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A good film, which does not have the reputation it deserves.
Signs is a film written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan and, despite being one of the science fiction films with lower reviews, I think this is without a doubt one of the best films about extraterrestrial life ever made.

First of all, I want to mention that the cast of this film is fantastic, with the participation of Mel Gibson and Joaquim Phoenix, who do a fantastic job in interpreting these characters.

As for the film's argument, I think it's very good. The film tells the story of a family whose mother died some time ago and that is still recovering from the loss and that, from one moment to the next, they need to survive an extraterrestrial invasion.

When it comes to character development, this film is perfect, for example, in the opening scene, where we see Graham Hess (played by Mel Gibson) waking up at night, in just a minute we know everything about the character through what we can see in his room, and this is a fantastic way to meet a new character, but the most important thing we learn about him is that he used to be a priest until his wife died, when she died, he lost his faith; we do not know for sure what happened to the faith of Graham's brother (played by Joaquim Phoenix), and his daughter, but we do know that his son Morgan did not lose his faith, thus leaving a small contrast between father and son.

During the film, the family becomes aware of several signs that are being left around the world, including on their farm, how the animals are panicking and the famous "signs" in the grass that can be seen from the sky are some of them. Over time, several strange beings begin to be seen, thus causing many scenes of thriller and suspanse. Most people look at these beings as if they were evil beings who just want to kill human beings, but that is not the message of the film, this film is not like Alien or Independence Day! If we analyze this film well, the aliens are not here to kill or kidnap us, they are here because they are desperate, because they are panicking! We are not told why, but we can see that these aliens are also scared of humans, it is not only humans who are afraid of them, which would explain the signs before the apparitions, which would explain why they did not know they had the weakness of the water and what explains why they don't kill anyone (although it looks like they're going to do it sometimes).

But the movie Signs is not a Horror or Suspanse film, it is a film that goes much further than attacks by aliens, it is a film that talks about faith, and how a person can lose it and win it! It is a film that talks about relationships between parents and children and between siblings, especially in moments of tension and in situations of contrast!

As for more technical levels, the film has a good directing, the clothes used are good and the script is fabulous, with a great casting.

To sum up, if someone goes to see the movie Signs with an expectation that they will see a movie like Alien or Predator they will regret it, but if they are expecting to see a movie as I described above, they will have a fantastic time! And I think that's why most people didn't like the movie.

I also think it's important to remember that this was the film that introduced a lot of new things to the cinema, like the pyramid-shaped aluminum paper hats and the tall grass signs seen from the sky.

The film is very good, but it cannot be compared with other films much better, therefore I will evaluate it with 9/10.

Superman Returns

It's good, but it could be better.
Superman Returns is a film made by Bryan Singer, a director who had already made the film X-Men (2000), a film responsible for reviving the Live-Action superhero films and for saving Marvel, which until now had only terrible films, so it is understandable that the expectations for this film were high, however, this film disappointed.

I personally was waiting for a movie at the same level as the Batman Begins (2005) movie, which was released a year earlier and that really managed to bring superhero films to a new level, making one of the best films ever done, and that should be taken as an example for DC Comics Studios and Warner Bros. Studios, but instead of restarting the story of Superman (as they did with Batman in Batman Begins), the film is a continuation of the old saga of films Superman (1978-1987), but ignoring the films Superman III (1983) and Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987), which really were bad films, so this turns out to be a second version of the third Superman movie (although the story has nothing in common). This film was also responsible for a new movement in cinema, which consisted of reviving an old saga, with a continuation (as happened with Rocky, Rambo, Halloween, Predator, Alien and many others).

The story of the film takes place a few years after Superman sets out on a journey to search for the remains of his home planet Krypton, which in my opinion is a weak excuse for Louis Lane to be angry with Superman. Another part of the argument that I didn't like the film was the continuity problems, for example, during the film Superman II, Louis Lane discovered that Clark Kant was Superman, which seems to have been forgotten in this film, since Louis did not know that in this film, however the scene where Louis slept with Superman in Superman II, seems not to have been forgotten. Another negative point of the film is obviously the plan of Lex Luthor, the villain of the film, it is true that the plans of Lex Luthor never make much sense, but this overcomes itself, since his plan consists of simply sending a piece of Kryptonite to the ocean, which would create a new continent that would sink much of the American, European and African continent, thus enriching the sale of houses to people on this new continent, which does not make sense, because despite this plan respecting mathematical and physical laws (at the contrary to the plan of the first film), but since Kryptonite is a radioactive mineral, human beings would also die after some time in contact with the mineral, it would not be like Superman who would die almost instantly, a person would take some time; I also do not understand the need for the initial part, which seems to be there just to get a cheap blouse for Luthor to get out of prison and to get a boat. However, I thought it was very good that they finally brought Kryptonite as it should be to the cinema, since it had not yet been well accepted in the cinema, however I think that bringing Lex Luthor as the film's villain again was a bad choice, I think they could bring another villain for a change.

