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Secret Origin of the Batwheels

Nice Origin To A New View On Batman
Batwheels is a neat idea for a preschool Batman as instead of focusing on the Dark Knight himself, or any of his sidekicks, the show focuses on the iconic vehicles, as they are brought to life like the characters in Disney Pixar's Cars trilogy of films.

In this special origin episode, after Batman and allies chase down Joker, Harley Quinn, Penguin, Mr. Freeze, and Riddler after the five join forces to rob a bank, the three go to a party (despite Batman saying he does not do this for rewards). However, an intruder alert in the Batcave and being unable to contact the Terrific Trio, the Bat Computer gets robotic helper Moe to put copies of her Bat Motherboard, which Batman made that allowed it to talk and think, and puts one in the Batmobile, which they nickname Bam. He does a good job fighting, but when Moe lets the secret of how Bam is alive slip out of him, the intruder, a robot, steals the other Bat Motherboards, putting them into the vehicles of the villains to help his boss, Badcomputer, who is stuck in a scoreboard. Bam needs help, and thankfully, Redbird, Bifi, Wing, and Buff are born with Bat Motherboards put into the other Bat vehicles.

This is aimed at preschoolers, and therefore, the humor can seem juvenile for older Batman fans. Also, because of the target audience, the heroes are toned down (The Joker being less scary and The Penguin looking like he could be the evil twin brother of Sir Topam Hatt). However, it is a good show as it enlists some well known names like Tom Kenny, Jess Harnell, and Mick Wingert, and the story is well written with a good moral about being yourself.

Astérix et Cléopâtre

Awesome French Cartoon Movie
Asterix is well known as a French icon. Appearing in comics in 1959, he has appearing in almost everything. This movie, from the 1960's, is one of the many films involving this hero.

In ancient Egypt, Cleopatra is having an argument with Caeser, and after he loses faith in the Egyptians, the queen makes a bet with him that she will have a grand palace built for him in Alexandria in three months, with success convincing Caeser the Egyptian people are still powerful. Hiring Edifis for the task, with failure resulting in him being fed to the crocodiles, and needing magic to make it possible, he goes to his old friend, Getafix, and enlists his help alongside Asterix and Obelix. However, Artifis, the rival of Edifis, is out to sabotage the construction by any means necessary, and even Caeser attacks when he learns of the three heroic Gauls being in Egypt.

This is a neat French cartoon, as it has a lot of action and comedy. The English voice acting is nice (even though the lip sync is off, but thankfully, the intro warns of this), and the music and songs are memorible.

Rockman 3: Dr. Wairî no saigo!?

The Game That Introduced Characters and Mechanics
Mega Man 3 for the NES was actually the first Mega Man game I have ever played. In this installment, Dr. Wily, learning the error of his ways from the last two games, teams up with Dr. Light to build Gamma, a peace-keeping robot. However, the eight Robot Masters sent to mining worlds to find the power crystals needed to power Gamma go berserk and keep the crystals to themselves, Mega Man goes to stop them, being teamed up with robot canine Rush, although he confronts a mysterious Break Man, who inhibits powers similar to the Blue Bomber.

The third entry, this is a good game (although Inafune has said the game was released before the team thought it was ready). The run and gun gameplay from the first two games return, and the game retains the ability to copy the weapons of defeated foes, but Mega Man 3 introduces a lot of changes. One of them is the ability to slide, which allows Mega Man to slide down narrow paths that hide power-ups or serve as shortcuts. Another addition is Rush, Mega Man's robot dog who serves as the replacement for the items from the second game, as he is used for transport, starting off with Rush Coil, but gaining the ability to become a submarine and the iconic Rush Jet after beating certain Robot Masters.

With more levels, a neat soundtrack, new characters who would become mainstays, and new mechanics to use, Mega Man 3 is a great installment, and is worth checking out.

The Great Wolf Pack: A Call to Adventure

Not Bad For A Movie Tied Into Great Wolf Lodge
The Great Wolf Pack: A Call To Adventure is a new movie where wolves are portrayed as the good guys (something we need more of). It is also a movie tied to the Great Wolf Resorts line of water parks, and this is their first movie ever.

Wiley Wolf is one to consider himself a lone wolf, especially after he and his family moved into Spirit Water Forest. However, he does make friends with Oliver Raccoon, Sammy Squirrel, and Violet Wolf after saving Oliver and Sammy when Oliver's hot air balloon flies off. The four, alongside Brinley Bear, decide to join Wiley in exploring, even though he prefers to travel alone, and the five are soon on a quest to find the Great Wolf Geyser, which leads them to an adventure to help a

This is a great movie. While based on the five mascots of the Great Wolf Resorts, they have been given redesigns (Violet is now a tomboy, Wiley is a loner, etc). It also has a good story, the voice actors all do a good job, and it teaches a good moral, as Wiley learns a lesson in listening to Binley as well as that adventures are better with friends. This is a great movie for kids, as there is not much violence, and the morals are good.

