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Liu lang di qiu

A modern version of...
After watching this film I came across a film titled GORATH from Japan 1962? and TWE is a modern version of the latter in which a huge fiery planet is coming into the solar system heading for Earth and they use huge power plant thrusters to help push the Earth out of the way, right down to the images of the thrusters. You could almost call it a direct updated copy of GORATH. It was notable that in TWE there was no US involvement, only China, France and Russia unless I wasn't paying attention but it stood out as intentional and I will watch it again since the producers didn't care how quickly the subs went by and that made following the dialogue at the expense of video. I wish that someone in Asia would realize that when there's enough time to leave the translation up, to do so, we know the subs won't always match the mouth movement and don't care as long as we can put it all together. They could also find someone with a grasp of both languages so that we don't end up with weird results that end up with our brains trying to correct it since we know what they were trying to say. I realize that with Mandarin that language moves very quickly and there's not always enough time no matter what they do to get it without rewinding. Still this was a good movie even if it feels like we're being dropped into the middle of the story, which is why you should check out GORATH if you can find it.


What a trip!
Just stumbled on to this showing today on COMET channel on Dish and a first took it for a Japanese made show due to the level of animation but then audio obviously was English so I looked it up here. The detail of everything makes up for the puppets used with a few shots of actual human hands here and there for closeups, but realistic scenes with water in them, oceans to rain etc. makes for great quality animation of this type. Shades of Godzilla.

1,000,000 yen no Onnatachi

Excellent binge worthy show!
There are times when Netflix gets ahold of some really great tv shows and their foreign selections rarely disappoint. This one will pull you in from the start if you just give it a moment. Intriguing from the start as five women just show up at a frustrated writers home each bringing with them a million yen for him. At first he's taken aback at this wondering why this is happening but for whatever reasons just accepts the situation, what man wouldn't. He's expected to cook and care for them which he does as he's also preoccupied with his attempts at whatever it is he's writing to question why, all he has to go on is what a friend of his told him he has to do he's looking out for him and thinks this is what he needs in order to help him complete his tale since he's stuck, not having been able to get past even a title. Nice friend to have! Anyway, give it a shot, the 12 episodes are only about 28 minutes long and imo the shorter most of these shows are in terms of how many episodes and the length of each with the rare exception here and there, means they'll get to the heart of the matter without branching off in needless directions while the writers figure out how to bring to a close the show. It's just something I've noticed in that they feel like pilot eps that get a good reaction from viewers but then the producers need time to finish them hence the unneeded storylines or they're just milking it for all it's worth and rarely are any of these shows worth it, they don't know when to quit, that also being the problem with second seasons, there's only so far you can take something before it's pointless but this one isn't one of those. So dive in and enjoy the show!

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