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Shark Week: Sharks vs. Dolphins: Face Off

Gave 1 extra star for other people's footage
This is absolutely awful and should not have been released in this state. There is no unique footage, but there are clips of other people's footage as an example of what the researchers are looking for.

This documentary is the most repetitive I've ever watched. Literally shows you the same footage and lines over and over, then has the announcer explain to you the footage you just saw over and over. And at the end, there's no pay off.

American Gods

Revenge Porn Fantasy
This was an okay book that I always thought would make a better story if adapted to the screen.

Unfortunately, this show seems to be an excuse for the creators to act out revenge porn fantasies more than actually create a story. The frequent and unnecessary graphic male genital nudity really distracts from the show and makes it difficult to continue watching.

Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi

Master Piece. Your boos mean nothing to me, I've seen what makes you cheer.
Rewatching the Last Jedi. This movie is a master piece. I know that's an unpopular opinion, but I never put much stock in judging truth by popularity.

Rían Johnson is an amazing writer and director. Cannot say the same about JJ Abrams and his shallow derivative plots. The only good part of Force Awakens was Kilo killing his father.

Otherwise FA was just a rehashed "A New Hope." New Death Star. New Emperor. New empire. New Vader. New orphan from a desert planet with force powers and mysterious parentage.

Derivative. Crap. Stale.

Why did Luke's adventure even matter if everything gets reset in the sequel?

Johnson as a true Star Wars fan saw that flaw. So the Last Jedi is a rebuke to J.J.

Luke tells us this in his first scene, when he tosses out the lightsaber. He is throwing away the grandiose end scene that he was given. Luke isn't going to fit our expectations. Because if history had really gone the way JJ told it in Force Awakens, Luke would **absolutely** be this jaded.

And that's the most confusing part of me. People complained about jaded Luke and the scene where he tosses the lightsaber. But like most complaints about the Last Jedi, that's one of my favorite parts.

I also love that Rey's parents are no body. Johnson is telling us quite literally that anyone can be a hero. You don't have to come from special parents like Luke. This is a new story.

I love that Snoke dies with no explanation of his back story. We aren't doing the Emperor thing again. This is about Rey and Kylo now, both of whom have become more compelling characters this time.

Now, there are some silly things that were Kathleen Kennedy's ideas, like floating Leia. Rose is a mostly pointless character who stops Finn from sacrificing himself. Admiral Akbar should have been the second in command, not purple hair lady. But these are all things Johnson was rumored to be against.

What Johnson gave us was an original story. Something JJ failed to give us with the Force Awakens.

So as I see the final chapter tonight, I am hopeful but not optimistic. I wish JJ luck, but I'm almost positive Rían Johnson would have done a better job.

Johnson knew what Abrams did not. He was focused on the future, not stuck in the past. And he tells the audience why: "Let the past die. Kill it if you have to."

The past is written. The future is ours.

Jack Ryan

Season 2 Supports Dictator Propaganda
I changed my review from a 9 to 4 after finally watching Season 2. The first season was wonderful and the quality of the 2nd season hasn't changed....aside from one very critical mistake. (Mild spoilers ahead)

The show obviously based its stories on real world events. That makes it incredibly important that they get these events at least close to right. With the Venezuela story in season 2, they are not even close to right. In fact the inaccuracies mirror dictatorial socialist propaganda from the Maduro regime, and have me wondering if these mistakes were intentional.

The show says that the current ruler both started the problem and was elected on a "wave of nationalism." In reality the problems started under Hugo Chavez, the predecessor to Maduro (who is fictionally represented in the show). Both Chavez and Maduro are radical left wing socialists, not right wing "nationalists" as the show wrongly claims.

The show also tells us that Maduro's opponent is running on a "social justice" platform. We see that young left wing college students support her. Once again the show falsely implies radical right wing politics are the issue and left wing politics are the cure. Again, reality in Venezuela is the opposite.

My best friend's wife, who watches the show with us, is Venezuelan. Her family fled the authoritarian socialist regime of Hugo Chavez. This show is an insult to her and to all people in Venezuela fighting against the radical left wing socialist authoritarian government.


Competition for Matrix and John Wick
Honestly could not believe all the negative reviews on here or that the average score was below 8.0. I saw this movie in theaters when it came out with a group of about 6 people. Everyone loved it and it was one of those movies where as you walked out everyone knew it would be ridiculous to ask "did you like it?" Instead, the questions were "what was your favorite part" and "do you rank this above or below *insert all time great action movie.*"

I just rewatched it with my dad who was seeing it for the first time. He also loved it and he's a very picky moviegoer. This is an imaginative superreal action movie much like the Matrix or John Wick. It tells a sort of fantasy story a lot of people can relate to. The acting is on point and it has some of the most imaginative and heart pumping action sequences I've ever seen in a movie.