The Fight for the Fox Box

Weird Way To Promote A New Season
When the Fox Box replaced Fox Kids back in the fall of 2002, it did a good job bringing in some new hits for Saturday Morning. As it was a partnership between Fox Network and 4Kids, a company who back then was well known for their dub of the Pokémon anime as well as Yu-Gi-Oh! On Kids WB!, the company wasted no time arranging a first year of hit anime dubs like Ultimate Muscle, Kirby Right Back At Ya, Fighting Foodons, and the one original show not an anime localized the 2003 incarnation of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (which was added later, but was a good addition), as well as some stinkers like the dub of Ultraman Tiga (which tried to turn a serious live-action toku show into a comedy) and Stargate Infinity (which made by DiC, a company who at this point, was running low on steam). With the first season ending with repeats of some these shows alongside picked up repeats of the Back To The Future cartoon and WMAC Masters (two shows from the 1990's that had long ended), the Fox Bo was gearing up for a good 2003 season, returning the shows that worked or have not ended yet along with some new shows, and to promote them, 4Kids made this special promo that also served as way for kids to get in on the action.

So, for the plot of this, a mysterious mastermind has brought together five villains (King Dedede,Shredder, Dialbolical, from the three shows carried over, as well as Dr. Eggman, who will appear in Sonic X, and Dr. K, the villain of Cubix: Robots for Everyone (which aired on Kids WB!, but would start airing repeats on the Fox Box). The mysterious mastermind gets them to agree to a plot to take down the Fox Box, which airs heroes beating them, and by a secret code, they will reboot the channel with them in charge. Soon, heroes old and new join the battle to gather the five codes, which kids will have to memorize and put into a defunct website (as well as one that ran on Flash, which ended support, so unless someone can find a way to emulate the site, the codes are now useless).

TBH, this is a weird, yet creative way to promote the Fall 2003 line up for the Fox Box. Other than the four shows primarily used for the plot, Funky Cops is also used a main show (and even has a well edited scene where Meat from Ultimate Muscle is actually in the show in question, which is the only scene where characters from two different shows actually meet, which makes this disappointing, as the show is basically clips from the shows with new voicework as well as previews. While it was enjoyable when I was a teenager, seeing this again, I can see this for the cheaply made attempt to build hype it has served.


Okay, But Not On Par With The Original
Pinocchio is the remake of 1940 animated classic based on the story of the same name that people do remember (heck, I still remember Litwick's donkey transformation giving me nightmares), Basically, it is the same plot: Geppetto (played here by Tom Hanks) makes Pinocchio, a marionette puppet modelled after his deceased son (an element not in the original film that was added). Upon wishing on a star, the Blue Fairy (played by Cynthia Erivo) grants his wish, bringing the little wooden head to life, but to become a real boy, he needs to prove himself brave, truthful, and unselfish. With Jiminy Cricket (voiced by Joseph Gordon-Levitt) as his conscience, the puppet goes on to have various misadventures.

Like most of Disney's live-action remakes, Pinocchio 2022 adds and changes scenes to make it different from the original. One scene is Jiminy no longer sings the whole song When You Wish Upon A Star, which was done in the original (and it's a shame, seeing how that song has become Disney's anthem, appearing in their logo before some movies begin). Also, the reboot also adds in new characters, like a talking seagull named Sofia who becomes an ally of Jiminy's in helping him look after Pinocchio.

To me, the film is a meh, because I see it as nothing more than a CGI display. Pinocchio is one of the few good things about this, as the puppet form looks just like the cartoon version was made real, and Jiminy Cricket is also well done, as they made him realistic while keeping him cartoony (and Joseph actually does a good job doing the voice of Jiminy we all know and love). Honest John looks too realistic, but the actor makes up for it, adding to the comedic factor.

For the live action actors, Tom Hanks does a good job playing Geppetto, as hearing him say his lines, I thought he was another actor. I will not get into the Blue Fairy due to her casting being too hot a topic I want to cover, but for the rest of the movie, it's meh, as the donkey scene is not scary due to the use of cheap CGI (either to tone it down or Disney wasted most of the budget making Pinocchio as accurate as possible) and the ending change, which I will not spoil, may enrage some people. I recommend watching this and coming up with your own conclusion, but to me, this remake is okay, but does not live up the legend of the 1940 original, which I would recommend (and thankfully, is also on Disney+)

Princess Tenko and the Guardians of the Magic

Underrated American Magical Girl Cartoon
Tenko and the Guardians of the Magic is an action cartoon that, like others before it, is based around a celebrity or popular person of the time, with this based around Princess Tenko, a Japanese pop idol turned magician.

Utilizing animation and live action, Tenko and the Guardians of the Magic tells the story of Tenko, a female magician who, after saving a little girl after a lion tamer's act causes a fire, meets Hikita Tenko, who takes her in to train her as a guardian. When she is chosen as guardian of the magic Tenko Box, which houses the power of the Starfire Gems, Jana, another student, gets jealous and gets her twin brother Jason to help her, leading to most of the Starfire Gems being scattered across the world by Hikita to keep them out of the two's hands after they claim two of the gems, Tenko travels the world with other students Bolt, Steel, and Hawk, who are given their own Starfire Gems, to find the other gems before Jana and Jason do.

