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Bad Girls from Mars

Memorably awful.
My review is just that. Awful. And Fred Olen Ray is still producing and directing - and is younger than I?

Slight correction then. Bad Girls From Mars.

Full of awe.


Liar Liar

I think I was correct. I had seen the film via snippets on the YouTube
Liar Liar. The scene in the lift was worth the price of admission alone. But it went downhill from there.

Can I just say when Max Reede "mistook" his father's profession as a Liar, who went before Judges - his teacher corrected young Max. Oh You mean Lawyer,.says she.

A lying lawyer - who finds truth telling impossible in a normal day. A day where he is cursed to tell the truth - okay. The Truth. - also known as what he is really thinking. And that is not the same thing.

Trust Me. I would have benefited viewing this before the world met Impeached President Donald John TRUMP. Yup. The latest thing President Trump will stongly push back on and bravo The Donald.

But when Liar Liar turned into Mr Reede (Jim Carrey) finds he really loves his son - I turned off mentally.

And mused if one could curse or wish President Trump to tell the Truth under these terms until his Re-election in November 2020; well would it increase his winning majority?

These terms? Saying what he really thinks - unfiltered. Until Election Day.

A phew good men and women! The Handel of our generation.

The truth is beyond his "ken". Are you really a billionaire? Is this dress black and white or golden in your opinion?

Anyway, as I said. The start of Liar Liar made it worth viewing at least. The film showed the the unending Kindnesses of women to fictional unmitigated liars and love rats. Fletcher Reede.

Audrey - Maura Tierney - Fletcher's fictional wife, had a thankless task.

And had to fall into Fletcher's arms at the conclusion of the unlikely redemption of his character.

How was it for you? ask Miranda (Amanda Donohoe).

The film, Miranda? Not Mad About Men characters. As for the rest of the "how was it for me?"

I've had better - not say. No. I had better not say.

Oh and Rest In Peace Anne(Greta- The Personal Secretary/Aide) Haney.

Ms Haney. Fondly recalled from The American President (sic) and The Survivors' episode of Star Trek The Next Generation. Mrs Chapil and Rishon Uxbridge respectively.

Nuovo Cinema Paradiso

Toto we are in Kansas again and the Wizard Of Oz
Is behind the Curtain to be exposed. Again.

It is a wicked witch of The West Wing hunt. Allegedly.

Sorry but this movie is wonderful. Its soundtrack just heard.

When heard has memories of the last scene where the older Toto aka Salvatore sits in a PRIVATE screening room watching spliced together movie clinches - kisses - to Ennio Morricone music.

Top 10 favourite moments in cinema for me. The parting of the Red Sea. Charlton Heston and Yul Brynner. The latter's character was unimpressed by the depicted miracle. Never understood that. I would still be stock still with my mouth agape these 1000s of years later.

Yes. Wonder.

The 10 Commendments still number one favourite moment.

Bring wonder with you to the cinema. It helps

Cinema Paradiso. Watching films or television came late to me. I hadn't seen more than a handful up to aged 10 but then made up for it.

Go see Cinema Paradiso. And The 10 Commandments is optional then.

The Flood

May I say that the trailer is all I want to see of this film
The trailer is rated. After Me Comes The Flood.

Being posted abroad - okay - moving abroad to live but with Pension Rights - gives you a sort of 2nd chance to see how difficult it is to belong where no one wants you. Great Britain in this instance.

And when we finally leave the European Union - oh we have left haven't we? The EU. And one is still living abroad in what is Left of The EU - those life certificate calls or correspondence will be even more difficult?

No. I don't want to watch the whole movie.

The trailer has Iain Glen's character very vocal in his views in an interview being conducted by Lena Headey. Was he a real person or her conscious? Crikes Great Britain. We will have to have a long long talk.

After me comes the flood is a phrase of sorts is it not?

The deluge? And the film's poster has his figure underwater?

I will do most of the talking if that is alt-right?

No. I will stick to the trailer. It is clear enough.

