movie's universe, Sonic lives in the town of Green Hill, Montana, where he idolizes a cop named Tom Makowski. However, when Sonic causes a power outage that alerts the Pentagon, who is quick to summon Dr. Robotnik, the two are forced to team up to go to San Francisco to get a bag of magic rings Sonic was using to escape.

The actors are great. James Marsden does a good job as Tom, and Tika Sumpter plays Maggie, his wife, but the actor who really takes the show is Jim Carrey, who portrays Dr. Robotnik. Jim is funny as the evil genius, who is working with the government to capture Sonic, as he has some comedic lines and even a dance scene. For the titular hedgehog, his voice and face are that of Ben Schwartz (a good voice actor who was in some good movies and TV shows) and I can say Ben brings an energetic personality to the blue blur to the point where I felt it was missing all these years.

It's a good movie, with a good story, action, and if you're a longtime fan of the Sonic franchise, there are various little Easter Eggs to discover. This one, I hight recommend.


Chinese Zootopia Rip-Off
Spycies is another anthromorphic animal movie trying to bank off the success of Zootopia. A tale about a secret agent cat named Vladamir Willis who is set to an off-site platform security as discipline after a mission causes destruction, he meets a rat name Hector, a hacker who made the place messy. However, their future with the agency ends up on the line when the platform is broken into by henchmen of an evil genius and steal a substance from the area while they argue about a soap opera.

Yeah, so basically what we have here is a Chinese film that is basically rips off elements from Zootopia. The relationship between Vladamir and Hector is basically more uneasy than Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde's, as they basically bicker and argue about anything. Also, the story is messed up, with a third wheel, a bee girl name Mia, an actress who forces herself on the mission to help her learn about being a spy for an upcoming role, using her title of princess as an excuse to make them bring her, which is horrible, as she is only there to be annoying as she acts like a diva. The story is boring, and the film lacks the heart that Zootopia had. Also, there is some swearing in this.

My Little Pony Tales

Not A Good Cartoon
I remember seeing this cartoon when it was syndicated on Disney Channel (back when that channel showed only old stuff instead of the overload of pre-teen comedies and the usual DCOMs they are known for today). But seeing this as an adult, this has to be the worst My Little Pony incarnation ever. One of the reasons is that some of the episodes are really mean-spirited and sometimes teach the target audience horrible morals (one episode, Shop Talk, is about Teddy getting bullied because Patch spreads a rumor he sleeps with a teddy bear. leading to a scene where Ace and Lancer are forced to stop when an embarrassing picture is taken of them dressed as babies, which constitutes blackmail). Also, the ponies are basically stereotypes, and while other MLP cartoons can have those, this show seems to have the worst of the lot. The main ponies are basically young teenage girls, while three males are there to sometimes serve as bullies. This series is not recommended for young children.

Popeye's Voyage: The Quest for Pappy

Now This Is The Popeye I Remember
After seeing this special, I like it. Created by Mainframe Animation, the company responsible for TV shows like ReBoot and Beast Wars Transformers, this special takes Popeye back to the glory days of the original shorts, mainly in terms of slapstick violence, as Popeye does not punch still, but there are still gags that remind of the good old days. Billy West does a good job voicing Popeye (even if it was his most difficult role), and the story is great. This is a good watch for any Popeye fan.

Joshua and the Promised Land

How Did This Get Approved As Is?
No, seriously. The whole things looks like it was a unfinished rush job, or done by amateurs. Then again, even amateurs can do a somewhat better job than the people behind this film. The character models look unfinished, lacking fur textures and emotions. And the voice acting sounds lame and uninspiried, as the people doing the voices seem to be uninspired and doing this only for the sake of a paycheck. If anyone wants a good Bible movie for kids, ignore this and watch something like Prince of Egypt or one of the VeggieTales videos.