Yeah, this is a short-lived, underrated cartoon. Being in syndication, the show only lasted thirteen episodes, ending on a cliffhanger due to not many kids seeing this due to networks putting this on slots when kids were either asleep or still in school (as a kid, the Fox network I saw episodes of this on aired the show on the 2 P. M. timeslot, where school was still in for one more hour). It is a good show, as it is one of America's attempts to make a new female heroine. The stories are good, and the voice actors are great (Cree Summers voices the animated Princess Tenko and Jana). Also, after each cartoon, the show has live action segments showing the real Princess Tenko doing magic tricks (which she warns the kids watching beforehand she trained for many years to perform and not to try this at home, although some episode actually shows magic tricks that kids can perform as Tenko's Teach-A-Trick). This is a neat, yet underrated cartoon that never got a chance like many others in syndication.

Lady, Play Your Mandolin!

Foxy's Debut Episode Is A Product of Its Time
Lady, Play Your Mandolin! Is part of the Merrie Melodies series, and is best known for the debut of Foxy, a fox who only appeared in this and two other shorts before being discontinued due to a phone call to Walt Disney demanding Warner Bros. Stop using the character due to his similarities to Mickey Mouse (as the short was made by an ex-Disney employee).

In this short, set to the song with the same name as the title (at the time, Merrie Melodies was done to promote songs Warners owns), Foxy arrives at a bar disguised at a Mexican saloon (which is pretty bold for Warner Bros., as this was two years before Prohibition was repealed). As a result of the era, the booze is labelled with skull and crossbones, and the characters all drink like crazy while singing the song. Even Foxy takes part in the singing and drinking, and even falling in love with a female vixen (later given the name Roxy) who actually plays her mandolin. A old short worth checking out if you treat it as the product of its time.

Shirt Tales

Good Show, But Second Season Is A Continuity Mess
Starting out as a series of greeting cards, the Shirt Tales would be popular enough to get a TV series from Hanna-Barbera. In this, the Shirt Tales, Rick Raccoon, Tyg Tiger, Pammy Panda, Digger Mole and Bogey Orangutan, are five little animals living in Oak Tree Park in Mid City. Unknown to their caretaker, Mr. Dinkel, and everyone else, the Shirt Tales are local heroes, as they are called by the commissioner when something strange is going down in their city.

So, basically, this show is a neat one. The Shirt Tales are good (Bogey is my favorite due to the fact he is based on Humphrey Bogart, as his name is a version of Bogart and he speaks like the legendary actor), and the stories all vary. And Mr. Dinkle is basically the Shirt Tales' take on characters like Ranger Smith and Sarge from Hong Kong Phooey, as he keeps watch in Oak Tree Park like Ranger Smith does for Jellystone Park, but like Sarge is clueless about Penry being Hong Kong Phooey, he is also clueless that the five animals he has to work in the park are the Shirt Tales that are in the news for busting crime. As the greeting cards have the character wearing shirts with message (hence the name), the characters also wear shirts that sometimes flash messages (how their shirts can do that is never explained), and each episode has two short adventures where the five take on villains like the video game-themed Game Master, Mesmo the evil hypnotist, or even helping animals in their plight.

However, it is not perfect, as some of the plots feel like they were repeats of older H-B show (one short has the gang taking on a ghost in a museum, which sounds like a Scooby-Doo plot). Also, the second season takes a huge drop when it comes to continuity, as Tyg replaces Rick as the leader (while the latter gets little to no time to shine like he did first season), and giving the team the power to activate Shirt Tale Time (which seems to do nothing more than turn shirts a matching red with no added powers), and a member named Kip, who is added in to give another female to the group (but is only there to be the kid of the group, effectively making the poor girl the Shirt Tales' Scrappy as well as a new character to make new toys of), with both the red shirts and Kip being added in without any explanation of how Kip came to be or how the Shirt Tales got their ability to change their shirts red (which is a major problem with most cartoons made by Hanna-Barbera, as most of these older cartoons have no origin story for the heroes or characters, or even a way to explain characters or abilities added in a new season). Yeah, I recommend watching for the first season, as it is the better season., but this is a good show and a neat 80's cartoon from an animation legend.

Meng long guo jiang

Bruce Lee's Only Director Credit Is Awesome
In Rome, a crime boss is threatening cafe owner Chen Ching-hua (played by Nora Miao) and her uncle Wang in order to gain the building. Thankfully, help comes in the form a young martial artist named Tang Lung (played by Bruce Lee), who takes the place of her uncle when he fell ill. Tang decides to stay and protect the restaurant, despite the various threats of the boss and even being called back to Hong Kong.

