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Jeepers Creepers 2

I am a huge fan of the first film. I checked the sequel out a couple days ago. I hoped it would be about what happened to Trish but I never really took the time to read the back of the case because I didn't think it would be what I saw. It turns out it completely does nothing. It was predictable(unlike the first, the first was NOT predictable at all) and it was badly written. The first one focused on a brother and a sister, this one goes no where with its jocks and cheerleaders because there are way too many characters in this one. It wasn't creepy like the first one and it didn't make any sense.

There was no truck, no church, and this time, he carried around the stupidest weapon ever. In the first he carried an axe and thats about it, here he carries around dumb weapons that he uses to pop the tires which is way out of character. The acting was bad, unlike the first, the first had superior acting. The creepers new sonic speed is just ridiculous and I didn't like how he was flying all the time and in the first he was always on his feet and only used his wings twice. His wings are also yellow. What the hell? His wings were NOT yellow in the first.

This movie should be remade into something about Trish but it is too late now because Gina Philips is 35 almost 36 years old now. I know she declined the roll for this, but I really think they should have made it about her. Gina was a strong character and we never really seen what happened too her.

I wouldn't recommend it if you haven't seen the original. If you have, I still don't recommend it. Even though I enjoyed it's stupidness, don't watch it.

Jeepers Creepers

Jeepers Creepers, one hell of a movie
Flash back to the old horror movies for a second; blood, guts everywhere, and stuff that would make you wanna grab your popcorn container and puke in it. Now look at Jeepers Creepers, you've got a ugly looking creature, a freaky church, a very creepy truck, and 2 collage students in the countryside, what more do you need? Please tell me.

Patricia 'Trish' Jenner and her younger brother, Darius 'Darry' Jenner are on their way home from collage for Spring Break. When all of a sudden a creepy truck with the license plate "BEATINGU" tries to ram them of the road. Creeped out, they have no idea what the hell the guy was trying to do. While driving again, they drive past an old Church and see a man in a trench coat and hat, the one who almost ran them off the road, dumping stuff down a pipe. To them it looks like bodies so Darry convinces Trish to go back and check it out. After Trish accidentally drops Darry down the pipe, he inspects the lair, only to find hundreds and hundreds of bodies everywhere, on the ground, most of them covering the walls. Scared, he doesn't talk for some time. So they head down to a diner to use a phone. When all of a sudden they get a phone call from psychic. I am not spoiling to rest.

This would have to be the best horror I have seen in about forever. It is more of a psychological thriller than a horror. It is a great action too. It won't have you scared out of your seat, but you will be creeped out by the creeper, the truck, the church, and everything else. The suspense was there and so was everything. With two good looking actors leading the film, where can you go wrong?!

X-Men: The Last Stand

This film was so amazing. I loved it to death. I only have watched it twice and it is already my favorite movie. I loved the emotion, the action, the plot, the actors, the characters, and the story was there. The surprise is; I liked it better than X2! I loved X2 but I love this one even more! One of my favorite parts was when Iceman and Pyro were fighting. Call me crazy but I almost cried. It is so hard to see two former best friends battle like that. Pyro looked even hotter in this movie with his blonde hair.

My other favorite part was the Golden Gate Bridge scene(it is in the trailer as well) When Magneto and the Brotherhood go across the bridge with Magneto using his power to move the cars. I know this sounds weird but I loved how Pyro looked! He just looked so serene and you could tell he really didn't like being there. I am glad he had a big role in this film, just as big as his in X2. The Jean Grey/Phoenix and Logan scenes were so beautiful and sad. I really hope there is a new X Men film. Keep Pyro and add Gambit! Oh and bring Nightcrawler back.

I really recommend this film. It was amazing. The special effects were brilliant! Especially when Pyro and Magneto were threw the flaming cars. AWESOME! If you want action, emotion, great acting, great special effects, and a fun watch, pick out X Men The Last Stand, you will love it. Grade: A+. This movie beats Superman Returns: Superman Returns gets an F!

Prank Patrol

Good show
This show is very entertaining. I love how creative they get with the pranks. Andy is funny sometimes. The kids are really good actors and they seem to really play their parts well and should get into acting. The pranks aren't stupid like; whoopee cushions, prank phone calls, they actually involve work and they are pretty realistic. I could get fooled by one of them. The only thing that bugs me is that sometimes during the scary pranks, the kids laugh or smile when they are screaming. I would suggest for them to take different shots of them not laughing.

