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The Thanksgiving That Almost Wasn't

Neat Thanksgiving Special
In this special, made by Hanna-Barbera, a squirrel father, whose family is about to have Thanksgiving dinner, tells his son the story of his great, great grandfather, Jeremy Squirrel, who lived back when the pilgrims and Indians are about to have the first Thanksgiving, which is in danger of not happening when two boys, Johnny Cook, a pilgrim, and Little Bear, an indian, get lost in the forest.

This is an interesting special, as it's a fictional re-telling of the first Thanksgiving. It has the great charm Hanna-Barbera is known to put in its cartoons, and the story and voice acting are good.

Dino Squad

A Mixed Bag Of Action And Eviromental Awareness
One of two final shows made by DiC before they were bought out by Cookie Jar (with their shows owned today by Wildbrain), Dino Squad is about five teens whose DNA gets altered when they save a dog from drowning, as the water got contaminated with primordial ooze dumped by Victor Veloci, the head of Raptor Dyne who is secretly a velociraptor who survived the event that made the dinosaurs extincy and iscapable of taking human form who plots to revert the planet back to the stone age. Because of this, the five teens, Max, Caruso, Fiona, Rodger, and Buzz soon find they can transform into dinosaurs. Assisted by their science teacher Ms. Moynihan, who is also a velociraptor, the teens for the DIno Squad in order to stop Veloci's plot,

Basically, this series is an attempt at recreating the action cartoons of the 80's and 90's. The show feels like it could have a toyline with all the characters and vehicles, and the show is basically like Captain Planet, as it also tries to educate about dangers to the environment like pollution (Victor Velosi can be seen as the show's Looten Plunder) and even goes as far as to have an animal mascot. However, the show is also a mixed bag, as the writing is hit or miss and the whole idea sound hokey.

Disney Sing-Along-Songs: Very Merry Christmas Songs

A Very Merry Treat For All Ages
Basically, if you are familiar with Disney's Sing Along Songs video line, this is basically the Christmas special, as the video is almost a half hour of Christmas songs set to classic Disney cartoons (like Deck The Halls set to Pluto's Christmas Tree, Joy To The World to a segement from Fantasia, and Here Comes Santa Claus to footage of a Disney theme park parade).

Mega Man: Fully Charged

Different, But Good
Mega Man Fully Charged gets way too much hate. Basically a new universe, the series focuses on Aki Light, a robot boy who can transform into Mega Man with the aid of Mega Mini, a little robot inside him, to fight evil in Silicon City, from rouge robots to the evil Lord Obsidian, who is the secret identity of Sgt. Breaker Night, a veteran of Hard Wars alongside Dr. Light, who wants to destroy human-robot relations.

Okay, as a longtime Mega Man fan, I admit this show has differences, but thankfully, like Pac-Man And The Ghostly Adventures and Sonic Boom before it, Mega Man Fully Charged is an alternate universe aimed at kids. The episodes are mostly based on problems Aki / Mega Man has (be it with life or a decision caused because of a side effect of scanning a Robot Master's schematics, as in this show, Mega Man not only gains a master's power, but also personality). Also, the show has nods to the games and some lore (the series makes use of 8-bit graphics for some scenes, and one minor character, Man Man, is based off of the Bad Box Art Mega Man).

The series starts off being comedic, but gets serious towards the end, and the Robot Master selection is impressive, as well as the voice cast and animation. It's a shame Cartoon Network mishandled this show to the point of it only lasting one season, as the network put it on early morning hours (when the target audience are still asleep) and giving no advertising (also, an online interview there were creative differences between Dentsu Entertainment and DHX Media, known today as WildBrain, over how a second season would be done). While this may not be the ideal cartoon for longtime Mega Man fans, kids will like it.

Legends of the Hidden Temple

Okay, But Some Of Its Changes Make It Pale In Comparison To The Original
Legends Of The Hidden Temple is a classic kids game show from my childhood, and I was shocked when I heard they brought it back on The CW. And while it's okay, it does some changes that make it a shadow its former self.