Bruce Lee's only movie where he serves as director, as well as his second-to-last film (with this being the last released during his life), this is another legendary kung fu movie. The movie has some great fight scenes (the best being the fight between Tang and Colt, a henchman played by Chuck Norris in his first film role, which takes place in the Roman Colosseum). Also the cast is filled with other martial artists like Unicorn Chan, Tony Liu, and Robert Wall, and the story is great. My one complaint is the voice acting does not match up with the lip movement, but at the end of the day, The Way of the Dragon is worth watching, as it is a low budget movie that made a lot of money.

Action Man: Battlefield Casualties

A Powerful British PSA Challenging Military Enrollment
Action Man: Battlefield Casualties is not for kids, as it is dark. However, it is done so to put out a message. Made by Veterans for Peace UK, a group of war veterans, these three PSAs were made with the intent to challenge the British Army's policy allowing teenagers as young as sixteen to join (a controversial rule that I agree should be changed).

Done in the style of a VHS recording, the PSA shows three commercials for a line called "Action Man: Battlefield Casualties" (Action Man being the U. K.'s version of G. I. Joe). The three figures are basically Action Men who suffer from an effect of war, like PTSD, disabilities, or even dying, as the aim is to show the reality of joining the military. And the kid playing with these toys are all happy despite the grim nature, as it basically takes a stab at military propaganda effects children, as they only show one side of military service (as this PSA and an exhibit to display the toys were done in the run-up to Armed Forces Day). This is not for kids, as the PSA is not for the faint of heart (Dead Action Man being the darkest), but I think they have a good lesson to teach.

Lost Ollie

This Series Will Hit You In The Feels
Lost Ollie is a new mini-series, and already, it made me emotional. A lost stuffed animal named Ollie (voiced by Johnathan Groff) finds himself in a thrift store, and cannot remember where his owner, a boy named Billy, is. However, meeting a clown doll named Zozo (voiced by Tim Blake Nelson) and a tough teddy bear named Rosie (voiced by Mary J. Blige), Ollie escapes the thrift store and goes on to search for his boy.

Based on a chidren's book from 2016, this mini series will hit you right in the feels and never release it. The series switches between the past and present to tell the story, which is full of emotional moments and exciting action, as the voice actors help to bring this heart-warming story to life.

The Stars of 4Kids Sing the National Anthem Commercial

This Should Be Considered Disrespectful
Yeah, I just heard about this, and let me tell you, despite the message 4Kids was getting across, it was bad. Basically done to celebrate the fourth of July, 4Kids TV made this commercial where they have their VAs sing lines for the national anthem, and have the recorded lines said by the characters they voice.

While it is nice, there are a few problems with it. One of them is the characters chosen. Other than Raphael and Michelangelo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the characters used are from anime and cartoons from other countries (Mew Mew Power being a horrid localization of the Japanese anime Tokyo Mew Mew, and Winx Club being an Italian cartoon). While younger kids may think it's neat at the time, older anime fans would see this as another blatant example of how 4Kids does not just dub anime, they localize it to remove any elements that they believe American kids would not understand (I mean, their dub of the first few seasons of the Pokémon anime had characters eating rice balls while calling them donuts, despite not looking like donuts).

Another thing rating this low is how lazily it was put together, as they just put in scenes from the anime and cartoons, they aired at the time and changed only the voice lines, and most of the VAs do a horrible job singing (whoever voices Luffy for 4Kids made him sound annoying, and the only good voices are Sonic, and suprisingly, Master Splinter, whose VA knew it was bad, he decided to sing his line like an opera singer, which earned a second star). Yeah, this is bad, but somehow, so good, they make a new version for the next year, which replaces Mew Mew Power and One Piece with characters from Viva Pinata, Chaotic, and 4Kids' other anime cash cow, Yu-Gi-Oh!

WWE Monday Night RAW: Royal Rumble '99 Fallout
Episode 4, Season 7

A Night Of Shockers And Match Setups
This episode of WWE Raw (or WWF Raw Is War as it was known back then) took place in the American West Arena in Phoenix, Arizona, and is the episode taking place after WWF Royal Rumble: No Chance in Hell, and is a memorable episode. It starts with Vince McMahon, the owner of WWF and the one who won the Royal Rumble (eliminating Stone Cold Steve Austin when the Rattlesnake was distracted by The Rock, who won the WWF Championship from Mankind that night), paying the champ the bounty of one hundred thousand dollars (out of Shane's trust fund), and going as far as to remove himself as number one contender at Wrestlemania, reserving the right to choose his opponent. However, Stone Cold appears on the Titantron, as he is at Shawn Michael's house in San Antonio. The Heartbreak Kid, who at the time is the WWF commissioner, throws a wrench in Vince's plan telling him by forfeiting, then Austin, as the runner-up, gets all rights and privileges to go to Wrestlemania to face The Rock for the WWF Championship at the pay-per-view's main event, leading to Stone Cold declaring he is putting his shot at The Rock on the line against Vince, which sets up the two's cage match for St. Valentine's Day Massacre.