This show is tons of fun and I love watching it and I think you will too. It is really good. Enjoy it.


Leave it to Wes to create a good scare...
This film would have to be the scariest movie I have ever seen. Great acting, highly original plot, and interesting characters. This film also had a great script. Not that lame, typical horror film. This film was unpredictably scary. My friends were covering their eyes, but I wasn't, even though this movie scared the crap out of me! Neve Cambell was surprisingly impressive and I loved her character, Sydney, so strong willed.

If you want a good Friday evening scare with friends, Scream is an excellent rental. I would make some popcorn but put it aside whenever the phone rings in the film because you might end up spilling popcorn all over the place.

Scream Report Card:

Acting A+ Script A+ Scares A+ Characters A+

Final Grade: A+


Fly Saphira Fly!
Saphira was a great dragon. Always did what she was told. This movie was good, but still disappointing. I liked the book but this wasn't the best. Speeler's acting was mediocre and it didn't exactly follow the book, but oh shoot, it was certainly entertaining. The special effects were not stunning like the BRILLIANT ones in X Men: The Last Stand but they were acceptable. Saphira looked pretty cool and Brom was such a good character. My favorite still is and always has been Murtagh because he was excellent. Mr. Hedlund did amazing and was the best actor, next to Jeremy. Siena was acceptable although she was a terrible fighter, but I think that was just Arya.

This film was certainly enjoyable in every way and you will more than likely love it. I didn't but I certainly liked watching it. Check this film out, it is certainly a winner.


Dark Oracle

Underrated, this is the best show on TV
This show has so much potential. It is really cool and interesting. I am attracted to Lance because he is just gorgeous and I love the episodes. They are really cool and enjoyable. Not a lot of people watch it because they think it is stupid when they haven't even seen the show before. It is really good.

I was watching TV one day and flicked on YTV. I wasn't sure what the show was but I checked it out. I saw Lance and I thought he was really cute. So I continued watching. It was very good and I became addicted to it. I can't stop watching it and I just love it. You will too. Check it out. Not just for Lance, but the episodes, the acting, and everything.

The Perfect Man

Better than expected... Way better!
To my dismay, this was a good movie! It was funny, incredibly cute, and super underrated! The critics described this movie to be: Perfectly dreadful, 1/10, and "How many blonds does it take to make a crappy movie; apparently 3! And I believed them! I was so naive at that time! But when I was in Newfoundland my aunt had burned this movie and my older sister wanted to watch it. I just said whatever and I thought I would fall asleep. I didn't. I really liked the character Amy because she was very funny and very pretty. This movie had a great plot! I loved this so much we both watched it again. Yes, it was great! This also had one great screenplay. I liked how Holly wanted to make her mom happy so she did that, which was wrong, but nice. I also liked the friendship between Holly and Amy. I could definitely see a life long friendship between the two because they really seem to get along and they became great friends. And I really thought Vanessa's(Amy's) fake New York accent was pretty convincing. She pulled off the role of a New Yorker, when she is really a Canadian.

The character Zoey was adorable and I just wanted to pick her up because she was so cute. I really liked Lenny too. He was pretty funny and he was somewhat annoying. If I was the mom, I wouldn't date that guy in a million years! I know that sounds shallow but it really isn't, Lenny is funny but is still a little bit of a cocky jerk. Even though he has nothing to be cocky about(except for his hot ride) I would probably go out with Ben(if I was like 30 years older!) because he is a nice man. I was impressed with this film and you will be too. Rent it, please.

Rumor Has It...

Rumour has it... is a good movie! Regardless of the dead wrong critics!
I am proud of my self for not listening to the critics, because this movie is good. Of course it wasn't very funny at times, but I don't think it tried to be. But I think a couple moments had me laughing. I think it is more of a drama than a comedy.

This movie is a little sad because of the fact that Aniston's character was cheating on Ruffalo's character, which wasn't very good. I didn't like Costner's character because he was making her cheat on her fiancé. I loved the part when her grandmother was insulting Costner's character because it was so funny and I was laughing. It was kind of confusing at times but it all tied together in the end. I liked the whole "The Graduate" idea because that was really clever. And I liked the beginning. Very interesting. Anways, good film, check it out.


