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Koe no katachi

One of my top 10 favorite anime.
One of the best anime movies i have ever seen. Everyone i have request watch this has cried so far and i don't blame them. This film is filled emotionally to the absolute brim, and re-watching it is somehow sadder. We are presented with a wonderful and original art style of course made by the well known Kyoto animations. This movie is a must see, a 10/10 from me.


Hide and Seek
It's always refreshing when an Asian horror movie is released that doesn't revolve around long haired black ghosts or tormented spirits, so when director and screenwriter Huh Jung made his debut with 2013's Hide and Seek, it came as a welcome addition to the genre. The hook was simple yet terrifying, posing the question of what if someone else was living in your property other than just you, but you had no idea? While it's not an idea that's never been used before, Kim Ki-duk's 2004 production 3 Iron notably used the same concept but with romantic trappings, the decision to use it as a basis for a horror movie was an undeniable stroke of genius.


Really a great masterpiece to watch
If you love action and thriller then you must watch this antic.... Very well performed by all the actors,Ofcourse very well directed. Go for it🔥

La casa de papel

I'm not really big on series, but once I started watching Money Heist I couldn't stop watching. The plot is captivating, intense, emotional, it involves all your senses and it's highly unpredictable. It's a thoroughly thought out series. The characters are so amazing, they played their parts so well that at each point you feel so immersed like you're there with them. The professor is a genius. Berlin is a very fantastic guy, focused and principled, one of my best characters only second to the professor. Nairobi, oh my Nairobi. I can equally liken her to Berlin because she's focused on the job.

If you've not watched Money Heist, I don't know what to say to you honestly.

One of the best series I've seen.


One of my favorite Korean films
A Hard Day is a well-crafted action thriler, plenty with both cop-movie conventions and jaw-dropping twists and turns. With its efficient score and awe-inspiring cinematography, it is a pleasurable two-hour rollercoaster ride.


A real fun movie. Loved it.
Adorable cast, excellent acting. Humorous and dramatic. I was intensely engaged by the two main characters fight for survival. Relatable family relationship. Saw it twice and enjoyed every minute of it. Bravo!

The Call of the Wild

Great movie for the family
I am not sure how the story in the book goes, but the movie was great! It had adventure, beautiful scenery, laughter, and sadness. The entire film flowed well, it had intensity and kept your thoughts wanting to discover what happened next.


amazing movie, perfect.
If your looking for a good action pack, dramatic movies that keeps you on the edge of your seat, then this the right movie for you. Once you get past the character building, setting the mood, at the beginning the movie is magic.

Tang shan da di zhen

What a powerful movie!!
When I heard that Aftershock is a disaster movie, I instantly had a horrible thought that it would be a show of non-stop spectacular special effects and little story, like 2012 which made me quite worried. However it is with great pleasure to say that Aftershock is not like 2012 as not only does it have spectacular special effects but it also has a very gripping story. The movie is about a family who are separated after the Tangshan earthquake in 1976 and follows the story of each family member and how they lived their life after the disaster. Aftershock is such a pleasant surprise and a nice change from all of the latest Hollywood movies as this is something that is gripping and beautiful yet saddening. The first thing that is quite noticeable in Aftershock is the brilliant performances by its cast. Jingchu Zhang is absolutely fantastic as her character Fang Deng. Her performance was just brilliant as you could feel so much emotion coming from her character and the same can be said for Chen Li who was also fantastic playing the role of Fang Deng's brother, Fang Da. The entire cast, except for the Canadian who looked lifeless, was magnificent and they all performed extremely well as you could tell they really put so much heart and effort into the movie and it shows. Aftershock also has a brilliant and gripping story that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat all the way through. The quality of the story is spectacular and it's filled with so much emotion and really pays so much attention to the characters and their situations. Not only is the movie brilliantly written but the direction is also something that should be recognised just as much. There is a lot of detail, effort and work that has been put into the movie that makes it hauntingly real and makes you feel like you're there, watching this unfortunate disaster that has taken so many lives right in front of your eyes. Aftershock's cinematography is simply stunning from start to finish and everything felt so realistic, especially the horrifying Tangshan earthquake. For those who were a little disappointed by 2012, watch this instead as this is what 2012 should have been. People may call Aftershock a disaster movie but I think it's more of a drama movie with a disaster. It mostly shows you about how the family members cope after the devastating earthquake that had claimed many lives than actually focusing on the earthquake itself. The movie shows that you don't need spectacular CGI and special effects all the way through for people to be impressed as the characters and their stories triumph over special effects any day. To simply say it, Aftershock is one of the best movies I have ever seen and I would recommend it to anybody and I would advise people to watch this at least once in their lives. This deserves to have so many awards and accolades and also deserves every positive thing said about it. Although if you do not like subtitled movies, I don't think you may like this as much.

