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Pineapple Express

Non Stop Laughs
It's difficult to critique a good comedy. Everyone has a different sense of humor. I can say that the entire crowd at the theater laughed almost non stop. With that said, I feel safe to say that this is an incredibly funny movie.

Movie previews typically show all of the most humorous scenes, which does tend to spoil the film. Surprisingly, there were many more scenes to roll in stitches over. It wasn't just a slapstick comedy. It also had a storyline that wasn't completely ridiculous. I would even climb out on a limb and say it had pretty good character development. I would have to say it was a very well made comedy.

Seth Rogen absolutely shined in this movie. It was his normal brand of humor, but he was complimented well by James Franco. It was nice to see them in something together (Knocked up didn't count, and it's been a while since Freaks and Geeks). I heard James Franco claimed he doesn't smoke weed, but I think he acted the stoner part all too well. Not to spoil, but Danny McBride was a nice addition to the team. You probably remember him from Hot Rod.

In short, this is a great movie. I laughed, then cried from laughing, then laughed even harder. If you like weed jokes, gay jokes, or just plain wrong jokes, then this movie is for you. Definitely a theater worthy film. Go see this movie!

The Dark Knight

Why did the movie have to end?
I caught this film at an evening show and left the theater so excited I had trouble sleeping. From the very first scene I was captivated. The movie itself had a long running time, but I could not get enough. There were times that I thought the movie was going to end, but was treated with a little "but wait... there's more". In short, this was one of the best films I have ever had the fortune of watching.

In terms of acting, I was pleased to see Maggie Gyllenhaal in the role of Rachel Dawes. I felt more of a connection to the character than I had in the previous film. Gary Oldman, Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman re-prised their previous roles and, as always, delivered wonderful performances. Christian Bale delivered what was to be expected of him, and I was glad to not be let down in this sequel. Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent/Two-Face was surprisingly a really strong fit. He played both sides of the coin well, and I found myself empathetic to his situation as both the hero and the villain.

All others aside, Heath Ledger completely stole the show. My expectations were not only met, they were left in the rear view. I found him likable, disgusting, evil, insane, and so many other adjectives I think I need a dictionary and a couple of hours to look up every word that applies. After his performance, I can't imagine anybody else ever playing this character again.

This was a "Batman" movie and it felt as such. Batman Begins was Bruce Wayne becoming Batman. In this film it's Batman with a little Bruce Wayne sprinkled here and there. It came, we saw, it conquered. I will be going back to the theater to see this movie again.

In conclusion I can only really say great job to all involved in making this film, and someone please give Heath the Oscar!

Superman Returns

Good but not great
Like all others that were waiting for the new Superman movie to come out, I was definitely excited. The previews really had my hopes set high. I like the fact that the third and fourth installments were put aside so this movie wasn't plagued by those awful sequels. With that said, I was disappointed. I liked the movie, but I didn't love it. With the success of the TV show smallville, I guess I used that as a basis of comparison. Routh did an excellent job, it was like seeing Reeves younger and stronger. Spacey played an excellent Lex Luther as well. Bosworth did lose it for me as Lois, I just did not feel that she was Lois Lane. I think that she just cannot pull off that particular personality. Coming back around, it was definitely a good movie. What kept it from soaring was the length of the movie. It started out very fast paced, then it suddenly slowed down in the middle. Although it picked back up towards the end, I couldn't help but to check my watch to see when it would end. The special effects were well done, but my girlfriend did comment on some of the flying scenes looking off. I unfortunately guessed the movie's big surprise early on, so I lost the "no way" factor when they announced it. I recommend before seeing this movie that you lower your expectations. Though it will look great after watching the first two movies, see this during a matinée to save a couple bucks. In short it is a good movie, but not a great one. I hope the next movie picks up the slack a little because I still plan to give this franchise another chance.


