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Behind the Attraction

This is a fun watch
This is Disney Plus' Toys/Movies that Made Us which if you haven't already please watch both of those series they're great. This series focuses on the behind the scenes of the Disney rides and resorts showing how much it took to make the magical experiences come to life; which as a Disney fan I always love to peak behind the curtain. When I was watching I couldn't help but smile at everything they were showing me which is great but they don't really dive into the greater details of the development. There's a review here by nrshoeter that says "This is very good, but the light hearted presentation style lacks depth and detail at times." which I agree with the light hearted presentation and not covering the troubles and hardships of creating the individual attractions. An example being the development of Disneyland Paris's Space Mountain and the Disney company needing it to secede due to the French not attending the park leading to the resort's HUGE debt. Also it would've been fun if they poked fun at themselves some to show more humanity but that's just a personal wish. The main complaint I had with them skipping on the larger details is rectified in 2019's "The Imagineering Story" witch explores the vast history of the people who made the Disney ride which I would recommend watching before this; but that's a problem, what if someone doesn't want to watch that and just watch this you're going to miss out on some of the greater context and hardship that made these attractions. But all in all this is a fun watch I would recommend for everyone who likes Disney.

Rick and Morty: A Rickconvenient Mort
Episode 3, Season 5

Deserves an 8.5 at least
The B plot has funny moments but the main reason why you came to this episode was the heart breaking A plot. Man this episode is some of the best yet some of the most meh Rick and Morty content out there, worth watching for the a plot alone. This will be one of the most misunderstood episodes in the series for most but I'm glad the people who take their time to review it understand it's greatness.

Monsters at Work

Monsters at Work could use some work
I along with many loved the original Monsters Inc. For taking the concept of the ole' monsters in your closet myth we all used to believe when we were young and building it into a unique world with likable and funny characters. For the most part, currently we're only 2 episodes in, Monsters at Work needs to work on what worked with the original, the world building is solid with callbacks from the 2001 film and Monster University that anyone who liked the films will enhance the experience. Monsters at Works' comedy is the main flaw with the series, there are funny jokes don't get me wrong but there are a lot jokes that didn't get a chuckle out of me which is kinda surprising for Pixar who has proven track record with comedy. Both Monster films are consistently funny in my opinion and to see this not quite hit the mark is little surprising since they've done it for 2 films already, might just be the first 2 episodes but it felt like they weren't firing on all cylinders. That's the main flaw but some other minor flaws would be Sully kinda feeling out of character, few of the character designs feel uninspired granted with good designs to make up for it like Duncan, but overall the series can be good but if the comedy is not going to improve then that would be a shame because I want this to do good. Also credit to the animators as the animation looks great for tv and this may be the fist series to truly do full smooth cgi for an entire series so that's a step forward!


Pixar's My Neighbor Totoro
Going in I was really hyped for this movie as this is the last Pixar movie I've seen in over a year, I skipped Soul because I can't handle the topic of death very well, so going in I had some expectations that I hoped were met. Luca is a super lovable movie about doing new things, conquering fears, and accepting others set in the gorgeous Italian Riviera with wonderful visuals. The characters in Luca. Are incredibly likable, Luca, Alberto, and Julia are an amazing group of friends and every moment they were on screen together was so wonderful. The movie I compare this too is My Neighbor Totoro as both movies have simple plots but make them work so well and both have a heart-wrenching finale. I would give both movies a 7 but they're too likable for me to just call them good. Luca is a fun and heartfelt movie that should be a must see for all families and those who love animation..


This can be something special
Ok so recap on my opinions on the new Marvel shows (SCROLL DOWN FOR MY LOKI REVIEW):

Wandavision: Loads of charm with a great story...until episode 9 dropped the ball. The whole premise of the show was so unique with it swapping between different time periods, Wanda dealing with the loss of Vision, the surprisingly good suspense moments (The "Stop it" moment in episode 1 is a really good example), and the amazing performances. Everything was building up to a great and unique conclusion until we had the generic "Marvel ending" with less desirable CGI, if they went for a ending more unique for the show it would've made it all the better. But even with all of that it's still really watchable. 8.2/10

FATWS: Started off strong then completely lost me, I'm just kinda done with the full on action Marvel and it didn't help that Wandavision came before it. That's just my opinion but I know other people feel the same way so overall it's kinda skippable if I'm being honest, all you need to know is Sam becomes Captain America and I kinda saved you some time to check out some better shows. 6.8/10


Holy cow that was a great way to start of the series, I'm not going to spoil anything but this is some good television right here. The things I love are the set design, it has a 70's space age/retro vibe and a love it, the vfx are good as always, and the uniqueness this show has really helps it stand out. The things I really love is the acting, Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson are a great duo and really play off each other, also Loki gets a moment in episode one and it's glorious, and the dialogue is really well done. Loki, at least so far, doesn't have a-lot of action so having the dialogue and characters being good were a must and I'm relived they surpassed my expectations. Also the show is setting up a really cool story that I don't know where they're going to take it, usually we'd know based off the comics but I genially don't know where this is going and I'm excited for that! Overall I'm super excited to see where this show goes over the span of it's first season and if they maintain quality maybe a season 2 is in order! 9.7/10 (Will update the score once it's all said and done)

Star Wars: The Bad Batch

Great start and has potential to be one of the best stories Star Wars has covered
I'll confess my darkest secret...I haven't seen The Clone Wars, it was an anthology series and I just didn't feel like binging all 133 episodes, but if this show is anything to go by I'm watching all the essential episodes right away on Disney+. I watched this right after rewatching ROTS and it flowed perfectly, they didn't alienate the people who haven't seen the Clone Wars (myself) but still give nods for the people who invested in the Clone Wars. Like they were introduced in Season 7 from what I've heard but they reintroduce them without screaming to invested fans saying "Hey we're going to take some run time to talk down to the people who haven't seen Clone Wars" , it just works so well. Also let me just take a minute to say how likable the "Bad Batch" team is, all of them feel like they're experienced soldiers and all of them contribute some asset to the team, even "Wrecker" the brute of the team isn't the most annoying thing in the world because he contributes to the team. Before I finish this review I really hope the whole story of the show covers the transition between using clones and stormtroopers and they get serious with that, that could lead to some of the best Star Wars content if they go down that route. Overall this show is off to a really good start and I can't wait to start tuning in week after week watching it.

