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I wish I could rate this series by each season! Here's my assessment in a nutshell.

Season 1: BRILLIANT! Season 2: Even BETTER! Season 3: Seriously?! (Rolling my eyes)

The Killing

Location, Location, Location
PET PEEVE: Filming in Vancouver, BC and trying to pass it off as Seattle. The city of Seattle plays a crucial character role in this series. The only problem is that, besides the aerial shots (which are very nice, BTW) nothing was filmed in Seattle. Even some of the effects and dialogue references are inaccurate. For example, one of the characters chides the Sarah Linden character for frequenting the drive-thru at DelTaco too often. I don't think there's a DelTaco in the entire state of Washington, let alone Seattle. I know, it's a minor detail, but it's still annoying. And OMG, the fake rain! Seriously? Folks, it rarely rains this intensely in Seattle (or Vancouver, for that matter.) Yes, it's steady and relentless but it's not a constant deluge.

I guess the point of submitting this review is to say that, as a resident of Seattle, it's frustrating, annoying and ultimately distracting to see this happening yet again. It was so distracting for me in this case that I found it impossible to pay attention to the story line or even take it seriously. Suspension of disbelief is critical to enjoying entertainment but, film and television producers must make a convincing effort on the details for it to pass muster. This, unfortunately, didn't work for me here.

Tin Star

A masterpiece destined to be a classic!
I'm not surprised to see all the shade thrown at this work of genius. Most of the negative reviewers (as well as the general television viewing public) are likely all too used to feeding on the typical Hollywood-provided pablum featuring tidy, satisfying endings all wrapped up with a pretty bow. Watching this series requires both intelligence and imagination (and an attention span longer that of a gnat). The characters are all very complex and brilliantly presented by top-notch talent (especially Tim Roth). The story is reminiscent of Coen brothers' films or maybe even those of P.T. Anderson. I watched both seasons and was thoroughly entertained and intrigued. I hope there is a third season.

Jeepers Creepers 3

I must join the chorus of sane people with regard to this film. It is disappointingly terrible; in every way.

If the money was not available to at least make it as good as the first two, it should not have been made at all.

I almost have to believe it's lameness was deliberate. I can think of no other explanation besides insanity.

The Bay

This is seriously AWFUL!
I got as far as episode 8 and I really should have followed my instinct and stopped about half way through the first one. Trust me, it does NOT get any better. The only redeeming quality is that the episodes are mercifully short.


I got about a half an hour into this and couldn't take it any more. Poorly written, poorly directed, poorly edited. I agree with another reviewer; it's a mess.

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