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My Wife's Secret Life

I've watch bad movies to view which could be the worst. This movie is close to the worst. The wife doesn't have a secret life. One night stand is a secret life? The characters go between loathing each other to love in one scene to the next. Strange flow, and predictable, bad script.


potential to grow
A disruptive newcomer to the agency. I was prepared for anything, and laughed out loud weirdness of the show. I like it.

Frankie Drake Mysteries

Interesting Light Fare
To the reviewer - American version of Miss Fisher's Murder Mystery! - Oh please Canada is Canadian as Canada is. Some of the writing is quite fun, realistic no. A black well dressed women follows people and investigates. Not going to happen in the 1920 Toronto, CA. With the frivolity of the scripts comes no deep mysteries and a brush of 'old girls network'. I quite like the series regardless of writer's soft touches to reality.

Would be grande if Frankie could actually drive a motorcycle. This show is an artistic version of mysteries having brightly coloured, great fashionable clothing, fun characters and a bit of a chase in storytelling. I think longevity comes with added story layers, and more depth in the characters. For now, I enjoy an all women cast!!

The Closer

Women rising in the workplace.
Regardless of where women work each need to prove themselves, over and over again regardless of how awesome, smart and great they are at their jobs. Exactly as Deputy Chief Brenda must do. She is constantly questioned about her decisions, her insights and even though has great interview skills is micromanaged by a narcissist boss Pope and Johnson.

This series demonstrates women's struggle in the workplace. I love the banter between her and her detectives. Odd and quirky group of good people who make up a great supporting cast.

Kyra Sedgewick takes us on a roller coaster of her characters highs and lows trying to have a personal life, lead in her job and not go crazy justifying her decisions to Pope.

New Tricks

Two Series of Quality
Two series as with lead and helpers change so does the feel and drive of the series. I'm re-watching the show from the beginning in 2020. I love the characters more than the plots and made up angst from the head. Western cultures in TV story-lines are pushed to constantly strive for perfection, beyond their exceptional results to better, better......better.. No we'll close UCOS, on dear if Jack doesn't come back we'll he's fired. Oh my favourite horror of modern society is even though you've all been in a serious car accident, UCOS needs to keep going. Was not fun or joyous to watch these group of investigators work with head injuries, memory loss, broken arm, etc. Not even a day to recover and Sandra set up and willing to go along with, UCOS cannot stop.

While I like the characters the plot and DAC Strickland character is an arse of modern society's making 'you are never good enough, do more, do more.....industrialization still moves on but driven in 'you made the choice to take this job' mentality.

Later series was decent but again the angst and threats of the head. I liked the characters though had a different feeling (of course) and didn't always work for me. It was the character of DCI Sasha Miller - often harsh. Sandra's character had hidden warmth.

Kiss at Pine Lake

Filmed near Vancouver, BC
The scenery is wonderful, I've grown up at camps like this one or even this one as I live in Vancouver, BC. I gave the movie a 4 because of the location and Barry Watson who is able to carry the movie along. Mia Kirshner drags the movie down with a well I'm here I might as well but I'm choosing not to act . . . The storyline is non-sensical - If a philanthropist buys a run-down camp who knows it needs an upgrade to code. Ok so, where is his money and why is he looking for handouts, and didn't pay the outstanding loans? The buyer would have known the camp would be shut down for upgrades. Dialogue is bad - "who cares about camps anymore, no one goes, they only go to computer camps" - ugh? The movie is poorly written. I think I'll write a Hallmark movie - my dialogue will be improved from here.

Ghost Adventures

Seriously SHUT UP
Seems to be one sided investigations. Is this a group experience or singular? If you want to bring your excitement in do it after you show and demonstrate what you found. Some lead up is fine, but droning on and over each other. Annoying. Talking, talking, talking so much that what you think is a recording of the voice may just be them. They don't pause enabling the audience to draw in that is recorded and played back. An episode needs space in the form of silences. I'm sure you've found fabulous entities, ghost and the alike. I wouldn't really know because YOU'RE ALL STILL TALKING.

Durham County

What do you have a young woman standing up for herself against bullies but she gets suspended....of course. Cop - Abusive father, horrible homicide cop, and husband who is a poor actor in this role. Just like the killer who ovver acts- so bad. I'm watching to see how bad it can get. The two main characters are the poor actors - the killer and the cop. Odd. The supporting actors seem to be decent. Story-line is misogynistic and in very very poor taste.

NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service

Decent to Pass Time
Acting is good, storylines are not deep, easy to solve, not always legally correct but there is something here. I'm not a fan of the family aspect of the crew as the annoying character Emily Wickersham plays a little girl trying to act tough. Why do they give her the right to pry into team mates lives? The most annoying is the psychotherapist, which is not the actresses doing - Maria Bello. Her character puts forth psycho babe that is obvious, derivative and as in many dramas she spouts the same jargon of the American culture 'talk therapy' solves everything, and if you're not doing this 'you have serious issues of denial'. Crap!. Also why did they make her so insecure...that is a stand alone annoyance.

Generally I understand how this has 17 series.

Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: Heist and Seek
Episode 13, Season 1

Why are the police sharing info with this group?
A make believe world full of faery dust with good actors performing in a step up from soap operas. Did my head in but I knew it was Hallmark before hand. As for Sally looking different - we change weight, we get pregnant or not, change workouts, etc. There can be several reasons she looks a little different, just like life.

Morning Show Mysteries: Death by Design
Episode 5, Season 1

Wooden Co-Actors
The story was fine for Hallmark (which is known for predictable storylines of vanilla flavoured subjects with overly romanticized outcomes}. The main actors don't move like manikins but the co-actors do. Strange. This is rate G, but romances run at snails pace, stereotyping misunderstandings. I do like the main characters who are decent actors.


Once in a While.
Once in a while a well written, well acted and delivered series comes along. This is it. Additionally finding the drama series is a Canadian effort is a bonus. While loosing my like of the lone ranger type series the USA is proud to offer, I am drawn in here with the leads vulnerabilities brought on by his code of ethics. While every drama has their systems, here too but each are not so annoyingly glaring to make the hero bright and shinny. Like when Cardinal doesn't listen to superiors to concentrate on one case to not search for missing people...etc. only he does search an abandoned building to find a murdered victim.

Here the female partner, while external forces has her bullied, she isn't patronised or put down by her new partner and co-workers.. Often done in other series to then build her up. Her character builds herself up by being good a good detective, which Cardinal in his direct, almost as an after thought tells her. "I put you on the first series of calls from the tip line because I don't have to check your work".

One of the great lines of the female partner when a co-worker finds she been put forth for training, that he wanted...starts to grip (which is fair)...she says "it is because I'm sleeping with her".

Fabulous series.

Virgin River

Predictable ah watchable.
As a comedy and her naivety jogging with stylish hair, walks by the river with expensive bags is quite fun. I don't mind the show, it is home to me so watching our scenery is an awesome reminder of how beautiful my back yard is.


Like the plot, creepy, twisty - someone playing with us. Good acting. The only inconsistency with being a police detective is her lack of protocol. Anna touched so many items of evidence with her bare hands.

Into Invisible Light

The lead actress showed up.
Its a shame the leading role is a dead character trying to be awake. Very challenging to watch a mediocre character drag herself up, out the door and live when she'd dead inside. Self-deprecating is boring, lifeless...goodness. Grieving she is, but I think she was dead before her husband died.

The light is there but she isn't moving. One can say she found her feet towards the end of the movie, but she still has that negative, sluggish air about her.

The long time ago lover's daughter was the highlight of the movie...she can dance!

Elephant Song

Brilliant Film
The viewer is drawn into the story spun by the young man. He mixes truths with false starts to play with the doctor. We realize he is an intelligent man controlled continually by a system that makes illness into blandness, a life full of dull routines.

Xavier Dolan is an incredible actor who allows us a glimpse into his world and why he struggles to find himself with parents who don't want him. Finely able to tell someone his story, from his perspective who doesn't have preconceived ideas about him, is Dr.Greene. Dr. Greene not a great psychiatrist in the end begins to hear him.

The ending is almost a cliche, I understand why the writer chose it but I think there are other avenues to pursue. Or maybe I'm an optimist. The scene with Dr. Greene and the young man's father at the end, solidified the world this young man was born into - a world of grossly narcissistic parents.

My skin crawled listing to his father, "I am here because no one came to collect his belongings."

