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Money not well spent
Here's an example of how money does NOT always make something great. The acting was hit and miss but included some recognizable names for clout. The concept was not believable...at all. The animation was questionable; just enough to show us it wasn't ultra low budget. I'm giving it a 6 simply for the decent acting parts and the fact that it's a Bigfoot movie and not a camcorder rendition.

A Wish for Giants

Great story line but amateurish
This story really grabbed my attention. Emotional in its very nature and well written. For the most, scenes were believable and the music was phenomenal! Delivery was good, especially with the main actors. Disappointments came from sound imbalance and color. I had to turn up the volume to hear some lines then quickly back down so not to get blasted. Also, there were a few places the picture was either not completely focused or the lighting was bad. I'd love to see what Hollywood could do with this.

Willow Creek

Not a fan
While I consider myself a connoisseur of cryptid movies, I couldn't decide where to place this one. The positives were great acting and direction. I might even give the story line a nod except that the ending was anything but satisfying. All that aside, I'm just not easily enticed by camcorder/found footage type films. Maybe I can't give this one a fair shake given my stance but I'll give it a 4 for the acting.

Something in the Woods

Decent story line, perhaps better acting
This is one of those stories that almost can't go wrong. SOMEthing in the woods gets your nerves in horror mode from the title itself. The cameras used seem to be consistent throughout and someone knew what they were doing with lighting. The main actors also appeared to be spot on with maybe a slight slip here and there. That said, not all the acting was believable and some scenes were awkward. Personally, I think we saw way too much of the creature for our own good. Nonetheless, SITW does give you an hour and a half of entertainment.

Letters from the Big Man

If you're looking for a Bigfoot movie that shows lots of Bigfoot--this one isn't for you. It's more of a spiritual, or metaphorical if you will, use of the concept of a Sasquatch. While I wouldn't say that it doesn't work on any level I definitely would not recommend it if you like traditional Bigfoot adventure or action type flicks. The acting was great, however, and the cast was well chosen. The score was painful, having the same tune played over and over again on a violin. Just my 2 cents.

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