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  • Warning: Spoilers
    This episode of CSI should be used as a template for the future of the show. Why? The case was predictable and the shock factor was gone ... so now you ask why I am raving over this one? Easy! The dynamics of our favourite group of group of misfit nerds! The team is the focus of this episode the entire time; yet, luckily, the forensics are not lost in the process either. It's an episode that caters to all types of fans.

    One body found, another missing, an actor is the prime suspect, and when the case appears to be a slam dunk the CSIs themselves become targets of the Defense.

    What we see is the team members each being focused on. Their flaws are put on trial more than their science: Nick's nerves, Warrick's gambling, Sarah's emotion, Catherine's past, even Greg's "alternative" styles.

    The actor gets the best, and the best attack the night shift! The CSIs try desperately to keep their heads above water while the Defense picks them off one by one; this being made easier by an important person from Grissom's past. The team must take shelter as they look for answers to put this case to rest and restore the integrity of the justice system.

    An episode for any fan! This one goes down as one of the CSI greats!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The movie, a three episode compilation, took an interesting turn. As the gang enters the fifth grade, a certain maturity comes along with it. The first story is about the controversial new policy introduced in the new year (welcomed whole-heartedly by the fifth grade teacher Miss Finster)that strips the school of all fun. In a protest of student rights TJ ditches school, leads a revolution, and returns a former adversary. The story makes a transition into an exclusive 5th and 6th grader club that enters a more mature theme of acceptance beyond cliques and age. Thirdly, Hallowe'en fun is in question as being older requires the gang to be more mature, but are fun and age really related? In conclusion, the movie searches the more mature themes of growing up with the same goofiness of the classic show. Even the jokes reach a higher level (Hustler Kid/Nixon?). In the end I was very impressed with a show that grew with the kids and was able to include the whole character list of episodes past (after some casting changes). Highly recommended to any fans.