Another point that could be better in the film was the plot-twist, since the revelation that young Jason White was actually the son of Superman was something that no one expected, however we all managed to easily figure it out long before the revelation , since we should only find out when Jason throws the piano at Luthor's henchman, but we can easily figure that out when Luthor points out a little Kryptonite to the boy and he starts to feel bad. But despite being poorly hidden, the plot-twist is satisfactory.

But despite these problems in the script, this one is quite fun and captivating, and leaves the viewer happy with the development of the film and the story until it pleases fans of superheroes. However, I can't ignore the hilarious and stupid scene where Superman is going to the hospital and they are putting oxygen in his body, although Superman doesn't need oxygen to survive.

Although the characters in the film are good and well used, and the casting is also quite good, with professional actors and who fit the characters easily, but as the film is a continuation and not a remake, it is strange to have seen characters we were used to seeing with other actors in this way, after all it is very strange to see Superman intertwined by Brandon Routh, while we were used to seeing him played by Christopher Reeve, who until today is the first actor we think of when thinking about Superman; this not only happens with Superman, but also like practically any other reused character in the film, such as Louis and Luthor, however it is notable that the actors in the film have endeavored to play these characters in the best possible way.

Basically, all the characters in this film are good, of course with the exception of the character Kitty, who is not doing anything in the film and even becomes annoying. I also want to mention that the character Jimmy did a great job as a comic character.

In short, I think the film offers us a fun and captivating argument for fans of superheroes, although I think the film would have worked better as a remake, I also think the references to the first films of the saga at the beginning and at the end are very good, and I also think it's very good the reused participation of Marlon Brando and Eva Marie Saint as the parents of Superman, and of course the end of the film where Superman makes that little speech for his son just like what his father did for him . I also want to mention that the clothes used in the film were very good, remaining classic and modern at the same time.

I thought the movie was fun but it has several basic errors, so I will give a rating of 7/10.

Gremlins 2: The New Batch

A great comedy!
Undoubtedly, one of the most emblematic and best comedies ever, it's a shame that it has been forgotten. "Gremlins 2: The New Batch" may not be as good as the first film, but it's still a great movie. I just do not give more stars to the film because, from about half the movie, the movie seems to start to get too strange, the comedy starts to be a bit random, not that this is necessarily bad, but in this case, could improve, but the film remains a classic of cinema and I recommend it a lot.


It's good, but it could be better.
Babar is just one of the most iconic, important, and most remembered cartoon characters of the '80s, but in spite of everything, I think his series is not as good as it looks or is reenactment, personally I find the series a little drier for the children's public (since this is your target audience). But despite that, I think it's a good series and I recommend it a lot.

Rain Man

One of the best movies ever.
Without a doubt, one of the best movies ever and one of the best movies of Tom Cruise. The film is simply wonderful, the characters are very good, the actors too, the plot is very good (although, in my opinion, the events are very slow), the soundtrack is also very good and photography is Fantastic. I think everyone should watch at least this movie once in a lifetime. Highly recommend.

Cocoon: The Return

Could be better.
The first film the saga "Cocoon" had not been very good, but, this is even worse. The plot of the film was not very good, it was a little drying, almost nothing of fiction-science, the characters are even good, but they do not save the film, meaning the film was completely unnecessary. But anyway, I recommend the movie.

The Land Before Time

A masterpiece!
This film is simply fabulous, after all, it has everything a movie needs to have, action, adventure, suspance, drama and comedy, a movie that makes you laugh and makes you cry. I just do not give a higher rating to the film just because it has a rather bad animation and a story too sad for a movie whose target audience is children, but apart from that, it's an amazing movie and I highly recommend it.

The Ghost of Slumber Mountain

It's good.
It's not the best old movie ever, but it's good. Highly recommend.


Until now, this was the second best live action of Disney (after The Jungle Book), the film had fantastic actors and a fabulous story that improves what the original movie had of good and adds other good things. The actors were very well (except for the role of Jafar), the performances are fabulous and the songs fabulous and nostalgic. The special effects were very good and the soundtrack was amazing. Highly recommend!