Britain (sic)

Andy Capp

Marvel Less
Some comic characters were never natural fits for filming. And especially as live action characters. James Bolam as Andy Capp? Hmm. Andy Capp. Tip of my own flat cap to Seth Meyers broadcasting from home currently. Andy Capp! Oh dear. After a few minutes here - I wandered off to look at the output of "Al Capp" and via someone called Fearless Fosdick was thrown back to Bill Tidy's The Fosdyke Saga.

Brass. The wonderful series Brass. That was what the The Fosdyke Saga could have been. Happen! But was not.

But Fearless Fosdick a skit on that boring do-gooder Dick Tracy - and a police figure much under appreciated by his supervisors is a Real Find. Underappreciated or what? Fearless Fosdick.

Well I hope he is as real as "Joe BTFSPIK", Li'l Abner and Daisy Mae. As an Al Capp character.

But Andy Capp was a mistake if that 1988 TV series was real. No one ever made me laugh less than Reg Smythe's workshy layabout character. Poor Florence. Was Ruby's hubby any better than Andy?

Workshy layabout? Tautology? Reading the Daily Mirror cartoon character's daily strip was like looking in a mirror.

Now Popeye the live action film and The Flintstones. Heck Dick Tracy with Warren Beatty.

Marvel? Less!

We're No Angels

My favourite Peter Ustinov movie. Jules in the Crown
We're no angels. Aldo Ray just spotted in Johnnie Nobody.

And Peter died 28 March 2004?

And Humphrey Bogart. Decades ago. And Aldo Ray too.

Anyway. See We're No Angels. 1955. The original film. That Sean Penn remake. I forgot already who else was in it. That is not good, Sean.

I forgot Robert De Niro and 2 into 3 won't go? Only two fictional escaped convicts? Not good, Sean Penn.

John Smith and Leo G Carroll were in the 1950s version. Go see it. We are no angels.

The Amateur Gentleman

How Ronald Barrymaine Squared His Account
Freely adapted by Clemence Dane.

I suddenly thought watching this - I do not know this Jeffery Farnol's story. The Amateur Gentleman.

Not bad as a film mind.

Took the book off my shelf.

Ronald Barrymaine has a central role in the book. Absent in the movie.

Jasper Shrig, Bow Street Runner famed for his "little reader". Pocket book, Planner or Personal Organiser. Early version.

Shrig turns up in the movie but you wouldn't know it.

So see the film but find the book. It is online and on Youtube.

This quote is lifted from Farnol's book and I consider spoils nothing in The Amateur Gentleman movie.

In the King's name! I arrest Ronald Barrymaine for the murder of Jasper Gaunt - in the King's name, gentlemen!

But now very slow and painfully, Ronald Barrymaine raised himself upon his hands, lifted his heavy head, and spoke in a feeble voice: Oh, m-master Hangman, he whispered, y-you're too l-late - j-just too late!

And so, like a weary child settling itself to rest, he pillowed his head upon his arm, and sighing - fell asleep.

Farnol dedicates The Amateur Gentleman book thus:

To MY FATHER who has ever chosen "the harder way" which is a path that can be trodden only by the foot of A MAN.

Just A MAN

An ancient race - Once Upon A Time In The West

The Big Bang Theory: The Conjugal Configuration
Episode 1, Season 12

Teller speaks
I was recalling the Sphinx Vinnie Jones) suddenly talking at the end of Gone In 60 Seconds movie just this morning. But not exactly Marcel Marceau in Silent Movie level - but Teller speaks?

As Mr Fowler married to Kathy Bates' Mrs Fowler. Trouble in a marriage. Mr Fowler speaks. Several times.

I thought I would Penn my surprise.

Do today's film goers realise how odd it was back in the day to see Marcel Marceau the only vocalist in a film?


Marcel Marceau. And Anne Bancroft and Marty Feldman.

Rest in Peace

Mel Brooks understood. Understands. Bless him.

Big Bang Theory - boxed set of last series.

Teller speaks! Magic!

Idiot's Delight

Putting On The Ritz and putting on a song and dance
I was surprised how young Clark Gable was when he passed. But an urban myth of a camping Gable without allegedly false teeth askin a passer by what they thought of America's Hearthrob now? Sans teeth. Oh and song and dance in Idiot's Delight with Les Blondes. Did Mel Brooks years later pay homage to that awful rendition via Young Frankenstein and his monster - Gene Wilder and Peter Boyle doing a soft shoe shuffle to same maligned song?