An Audience of Chairs

Story of Husband Abandonment
The movie is about a women who has a mental illness discovered late. Her husband blames her for a mistake she made leaving their girls alone.. Like so often happens the husband abandons his wife and takes the girls. He gets help to take care of them at his home but couldn't get his wife, the girls mother help while he was gone for months, working?

This is an insight into how women with mental illness are disguarded. It's their fault because they don't take their medication. I see that is a problem, but when she says ''you left me too long'', he turns and leaves her. This is about a selfish partner that turns away, not helping.

Her parents are a great help but not they are older. A story about a women pushed to her edge by an partner and when she snaps, "oh well she should have known, its all her fault."

Great insights into how some family run, how others help, how strangers help. The challenges with mental illness. While we see a unsympathetic husband, this character can be almost anyone who turns away, instead of offering compassion.

One Week

A theme of courage.
While diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, he decides to travell West from Toronto to Vancouver. Beautifully moving that he had the courage to go the course. Saying no to family and his fiance, who were determined he spend his time in therapy. I loved that he said NO. His fiance's selfishness came to a head and he continues to say no. "Did you ever love me", she says. When she couldn't control him, she use her fear to guilt him. It reflects societal norms that if you don't go through treatment you don't love the people around you, that you are being selfish when in fact...hmmm

I'll Follow You Down

Struggle to Make it.
This is full of those moments when you need to make decisions that affect your whole life. While the acting is great, the movie's entices us into alternatives of theories of timelines. I was rather disappointed in the ending. Poof - my way or else. Genius becomes a turmoil of choices over rot with emotions.


Up on Acorn TV
Watched recently this 90's series. Warm, charming and doesn't fall into the usual writing cliches and holes. I love all the characters except the main one. She isn't unlikable just for me unlikable.


There is a formula
As I mature I find a sameness in most drama stories. This series is written well as in the FBI were not total assess with huge egos. Little campy regarding John but hide your ID better, but we're not going to listen to your explanation because well we're the usual FBI communicators - now this is written drama facts, not reality. Do I know how the FBI speak and approach the world? I have an idea with true crime tv, but really on the cusp.

The Norwegian police characters were written well and do communicate, except if you are in charge and don't pay attention to your children. This is a cliche in most police/murder dramas regardless of who the author is and where they reside ethnically.

With the scrips always the say, no real twists, turns - the plot did try to trick us at the beginning. Worked decently well.

Nice try. I love the scenery and the low level speaking, no one really shouts. Though priceless is the very ending of episode 5 - what William, you didn't realize your children know they are 2nd place to your work. When the daughter recovers, smack her for leaking the story. In reality this isn't easy to get out of. While nothing new, I enjoyed this series thus far. (skipped the kidnapping and recovery in episode 5...all the same everywhere - lone ranger rides in and saves the damsel in distress.)


The Stupid acting Studip
Seriously who wrote this series? Husband (not yet) is an asshole. If the plot has to rely on fabricating the female is loosing her marbles, well she's had issues before with mental health so she's become undone again. The stupid really leading the stupid. If you cannot see you're being setup by a young women, then how can you be smart enough to be a teaching professor? Rubbish.


Decent series one...then volatile brain damaged characters
So often in dramas the first series is amazing until the second arrives to mess everything up. I thought the plot to kill Adam was a stupid move by Georgina but when the characters would not listen to reason when their anger foamed at their mouth....resulting in stupid plot twists, I'm out! Got to series 2 ep 6. Self indulgent characters with moral character that dig themselves further into the abyss with each new episode is poor writing.


Something is off
I've watched many children's shows with my girls as they grew up and thought this series would be fun. Watching the 1st episode I thought something was off. By the end of the 2nd episode I believe it is the acting. Stiff, awkward. The flow between actors is missing.

I find the children actors are not connected, hesitant acting, missing the flow where they work off each other. Instead GW feels amateurish. The principle is flat, like a stick character re-sighting lines (cannot act). As other's state in their reviews, no magic, no energy. The role of the queen is also flat like she just woke up from a nap.

The only two character who have energy are the Rabbit - excitement in his voice and this is a voice over. The 2nd is the little sister. The actors don't work well together. A puzzle with the wrong pieces.

Truth Be Told

Not quite sure
Half way and not sure how this should come together. Decent acting, just the story doesn't quite work. Really dislike Poppies sisters, why are they so horrible. I don't care enough to learn.

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