Scooby-Doo and the Reluctant Werewolf

A good comedy, but Scooby-Doo, it's just Scooby-Doo with the whole group.
It may even be funny, but .... not very good, of course anyone who is a minimally Scooby-Doo fan will like it, but I honestly think Scooby-Doo is only good when it has the whole group. Highly recommend!

Oliver & Company

A forgotten classic.
Although this is not a well-known movie, it is undoubtedly one of the best films of Disney. It has a very good story, with moments that makes you laugh and cry, characters and a very good villain. Highly recommend!

Child's Play

A horror movie classic!
Although there is a lot of prejudice in relation to this film, it is undoubtedly one of the best horror films ever, with a very good, catchy and interesting storyline, with very good scares that can frighten you from the beginning of the movie to the end of the movie. film, also have good actors, a good soundtrack and good special effects. In addition they have that fantastic phrase: "It is the end ... friend. I highly recommend !!


Michael Jackson, the king of pop who did not need a movie.
I do not think it's a bad movie, but it's very unnecessary, it's just a compilation of the video clips of Michael Jackson's songs, the videos, like the songs, are good, but the movie, despite having an unreasonable idea, It's nothing special. Highly recommend, but better movies !!

Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School

It's fun, but could be better!
T's even fun and good for kids and families, but there are better movies, Scooby-Doo productions have made better films, the story is a little boring and the appearance of Scrappy-Doo is completely unnecessary, I missed the original group all the time !

The Best Years of Our Lives

One of the best films about the war.
Without a doubt, a masterpiece of cinema, with a captivating, interesting and fascinating story, a film that really everyone should attend at least once in their lives. Highly recommend!

Nuovo Cinema Paradiso

Simply divine!
A true masterpiece of cinema, and obviously the best Italian film. No doubt, a movie that I think everyone should watch at least once in their life; when you see this movie, you can expect a dramatic, captivating, interesting, funny, sad and moving story, we can expect incredible characters and a fantastic relationship between the adult and the child, we can also expect a bit of film culture and a final that makes you cry, incredible images and something that undoubtedly has never been seen nor ever seen. Highly recommend !!

Daffy Duck's Quackbusters

One of the best performances of the Daffy Duck and many other Looney Tunes.
Daffy Duck, he's just my favorite Looney Tunes character, and his movie is one of Warner Bros.'s best animated films. Everyone should watch this movie at least once, highly recommend it.


A masterpiece!
Very good, although nowadays a lot of people do not know this movie, it continues, without a doubt, to be one of the greatest classics of cinema that everyone divia watch at least once in life, impossible not to like! The story is very interesting and captivating, the soundtrack is very good and the actors are fabulous. Highly recommend!


Very good!
Although not as good as the movies, it is undoubtedly better than the old series, the stories are very good and have a great fidelity to the comics. Highly recommend.

A Pup Named Scooby-Doo

It's good, but not as good as the classic series!
Although not as good as the original series, it is undoubtedly one of the best incarnations of Scooby-Doo. With very good jokes, fabulous entertainment and a good incarnation of the characters. Highly recommend.

Tin Toy

The third short of Pixar!
Although the animation is a little weak, it's very good, the characters are super funny and the plot is very good. Highly recommend.

Die Hard

One of the best films of the '80s.
Very good, I think everyone should see this movie at least once in their life. The film had very good actors, great characters, a perfect plot and very good special effects.Pure action, and quality at the same time! Highly recommend.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Undoubtedly, one of the best classics of the 80's, I think everyone should watch this movie at least once. The film had a fantastic story, good for children and adults (especially for adults), the special effects are fabulous, after all .... bringing animations with live action is a fabulous idea. The actors are very good and the characters are equally good, after all, Roger Rabbit is a very hilarious character, while the villain is not that good, but even so, the movie is great. Highly recommend.

Red Heat

One of Schwarzenegger's best performances.
Of course it's not the best movie ever (it's far from being), it's a little cliché, that is, shots and blasts and obeisances to other films with Arnold, but .... it's an 80s action movie with Schwarzenegger, what were we waiting for? The film is a lot of fun and it takes a lot of effort and, although it's not the best movie ever, it's a pretty good movie. Highly recommend.

The Bridge on the River Kwai

A masterpiece!!
A true masterpiece of cinema! With great actors, fantastic special effects and a fabulous plot. I highly recommend, anyone with a good film culture have to see this movie at least once in a lifetime.

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