It's a fun ride
It's very difficult to find a good action movie these days. Everyone is going in the wrong direction when creating action films. It's not like the old days of Commando or Rambo. This movie brings that era back just a little bit. Although it's not an acting masterpiece, it is a roller-coaster ride of action and fun surprises. VD is no James Bond but he is definitely a rough and tough action star. The special effects were great although some of the action was very unrealistic. I liked the gadgets used in the film, which is what makes if feel like a Bond movie. There was a moment in the film where I had a Fast and Furious flash back, but I let it slide. Vd is up right up there with Arnold and Stalone in my book of favorite cheesy action stars. The movie has it's repeat value, meaning I can watch it over and over again. If you're looking for great action ride, then this movie is it.


Great sequel, Great story
Like the first movie, the point of view seems to focus on Logan. I love that the story revolves around my favorite X-Men Character. I must admit that the first time I saw this film I wasn't very impressed. I did enjoy the special effects, but had hoped to see the Sentinels in this film. After watching the film a second time I rather enjoyed the flow of the story. This movie finds Wolverine starting to become more and more a part of the team. It does do a little background into the Weapon X program, but it really stands out by humanizing the characters that we all know as "super-heroes." I was also happy to see some of the characters get to shine by using their powers a little more than the first movie. I was very happy with this film. The X-Men series is proving to be one of the best of the comic book adaptations so far.


Pleasing adaption from the comic.
With the comic book hype growing each year, it is nice to see a story come to life without being cheesy or childish. This movie brings the X-Men universe to real life in a very real way. The story's heroes have their abilities yet never seem to exceed them. In the cartoon or the comics they always go toe to toe with tougher opponents and seem to be able to take more damage than they should. In the movie that isn't the case. I was very pleased to see them use their powers in a real environment, and it didn't seem fake to me. I like the story they chose to tell in this first installment. It did a good job with character development, but it didn't have all the characters I would have liked to see. Where's Gambit? Why is Rogue more like a Jubilee in regards to her relationship with Logan? Once I got past my disappointment I really enjoyed this movie. It is definitely worth watching over and over again.

Date Movie

Don't waste your time.
I was actually really excited to see this movie. I tried to watch the film with my girlfriend, we both have a very crude sense of humor. I must say it was not at all what I expected. I loved the cast, which is the reason for my initial excitement. I thought it was a very interesting concept. What I discovered is sappy date movies are not as funny to twist around as I had thought. I want to say I made it twenty minutes into the movie, but I wasn't looking at my watch. It's very rare I leave a movie, but that is exactly what I did. There were a few chuckles at first, but after the opening dance number it falls flat. The humor is crude, which is up my alley, but the movie is NOT funny. In short, don't waste your time. It's not worth the hour and half of your life.

X-Men: The Last Stand

Wow, what an ending!
I was fortunate enough to catch the 12:01am showing of X3. I must admit I had my concerns, but I was set at ease by this great movie. I had already set my desires on a specific story, but I found I still enjoyed the path it took. The direction this story goes is for the best. Great special effects mixed with a very involved story make for a wonderful film. The pace is set very quick yet the story doesn't suffer for it. It is missing a few characters I had hoped to see again, but it brings in some great new ones. There were quite a few surprises, which made the movie all the better. I loved this movie. I'm sure most people will agree when I say, It was worth seeing in the movie theater.

The Da Vinci Code

Well done Ron Howard!
I have the misfortune of not reading the book. I understand a lot of people that have first read this story will be upset. I have already read reviews of people that are upset. It seems the only REAL complaint is that the book is much better. As a person that has not had the privilege, I enjoyed the movie. It was never dull, and it was never insulting. The characters were well played, and the story was non offensive. It could have criticized the church but didn't. It was an incredibly interesting movie and I highly recommend it to all. The only complaint I have is that I had to sit in an uncomfortable movie theater seat for two and a half hours. Go see this movie. My advice to those who have read the book is to separate the two in your head. It would be an insult for a movie to replace a novel. Movies of books have and will always be highlights, or they will be just one short interpretation of the story itself. This is a great interpretation.