Hosted by Cristela Alonzo (although I have heard Kirk Fogg may be taking over later on), the teams are now made up of two adults (be it siblings or best friends), and the starting roster is trimmed down to four (meaning two of the six teams are unused in an episode), and the set is outdoors with no crowd (no doubt due to COVID restrictions), which makes the reboot feel like it has an element of long-running realty competition Survivor mixed in. You can tell this reboot is aimed more at adults as the legends do get dark (the first episode's treasure, the lucky losing ball of the hero twins, is a story of twin Mayan brothers seeking revenge on two underworld demons who murdered their father), but it keeps the core gameplay, only changed to accommodate the adult contestants and reduced teams (as only three go to the Steps of Knowledge, and the grand prize is $25,000 instead of a trip to Space Camp).

However, the way it's done is a major problem. During the competition, the show sometimes adds in interviews with the team in the middle of them, which gets in the way of the action and adds to the Survivor feel this reboot seems to be aiming for. Also, the Temple Games offers full pendants of life, with the first team getting two moving on to the Temple Run, which can make the run boring as it eliminates instant losses (that, and the Temple Run are interrupted by a commercial break). However, it has some pluses. Dee Bradley Baker returns as the voice of Olmec, Cristela does a good job hosting (as she does not rely on sass and being stereotypical to do her job), and the set is greater and grander given its outdoor setting. Basically, this show is meant to be nothing more than to appeal to nostalgia, and hopefully, when the pandemic ends, the show can fix and improve its problems.


Not Faithful To The Game It's Based On
Injustice is a neat fighting game that showed a world where Superman became an evil dictator leading a Regime and going into war with Batman and his Insurgency. When I heard of this film, I was excited, especially since this would be R-rated (and thus allow things DC Comics would not allow Netherealm Studios to do), I am disappointed at the final result.

The characters all have different voice actors from games, is one of the few good things, as it has a good cast, but the writing is horrible. While the opening moments are almost true to the game, the the film strays too far from the source material, as certain characters who are key to the game's story end up being killed or choose different allegiances. Also, the movie feels like a rush job, clocking in at 71 minutes, which means some events had to be cut. I recommend playing the game instead of watching this failed adaptation.

Trick or Treat

Neat Old Time Halloween Short
On Halloween night, a witch is seen getting into the Halloween spirit, scaring things, but is scared of a jack-o-lantern. Hiding, she observes Huey, Dewey, and Louie, in costume, trick-or-treating. However, the house they go to is their Uncle Donald's, who decides to hoard all the candy he has for himself and play mean tricks on his own nephews, like giving them firecrackers and pouring water on the poor lads (and this was back when kids watching these short cartoon knew better than to do the slapstick they see on them). Thankfully, the witch, Hazel, feels bad about what she witnessed and meets the three ducklings and happy to see they believe in witches, befriends them and decides to help them get back at their uncle, as Hazel and the three team up to pull the greatest trick on Donald.

This is a neat classic Donald Duck cartoon. This is one of the few that actually has the witch as the hero instead of a bad guy like most literature and media poses them as. Also, the short has a good song to go with it "Trick Or Treat For Halloween" which explains the moral the episode teaches about not being stingy, especially with trick-or-treaters, as if you are going to trick them, you better be prepared to be tricked back.

Catch! Teenieping

Pretty Cure Meets Pokémon
Another cartoon from South Korea, Catch! Tennieping is a magical girl anime like the Pretty Cure series, but mixes in the catch em all element from Pokémon. The series revolves around Romi, a princess from the Emotion Kingdom, who comes to Harmony Town to stop the Teeniping, mischievous creatures who can alter people's emotions, usually causing havoc as a result. Together with her Teeniping, Heartspring, Romi transforms to capture them.

Basically, the characters looks like characters from Miraculous Ladybug, but that is not a problem. The various Teeniping are varied, and the stories are good. The bad things are the English dub does not match character lip sync at times, and there is no major villain or bumbling duo or trio trying to capture the Teeniping for evil purposes.

Gekijouban Poketto monsutâ: koko

Pokemon's Take On The Tale Of Tarzan
Ten years ago, a mythical Pokémon known as a Zarude finds a baby boy abandoned in the forest of Okoya, which is near Lilliput Town, and leaves his tribe to raise him and find his birth parents, naming him Koko. In the present day, Koko is a feral boy who lives in the jungle, having nicknamed his caretaker Dada, as the two would have a fateful encounter with Ash and Pikachu, and the four are forced to team up with an evil doctor attacks the Great Tree.