The Hillz

Quite the movie we got here...
Now, listen. If you look at all of Paris's acting roles you will see, none of them got good ratings. But come on. Over half the people gave it a 1 because of Paris. Now button up and listen, she isn't a terrible actress. I didn't mind her in House of Wax, mainly because she didn't have a big role. But here, OUTSTANDING! Give yourself a pat on the back Paris. She was amazing as Heather Smith and I grew to enjoy watching her on screen. This movie is underrated. I mean a 2.4? More like maybe a 5.4. This movie was so good. Well acted, well written, and just GO Paris! Do your thing! I hate how much people hate her when she is not that bad, honestly.

Check this film out. It is really outstanding and I loved it!


Hate this movie, there is something wrong with you!
This is everything I like in a film. I watched this on TV, knowing it would be good, I was right. I talked to my friend Stephanie on the phone and we watched it together, we were both pleased! 1. The acting, I never knew Shawn Ashmore was so good. All I have seen him in was X Men, In A Heartbeat and a couple other things. Excellent acting. Even though Shawn and Terry's voices were nothing alike, GREAT MOVIE! 2. The story. Terry fox was a Canadian legend and hero and we remember him greatly. If only he was still here, he was a great person.

3. It shows how proud Canadians can be instead of all these Americans called us Canadians losers. We are good people.

This film deserves an Oscar. One of the best films ever made.

Dark Water

This movie is not about sharks...
I watched Dark Water when I was staying my summer with my family in Newfoundland. Me, my sister, my aunt Kelly, and her friend Lisa rented Dark Water because we thought it looked interesting. We picked a good choice. I didn't know what it was about so I stayed and watched. This isn't a horror film. It is an interesting drama/mystery/thriller with an interesting ending.

When I came back I asked my friends what they did over the summer and brought up movies. I said I saw a lot of movies and asked them about Dark Water. I asked them if they wanted to see it and they replied, "No, I hate movies about sharks!" I just stared and said, "It is NOT about sharks!" People think it is about sharks because of the title. But this movie has a LOT of potential and a highly original plot. I prefer this to the original because Connelly shows an excellent performance. Ariel Gade was adorable and she was quite impressive and convincing as Ceci, Connelly's daughter. Gade and Connelly are the main characters and they make a great team. I adored this movie. Finally I get something watchable.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Take off D'Onofrio, maybe then it will be better!
I like watching Law and Order with my parents. We like Special Victims Unit and the original Law and Order. But we just can't watch this one. 1 reason; Vincent D'Onofrio. He is just bad. Not just him, but his character too. He is a cocky little crap and is a stink bag police officer.

The acting is another thing. Whenever Mr. D'Onofrio is working on a case, he sucks at acting. He always says his lines really boringly and acts awful. Me, my dad, my mom, my sister, my brother, my aunt all hate him. Whenever, we see him, my mom says, "Aww, I hate that guy!"

Could be a better show if Vince wasn't on it. 4.4/10

Bring It On

Excellent Film, good plot, good actors, great script, and interesting
This has to be one of the greatest films ever made. Really I am serious. I saw it when it first came out in 2000. I really like cheer leading but I myself am not a cheerleader. i am more of a punk/skater chick. But I love it. It has great energy and I liked how they portrayed cheerleaders, it was very realistic. Some of my friends are cheerleaders and I know what they are like. Just like they say in this film, cheerleaders are athletes. Not air heads. I hate how in all these shows and movies they show cheerleaders as the following; dumb, mean, rude, popular, idiotic, totally ditz. That's not what this is. I liked Missy. She was more of a motorcycle chick/tomboy before she was convinced by Torrance to join the Toros. I like that she became more confident and more feminine after wards but still kept her sassy attitude. I also liked Torrance. Instead of her being a mean captain, she was sweet and nice to everyone. I really liked Isis and Jenelope too. Isis had a great attitude and was a strong leader. Jenelope was just really funny. Great attitude. This movie didn't use corny humor. This movie was realistically funny and well acted. The cheer routines were also very good. The music, the gymnastics, the dance, etc. They weren't those silly routines you see in movies. They were athletic and really cool! I would say my favorite routine was the Clover's routine at both regionals and at the finals. They were really interesting routines. But the Toros rocked too. The great actresses made the movie. Kirsten was sweet, Eliza showed a lot of emotion, and Gabriella is just the perfect part for Isis; pretty, athletic, great actress, perfect! This movie had a great script and great cheer leading. Watch it! Boys like it too. My friend, Tim thinks this movie is hilarious! Watch it, all genders. Really realistic film.