The negative reviewers here often seem to have not even seen the movie, making bizarre incorrect claims like "it never tells you why they have super human powers." It does, not in great detail, but that wasn't necessary and would probably have detracted from the experience.

See it for yourself. If you

Trump: An American Dream

Hit Job or Terrifying, Enlightening whether fact or fiction
The Netflix documentary "Trump: An American Dream" is either a totally false hit job or a terrifying piece of truth. Whether fact or fiction, it's amazingly entertaining. The story it tells is of Donald Trump as an egomaniac sociopath Driven by Daddy issues. But also, while mainly negative, it also shows the story of Donald Trump as one in which he continually takes on challenges he's not ready for (and which many people doubt he can achieve) and yet succeeds by pushing through on pure will, combined with a simple philosophy of "if they punch you, punch back harder."

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Writers Can't focus on what show does well
When the show focuses on its characters and the wonderful supernatural world it's built, it's quite enjoyable. There's a lot of interesting lore around witchcraft. Sabrina's identity struggle is well done, particularly in the first season.

Unfortunately, the show often gets distracted with a very blunt attempt to shove a radical social narrative down its viewers throats. Male characters are frequently stereotyped as boorish, sex craved, and stupid. Gender identity is treated without nuance or balance.

The political narrative is not nearly as sophisticated as the core of what the show seems like it should be about, and serves only as distraction.

Captain Marvel

Worst Movie in the MCU
Bland and formulaic entry into the marvel universe. More and more the Marvel movies are becoming generic plug and play action movies with the same humor and the same plot, with only minor variations in character names and other details.

Both Brie Larson and Samuel Jackson are good actors, but this movie makes them both look bad. Their chemistry is awful and their banter comes off as forced. I wouldn't have known Captain Marvel was supposed to be funny if I hadn't been repeatedly told by the dialogue.

As others have said, there also issues with the hero being over powered.

That said, the action is often quite good and the visuals are as stunning as any other Marvel film.


Powerful film spoiled by political spin
There are plenty of reasons for everyone to despise Dick Cheney. This movie covers this well and gets its main message across.

That said, they made the movie unnecessarily polarizing by adding political spin. For example, the movie promotes the lie that people are working more and earning less (economic data prove the opposite is true). They also attack Fox News, the Koch brothers, and right wing think tanks.

In so doing, they conflate libertarians and conservatives as well as philanthropists with special interests. For example, Grover Norqiost is a conservative special interest. The Koch's are libertarian philanthropists. Heritage is a pro trump conservative think tank. Cato is an anti trump libertarian think tank.

They could've stayed factual and it would be a better movie. The spin ruins it.

There are also several exaggerations which are non political and also make the movie less factual and more absurd.


Visually Stunning, Otherwise Like A Below Average Marvel Movie
I saw someone in another review say that the 10/10s are bots. I hope so...because that's really the only explanation I can understand. Who would give this a 10?

The movie isn't bad. You'll be entertained if your expectations aren't too high. But there's some bad acting and really cringe worthy lines. Some of the plot doesn't make sense, and the parts that do are 100% predictable.

Ordinarily I would give this movie a 6 or even a 5, but there are two redeeming graces that make it stand out.

First, the visuals. Yes, about 80% of what you seen on screen is CGI, but it blends very well and does not look out of place. If you don't notice it, who cares?

In the age of Marvel, Star Wars, and other spectacles, it's not easy to impress me with visuals alone. What really pushes this one over the edge is the art direction. It's creative, beautiful, and sometimes frightening.

The second redeeming aspect of this movie is a very heart warming love story. It's not even close to the focus of the movie. A second love story gets much more time, and falls completely flat.

But the first love story is a surprising spot of tenderness in a blow um ups blockbuster.

This movie is a solid 7. The people giving it 10s are raising your expectations way too high. If you believe them now, you'll probably be very disappointed when you see it.

Don't expect too much and you'll enjoy yourself.

Mortal Engines

The Love Child of Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and the Matrix
This is an epic steam punk masterpiece.

Like the love child of Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and the Matrix from a night of passionate love...but better.

I can't understand the negative reviews. It was long, yes, but well worth it. I guess some people are impatient, don't like story, and can't absorb anything deeper than non-stop mindless action.

This movie has heart. And it will surprise you, often. So much so that I'd rather not say anything else here.