Yeah, this Pokémon movie is mostly inspired by Tarzan, but it manages to be its own thing as well. While it does deal with a human raised by a ape (that is, the ape being a Zarude, a new Pokémon introduced in this movie and added to the games as a mythical, which are only given out during certain events), it has plenty of heart-warming moments, as well as action, and a good moral about unity. The characters are all done well, and the villain is the best of the new characters. If you are a Pokemaniac or have kids, this one is worth checking out.

Henkei Shoujo

Odd Little Anime
If you ever wondered what would happen if the Transformers came to Earth after drinking a few Energon cubes too many and scanned alternate forms under the influence, this anime is the answer. From a girl who turns into a car after drinking gasoline (complete with numerous shots), to one who turns into a multi-armed robot that helps cook, this is one of those anime that is so odd and wierd, and yet, makes us wonder how it could fit into the Transformers mythos.

Fushigi na Melmo

Messed Up Anime
Wow, hearing about this and seeing an episode, this is pretty messed up. The anime is basically about age progression and regression, as the main character, Melmo, is giving magical candies by her mother, who was killed by a drunk driver, that allow whoever takes the blue candies to age up or the red candies to age down. Soon, things get messed up as she pretends to be the deceased mother, which is messed up considering this anime was meant to be about puberty. Also, there are other fetishes too messed up to post. I do not recommend this for anyone, and to think, this is from the same man who gave the world Astro Boy and Kimba The White Lion.

Massive Monster Mayhem

A Good Game Show Ended Too Soon
Massive Monster Mayhem is a neat game show. In the first twenty episodes, three kids compete against each other to take on one Master Mayhem's monsters. To do that, they must go through two events, The Megalator, which is an obstacle course where the slowest contestant is eliminated, and the Mega Duel, where the remaining two players go head to head in a battle with weapons, and are sent to different planets to perform different , and tasks, like smashing egg sacks to find power pods or one with the most points goes on to the Mashdown, where they face one of the Monster Superstars sent by the show's main antagonist, Master Mayhem, which range from RoBro, a robot who acts like a jock, Teensy, a Tri-Terror-Tops who is the star of his own children's show, to Me-Ouch, a fierce Laser-Toothed Ty-grrrl. Victory awards a trophy alongside the cash, while defeat dooms the Earth, only to spare it as the hero agrees to sacrifice himself to the Chamber of Doom as part of Master Mayhem's agreement with the Intergalactic Battle Alliance, but still keeps the cash he or she won.

IMHO, this is a neat game show for kids that ended way too soon. In between each events, we get to see some skits of Master Mayhem doing comical stuff with his Monster Superstars, and the co-hosts actually give funny commentary. The first twenty episodes are the ones to watch, as the final two episodes are highlight episodes, showing the best of the first twenty episodes, and ending with a Mashdown between two of Master Mayhem's Monster Superstars.

Super Zach

Neat Superhero Cartoon For Younger Kids
Super Zach (or Little Heroes Super Z) is a neat little South Korean cartoon for little kids. Zach is a little blue bear who lives in Storia, a town inhabited by anthropomorphic animals and even fairy tale characters, but when trouble arises, he transforms into Power Zach, a little superhero whose mom and dad are also superheroes. He is joined by his two friends Ron and Viki (who in the second season, would gain the power to become Flash Ron and Wonder Viki). When in a pinch fighting the evil fox Dr. Leo and his chicken henchmen, Super Zach's mother makes a meal to give him "Super Yummy Power" to escape his predicament and save the day.

This is a neat cartoon for kids. The episode follow a formula: Zach is normal and faces a dilemma, Dr. Leo launches a plan, Zach transforms into Power Zach to try and stop Dr. Leo, but gets into a situation, his mom makes a meal sprinkled in Super Yummy Energy and sends it, Zach eats it and gains a different power that gets him out of his situation and save the day, the dilemma at the start is resolved. Each episode features a different food, which adds some variety, and a good moral, this is a good cartoon for younger kids getting into superheroes.