The World Is Not Enough

Another Good Bond Adventure With A Twist
After a mission to recover stolen money in Bilbao, Spain leads to oil tycoon Sir Robert King being assassinated in MI6 Headquarters, and James being injured after chasing the assassin by boat through the River Thames, 007 is assigned to protect Elektra, Robert's daughter, from terrorist Viktor "Renard" Zokas, a man who can feel no pain due to a bullet in his head thanks to 009, and is now seeking revenge against the King family and MI6. However, all things are not as they seem, especially when M is abducted.

Another good movie, Pierce Brosnan returns for his third time as James Bond. The story is well done, with the twist near the end being shocking. Plus, the action scenes are amazing (like the boat chase scene at the beginning).

Power Rangers Legacy Wars: Street Fighter Showdown

Neat Short Film Advertising A Mobile Game
This is a neat short film that was made to promote an event for the mobile game Power Rangers Legacy Wars. Set in a world, Ryu and Chun-Li are hunted by Power Rangers, but are rescued by Tommy and Gia, who need their help to stop M. Bison, who has been restored and given great powers by Rita Repulsa. Also, Ryu gains a morpher of his own, allowing him to morph into Ryu Ranger (not to be confused with Ryuranger from Dairanger).

This is an awesome film that proves Street Fighter can have a good live-action adaptation. They brought back Jason David Frank and Ciara Hanna reprise their roles as Tommy and Gia, while Peter Jang reprises his role of Ryu from the Super Power Beat Down web series. Rounding out the cast is Gemma Nyugen as Chun-Li and Kevin Porter as M. Bison, with Aaron Spurlock voicing Ninjor in one scene (replacing Kim Strauss, meaning Ninjor ditches the silly voice he had in MMPR and gets a voice sounding close to T.O.M. of Toonami fame).

This film is very exciting, as it has a good story and awesome fight scenes. Despite some minor continuity errors (like Gia morphing into her Super Mega form without using a Legendary Morpher), it is still a good film that is meant to advertise a crossover event for a mobile game.

Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels

Neat Show
This show is the one that introduced Captain Caveman. Basically, another cartoon made in the same mystery solver format as Scooby-Doo, this show has a lot of comedy (mainly from Cavey's powers giving out and the fact that he eats stuff). Also, the Teen Angels, inspired by Charlie's Angels, can be compared to some of the Scooby Gang (Taffy to Fred, Dee Dee to Velma, and Brenda to Shaggy) in terms of personality. This show lasted for three seasons, first being a segment on two other shows before getting its own half-hour show, each episode having two mysteries. This is a good show that introduced a character who would appear in two Flintstones spin-off shows.

Arctic Justice

Underrated Classic For Kids
I don't see all the hate for this one. Then again, I am a child at heart, and seeing how children are the target audience for this film, I got it on DVD.

Telling the tale of Swifty, an arctic fox who works at the mailroom of the Arctic Blast Delivery Service, who dreams of being a Top Dog, one of the company's husky couriers. After his boss tells him he is a fox, not a dog, he decides to prove himself when his best friend, Jade Fox, has a package that needs delivered. However, the receiver is Otto Von Walrus, who is plotting to melt the Arctic. Now he must get his friends together to stop them.

Basically, this film is obviously aimed at kids or those who are kids at heart, because the film teaches two morals: follow your dreams, no matter what anyone says, and always be yourself. The characters are likable, and have a lot of development, and the music is also good.

Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm

Okay, If Not Flawed, Attempt To Market Mortal Kombat To Kids
I actually remembers this show from my childhood. Airing exclusively on the USA Network's Action Extreme Team block alongside cartoons like Street Fighter and Savage Dragon, Mortal Kombat: Defenders Of The Realm is based on the controversial video game franchise best known for having gruesome Fatalities done on sprites made by digitized actors, which would be one of the factors that would lead to the ESRB ratings board being created.