Ralph Breaks the Internet

An Extension and Expansion of the First, Executed Beautifully
This movie is everything you could ever want from a sequel to such a beloved movie. And it's hilarious. I went at a time and day that meant everyone in the theater was 21+, and we were all cracking up.

All of the characters have evolved somewhat since we've seen them last, but not in ways that will surprise you; which is exactly what you want from off-screen character development.

Over the course of the movie, we learn a lot more about our main characters. They change in ways that mean this isn't simple a repeat of the first one, but all of the changes feel true to who they originally were.

Vanellope is still a soul searching youngster, full of energy, who longs for more from life; she especially desires challenge and change. Ralph is the loveable goof he always was, but held back by insecurities owing to his rough life that he must overcome.

In the end, what we get here is a story that is nostalgic, impressive in its visual aspects, hilarious, and heartwarming.

But most importantly this movie does something incredibly hard to do in a fun Disney movie: it speaks to the human condition and the trials we all face as we attempt to discover both who we are and how we fit within the world.

Bad Times at the El Royale

A Modern Pulp Fiction
The movie almost feels like Quentin Tarantino is directing, but...honestly...better.

There's a lot of violence, extremely interesting multi-dimensional characters, and a plot that absolutely keeps you guessing. You think the story is going to be about one thing, and then it completely switches gears.

There are non-linear flashbacks and some repeated time sequences from different points of view. And yet, it never feels overly complicated.

In the end, what we get here is an unexpected tale of the range of human morality and experience. Naive good, self-conflicted bad, self deluded evil, redemption, and an honest though imperfect attempt to do the right thing. It's a shocking yet heartwarming tale.


Awful movie, clearly lots of fake reviews
Some people gave this movie 2 stars because the scenery is pretty. I'm not so easily impressed.

Bad acting. No plot. Horrible script writing. Silly, over the top action mixed in with unnecessary graphic violence.

There's nothing redeeming about this movie. I was forced to sit through it because I was with friends, and didn't want to be the first one to suggest turning it off.

The Predator

See it if you've got nothing better to do
I use AMC Stubs A List. I can see 3 movies a month for no additional cost. I'm not advertising for the service here, I'm just letting you know because my membership is the only reason I don't regret seeing this movie.

The movie is passably entertaining. The action is pretty cool and the attempt to add humor to this series lands well some of the time, though certainly not always.

However, you absolutely cannot take this movie seriously if you hope to enjoy it. Much like Pirhanna, Snakes on a Plane, or "Sharknado", the only way to like this movie is in a "it's so bad it's good" kind of way.

The plot is horrible and riddled with holes. Much of the dialogue is cringe worthy, both because of the writing and the acting.

In short, unless you really like bad movies, have nothing better to do, or have plenty of money to spend, you can pass this up at least until it's streaming for free.

Death Wish

A Rare Old School Action Movie
This movie is full of gritty realism and emotions. The plot doesn't throw you any major twists, but it still never fails to entertain. You can truly empathize with these characters, which is all too rare in a modern Hollywood that seems divorced from the experiences of regular Americans.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Unwatchable Garbage
The entire show is cringe-worthy. I don't know what it's trying to be, but there's no drama, suspense, or comedy.

Thor: Ragnarok

Best Thor Movie, Average Marvel Movie
The first Thor sucked. Second one is decent. This if the only good one.

It's the best Thor movie but not among the best marvel movies.

The addition of humor lands unevenly. Sometimes its a welcome addition. Sometimes it feels out of place and takes you away from the plot. Somethings are just cheesy and unnecessary (think naked Hulk and Hulk dick jokes).

Red Sparrow

You've Seen this movie before
It's a fine movie. Acting is decent. Action is fun at times. But this movie adds nothing you haven't seen multiple times before. It's worth watching if you've seen everything else on your list.

Ready Player One

Great for those who haven't read the book
I haven't read the book so I have no complaints. This is an outstanding adventure/mystery film. Very unique concepts. Great action. Thought provoking.

A Quiet Place

Remarkable Film with Lackluster Ending
I'm going to avoid spoilers, but I found the ending unsatisfying. That's a shame because otherwise the movie is a refreshingly unique horror/suspense film with great acting and characterization.


Muchas Gracias Pixar
This is hands down one of the best Pixar films ever released. It exposes audiences to a culture many Americans may be unfamiliar with and its generally fun and engaging.

Blade Runner 2049

What the first movie should have been
I saw the first film long ago. Re watched it before this came out expecting it to live up to its expectation...it does not. The first film is dull and slow.

This film is also slow. But it makes up for it with stunning visuals, a clever and intriguing plot, and some deep themes.

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