Street Fighter

Rocky Start For What Would Be A Legendary Series
The Street Fighter series is one of the longest running video game series known to all gamers, but it had a rocky start with this first entry. In this entry, players assume the role of Ryu (or Ken if they are Player 2) as they go through five countries facing ten opponents, from one-time appearance fighters like the ninja Geki and the boxer Mike, to characters who would return in later games like Birdie, Gen, and the game's final boss, Sagat.

Like I said, this game is a rocky start to the series. The difficulty is very unforgiving, as the computer will hit you with attacks that can drain most of your life bar or outright knock you out in a single hit. Also, controls are a bit iffy, as they can be delayed (especially if you got hit), and while the game does have special moves like the Hadoken and Shoryuken, they can be hard to pull off due to the delayed input. While this game is not a good one, it would spawn a sequel that would fix these problems and make the series well known (as well as put fighting games into the spotlight).

The Princess Bride

A Grand Fantasy Film
The Princess Bride is a grand movie. A sick boy (played by Fred Savage is told a story by his grandfather (played by Peter Falk) about a farmboy named Wesley (played by. Cary Elwes), who became a pirate after his ship is attacked, as he goes on a quest to reunite with his childhood love, Princess Buttercup (played by Robin Wright).

This is one of the greatest films of the 1980's. The story is a great fantasy tale told by a grandfather, and has some memorable characters, like Inigo Montoya (played by Mandy Patrikin) and Fezzik (played by professional wrestling legend Andre The Giant). This is a cult classic that must be seen.

Muppets Haunted Mansion

A Good Fright For All Ages
Gonzo and Pepe are on their way to the Haunted Mansion to take a Halloween Challenge for a 100th anniversary of the disappearance The Great MacGuffin, a magician who vanished there. However, what they thought was a party soon turns into a night of horror, as the two must face their fears in the mansion, with failure resulting in the two becoming the mansion's newest ghosts.

This is a neat Halloween special. The Muppets are at their best, as they play roles as some of the ghosts, and some scenes actually pay homage to some of the skits from The Muppet Show. Also, the movie gets some good actors to appear, like Will Arnett,John Stamos, and even Yvette Nicole Brown and Taraji P. Henson. Also, the movie does good work with the special effects and CGI, but if I have to pick a flaw, one of them is that the jokes can be hit or miss.

Garfield in Disguise

Awesome Halloween Special
After Garfield gets a ride awakening from Binky The Clown, but turns him back on when he hears him saying about getting a lot of candy, he decides to do it, even going as far as to take Odie with him, as it would mean two sacks, and two sacks mean more candy. Dressing as pirates, the two go out on the town for sweets, but soon, their night turns spooky as they take a boat across the river, only to end up in a haunted house, where ghost pirates return for a treasure they hid in the house one hundred years ago.

This is a neat special. With a balance of humor and horror, and plenty of songs (some sung by Lorenzo Music himself) Garfield In Disguise (a.k.a. Garfield's Halloween Adventure) is a neat Halloween special for all ages.

Nickelodeon Arcade

Awesome Game Show From My Childhood
Nickelodeon Arcade (or Nick Arcade) is another awesome game show from my childhood. Hosted by Phil Moore, this video game-themed game show pits two teams of two kids against each other to see who will go into the Video Zone to take on one of three Video Game Wizards (Merlock,Scorchia, or Mongo). To do that, they go through two rounds of controlling Mikey The Video Adventurer, which makes up most of the game, as each episode has Mikey in a different scenario, with a different enemy to match the theme (like smooch aliens for space scenarios, a hammerhead shark for the underwater scenarios, and so forth).

This was advanced for its time. The show not only had original games for the Face-Off starting each round (although most of them are Pong clones), the Mikey rounds are interesting, especially the Video Challenges, which has the contestants play actual video games from consoles at the time to beat a challenge, with points wagered won or lost depending on the outcome (some of the games used would be in the beta stages, like Sonic The Hedgehog). The Video Zone is amazing, as it has the contestants in a video game (while they are in a greenscreen room, we can see the result, as humans are put inside a video game).

Supermarket Sweep

Leslie Jones Ruins A Classic
Supermarket Sweep is a classic game show I watched as a kid, and seeing this reboot, I am shocked at how this update went. Leslie Jones does hosting duties for this incarnation, and sadly, she suffers from having too much sass. While I get she is a comedian, but I've seen comedians that did a better job hosting game shows by not resorting to overloading on sass. Also, they change the rules around, as it's only one round before the big sweep, a member of all three teams compete in the mini-sweep, and the reboot uses some actors for roles (like a flower clerk, a security guard, and a cashier), which makes for some horrible comedic moments. Best to stick with reruns of the original.