My sister met her!
Olsen was at my sisters high school doing a presentation. I can tell you a lot about the show! First of all, she is very nice. My sister said hi to her, and she didn't ignore her like all the other snot nose celebrities, she said hi back and they talked for like 5 seconds. And, guess what? Her fridge actually doesn't work!! Whenever she is taking something cold like ice cream out of the freezer, its not frozen! They cut the cameras and then someone runs over and puts frozen ice cream in there. And Anna doesn't read off of those prompters. The show is not scripted at all. And she didn't always want to be a chef. She wanted to be like an archaeologist or a paleontologist and she wanted to be a bunch of other things.

Anyways, good show, good desserts, nice lady, and a great interesting cooking show on desserts. Enjoy.

Everyday Italian

Giada is Delightful!
You'll love Giada. Sure she is a celebrity and comes from a famous family, but I like her! She makes delicious and mouthwatering food and she has a HUGE smile. In her earlier episodes she was a little bit drawn out and she barely ever smiled, now she is happier and always smiles and acts silly. I love her recipes and I like her personality. She and her husband, Todd seem to be happy together and fond of each other and I hope things work out for them.

Giada has great confidence when she cooked and she is definitely not phony. I like to watch her show and watch her do her thing when she cooks.

Excellent show!

The Day After Tomorrow

Unrealistic, Unsicentific, but the special effects and acting cover for that!
I really enjoyed this movie. It had some good thrills and BREATHTAKING special effects. I only had a few problems with the film, otherwise I enjoyed it about 98 per cent.

PROBLEMS 1) There was no need of the freezing sequences. Sure it was cool and thrilling to see things freeze up, but it was pointless. It is pretty predictable for Sam, Brian, and J.D. to make it back to the library unfrozen before they got to the library. Which would be highly impossible especially since J.D. was hurt and all. They would have frozen into a Popsicle before they would have even reached the library in reality.

2) A temperature drop of 10 degrees per second would mean that it would be 100 degrees below zero in 10 seconds. So Sam, Brian, and J.D. would not have made it back, they would have frozen. Because as soon as they left the ship, the temperature dropped and everything started to freeze. And it took them about 2 or 3 minutes to get back to the library. Which would mean the temperature dropped... 180 degrees. So they wouldn't have made it back in a lifetime! Plus, it showed that everything froze slowly, if the top of a building started freezing, it would keep freezing all the way down, that is far from possible, if something was freezing like that, it would freeze all at once, with the 3 of the boys freezing on the way to the library.

3) Fire wouldn't stop them from freezing. Fire isn't strong enough to melt that cold of air. That air is at least 600 degrees below zero by then, there fore the hot air would have to be at least 100 degrees hotter than the cold air, but that wouldn't work anyways since the cold air keeps freezing every second.

4) How come when Jack and Jason entered the Wendy's they didn't freeze? I mean all Jack did was light up the frozen deep fryers and they didn't freeze. They would freeze mainly because that flame is only hot enough to fry your french fries and chicken sandwiches when you go to Wendy's.

Otherwise this movie was thrilling and interesting and a break from reality. Of course it wasn't realistic, but movies aren't supposed to be, and it was not scientific, but it isn't school, its Hollywood. So enjoy it if you can.

The Sixth Man

Watch it, Love it, Watch it again, Absolutely Adore it!
This is one of my favorite movies. I saw it for the first time a couple years ago and I was laughing non stop! Marlon Wayons is an excellent actor and there is no way I could hate him. (Mumbles to myself) Except in Little Man. Yes I hated Little Man but this movie was an underrated winner. I loved the comedic breaks in this film and the dramatic pieces. All though I saw it a while ago, it comes on the Family Channel a lot so I stay up and watch it when it does. I was watching it last night just eating my chips when my dad came in. He started to watch it and didn't understand it. I explained the beginning to him and we kept watching. As the movie went on, me and my dad were laughing with each other and the great comedy in this. The dramatic parts were truly touching. The story was original and the movie stuck to the plot instead of going elsewhere into something totally different. Enjoy this film. It is really funny, entertaining, interesting, and original.


