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Ballmastrz 9009

Not bad, I'd like to see where this goes
I don't normally feel compelled to write reviews, but after discovering Ballmastrz and mostly enjoying it, I was surprised to see how little coverage it's received. Sure, it's not perfect, and can border on too simplistic at times, but as a whole this is a fun, goofy series with a very interesting world brimming underneath the surface. I think if it was given a second season and more time to flesh out its setting and characters Ballmastrz could become something special. I also ended up liking the art quite a bit; Karacas's crazy, mixed style works well with the over-the-top, anime-influenced world he's built. Episode 6 in particular has some very beautiful and fluid animation. All in all, despite some issues, I liked a lot of what Ballmastrz has to offer, and hope to see more of it in the future.

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