Dengeki oshioki musume Gôtaman: Gôtaman tanjôhen

Messed Up Magical Girl Anime
Yeah, I took the time to watch this, and this is very messed up. The plot of this anime is Mari Amachi, a Christian girl, transfers to the Perfect Religion Academy, making friends with Saori Minami, who is Hindu. However, the school is run by an evil cult called Black Buddha, which Mari fights by transforming into Guataman, a magical heroine whose strength comes from a sumo belt gifted by Buddha.

Yeah, this is pretty much messed up, as the plot is nonsense, and the main heroine attacks using her rear end (hence the anime title). Also, the various villains go from weird (like a scary newspaper boy) to blatant parodies (like a sumo wrestler in Darth Vader's helmet).

The Not Too Late Show with Elmo

A Talk Show For Kids That Is Educational
After seeing this, I have to give it a good review, as it still has the Sesame Street magic. This is a sort of talk show Elmo hosts before bed (hence the title The Not Too Late Show), and like every other talk show, it has special guests like Jimmy Fallon, John Oliver, heck, one episode even has Batman as a guest. The show is full of hijinks, but it is educational, as each episode deals with a certain routine for bedtime, like brushing teeth, storytime, and potty time.

The Golden Child

A Nice Film Combining Comedy And Dark Fantasy
In the mountains of Tibet, a boy with mystical powers, The Golden Child, is kidnapped by. Sardo Numspa (played by Charles Dance, a demon who leads a cult of devil worshippers that attacks the temple the kid is in. A young woman, Kee Nang (played by Charlotte Lewis) looks for the chosen one to rescue the youth, and finds the hero in Los Angeles social worker Chandler Jarrell (played by Eddie Muphey), as he is helping the search for a missing girl. Although he does not take it seriously at first, after he finds the missing girl dead at a house with Tibetan graffiti, he soon joins Kee on a mission to rescue him.

This is a good underrated film that is a mix of comedy and dark fantasy. The story is very good, and the film has some neat special effects (like the dancing Pepsi can man and the transformations of Sardo), and Eddie Murphey proves he is still funny.

WCW vs. NWO: World Tour

Follow Up To WCW Vs. The World
WCW Vs, nWo World Tour is a wrestling game by THQ based on World Championship Wrestling. A semi-sequel to the Playstation-exclusive WCW Vs. The World, which was released in America eight months before this, WCW Vs. NWo World Tour shares the same gameplay mechanics: instead of a health meter, each wrestler has a spirit bar that increases or decreases depending on how well you play (i.e. Doing moves blocking or countering attacks and even taunting), and filling it to the point of it flashing special will allow you to do your wrestler's signature finisher (each wrestler has two, one for front grapples and the other for grappling from behind).

For the roster, WCW Vs nWo World Tour has some good wrestlers of the time like Sting, Ric Flair, Hollywood Hulk Hogan, The Giant, and even some fresh faces that didn't appear in WCW Vs. The World, like Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and even Diamond Dallas Page and Glacier, who are two of the hidden characters. The roster is divided into four factions: World Championship Wrestling, New World Order, Dead Or Alive (not to be confused with the fighting game made by Tecmo Koei), and Independent Union (the latter two being actual wrestling promotions from Japan, which are renamed along with the wrestlers in them as a way to bypass copyright) alongside two other organizations that are unlocked by winning each organization's championships in both Heavyweight and Cruiserweight (all but IU also have tag team championships, but there is no Super Tag Team organization). The controls are revolutionary, as grapples and strikes strength are determined by tapping or holding a button, and there are plenty of game modes, including league and even tournament.