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

Vampire Hunter D
Ah, Vampires? Gotta love 'em, don't ya? I mean, I certainly do. Yeah, there are some stinkers like Twilight and some Dracula movies can be pretty bad, but overall, the genre does have enough range to create a lot of different stories... the problem being that, well, more than a few of those stories suck. But when they're good, they're damn good, with From Dusk Till Dawn in particular being among my favorite movies of all time.

Which of course, brings us to today's movie. Vampire Hunter D is a long-running series of Light Novels that started in 1983 and, as far as I can tell, is apparently still ongoing. I haven't read them, namely due to lack of time, but I'll probably do so someday... though I've heard the early ones were pretty bad. Either way, despite its overall popularity, the series has only had two animated adaptations. The first was a movie from 1985. I haven't read it nor do I plan to as it looks pretty bad (And no, I don't care how influential it was on bringing over Anime to the West).

But we're not gonna talk about that movie. No, we're gonna talk about the second one, which came out in 2000. I have no idea why this movie was made other than fan demand was at least part of the reason. Also, apparently the producer used his ties to some American Companies to help with the movie, so much so that the movie was not only released in America before than in Japan, but to the point that even when it was first released in Japanese cinemas, the Japanese Dub wasn't even ready. I kinda like that, as it's sorta the studio's way of saying "Thanks!" to their Americans comrades (For the record, I watched the Japanese dub anyways, but trust me, the sheer presence of John DiMaggio did almost make me watch the English audio... until I realized I recognized almost no one else, whereas the opposite was true for the Japanese Dub. Sorry John, but you're still awesome). Either way, let this bloody party begin!


One thing I do like about this movie is that even though you don't need to know a damn thing about D's world to see this movie, it doesn't explain much of anything about said world. You get a small opening text crawl and that's about it. Hell, D himself is treated as having been around for a while already. In fact, chances are, this was probably just another day in the job for him.

Either way, the movie is good at world building, but in subtle ways. For the most part it just lets the ambience set the mood; in in general this isn't a very wordy movie. The whole world looks like if Mad Max met The Walking Dead, which is certainly nice.

There's also a lot of clever misdirection in play. At the start of the movie, you think it's gonna be just some standard rescue the princess kind of movie, but then the halfway point hits and you realize something is off, which leads to a great plot twist in the third fourth of the movie that I won't even dare spoil.

My only issue with the plot however is the final twist that comes right after the previously mentioned one. It honestly came kinda out of nowhere and seemed to be there mostly just for the sake of having a final fight against a true villain. It's thematically appropriate, I guess, but not particularly satisfying.


Thankfully the cast is great. D himself is the main character, but honestly, he doesn't get much focus. I think this is for the better, as he's probably the least interesting of the bunch. He's a stoic, impossibly badass Bishounen. Gee, haven't heard that before (For crying out loud, his Left Hand literally has more personality than him!).

But as I said, he is not the focus, everyone around him is. The Marcus Siblings are a joy to watch. Each of them has their own distinct personality and quirk, and overall you get a general feeling of unity and companionship out of them. Leila ended up being my favorite due to getting the most focus, but Grove I also quite liked.

But of course, the true spotlight of this movie belongs to Meier Link. This guy could've so easily been a generic villain, yet they avoided that. He instead comes off as someone who almost hates the strain his immortality has put on him and only wants to achieve happiness. When you get right down to it, he's less so a villain and moreso an antagonist.

The only character I didn't care for is Carmilla, who's apparently a movie-only character. She's just so... dull. I sincerely couldn't care any less for her than I already do. Not helped that she comes right out of nowhere in the film's final act.


This movie is freaking gorgeous. I don't even know what else to say, it just is. To go slightly deeper, every shot is perfectly on-model, the movement is extremely smooth, the fight scenes are wonderfully fast-paced, and overall it perfectly conveys the movie's gothic atmosphere. If there was any animated work that came close to portraying an animated version of the classic Horror movies, whether it is the classics like Dracula and Frankenstein or the ones by Hammer, this would be it.


Similarly, the Soundtrack is fantastic. Every song complements the scenes perfectly. I particularly love how the songs for most of the movie are filled with tension; some of the ones towards the end feel almost triumphant in the way they sound. That said, I have absolutely no idea what to think of the Ending theme "Tooku Made".