So basically, this cartoon world be controversial, as it is based on a game series that is rated Mature. However, to get past this, the creators decided to make this cartoon a sort of sequel to the first Mortal Kombat movie. After Shang Tsung's defeat at the hands of Liu Kang, the dark forces of Outworld have begun invading Earthrealm, weakening its dimensional fabric to the point where invaders from other dimensions are also entering the realm. To protect Earthrealm, Liu Kang, Sonya, and Kitana (Johnny Cage is not in this cartoon, and while he was killed in the events of UMK3, this cartoon never mentions him or his possible fate) forms a team of other warriors to combat these threats.

So, this cartoon takes the heroic characters of the games up to Mortal Kombat 3 and puts them in a team similar to G.I. Joe. Some of the characters are even redone to have roles (like Nightwolf, who is normally a shaman, being cast as tech support, although he does join in some missions, even having a wolf he can merge with to increase his powers, and Sonya as the hot head who rushes into battle without thinking.) As it's set after the first movie, it has some flashbacks to events of the film, although said flashbacks are redone to make them kid-friendly (the older Sub-Zero's death is changed from being impaled by an iceberg to being frozen completely solid). Also, the characters use their special moves, while Fatalities are non-existent, save for Sonya's Kiss of Death (which no longer burns an opponent, but knocks them back like any other projectile).

Despite that, the show has some flaws. Mainly, the voice actors are hit-or-miss (I do like Stryker, who is voiced by Ron Perlman, but Sub-Zero's VA sounds like he does not fit the former Lin Kuei-turned-Defender), some characters being one episode throwaways (like Scorpion, who nowadays, is the face of Mortal Kombat, but here, he only appearing in the second episode and was made one-dimensional), and stupid one-liners (like Sonya's battle cry being Kombat Time). However, this has some memorable moments, the best one being the episode that introduced Quan Chi, an evil sorcerer who after this ended, would go on to appear in the games as a primary antagonist. It's an okay cartoon, but not something special.

Back to the Future Part III

A Perfect Ending To A Perfect Trilogy
Taking place immediately after part two (with first scene replaying the ending to that movie), Marty meets up with the Doc Brown of 1955 in the aftermath of the DeLorean going back to 1985. After Marty explains why he's back, and shows the Doc from 1955 the telegram saying the Doc of 1985 has been transported to the year 1885, they find the DeLorean in a mine shaft, however, they learn Doc is killed in the past by notorious outlaw Buford "Mad Dog" Tannen, Marty decides to disregards his friend's wishes and goes to the year 1885 to save his friend from his fate.

The third and final movie in the famous Back To The Future Trilogy, it actually is a perfect ending. With this one, the film once again explores a new time period, this time, the old west, as the story now revolves Marty needing to rescue Doc. It is full of action, comedy, and even romance, as Doc falls in love with Clara, a schoolteacher whom he saves from falling to her death in a ravine. It also has a good soundtrack.

Tomorrow Never Dies

Good, If Not Memorable
After the HMS Devonshire is sunk by a stealth ship owned by Elliot Carver, a media baron who also has his henchman, Henry Gupta, destroy one of two Chinese MiGs flying around the ship while the ship's crew is slaughtered and a missile stolen, James Bond, who is resting after a mission to stop a terrorist arms bazaar near the Russian border, is called back to action to stop Elliot from sparking a war between the U,K. and China, as he is joined by Chinese agent Wai Lin, a Chinese spy who shares the same mission.

So, this is the second movie with Pierce Brosnan, playing 007, and while it is not as memorable as GoldenEye, it's still good. Johnathan Pryce does a good job playing Elliot Carver, as his actions, which include creating news stories to cover up his crimes, is a good story. Also, it has some good action scenes (one has Bond and Lin escaping on a motorcycle, but with Bond holding one handlebar and Lin the other due to them being handcuffed together). This is a good Bond film by its own merit, and one I recommend giving a try.