Donny's Bar Mitzvah

This movie is 99% likely to have a cult following...
Aww the movies...a time to sit down eat a medium size popcorn and watch the movie you've been waiting to see. Could a thrilling action movie, or a suspenseful horror movie, maybe it's a sweet romance movie, or in this case a gut wrenching comedy movie that gives you no time to breath. Donny's Bar Mitzvah is one of the greatest comedy films I've seen being up there with "The Hangover" but not quite "Airplane" level but that is a testament to how hilarious this movie is because Airplane is my #1 comedy movie. The movie has a couple sub plots (kinda like Airplane's sub plots) that offer some great gags and end in CRAZY conclusions that will either leave you laughing out loud, in shock, pure disgust, or maybe ALL THREE AT ONCE XD.

Also this movie is the pure definition of wild, where other comedy movies feel like they smoked a joint or two this movie feels like it's had 10 joints and is drunk beyond all belief in all the best ways. It's not afraid to make some riskee jokes that will leave everyone thinking "Did that really just happen?" and then proceed to probably do something even more shocking. Donny's Bar Mitzvah is also like South Park where it takes shots at everyone and there will at least be one to five jokes that will offend you but that's the fun of it. Before I drawl my conclusions I want to point out two things...the writing and the cast, the writing is all over the place and it works to make a non stop joyride of a movie and the cast is SO dedicated to the characters they are portraying it heighten's the film even more than it already is.


If you read the title I think Donny's Bar Mitzvah is going to have a cult following just like Airplane and the Rocky Horror Picture Show with how out there the movie is. Danny Trejo, penis hats, shots at everyone, really funny action scenes, the 90's ascetic, they all culminate for a one of a kind movie that you'll probably never see again. This is no Scorsese and if you expect that from every movie don't bother with this one but if you like out there comedies, like Airplane, and just want something to absolutely die to then Donny's Bar Mitzvah is a much watch.


The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Surpassed My Expectations
Going in I thought this show was going to be a really solid Marvel story but not top tier Marvel, think Avengers Infinity War, GOTG, Winter Soldier etc, like everyone was hyping it up to be. I went in assuming Wandavision was going to have FAR superior writing and was overall going to be the better show...but after "New World Order" Wandavision has some real competition. Even though we only have 1 episode I can already say this is far stronger then what I was expecting, the action was really well done, the cinematography was great, writing was solid, and the show is a little deeper then what I was expecting and I hope the continue to search the characters and truly make this a top tier Marvel series.

I'm planning on doing an updated review once the whole series is out but so far "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" is off to a great start, give this series a shot it's kinda like the reward for spending 1 year in quarantine lol.

The Mandalorian: Chapter 9: The Marshal
Episode 1, Season 2

Kicking off what hopes to be an even better season
First off, WOW, the scale of this episode is absolutely epic and quiet the redemption from "The Gunslinger" and giving Tatooine a great episode. I was worried going in this was going to be a bit more childish because season one became the show of the year but it seems to have kept the same tone as the first season which is always a plus. Overall this episode feels like the beginning of a better season without unnecessary episodes (episode 4 5 and 6 even though I like 4 and 6) that seem to just drag out the episode count. Once again Jon Favreau for CEO of Lucasfilm and Dave Filoni for Creative Officer at Lucasfilm, This is the way, I have spoken.

Threat Level Midnight: The Movie

This movie shoots...and scores!
I've seen a lot of films over years and this is certainly the greatest film ever made. The actors are top notch and should be casted for many more Hollywood blockbusters, the VFX are great, and the script is like the Matrix on drugs. The director of this masterpiece...Micheal Scott, he should be a full time director because this is on par with movies like the Godfather, Pulp Fiction, Terminator 2, Jurassic Park, Fight Club and the Shining.

This movie has opened my eyes to what true filmaking is and I am craving for more, that's what she said, from Great Scott Productions.

10/10 Greatest Movie of All Time.

SpongeBob SquarePants

SpongeBob is a classic american cartoon that will go down in history.

Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War. BEST MOVIE OF THE DECADE
Avengers: Infinity War is the BEST Marvel movie of all time. ( My opinion, don't hate me ) The cgi was remarkable , the screen writing was INPECKABLE , the acting was amazing and the list goes on. But tbh I SPOILER WARNING I Thanos at some points doesn't seem like a bad guy , sure he wants to kill half the universe and succeeded. But he wanted to kill the bad half ( Don't ask me why Tom Holland, Chris Pat and Chadwick Boseman were killed) But he wanted to live in peace. But if you saw in the end credits that Nick Fury sends a message to Captain Marvel (Also getting her a stand alone film) meaning that Captain Marvel might be the super weapon. And if you read this far than I got treat for you. I looked online for Avengers 4 and saw the cast and I can tell you that The Black Panther will come back. Don't believe me? Link to full cast list. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4154796/fullcredits Trust Me Tom Holland will return. Marvel can't kill Spiderman. But who knows

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