Voice Acting:

For the most part, the cast is comprised of some of the biggest talents from the 80' and 90'. Tanaka Hideyuki as D is... interesting. He's actually D's second voice actor, and he was likely only hired since his previous Seiyuu, the late Shiozawa Kaneto, passed away. As such, you can tell Tanaka is trying to get a similar feel to Shiozawa's voice, though you can tell the difference due to Tanaka simply having a naturally lower voice than Shiozawa. He's not exactly who I would've chosen to play D (That would've been Yamazaki Takumi), but I think it overall works out.

That said, the Late Great Nagai Ichiro did come back and he's as great as always as D's left hand, bringing a lot of humor and personality to the role. However my favorite performance belongs to Yamadera Kouichi as Meier, who did an absolutely outstanding job, especially in the film's climax.

The rest of the cast is pretty good as well, just to list a few; we have Hayashibara Megumi, Fujiwara Keiji, Soumi Yoko, Otsuka Hochu, Shinohara Emi and Otomo Ryozoburo, a Seiyuu whom I wish I had more experience with. Overall, the cast is pretty damn great.


So all of you might be asking something right now: Is this better than From Dusk Till Dawn? Nah, not even close to that masterpiece. But it's still a great movie. I don't know what awaits D in the future, but if it's anything like this, I'd be more than willing to see more. At the very least, I can say it's the best Vampire Anime movie, even if there's not exactly much competition for that title.

Final Score: 10/10


I very much enjoyed this movie
WOW, Pixar is really moving onward with creativity and originality. While the story itself and plotting may suffer a few issues like predictibility at times, amazing animation and stunning visuals, along with beautifully designed characters and great chemistry beetween actors who voiced those characters perfectly, make this movie great, enjoyable and worth watching. The way they've used a mixture of real life elements and fantasy elements from Dungeons and Dragons universe is also great and worth mentioning. While, at first look it doesn't feel like a Pixar movie, the more time you spend watching it, you will get all feelings and heart you expect from your average Pixar movie. Dan Scanlon did a great job this time.


This movie was astonishing
Upgrade is unfortunately in the club of great movies that completely flew under the radar when first released. But that might actually work to its advantage, as this is definitely one of those movies where the less you know going in, the better. The only reason I was aware of Upgrade is because of writer/director Leigh Whannell (Saw, Insidious), and the fact I'd heard plenty of great things from friends who'd seen it. The film takes the all-too-familiar premise of a man looking to avenge the murder of his wife, and puts an interesting new sci-fi spin on it. Whannell clearly loves the classics, because Upgrade's influences are easy to spot - RoboCop, Blade Runner, Dredd, Death Wish. They've all been thrown in a blender, and what comes out is something that feels like its own movie, while also paying tribute to everything that inspired Whannell to become a filmmaker in the first place. Upgrade is violent, thought-provoking, funny, surprising, with some terrific fight sequences, an awesome soundtrack, and a dynamite performance from Logan Marshall-Green. I also get the feeling I'm gonna love it even more the next time I watch it. Highly recommended for fans of sci-fi/action.

Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn

Birds of Prey
Continues a wining-ish streak for DC with a pretty solid film that is at the very least WAY better than Suicide Squad. It's messy as hell, at times crassly mean-spirited, and mostly not that funny, but for the most part it's still a great deal of fun. Harley is still a fun character, and this version of her that is more than just an oversexualized girlfriend of the Joker is a much more interesting character to follow. Her girl gang and resentful breakup is also just a very human story. Yeah it was done better in the animated series currently on DC Universe, but still, this one is fun. The other Birds are pretty good, especially Huntress, but this really is Harley's show, and she's good. I do have to give love to Ewan McGregor as Black Mask. Yeah he's done villains before, but good god, this is one helluva villain. I love the character Black Mask, and he absolutely nails the character. Charming, funny, completely psychotic, I was a happy geek watching him on screen. Not to mention McGregor is clearly having a ball in the roll, and that energy does pass on to you. Overall though Birds of Prey is a mess. It's plot is basically Snatch but not as good, and it's attitude is aggressive, but god damn does it ever have an attitude. It has an identity, a style, and a look I can't deny, and I will admit it was pretty fun. It's got some solid performances, characters I wanted to see, and a solid style. It's a wild swing, and while it doesn't totally nail it, I admire it's ambition.