I have seen Idiot's Delight several times but must confess Clark Gable's song and dance wipes everything else from the memory bank. Why? Because via his grin Clark Gable himself knows it is awful. That is why.

Hotel on an ice Mountain I think but make sure. The scene of crime. Clark Gable dancing.

Boyle and Wilder are Astaire and Kelly in comparison.

Putting On. The Ritz. Food by August Escoffier perhaps? Savoy Truffaut.

What do you want Mr Neary? Ah Francois Truffaut. Closure I suppose. Richard Dreyfuss is still moulding Mash Potato to stiff peaks. Piques?

A Ritz and Escoffier were in London for a while back in the day. ConScience of that ... Trying to look like Gary Cooper -Super Duper!

The Idiot's Impeachment delite. Putting on.... Putting off.....

The American President

Let us talk about The American President
The American President?

The film starring Annette Bening, Michael Douglas, Michael J Fox and Richard Dreyfuss?

Okay. Wasn't Martin Sheen and Aaron Sorkin involved too? Josh Malina?

Yes; on those terms, let us talk about The American President.

He is not very good is he?

Lewis Rothschild played by Michael J Fox may have regretted saying The American President needed to talk more to give the American People someone other than Richard Dreyfuss' "Bob Rumson" to listen to.

The American President is no Andrew Shepherd orator as penned by Aaron Sorkin. Nor a Jed Bartlet.

He is inarticulate. Be honest.

But goodness does he talk. No doubting this The American President's patriotism, Lewis!

Every other word is AMERICA. Muffled into a hugged Stars and Bars. It is truly touching. Such patriotism.

I have loved dozens of Hollywood versions of POTUS. The President Of The United States. The sacred Washington and Lincoln and the allegedly profane. LBJ and Tricky Dicky Nixon.

Watching President Andrew Shepherd in The American President became more interesting in the 2000s because of The West Wing TV series being broadcasted during real life's George W Bush Administration. Because of Martin Sheen's role in the former title as AJ, President's Shepherd's bestie.

President Jed Bartlet got in my way. But Bartlet and Shepherd were what one current real Senator may accuse of being "Liberal Hacks!"

Not The American President.

Bartlet and Shepherd. The sacred and profane. The fictional and real POTUSs.

Their 15 minutes are Up.

The American President.

His name is Donald John Trump. And he IS the Impeached President.


Just say the word
Su-sussudio. Phil Collins song thought of.

Then the word Copyright.

Captain Marvels.

I grew up with a male version; a little kid yelled Shazam and suddenly kid was a fully grown man.

Oh boy! Oh girl.

Shazam and .... Big. Freaky Friday I and II.

I am woke now. Not.

And so the other day bought both versions. Captain Marvel in Avengers: End Game and this movie Shazam!

Male Captain Marvel in the latter? Okay. Mark Strong as villain? Perfect!

What happened to Green Lantern II? The Darkside? Mark Strong was meant to...

Anyway my review of Shazam. Ahem. The trailers of Shazam.

I like this one - two.

Meet the Press

Meet The Press Gang and Damn The Defiant spreaders of false information
Do Not Despair.

Alternative facts are falsehoods.

I have vision whilst the rest of the world wear............... me out There it is again.

The Anatomy of a Lie. Meet The Press programme 29 December 2019.

On day one the now Impeached President Donald John TRUMP's Administration got the, not missed at all, Sean Spicer to go out and lie to the Press about the Inauguration Crowd size.

Nearly 3 years ago. And finally an autopsy on Meet The Press on said pattern of alleged lying via Press Spokespersons. And multitudes of other sources. It is reported to be a studied practice. Who cares by whom. It is allegedly not trying to make you believe anything useful. You as the target are meant to throw up your hands in horror as multi-universes of truthers are created around you as you progress from site to site on the Interweb.

And wander off muttering a plague on all their houses.

Chuck Todd's Meet The Press did a whole segment on what is allegedly happening. I saw Civil disobedience or perhaps Good Order and Discipline as the other ways to go. Re-name the programme (sic) Meet The Press Gang. Remember Press Gangs?