Wulin Warriors: Legend of the Seven Stars

Disrespecting A Classic Taiwanese Puppet Show
Wulin Warriors is a dub of Pili, a puppet show from Taiwan that aired as far back as 1985. Basically, it was aired on Toonami, despite protests from the block's co-creator Jason DeMarco, but was cancelled after two of the fourteen episodes were aired due to bad ratings and complaints (then again, it was a puppet show airing on a network that was supposed to air cartoons 24/7).

But the main problem is that this dub is so horrible, it is disrespect to the original show. The theme song is a stupid hip hop song that basically makes most 4Kids theme sound like masterpieces, and characters are ruined. Mainly the character of Scar, whose Pili counterpart, Ye Hsiao-Chai, was a mute, but here, he is voiced by Sean Schemmel (famous for being the English voice actor of Goku), and he spews some awful one-liners (like the infamous one in the first episode where he asks Lone Sword, the main protagonist, pizza-related stuff, including consulting to what he calls a "pizza oracle"). Also, some of the names are horrible (one character, a female mercenary, is called Rainbow, while another is called Crybaby). This is a horrible dub, and Cartoon Network should have taken Jason's warning seriously and rejected it.

King of the Ring

One Of The Bigger Pushes To The Attitude Era
WWF King Of The Ring is popular as it is said to be the PPV that kicked off the Attitude Era for WWF (now WWE), although it is not confirmed, as WWE themselves have said other PPVs that took place after this was the official start). Regardless, this is the King Of The Ring people say started the Attitude Era because it was the one where Stone Cold Steve Austin defeated Jake "The Snake" Roberts to become King Of The Ring, leading to the birth of Austin 3:16, and starting his popularity as an anti-hero.

Other than that, the PPV has some memorable matches, like Ultimate Warrior Vs. Jerry Lawler (a match that would be Ultimate Warrior's final WWF PPV match before being fired), Mankind Vs. The Undertaker, and the main event, Shawn Michaels Vs. The British Bulldog in a WWF Championship bout with Mr. Perfect as special referee.

Halloween Havoc

Good PPV Despite Some Dumb Gimmicks
The third annual WCW Halloween Havoc took place in the UTC Center in Chattanooga, TN, with Jim Ross and Tony Schiavone commentating. In this, eleven matches were on the card, with four of them being title matches, one being the final round of a tournament to decide the first WCW Light Heavyweight Champion.

Basically, the PPV is more infamous for its starting match, the Chamber Of Horrors match. I saw this on a Best Of Halloween Havoc VHS I owned as a kid, and this match is insane. Here, two teams, each composed of four men (team one having El Gigante, the Steiner Brothers, and Sting, and with the other having Big Van Vader, Diamond Studd, Cactus Jack, and Abdullah The Butcher), the match has no rules, allowing the use of a kendo stick and even caskets (one having a masked man inside), and the only way to win is for someone to put a member of the opposing team in the Chair of Torture (which is basically an electric chair) and someone pulls the switch, electrocuting him. It was insane, and would be one of the crazy gimmick matches that WCW would be infamous for (and this was three years before Hulk Hogan joined the company).

As for the other matches, we have some stinkers (like Johnny B. Badd Vs. Jimmy Gavin, and a match involving Kevin Nash's horrible Oz gimmick, which YouTube videos list as one of the worst gimmicks WCW thought up), but it had some good matches (Steve Austin Vs. Dustin Rhodes for the WCW World Television Championship, as well as Lex Luger Vs. Ron Simmons for the main events in a two-out-of-three falls match for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship). It's a good show, but the stupid gimmicks keep it from being legendary.

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

Beloved Classic Film
This is another classic film from my childhood. Adapted from the book "Charlie & The Chocolate Factory" by Ronald Dahl, this is a nice musical for its time, as it tells the tale of Charlie Bucket, who finds a golden ticket which invites him to tour the factory of Willy Wonka. Taking his Grandpa Joe, he is in for the adventure of a lifetime as the tour takes him and four other kids to some wacky and imaginative areas.

