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The Divide

I Really hated this movie so much!
And what an utter piece of trash it was! I usually never quit watching a movie but after 20 minutes of this crap i stopped the whole joke that calls itself a movie and watched Victor Crowley instead. Probably the worst movie i have ever seen. If you're into far fetched futuristic, depressing, post-apocaliptic movies where nothing really happens and with endless stupid conversation about nothing than this might be something for you.


Despite it's many efforts, really bad and not funny at all
Another wannabe horror/comedy that fails horribly in both categories. Really bad and boring, almost no gore and tries very hard to be funny but there actually aren't any jokes or anything funny happening at all during this 90min disaster. Love B-horror movies bigtime, I love offensive or dark or stupid humor, this didn't feel like a low budget offensive or funny horror at all and it really sucked. A real crapfest take my word for it.


This one gets more and more ridiculous by the minute. They should have just sticked with the rape and revenge genre they were going for and had better let the spiritual CGI junk out of it. Very bad movie, i was glad when it was over. (Hahah)

The Hills Have Eyes II

Not that bad but really forgetable
It's not a horrible movie but certainly not a great one either. There's not that much story in it, some gore but no tons of it and some tension but nothing really worth to remember. I normally don't care about people making dumb decisions in horror movies but i really felt like those were some of the most incapable soldiers I have ever witnessed. So with that being said, not a horrible movie but not a good one either, maybe worth to watch once when there's nothing else interesting left to watch.


Really well done
I'm a huge fan of 80's B-horror movies with lots of cheesy gore in it and this movie is nothing like that. This is actually a good movie. The story is nice and touching, there's a lot of suspense, the quality is nice and it's aesthetically appealing to watch. It's just a nice film that's beautifully brought.

Deep Rising

Very very nineties
It's a bad movie but might be enjoyable for people who are into 90's movies. Its basically like watching The mummy but the pyramid is a boat and the mummy is an octopus. There's some gore in it but not much and like in the mummy, it has that over the top CGI feel to it.


Amazingly disappointing
The entire movie is basically people talking about Michael and some off screen kills but not much else. There's one gory kill but thats pretty much it. In other words as other people will say in their review, this movie is way overhyped and hasn't really anything to offer.

Killing Ground

Just not that good
So there's not that much left to say about this one. I enjoyed this concept before in movies such as eden lake, storm warning wolf creek etc. And im not that much bothered by the fact that the storyline has been done a ton of times before, but this movie failed compared to the ones I mentioned earlier. It's bland and doesn't really deliver on any expectation one would have watching a movie like this.

A Quiet Place

pretty bad and overrated as usual
As i expected this movie tries to hard to be this deep emotional artsy wreck of a modern horror movie. The concept was the reason i watched the movie because it really has some potential, unfortunately it didn't lived up to the low expectations i had. This is just another overhyped movie from this era with a huge imdb score but nothing much else to offer. And like many others will say in their reviews, there are some huge gaps in the logics of this movie (watch it and you'll notice that 90% of the time you will think by yourself 'why don't they do this or that, or how come that...).

Making a long review short: Overhyped artsy movie, total lac of logic, no gore, no real tension, lot of unnecessary emotional scenes.

The Exorcist III

Overall it's a boring mess
A lot of people say it's a brainy horror movie and it's not for everyone and i couldn't agree more. It's definitely not for me and i assume a lot of fans of the horror genre wont like this either. It's more a crime/detective movie than a horror movie, it has no gore in it and only a few scares but mostly filled with people talking. The best horror movies out there don't try to be smart because there is no need and no audience for it. To be honest I think most people expect a horror movie to be bloody or scary and not solely clever. So with that all being said I think this movie misses all the ingredients a classic horror needs and all we are left with is a pretty boring mess.

A Christmas Horror Story

not the worst but certainly not that great either
Production value was very nice, the story with the elves and the santa was the best and could stand on itself alone, too bad it got interrupted so much by the other stories because i didn't really care for the other 3 tales in the movie. I think 5/10 is a fair score to give this one.

PS: There is some gore in it but again, it's especially in the stories with the elves. The rest didn't contain that much bloodshed.

Family Guy: Married with Cancer
Episode 1, Season 17

nice episode
The episode was really funny and a great start of what is hopefully be a great season. I wont give away to much but its a classic episode and if you liked family guy so far you'll probably enjoy this one as well. People who have issues with dark humor and rude jokes should just watch a different show instead of complaining about family guy all the time.

Camp Dread

really, really bad
This movie was boring, there was almost no gore and the story was just so bad, it had more holes in it than a piece of swiss cheese. This movie is a pure waste of money that could have been used to make a proper movie. I have nothing more to say about this

4/20 Massacre

It's not the worst movie ever but its not good either
I reeeeaaally hated the sound track, i normally don't pay THAT much attention to the music in a movie unless its really nice music but in this case the music was just awful in the movie to a point it was so bad it ruined the movie. The way they portrayed stoners was absolutely stupid, stereotypical and sooo wrong in so many ways but i guess thats the case with a lot of 'weed-themed' movies (i'm not a stoner myself but i can imagine it's offensive to people who enjoy weed)

On the other hand it was a classic slasher with not to much story and some cool kills, nothing special but still pretty okay and entertaining

Its still worth watching if u have seen everything already and wanna watch an average slasher you havent seen yet but its just really a shame they kinda ruined an okay movie with a horrible soundtrack.

Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet

cool movie
The low rating is unfair thats why i give it a 10. If you're looking for a classic slasher like they made in the 80s/90s you will enjoy this one. It has some really cool gore in it and does focus on the kills with enough story to keep it all together. Enjoyed watching this one

Timber Falls

Good movie, not that much gore in it as far as i can remember but the tension/story makes up for that. Maybe not the most original movie here but still worth to watch

Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies

it was ok
The movie started ok there was some gore and it had a VERY 90's feel to it, which i love.. BUT then there was an entire movie revolving around a story thats pure nonsense. At the end there was some cool gore again mixed up with some awful 90's 'special effects', but all together it didn't feel it was worth to watch the whole thing if ur in it for the gore.


Pfff... its not the worst movie but its still a bad movie that tries to be funny to hard. The gore was not overwhelming as well. Not really gory, not really funny.. you can do the math, it doesn't look good if u try to make a 'horror-comedy'.

Night of the Demon

Amazing..ly bad
It started as a cool bad movie, it was so bad it became funny and had some small gore in it but when i kept watching it became worse every minute and at one point it just wasn't 'that' funny anymore but rather a chore to make it till the end..

The gore was the reason i watched the movie and don't get me wrong, i love bad cheesy horror movies, but this was just painfully bad and i was kinda disappointed in the gore there was just to much talk and too little gore.

Making long story short: Gore was disappointing and didn't made up for the terrible acting/story/movie.


This movie is amazeballs
Just watch it if u like 80's slashers with tons of gore, you wont be disappointed.

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