Silent Hill

Could have been worse.
I do not like going to the movie theater solely because a lot of movies are not worth it. Every time I go, I have to buy tickets for both myself and my better half. This movie looked as though it would either be very good or very bad. Fortunatelly it wasn't horrible, and I saw it during a matinée. Is is worth the matinée price but it pushes it's luck at an evening rate. I feel it rushed a little in the beginning. The mother was a little bit irrational. The story was a bit predictable at parts, and the it was missing that scare factor. I feel it wasn't too scary, too graphic, or jumpy at all. I found myself a little curious as to what happened in Silent Hill, so the story did more or less save it for me. The little girl did a great job, the mother was over-dramatic, and the father's role was played great. Don't expect to be scared, it's more like a murder mystery with demon's in it.

V for Vendetta

Not what I expected, but a great movie.
I just got home from seeing this movie in the theater. I do have to say it was not what I expected. However, it was a very well done movie. I expected a twisted plot, and i thought there would be a lot of action. It was very fast paced, yet the story unfolded slowly throughout the length of the film. The action scenes were used sparingly, which was a bit refreshing. The story was very heavy, and it did have a dreary sort of mood. I never felt sorry for "V" yet the other characters in the movie struck that sensitive nerve in me. All in all, this movie showed a realistic view of what has happened before in history, and shows what can happen again. The story is believable, the characters well portrayed, and the hero fits in this story well. It's worth the money at the box office. Do not expect a lot of action, but appreciate what is there. Go see this movie.


Fast paced and a lot of fun.
This is one of those surprisingly fun to watch movies. I was a little worried in the beginning due to some poor camera work, but I was quickly impressed by the great characters and smooth action. Although I was able to predict just about everything that was going to happen during the course of the film, it was still a joy to watch. There were some ooh's and awe's through some amazing maneuvers, and some intimate moments between man and machine. This movie is not just action, it actually has an involved story. The storyline isn't as strong as it could have been, but it never loses you. You may find yourself anxious to see what happens next. Definitely worth a look, check out this fun movie.

October Sky

Better late than never! GO SEE THIS FILM
I have recently seen this movie due to Jake's recent success with Brokeback Mountain. I figured I would see the movies that I missed. I had no expectations going into the film so was astounded that I had missed this movie at all. It's a gripping father and son tale, and it is also an underdog story. I even shed a tear at the finale of this wonderful tale. This movie appeals to all ages. The only reason I give it a 9 out of 10 is that it slows down a little in the middle, but it comes back strong in the end. The acting was great, the story was magnificent, and the cinematography was captivating given the setting of the film. GO SEE THIS MOVIE! Rent it, buy it, watch it, LOVE IT! I know I did!

Alone in the Dark

Disappointment, at best!
Who would have thought that such a horrible movie could have had such a large budget. I thought people read scripts and approved budgets before making movies. I am assuming, after seeing this film, that I was wrong. The need a surgeon general's warning on this movie "may waste a couple hours of your life."

I had high hopes going into this film but was thoroughly disappointed. This movie is filled with bad acting, mediocre special effects and story so uninteresting that it might as well have been written by a dead person. I like "B" movies, I really enjoy them, but I did not enjoy this film.

My advice is wait for cable so you always have the option of changing the channel.


Not good, not good at all.
One word sums up this movie. HORRIBLE.

Bad editing has made an entourage of great actors look stupid. It did not come together as a whole, it was a bunch of scenes pieced together in the worst possible way. I had trouble watching this entire movie, but curiosity got the better of me. I liked the video game, so I treated this movie like a video game and it helped a little. You can tell the actors gave their all, but this is a prime example of how post production can go awry. I hope they don't attempt to make a sequel, as they normally do with garbage.

In short, if you like the video game you'll hate the movie. Don't watch this movie at all. If for some reason curiosity gets the better of you, then don't say you weren't warned.

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