Yeah, it is weird, but it a legendary film. However, Ronald Dahl would disown this due to the changes Warner Bros. would make to the story (resulting in the studio being banned from making a sequel). including making Slugworth a villain, and the many songs added in. IMHO, I prefer this over the 2005 remake (which was more accurate). The songs (especially the Oompa Loompa songs) are memorable, Gene Wilder does a good job as Willy Wonka, and when we get to the chocolate factory tour that makes up the second half of the film, a lot of the sets are well done (especially the chocolate room), proving that movies can be creative in a time without computer animation. I recommend this in anyone's film library.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze

A Good Sequel That Bows To Parents
The Turtles are back, and are still fighting crime after the Foot has fallen. However. The Shredder has also survived being crushed in a garbage truck, and is now out for revenge, going as far as to steal a canister of the ooze that mutated the four and creating his own mutants, Tokka and Rahzar. Now the turtles must stop the mad man, as well as find a new hideout and keep Keno, a pizza boy who saw them stop a mall robbery, out of danger.

So, yeah, this may not have done as well as its predecessor, but it is still liked. When the first film came out, parents complained about that one being too dark and violent (as it was released at a time when the TMNT brand was marketed to kids, with a popular animated series and a toyline making people forget about the original Mirage comics, which is what it was based on), so for this one, they decided to tone down the Turtles some. While that means they no longer have a potty mouth, it also forbids them from using their signature weapons (with the mall scene having them resort to using toys, leading Michelangelo's famous (or infamous, depending on your view) Combat Cold Cuts scene, which I found funny. Also, Casey Jones does not return due to the parent complaints, as he is replaced by Keno, a pizza delivery boy who witnesses the Turtles and tends to jump into fights that are not his. Also, we get Tokka and Rahzar, two mutants who were a baby turtle and wolf exposed to the ooze stolen by The Foot, who make formidable threats despite their age (as they actually manage to overpower the Turtles).

Despite the softened tone, there is still plenty of action. Keno, played by Ernie Reyes Jr., who was the suit actor for Donatello in the first film, actually proves he is a good actor, even going as far as to do a fight scene. Also, some characters have been recast (the most notable example being April, who is played by Paige Turco for this and the next film, replacing Judith Hoag), but they do a good job. The suits are still from Jim Henson's Creature Shop, and the film starts with a screen dedicating the memory of Jim, who died before the movie was released.

There are some good stuff I like, like the mall fight, and even the Ninja Rap, but sadly, the film suffers from the fact that it bows to parents. Because the Turtles are no longer allowed to use their weapons to attack enemies, this results in them being stuck in traps that Leonardo can easily use his katana to cut them out of. Also, if you were disappointed at the final battle of the first film, chances are you will be disappointed here. But despite its mistakes, TMNT II: The Secret Of The Ooze is a good movie, despite it toning down the tone and violence, and is worth checking out.


Three Stars Mainly For Smash Mouth And Princess
Everything else about this film stinks. Tim Allen is known to be a comedian, but 2006 was not a good year, as this and his two other films for that year were not well received. This film, based on a book series, is nothing more than an attempt to cash in on the rise of superhero films. Tim's jokes in this are not funny, the story is slow to get to, and some of the CGI is bad. The only good things is the character of Princess being cute and Smash Mouth being part of the soundtrack.

The Secret of the Sword

For The Honor Of Love, By The Power Of Love
A movie that combines what would become the first five episodes of She-Ra: Princess Of Power, After a nightmare wakes the Sorceress up and she sees a Time Gate open, she summons Prince Adam and Cringer (who are secretly He-Man and Battlecat) to Castle Greyskull to go into the gate and deliver the Sword of Protection to a special someone. The gate leads the two into Etheria, a world that is under the evil rule of the Evil Horde, which is led by Hordak. However, the sword chooses Adora, Hordak's force captain, who is about to learn the truth of the group she is serving to the point where she becomes She-Ra.