Another major highlight comes with The Rock coming out after the first match of the night, as he gives an electrifying rant to accept Triple H's challenge. However, Mankind, appears, takes out the guards of the armored truck guarding Rock's bounty money, and holds it for ransom and even throws it into the crowd as he shows evidence that the win was because The Rock used words Shane McMahon recorded when he interviewed Mankind on the Sunday Night Heat before the event, and challenging The Rock to an empty arena match, setting up Halftime Heat.

The matches are so-so. Starting with a bout between Goldust and Bllly Gunn, the matches are basically a gimmick overkill, with the worst being the tag team match between the team of Gangrel and Edge and the team of Road Dogg and Al Snow. Also, the main event between Triple H and The Rock was okay, as it has Chyna betray Triple H in a twist where she joins The Corporation. All in all, a good episode, despite the match card being hit-or-miss.


Worth Watching Despite The Changes From The Manga
While Yu-Gi-Oh is still going strong with the card game still ongoing and new anime series being release, it's interesting that I one day learned of this incarnation of Yu-Gi-Oh! Basically, the series we Americans started out with was not the first anime series for the franchise that would be one of 4Kids' popular dubs (as well as the one that got into legal trouble and eventually into bankruptcy), but this is the first one, an anime that was never dubbed, and for good reason.

This anime (referred to by fans as Series 0 or Season 0) is based more on the manga, as the card game the franchise is known for is not the main focus. Instead, it is about Yugi building the Milennium Puzzle, but in doing so, he awakens the spirit of a pharaoh who takes over his body when he or his friends is in danger to challenge bullies and criminals with Yami Games, where losing or getting caught cheating is punished by a grim fate (although the grim demise is actually an illusion that ends up breaking the villain of the episode mentally). Yeah, this is reason why this anime was never localized: other than not dealing with the Duel Monsters card game that the franchise would focus on (even though it featured in some episodes), the anime was dark and violent to the point where 4Kids probably decided that no amount of editing can tone it down for the company's target audience of kids like Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters was, despite the fact the series' violence was already toned down from the manga it was adapted from, as here, Yami Yugi is more of an anti-hero who punishes people instead of the noble pharaoh who, in the 4Kids dub, would lecture some villains about the folly of their ways and the heart of the cards, although he does change his ways near the end of the series.

While the anime is good, it does have some flaws when compared to the manga. Being at only 27 episodes, most chapters are not adapted, and a minor character from the manga, Miho Nosaki, who was only in one chapter, was promoted to a main character here, and sadly, some people has claimed her to be annoying and only being there to mess up, so chances are whether or not you'll like the character will be based on how you can handle her actions. While the series was never localized, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters did adapt some scenes for flashback sequences to explain some events (with some stuff changed), but this is a neat curiosity to check out.

Dark Side of the Ring

A Great Documentary Details Pro Wrestling's Hottest Controversies and Incidents
Dark Side of the Ring is a professional wrestling documentary series like no other. Instead of doing wrestler biographies or history of PPV events, this show covers the industries' most infamous controversies, tragedies, and crimes.

This is one not meant for kids, as the episodes deal with heavy and controversial subjects. From the Chris Benoit double murder-suicide to the death of Owen Hart, to controversial wrestlers like New Jack and Nick Gage. The show does not sugarcoat the topics as they deal with involve backstage politics, and some even have content not appropriate for minors. The narrators are actual pro wrestlers (with Dutch Mantel doing all but the third episode of season 3, which was narrated by Mick Foley, while after season one, Chris Jericho took over narrating duties for the show), and to tell the story, the show gets actual wrestlers and those connected to the events to give their take on the events.

LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation

Good For Kids
Lego Star Wars Summer Vacation is the latest in a long line of Lego Star Wars movies (some being direct-to-video, but newer ones have since been released exclusively on Disney+). In this adventure, Rey and her friends, arrive aboard the Halcyon, a luxury star cruiser owned by Lando Calrissian, who is the newly appointed ambassador of the Chandrila Star Line, Finn wants to spend time doing stuff with his friends because it may be the last time, but they do their own thing. Thankfully, Obi-Wan Kenobi and the spirits of other Jedi come to console him, as they tell stories about other vacations gone wrong.

This special is basically a collection of stories set in various times of the Star Wars franchise, with the main story being set after the events of The Rise of Skywalker (as well as the other Lego specials set after the ninth film). From Obi-Wan teaming up with Colvett Valeria from The Freemaker Adventure for a heist during Jabba the Hutt's barbeque birthday, to a tale of Darth Vader helping Emperor Palpatine enjoy a vacation on a beach where a party by Vic Vankoh, a character voiced by legendary singer/comedian Weird Al Yankovich, is held, each story taught a good moral to Finn. Also, the stories are neat, despite the Lego movies being their own continuity and not connected to the movies and the various TV shows, cartoons, and movies Disney tends to release in bulk to connect the gaps, and it may not appeal to the older Star Wars fans, but kids will love it, as the voice acting is well done, and the stories are neat.

Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Nice Way To Continue A Series That Deserves Better
Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is an underrated series that lasted two seasons, with fans bashing it for being a comedy and not having many established characters outside the Turtles, Splinter, and April O'Neal (even going as far as to make Shredder a secret while having new character Baron Draxum, voiced by professional wrestler John Cena, as the recurring enemy), but I found it to be a better comedy than Teen Titans Go! And this movie could be the farewell the series needs (unless it does well enough to warrant a third season happening0.

In the year 2044, the world has been taken over by the Krang, a race of aliens, who even defeat the resistance led by the Turtles. However, Casey Jones (not Cassandra Jones), the apprentice of Leo, is sent back in time to stop the Krang from entering Earth via a mystic doorway. Meanwhile, Leonardo's goofing off is getting on Raphael's nerves, which gets to a breaking point when the Foot Clan steal a mysterious object. Meeting Casey and learning the object is the key, the Turtles must stop the Krang and change the future, a task made more challenging when the aliens steal their mystic powers.

Being a Netflix movie, this movie does a lot of things that the TV was now allowed to (one scene had Future Leo swearing, the Krang mutating people in horrific ways). But the movie does keep the style and humor the show was known for. The movie reunites some of the cast of the show (Ben Schwartz is back as Leonardo, Eric Bauza as Master Splinter, and Omar Benson Miller as Raphael, among the other Turtles, April, and some of the villains that appear in this movie). Haley Joel Osment joins the cast as the voice of Casey Jones, while Jim Pirri and. Toks Oglagundoye voices two of the Krang leaders. This movie feels like it topped the series finale, as it has the Turtles fighting the Krang, which is a known character in the TMNT franchise, to prevent a dark future from falling not only on New York City, but the rest of the world as well.


The Film That Revolutionized The Superhero Film Genre
While Batman & Robin nearly killed the superhero genre by being a box office bomb that killed the original Batman film series, the year after would see it saved with the release of Blade, a movie that was a good mix of superhero and horror that, while bashed by critics, fans liked so much, that it would begin Marvel Comics' film success and opening the door to more superhero films. Spider-Man, the first in the Sam Raimi trilogy, would be the one to revolutionize the genre.

Peter Parker (played by Tobey Maguire) is a teen who is bullied, but has crush on Mary Jane Watson (played by. Kirsten Dunst) and is friends with Harry Osborne (played by James Franco), son of Oscorp CEO Harry Osborne (played by Willaim Defoe). However, getting bitten by a radioactive spider while taking pictures at Columbia University's Science Department, he soon develops the abilities and powers of a spider. At first, he uses his powers for fame and money, even competing in a wrestling match against Bonesaw (played by Macho Man Randy Savage), but he soon becomes a hero after his Uncle Ben is gunned down by a gunman he let escape when he robbed the wrestling organization. This leads him into a battle with Norman, who becomes the Green Goblin by subjecting himself to an experimental serum and killing his competitors and even his own board of directors for trying to oust him from his own company.

Now this is an awesome movie for something in the early 2000's. Already, the film makes it clear Peter's origin as the wall-crawling superhero is not going to be a happy one, keeping the origin story true despite some changes (removing the TV performance, but keeping in the wrestling part, even going as far as to get an actual professional wrestler, Macho Man Randy Savage, to play Bonesaw, and Peter does not have web shooters, as the movie changes his powers to include the ability to fire organic webbing from his wrists), but it stays true to the comics, and keeps the important lesson "With Great Power, There Must Also Come Great Responsibility" that Spidey is well known for. The actors all do a good job, and the films manages to squeeze in some cameos (Bruce Campbell, who starred in the Evil Dead movies, one of Raimi's earliest directing credits, appears as the announcer for the wrestling march), and the music done by movie soundtrack legend Danny Elfman helps sets the tone. But the best thing is the special effects, which while not as advanced as the MCU Spider-Man films, as it makes good scenes, like Spidey and Green Goblin's parade fight.

Sonic: The Fighters

Okay Obscure Arcade Fighter
Sonic The Fighters is one of the Sonic The Hedgehog franchise's many obscure entries. A fighting game that debut in the arcades, it saw a limited release in America, and would not see a console release until the Sonic Gems Collection for the PlayStation 2 and GameCube.

The story has Dr. Robotnik (Dr. Eggman in the Japanese version, as this was before America adapted the name as a nickname) has built the Death Egg II to conquer the world. Thankfully, Tails has a spaceship, the Lunar Fox ready, but it needs eight chaos emeralds to power (why there is an eighth Chaos Emerald in this game and not the others is beyond me), and shockingly, Sonic and Tails has one emerald, and six others, including Sonic's friends Knuckles and Amy, the bounty hunter Fang, and new characters Bark the Polar Bear and Bean the Duck, also have a Chaos Emerald. With the Lunar Fox being a one-seater, the eight have a fighting competition to decide who gets to go stop Robotnik's latest conquest.