Wow what an actual surprise. This movie was delayed many times. Originally scheduled to release in September 2017 it was pushed to March 2018 then to September 2018 then back a month to August 2018 ultimately. The reason for these delays? I'm not even quite sure. The first trailers showed a very dark story (which it kinda is), but then newer trailers showed off a bit more of a family friendly "kid gets prehistoric dog" sort of story. The story takes place 20,000 years ago in Europe following a young man named Keda (Kodi Smit-McPhee). who has finally joined his father Chief Tau (Johannes Haukur Johannesson) on their tribes yearly hunt. First off this movie is shot beautifully. Some of the best cinematography I've seen for any movie in 2018. It does a great job even in the opening sequence of hunting the bison of just getting color palettes down and giving a sense of dread. The performances are also something that excels in this movie. Johannesson as Chief Tau is just great. He has such a believable love for his son and their chemistry is great. Smit-McPhee as well is excellent and he really grows as a character here. They even created a language they use but even with it being non english the emotions run high in this one. I loved Alpha as well the wolf has a lot of emotions shown through its actions and some slight use of CG. My one gripe here is the last ten minutes get just a bit too Hollywood for me and although there's a twist to the entire story I still wanted it to change it slightly, but without spoiling it it actually makes sense it's just personal preference. Overall, solid movie that suffered from some really bad marketing. I would say if you missed this one to begin with definitely give it a look!

The Amazing World of Gumball

The Amazing World of Gumball
This show is very entertaining, even for an adult. The innuendos are the funny part. The humour is directed at children below the ages of 13, but it makes the show a great timepassing tool nonetheless. The art style progressively gets brighter and less "eye candy" than it was in the first and second seasons. It aged like SpongeBob. I'm a fan of this show. Each episode really has no ongoing theme except for some minor problems that can later show up randomly. That's what makes this show so entertaining to watch. Instead of clinging onto one episode, waiting for the next to see what happens, each episode begins something new. You don't have to keep up with one plot, and issues having to be fixed and have to be drawn out into two or three episodes. You can watch an episode and still get the main plot and idea of it.

The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack

Animation:This is the best part of the show for me since it looks so amazing heck I think it beats some current cartoon network shows.(Don't worry it does not beat Gumball and Steven universe) It has very well made backgrounds and the intro was freaking stop motion animation done really well. It also had very good character designs like I love Flapjack and peppermint Larry's designs. What more can I say it has Wonderful stop motion and Traditional animation with some amazing backgrounds and character designs. Obviously 10/10 .................. Plot:Flapjack takes place in a place called strongstorm harbour and Its about 2 adventurers flapjack and captain k'nuxcles who have been looking for a place called candied island but have never got there due to bubby and all the danger that surrounds the place. So they have been stuck on the docks most of the time. Also flapjack is being cared by bubby the whale since his parents are gone and bubby also serves as flapjacks home and that is the premise. It is very creative but I do think we could get a bit more back story but overall a nice premise it gets a. 10/10 ................. Humor: Though aside from some humor not being funny it does have really funny moments in there which will make you laugh out loud. 8/10 .................. Intro: Well I love this intro it tells you what the show is about and also reflects the characters personalities. The animation in it is freaking amazing to with all the stop motion characters. 10/10 ................. Verdict:In short Flapjack was a show that has wonderful animation, A catchy theme song,Good humor and a Memorable cast of characters. Sure sometimes the humor is bad and some characters are jerks but I do think flapjack is a very over looked show and the score I give it is. 9/10

Escape from Pretoria

Escape from Pretoria
Basically, some of these critics haven't a clue. This movie is a must-see; it dramatically illustrates the physical and psychological cruelty orchestrated by the Apartheid regime. Some aspects are subtle and horrifying. My only complaint is we didn't get the backgrounds of several fascinating characters. Of course, in many movies there's simply not enough time. And finally, Daniel Radcliffe and Mark Leonard Winter were mesmerizing expressing the horror of being incarcerated. Go see the film.