Released as a finale to He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe, this movie introduces us to Adora, a.k.a. She-Ra, and the world of Etheria and the heroes and villains who inhabit it. It has a good story where brother and sister are reunited, and the story is nice. Plus, this version has an awesome theme song. It's a good movie that introduced the world of the original She-Ra.

Royal Rumble: No Chance in Hell

An Awesome PPV Where Mr. McMahon Shined
The 1999 Royal Rumble (with the subtitle No Chance In Hell, which is the title of Mr. McMahon's entrance theme) is WWE's twelfth annual Royal Rumble PPV, where the main event is a 30-man battle royale where the last man in the ring after the other 39 are thrown out is the winner and earns a title shot for the WWE Championship at the upcoming WresleMania. Basically, it's a good PPV, but only two matches stand out. The I Quit match between The Rock and Mankind and the Royal Rumble match, where Vince McMahon and Steve Austin were the first competitors. The Rock Vs. Mankind is a brutal match which would start a fued between the two when the following RAW revealed the I quit line was from a recording, and the Royal Rumble, while Mr. McMahon won, would set up the Rattlesnake's first WrestleMania meeting with the People's Champ of WWF. Sadly, the other matches are meh (especially Big Boss Man Vs. Road Dogg, which was too short and felt one-sided in favor for the Big Boss Man, who, at the time, was a part of The Corporation stable made by Mr. McMahon, and Gangrel Vs. X-Pac).


Pierce Brosnan Makes Bond's Return A Blast
After failing to stop the theft of the prototype Tiger helicopter, which leads to an abandoned radar station in Severnaya being attacked, the newly-appointed M sends him to investigate, as the Janus Syndicate has control of GoldenEye, an EMP weapon orbiting the earth. Now James must stop their leader, a man who was once an MI6 agent and thought killed during a mission nine years ago, from using GoldenEye to enact his revenge on Britain.

This movie came after a six year battle for the distribution rights between MGM and Danjaq. Because of this, the contract of Timothy Dalton (who played Bond in the last film before this) expired, and he declined to a new deal. As a result, 007 here is played by Pierce Brosnan (this being the first of four movies where he played the secret agent). Also replaced is M, who is now a woman played by Judi Dench, and Moneypenny is also recast.

The film's plot also takes advantage of the change in the political climate at the time. The first scene is a flashback that takes place in 1986, during the time of the Soviet Union, and the rest of the movie takes place in preset times, where it was dissolved. Thankfully, Bond is still as he is, not affected by the political correctness at the time (even when M calls him out for his behavior), which is good. Also, this is the first Bond film to use CGI, which is used in some places, and it looks so life-like, even if the technique was new at the time. With a good story, action, and the actors doing a good job, this is the Bond film that gave the franchise the revitalization it needed.

The Muppets Celebrate Jim Henson

A Great Tribute To A Great Man
Jim Henson's muppets were always a joy to watch, and the world was saddened when he passed away in May of 1990, so a few months after this tragic loss, on November 21st, CBS preempted a show for the night to allow this one-hour tribute to air.

Here, Kermit is away traveling, putting Fozzie Bear and the others in charge of putting on a tribute show. A letter from Kermit informs them the tribute is for Jim Henson, and they don't know him, so a show is set up so they learn about his legacy and history. Throughout the special, we see Fozzie planning what he believes to be a horrible tribute, as in between, celebrities like Carol Burnette, John Denver, and even Steven Spielberg appear to narrate various points of Jim's career. With such narration, scenes from various works of Jim Henson are seen (which include Fraggle Rock, Sesame Street and films like The Dark Crystal and obscure TV shows like The Jim Henson Hour). The final number, sung when the Muppets learn of Jim's death, is empowering, as it has the Sesame Street and Fraggle Rock muppets join in. This is a powerful special telling of Jim Henson's life and career,