In this fighting game, you choose between eight playable characters. The controls are simple, as you get three buttons: punch, kick, and barrier. Barrier is basically your block button, only instead of blocking, your character activates a barrier that is limited by a meter on the bottom screen. When that meter expires, you can no longer defend yourself the rest of the round, as the barrier will break, meaning you need to be careful not to be on defense too much. Also, the characters have their own combos and special moves (Amy can use her hammer to flatten enemies in cartoony style, Bean is capable of using bombs, Fang has his cork guns, etc.)

However, the game suffers from unstable difficulty spikes, as the game gets hard at some points (Bark is where it got hard for me). Metal Sonic is a pain to try and beat, but the final battle with Dr. Robotnik is bad because if you lose, it's game over. No continuing, you go back to the start if you want to try again. This is an obscure title, but not one of the best.

Dynomutt Dog Wonder

Scooby-Doo Meets Batman In A Short-Lived, Yet Well-Remembered Series
In the town of Big City, Radley Crown (voiced by the late Gary Owens) is a millionaire socialite and art dealer, however, he lives a secret double life, as when the Falcon Flash is heard, Radley suits up to become Big City's superhero, the Blue Falcon. However, the real star of the show is Dynomutt (voiced by Frank Welker), Radley's pet dog who is also mechanical and able to use gadgets, serves as his sidekick, Dog Wonder. However, unlike Robin, Dynomutt / Dog Wonder is prone to malfunction, as it seems he was not built correctly (as the show never gave us an origin to Dynomutt, and how he and Blue Falcon became a duo, and before you ask, Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated is an alternate universe), which leads to some hilarious moments when the duo tries to save Big City from criminals that serve as the villain of the day.

Basically, this series is Scooby-Doo mixed with Batman. The episodes originally aired as part of the Scooby-Doo/Dynomutt Hour, where it was packaged alongside The Scooby-Doo Show, as well as Scooby's All-Star Laff-A-Lympics, before the episode, which were two-parters in the vein of the 1960's Batman series, were combined into full episodes when the episodes were used for a show. Basically, Dynomutt is the comic relief of the show while Blue Falcon serves as the straight man of the duo (usually getting angry when Dynomutt captures him in one of his gadgets alongside the villains). The villain roster serves as a villain-of-the-day variant of Scooby-Doo's monster of the day, with faces like Lowbrow, a caveman-like criminal, The Queen Hornet, a bee-themed supervillain, and The Red Vulture, who can be seen as the evil counterpart of the Blue Falcon. Basically, all but one episode is focused on one villain (the one episode, The Injustice League of America, is the only episode allowing villains from past episode to return and team up), and three episodes actually have our heroes teaming up with Scooby and the gang. The show only lasted twenty episodes, but the legacy of Blue Falcon and Dog Wonder has lived on, as the duo would make guest appearances in other cartoons, and even have a major role in Scoob (although the Blue Falcon mantle in that film would be passed to Radley's son), and it was even partially inspired the creation of classic 1980' cartoon Inspector Gadget.

Green Lantern: Beware My Power

Beware My Power? More Like Beware My Movie
Green Lantern: Beware My Power is a movie set in the same new universe started by Superman: Man of Tomorrow, and was continued in other films like Batman: The Long Halloween.

In this movie, John Stewart (voiced by Aldis Hodge, who will also play Hawkman in the upcoming Black Adam movie releasing in October) is a former marine with PTSD. However, seeing a spaceship crash on his way, he sees a guardian of Oa, and a ring scans him and makes him the newest member of the Green Lantern Corps. The ring, which demand John call it Ring, takes him to the Justice League Watchtower, who learns the ring was formerly Hal Jordan's, causing suspicion in members Martian Manhunter, Vixen, and Green Arrow. Now, John and Green Arrow are tasked with going to Oa, as Martian Manhunter believes John receiving Hal's ring has something to do with an emergency they are watching, they are joined by Hawkgirl, a Thanagarian warrior who seeks vengeance against those who killed millions of her species, causing the three to team up to find who is responsible behind the murder of both the Green Lanterns and Hawkgirl's people, facing villains like SInestro and John learning of his new powers.

Okay, after seeing this movie on Blu-Ray, it's not the worst, but it's not good either. While it is a good change to have a Green Lantern movie with John Stewart (past movies with the hero were about Hal Jordan), the plot is not at all good, as it tries to fit in too much backstory plot into it (John's PTSD kicking in, Hawkgirl's backstory, etc). I do like how John is portrayed as a former Marine with PTSD after seeing his squad gunned down in a conflict, and even going as far as to use characters like Adam Strange and the Sinestro Corps, but sadly, they are bogged down by horrible writing (although the voice acting is okay), and the finale is the absolute worst, with a twist about a certain hero I won't spoil. Beware My Power? I say Beware This Movie and stick to Green Lantern: First Flight and the old Justice League cartoon with John Stewart.