Straight Outta Nowhere: Scooby-Doo! Meets Courage the Cowardly Dog

A Grand Crossover That Gets It Right
Scooby Doo is no stranger when it comes to crossovers. From The New Scooby Doo Movies to Scooby Doo and Guess Who?, the Great Dane and his pals that make up Mystery Inc. Have a long history of teaming with famous celebrities and fictional characters. Be it the dynamic duo of Batman and Robin, or the other duo of Blue Falcon and Dynomutt, Dog Wonder, Mystery Inc. Has met a lot of famous faces. But Straight Out Of Nowhere: Scooby-Doo Meets Courage The Cowardly Dog is a grand event, as Scooby-Doo teams up with Cartoon Network's other dog that deals with monsters and the supernatural. And while the two have appeared together before in many Cartoon Network bumpers (some of them done for a Halloween marathon back in 2000), this movie marks the first (and possibly only) time the two have teamed up for an actual movie.

The plot for this movie is after busting a scary clown robbing a bank, Scooby hears something putting him into a trance while Velma is explaining the motives of the villain. As Mystery Inc gives chase, Scooby heads into the middle of nowhere, which places him in from of the Bagge residence, where Courage hears the same noise, and explaining it Eustace, is scared out of the house when the farmer uses the mask to scare him as usual. The two become fast friends, and Mystery Inc arrives just as they are almost attacked by giant cicadas. Now, Mystery Inc teams with Courage and his family to solve this mystery in a place where creepy stuff happens at a daily basis.

This is an awesome movie. Marty Grabstein and Thea White to reprise their roles as Courage and Muriel Bagge (the latter being the last time we will hear her, as Thea passed away before the film's release). Eustace is voiced by Jeff Bergman, who has voiced the character in Cartoon Network promos. Immediately, this adds some authenticity to the movie, and Jeff does a good job voicing Eustace (who has had a long history of VAs who have long passed), and the characters are still as we remember them (Eustace being a grump who is mean to Courage and hates visitors, and Muriel being the kinder Bagge who is not afraid to scold or even punish her husband when he scares or mistreats Courage).

Now, the main thing I was worried about when I saw the trailer was how this going to be done. As we all know, Scooby-Doo's DTV continuity has been changed a lot to take it back to the franchise's roots of teenage sleuths and their dog busting crooks dressing up as various monsters to cover their tracks. Courage The Cowardly Dog is a different breed, as it has Courage dealing with real supernatural threats to protect Muriel (and Eustace, although he ends up getting the worst of the ordeal at the end of the episode). As a result, I was afraid Warner Bros. Could pull something like in Curse of The 13th Ghost and Return To Zombie Island and call the events fake. But thanfully, not so. Courage can still do cartoon shapeshifting when explaining monsters. In fact, this movie delve deep into the lore of Courage and reveals why Courage keeps facing these weird monsters. That way, the movie respects what Courage the Cowardly Dog's lore and even expands upon it.

Other than that, this series has some good songs, and is even full of cameos from Courage's rogues gallery (with the opening credits even giving cameos to the various Scooby villains as well). This movie, in my book, goes down as one of the greatest crossovers of the year, if not of all time, as it is a good example of how to respect continuity, and a good tribute to the life and career of the late Thea White.

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

Good Cartoon For Younger He-Man Fans
In the world of Eternos, Adam is a boy who does remember he is a prince, being raised with the Tiger Tribe under the watchful eye of Cringer. However, his life changes when he meets Teela, a warrior witch who is on the run after stealing a sword from the palace on a job from Evelyn, and when the sorceress attacks the tribe, Adam saves Teela, using the sword to transform into He-Man, Now Adam, joined by Teela, Cringer, Krass, and Duncan, must protect Ethernos, as Adam's evil uncle, Keldor, awakens and now seeks the sword, which has the power of Greyskull.

Yeah, this series is a mixed bag, especially after Master Of The Universe: Revelation, which was released months earlier, has been negatively received by fans of the original cartoon it was aiming at. This reboot is not aimed at those fans, it's aimed at kids who are new to He-Man or are into action cartoons. Like She-Ra And The Princesses Of Power, this reboot decides to take its own liberties with rebooting He-Man, changing some characters (Krass is basically Ram Man, Orko is now a robot) and even the world. While that may alienate some longtime fans of He-Man, chances are younger kids would not mind. Plus, the voice cast has some well known actors, and the animation is fluid and characters are well designed, even if He-Man looks like his skipped leg day one too many times. This won't be the He-Man reboot for everyone, but younger fans will like this new take on a classic and even some older fans will find this better than MOTU: Revelation.

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