Dinosaurs: Changing Nature
Episode 7, Season 4

A dark finale with a powerful message
Dinosaurs was a show I remembered from my childhood, and I never saw this as a kid, but seeing it now, I know it would have scarred me (and possibly cause my parents to complain to ABC). In this, it is day the bunch beetles return to Pangaea, however, they don't show up when expected. and it's because the swamp they go to has been replaced by a wax fruit factory built by WESAYSO, the company Earl works for, and the employees have sprayed the other bunch beetles, making one beetle, Steve, the last of his kind. This sadly leads to a series of events where Earl gets caught up in his boss' task force, with his actions triggering the start of the Ice Age which would end the dinosaurs.

So, yeah, this is a dark way to end the series. While this was not intended as the series finale, as the show had seven more episodes, it was made so when ABC (who aired the series as part of its TGIF lineup when it premiered in the early 1990's) decided to cancel the show due to its declining ratings. This results in the saddest ending ever, as every dinosaur is doomed to extinction (even Baby Sinclair, the character who was basically the comic relief). The show does not sugarcoat their fate, as sad music is used even for the end credits.

However, the reason it is well remembered by many is because they see this episode as a cautionary tale. What Earl did in the episode he did by order of his boss and the corporation, which led to the world ending, and his boss, B.P. Richford, is too blind to see it due to the fact he has made a lot of money from sales of heaters, blankets, and hot cocoa mixes from WESAYSO. This episode, despite its sad ending, hammers in a hard message about how we need to take care of the world for our children, and not leave the job to big corporations, if we, as a species, want to avoid the same fate as the dinosaurs.

The Lion King

Ruining A Classic Childhood Film
I am not going to lie. I like The Lion King as a child when I saw it in theaters back in the day. It was a heartwarming tale that also added some sad and comedic moments in. Unfortunately, The Lion King has become another addition to Disney's current addiction to taking their animated classics and remaking them in live action, and it had not been kind to it. The characters show no emotion, the remake does not add anything new to keep the story fresh (like most other remakes did), and while James Earl Jones did come back, he has no new lines and was mainly brought in for the sake of nostalgia. Plus, most of the scenes feel like they were taken from nature documentaries.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Good Movie That Takes The Turtles Back To Their Dark Roots
New York City is facing a baffling crime wave, and when news reporter April sees a theft in action, she almost gets robbed herself when some mysterious heroes cut the lights and subdue the thieves. However, as the police arrive, April snatches a sai left over from the struggle. The heroes she never saw: the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the fight was their first battle ever. However, this would lead to the Turtles to confront the gang, The Foot, led by Shredder, when their sensei is captured.

So yeah, this may be an old film, but I prefer it over the 2014 abomination of the same name (you know, the one with Megan Fox playing April). When it was out in theaters, parents who took their kids were in for a shock, as they complained about the violence being more intense than the cartoon and the fact that Raphael taught them their first swear word (if they didn't hear it in the playground already). Yeah, this movie is based more on the original Mirage Comics that the four heroes in the half shell originated in (and let me tell you, those comics were not as kid-friendly as the cartoon it spawned), Thankfully, elements from the cartoon was also put in (such as the multi-colored bandanas and the Turtles' love for pizza) to keep the movie from being too dark, but the complaints would happen, and force Golden Harvest (the company who produced the film for New Line Cinema) to tone down the sequel.

Controversy aside, this movie gives the Turtles a lot more screen time. The suits were made by Jim Henson's Creature Shop, and actually do the Turtles justice (with Jim doing it despite the violent content as he is friends with the director, who was fired by New Line for making the film too dark). Those suits would always be better than those CGI abominations seen in the 2014 film, as they are more accurate to the Turtles of the cartoon (albeit without the belt buckles having the first letter of their name). Also, the actors and puppeteers do a good job, the story is good, and it is overall a good movie.

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