Bugs Bunny Builders

New Looney Tunes Preschool Show Keeps It Looney
When I saw Baby Looney Tunes, which was Warner Bros.'s first attempt at marketing Bugs Bunny and others to a preschool audience, I hated it for one main reason: it took the Looney out of the Looney Tunes. Sure, slapstick violence is a no-no for the show, but they could have found ways to keep the Looney in without it. Now, we have Bugs Bunny Builders, a preschool that sounds like Bugs Bunny is muscling in on Bob the Builder's territory, but it succeeds on one thing: being educational and keeping the Looney.

This show, airing on Cartoon Network's Cartoonito block as well as HBO Max, says the show teaches imagination and planning and building skills, and it shows. Bugs Bunny leads a team of Looney Builders with Daffy, Porky, Tweety, and Lola, who get jobs to help at Looneyburg. Immediately, the first episode, Splash Zone, proves that Bugs Bunny Builders has kept the Looney aspect, even if it is toned down (Daffy Duck does a lot of the Looney stuff, which makes him the humor of the show, while other Looney Tunes like Foghorn Leghorn, the Tasmanian Devil, and even the Roadrunner make appearances). And best of all, this show proves the Looney element can work without resorting to slapstick violence.

But while it is Looney, the episodes actually teach some good morals, as each episode has one of the Builders getting into a situation and learning a lesson, and the crew always come up with the most imaginative ways to get the job done. This is a great series and a good way to introduce the little ones to these legendary cartoon characters without exposing them to the usual violence.

Spider-Man Strikes Back

Good If You Remember This Film Is Actually Two Episodes Of The 1977 Show
I have seen a lot of bad reviews for this, but I saw it, and like it. Yeah, Spider-Man strikes back looks low budget, but here's the thing: this "movie" is actually the two-part series premiere of the 1977 series, The Deadly Dust, edited into a movie, so that is why it's so low budget.

After being framed for the theft of a nuclear bomb, made by three students at New York State University, which they made by stealing plutonium in order to do a project on the dangers of nuclear power. Unfortunatly, this news comes to Mr. White, a Swiss arms dealer, who comes to New York City seeking to take the bomb for a ransom plot. Now Spidey has to stop the madman from going through with his plot to detonate the bomb if he is not given one billion dollars, in a mission that takes the web head to Los Angeles.

This is a great movie. Yeah, it's not as good as the Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies as well as the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but you have to remember this was made from two episodes of a TV show, made on a TV show budget. Nicholas Hammond deserves the same respect that Tobey, Andrew, and Tom get for playing the wall crawler, as he does a good job separating Peter Parker and Spider-Man, and Robert Alda does a good job as the villainous Mr. White.

Rockman X

Starting A New Generation For The Blue Bomber
Mega Man X is a notable entry as it marks the Mega Man series' debut on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (or Super Famicom, as the console was called in Japan). However, as this was released in the same year as Mega Man 6, which would see release on the NES (which served as the Blue Bomber's farewell to the 8-bit console), Capcom decided to make the first Super NES Mega Man a spin-off set 100 years after the events of the classic Mega Man series. The result is Mega Man X, a game that would be so loved, it would become a series of its own spawning eight games as well as two GBC side games, an RPG, and even a mobile game that crosses over with other Mega Man series.

The game's story is represented in the instruction manual: Dr. Cain, an archeologist, finds Mega Man X, who is known as X for short, in the abandoned ruins of Dr. Light's lab. After being amazed that X has been given the ability to think and make his own decisions, Dr. Cain decides to replicate X's systems and makes the reploids. However, when some of them go maverick and harm humans, the Maverick Hunters are formed, with one reploid, Sigma, leading them. However, it would not be long until Sigma goes maverick and takes some of the Hunters with him, he has decided to declare humanity inferior, and wants all humans eradicated due to the species limiting the growth and potential of all reploids. X decides to join the Maverick Hunters, now led by Zero, out of guilt of what he has caused, joining the battle against Sigma and his forces.

This game follows the same gameplay as Mega Man 5 and 6, as it basically follows the same formula of going to the end of each stage and destroying the boss, with the eight bosses giving X a new weapon. With Mega Man X, Capcom decides to add some new features. The main feature is the upgrading of X's abilities through capsules hidden in four stages, where after meeting a hologram of Dr. Light, X can enter it and gain the upgrade, which not only changes his appearance (as the upgrade changes Mega Man's sprite to equip the armor piece the upgrade is associated with), but grants new abilities like dashing, reducing damage, and even charging boss weapons. Also, hidden in the stages are heart tanks, which increase X's energy bar, allowing him more health, and sub tanks hidden in four of the stages, which are the game's replacement for E-Tanks, only instead of disappearing, they are kept, as they can be refilled by picking up energy restoring items gotten by destroying enemies or finding them when X's energy is full, and you no longer need to have a weapon equipped to restore its energy. While it helps, it does make the game learn more on the easy side (in fact, the game can be played without collecting all but the legs upgrade, which is always mandatory due to it being in the middle of Chill Penguin's stage, which can make the game harder).

However, it still has the gameplay Mega Man is known for, and the characters and music are great (Spark Mandrill's theme is rocking).

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