Halloweentown High

Another hit in the Halloweentown trilogy!
This was the best out of ALL of them, and I am being honest. It was the coolest, greatest, best written and acted one of them all. I love all the Halloweentown movies because of their plots! Witty and clever ones. You get to see a different villain, which I loved. In every Halloweentown movie, there is a new villain. I love that! In a lot of movies, they have the same villain for every movie. It had more characters i.e. Cassie, Natalie, Chester, Pete, Ethan and more, they are all students from Halloweentown come to the mortal world to see what it's like to live like a human. My favorite was Ethan! He is so good. Lucas Grabeel is such a good actor, and this was his first acting job ever, and he was excellent. We were also joined by Cody, a new student at Marnie's high school, who happens to like her, she likes him too! It's a real cool movie, the best one out of all, so check it out!

Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge

Not as good as "Halloweentown" but still AWESOME
This movie was very good. It was funny, mysterious, cool, and interesting, it wasn't as good as number 1, but it was still great! Disney should keep it going with good movies like these. I liked all of them(except number 4) because of the originality they put into the characters and the plots. The acting was excellent and the character Sophie was still as cute as can be! Dylan grew, certainly grew. He grew all ugly looking and what not. Even more dorky but that doesn't matter. The writing was excellent and it still had all the excitement from the original film. You will enjoy Kimberly J. Brown's performance because she is a great actress and very pretty. Enjoy all of these movies, i suggest buying them ALL!! 9/10


The Witches Brew up a good holiday movie!
This is one of the greatest movies I have ever seen! The acting was excellent, the plot was TOTALLY original, Marnie and Dylan were hilarious, and Sophie was just adorable! Debbie Renolds did fabulous as Agatha Cromwell, the Grandma of Marnie, Dylan, and Sophie, and Gwen's mother. Debbie plays a witch from Halloweentown, and her granddaughter, Marnie Cromwell, comes to Halloweentown with her brother Dylan, and her cute little sister, Sophie to begin her witch training. And Marnie must work to save Halloweentown from the evil... not telling! Just watch the movie and you'll find out. Benny was also a great lovable character that entertained me. Enjoy this film because it is so excellent!


The Haunted Mansion

You'll Love it for Evers and Evers!
This movie was so much fun! I love how funny it was and how cool it was. The plot made a lot of sense, an overworking husband and father who is obsessed with work. It was hilarious and touching and deserves a lot more than 4.9 stars. More like 10, for me, or at least about 6.5 on the IMDb charts.

It is a good kids movie and you adults will love it with them. The ending has a message and it is very heart-warming. It has it's scary moments and little kids will be very scared at times. But that is the point, it is a family comedy/horror flick that should be cherished. Rent it or buy it because it is SO fabulous.

Heebie Jeebies

Awful Movie, Worse Acting
This movie was awful. Awful!! It had horrible acting, a terrible plot, bad characters, awful camera angles, bad filming, and no emotion! The character Tony was horrible and the worst actor ever!!!!!!!! Seriously! The plot and movie was pointless and I hated it!Me, me cousins Ashlee and Justin, and my sister Jennifer rented the movie cuz we wanted a horror flick. We thought it looked scary, so we rented it. Big mistake! We laughed twice. Two parts were hilarious! So rent it for that! Fast forward to those parts then turn it off. For good. it is terrible and stupid and it had dumb acting! Don't rent it because it is so dumb!! And you'll hate it! To the extreme!


Truly Terrible!
This movie was a clichéd piece of garbage! It wasn't funny and it was boring. I saw it with my mom and dad and we didn't laugh at all. We just sat there and did nothing until this crap was over. You would think it would be good with Owen Wilson Bonnie Hunt and Paul Newman in it right? Well it wasn't at all. It was stupid and just Cars. It really didn't have a message to it and it was very boring in total. I expected another big break from Disney and pixar, but they failed to amuse me and make me laugh. It was truly bad and clichéd so check it out if you want, but you will not laugh or giggle once. Maybe smile a couple of times, like 2. But mainly never.

Spider Riders

Let's Ride!
This show is fabulous! My favorite is Hunter Steele because he is such a funny character. It blends a mix of action, comedy, adventure, fantasy, anime, and mystery all into one! I watch it all the time! My friend got me into it because she said it was fab and I agree. Our least favorite is Corona. I have always loved anime! I love InuYasha, Full Metal Alchamest and almost everything anime. The theme song for this is very catchy and actually in English. It is one of the most original shows on TV and deserves 10 stars! It is my favorite anime show, besides InuYasha. Watch this show and you will be surprised on how great it is!

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