The Invisible Man

I loved this movie so much. I loved Elisabeth Moss's performance if her acting didn't work then we wouldn't believe there is an invisible man but she sells it. I like the cinematography in the movie, I love it when they move the camera to a random spot in the room and we think the invisible man is there and them kinda showing he's somewhere in the room with her, which creates a lot of tension in the scenes. I love the tension in each scene and they do a very good job of capturing tension throughout the whole movie. They have an absolutely stacked cast and they all do an amazing job. I think they did a pretty job at the score it really worked in the tension of the scenes and it elevated each scene and the whole movie and it flowed with each scene it never felt off at all. I felt so bad for the character of Elisabeth Moss because the evidence is right there and the doctors aren't believing her, and everything that happens to her too. They do an amazing job at fleshing out the character of James who is played by Aldis Hodge he also does an amazing job and I cared about him so much throughout the whole story. The story kept me on the edge of my seat from start to finish, and it kept me wanting to learn more or see what was going to happen next. I only have two problems with the movie a bit of the dialogue is bad at times and there are times where the decisions that were made were not logical at all besides that I think it is pretty good. Overall I loved it and would recommend it to anyone.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
In small town America 1968, there is a dark history that hangs over an old abandoned house regarding the fate of the Bellows family. While escaping the town bullies, a group of teenagers break into the house to hide and it is in this house they find a dusty old book full of terrifying stories but as they take it away with them, new stories begin to appear in the book and the group of friends start to disappear one by one. When I first saw this advertised, I had never heard of the books on which it is based and from the trailer I couldn't figure out who the audience for this story might be. From the trailer I felt it was aimed at young teenagers but then some of the imagery used on screen seemed so terrifying and disturbing i thought it couldn't possibly be. Well it turns out it is aimed at teenagers and if i was a teenager watching this i would probably have loved it. As an adult i did still enjoy it, the horror elements were done brilliantly, scary, disturbing and memorable. It's the bits in between the horror that let it down slightly. I just felt the characters weren't developed enough and didn't really gel together like the young cast of IT did. Visually impressive and a decent story behind it but could have done with some extra time dedicated to character development.

Quantum Break

Quantum break is a great video game
I really enjoyed Quantum Break, more than most other games. This is more of a movie, portrayed in a game style. It's an enjoyable experience with choices at junctions. Combat is casual with support for controllers and keyboard & mouse. The movie aspect of this game is an incredible, breathtaking experience, and I recommend this to anyone looking for an experience.

Our Planet

Our Planet
Our Planet was an interesting documentary with extraordinary visuals and some great music, but it gets pretty one tonal after a few episodes. The only thing that changes each episode is the climate in which the animals live, otherwise it's just hunter-prey, eat or be eaten. The part about Chernobyl was very interesting and I would have wanted to have seen more of that but then the season was over and I had watched all episodes. Still, overall it is a very good season and it delves deep into the problems facing our planet, our species and our animals. David Attenborough is phenomenal as always and the score by Steven Price is also amazing.

Vinland Saga

Vinland Saga
Story The story is about revenge and the growth of are main character as his views change from a boy to a pure blooded viking. While the show is slow paced the characters and action will hold your interest.

Art The art in the show is really well done since it's made by Wit Studio the same people who do Shingeki no Kyojin and many other damn good looking anime. Unfortunately the only part in the anime that looks bad at times is the sea and for a viking show that's kinda bad but since the rest of the show looks so good i'm willing to overlook the bad cgi water.

Music Hmm music is 50/50 for me while it sounds good like the op is one of my fav this season but the rest of the music doesn't really fit a viking show now it is good just for me doesn't really fit the setting.

Character So far I've really liked the characters they look and act like vikings and i'm enjoying are main character growth.

Enjoyment I love this show so far and i've only heard good things from the manga readers so i'm really looking to see more from the story.

Fire Force

Fire Force
Fire Force is a great anime, though many would disagree, first of all the animation is great, most people jump to conclusions, saying that the fanservice is tasteless simply because it was implemented poorly just once, and I'll try to keep the review short:

The story is nice but definitely has some flaws, most villains are more or less generic but they are interesting, though this is my own opinion. you may find the MC to be less than original, which I agree with, but he definitely is an interesting character at least for me.

now then time for the flaws: the first two episodes were fine but after that it got a bit all over the place, there was barely any proper continuity and some parts felt a bit out of place, though I assure you I have read the manga and such issues will soon be fixed, the first major arc was a bit too fastpaced for it to make much sense, and other than that the show is genuinely fun to watch.

Hostile Planet

Hostile Planet
Touching on all threats to life on this planet - both natural and unnatural - certainly part of what makes Hostile Planet a fascinating program, though an increased focus on the latter threat would have better demonstrated just how fragile all life is.

Dokutaa Sutoon

This is one of those shows where the individual parts when looked at separately do not seem to add together to be anything special. but you put all the little pieces together you somehow end up with something super fun, easy-to-watch, oddly wholesome and very enjoyable. And with that I give you Dr. Stone.

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