All at Sea is an idiom. Press Gangs? The 4th Estate?

I do. I refer you to the movie Damn The Defiant for pictorial details. aka H.M.S. Defiant.

They Press Gangs do not Mess (sic) about, Mate (sic)

So after viewing the 29/11/19 Meet The Press and its self-contained despair that lies cannot be overcome - I thought that is rubbish. Sean Spicer was wrong in January 2017 about CrowdSize; and still is.

Do not despair. One Falsehood at a time.

XXXIX. Which is a chapter of action. XL. Which the question is answered..... almost XLI. Which Being The Last Is A Chapter of Parts.

I am off to correct the spelling of Jeffery Farnol's first name on one Website.

I refuse to have that misspelling stand ANOTHER DAY.

Huyendo del halcón

Huyendo del halcón (1973)
Less a review - more an enquiry. By John Hunter. aka John Hunter.

This movie was supposedly released in 1973.

Cecil Barker the assigned director died in 1966 seemingly and Al Mulock circa 1968.


More information please.

Big Fan Of John Ireland and his The Cheaters series.

Advise & Consent

Leffingwell Enough Alone Senator Von Ackerman
My dad says he is not at home.

My paraphrase.

Leaving Well Enough Alone - is an idiom. Does the Americas' use the phrase?

They should.

Leffingwell Senior had to explain to Leffingwell Junior what Communism was and why lying on the phone to people was okay. If people lied to sort of knew they were being lied to.

Via Paul Fix - Chief Whip they knew they (Fix and Walter Pidgeon's Senate Leader) were being lied to. By a kid, no less.

I loved revisiting this movie. I had read the book before I could see the movie.

Leffingwell (Henry Fonda) seemed unimpressed that the dying President wanted him - just him to be the next Secretary Of State. And was not adverse to lying to a Senatorial Committee himself.

Flirting with Communism. Not tolerated.

Any number of women exiting your bedroom. As long as you were Peter Lawford and male - go for it.

A gay encounter as a youngster long before you were elected to be a Senator? Nope. Cannot be allowed.

Well that was waiting to be dropped on someone's head as soon as it suited someone's else's own cause.

Tragedy ensued. The man when shamed, via telephone calls his wife committed suicide and left that wife and small child behind him. I supposed had Senator lived - been unsuccessful in killing himself - neither of those sins would have been tolerated.

Mental illness and a breakdown. (Burgess Meredith) - tut tut.

His character had to pretend tuberculosis sufferer was it?

I counted off the so called sins tolerated and those not. Tolerated. A tolerable few.

Secretary Of States nominees are not what they were, are they?

Oh and when did the Veep stop being the Senate's Chairperson? I enjoyed this movie and oddly wondered what Senator Van Ackerman and his small army of male lackeys would find to blackmail me on - were they looking.

How much did that army of minions cost per week? Senator Van Ackerman. (George Grizzard)

One phone call was made to victim of blackmail by the blackmailing man posing as a clerk - in the same room as the Senators. The cafeteria.

Don't Answer The Phone! He Van Ackerman knows you are alone. He certainly never is and think of the later blackmail opportunities for those lackeys wishing to make a quick buck themselves.

Yes enjoyed that film No End. And that is a subtle clue.

No End

Enchanted April

Polly Put The Kettle On
I was recalling this film and almost feel it is offensive to take it out of our video cupboard to view again. #nevergoback

It is a lost world Enchanted April and what a cast. Michael Kitchen, Alfred Molina and Polly Walker. The source book sits on our book shelf too. Authoress Elizabeth von Arnim. THE ENCHANTED APRIL

All I want to say is, put a carafe of wine and a few nibbles within reach and settle down to watch a movie.

Mike Newell as director (wasn't he the bloke - Pushing Tin?) just perfect. The movie Enchanted April is full of nice people - the backdrop a magical Italy - that you always want to go back to. And relationships are healed or started as you watch and cheer them on.

Oh and love is sort of blind (no offence) like justice is meant to be.

Boston Legal

Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged - by me
The big lie in this series and with most TV series on Crime and Punishment - is the speed fictional Law works. How quickly fictional Justice is meted.

I have or had the whole boxed-set of this spin-off from The Practice - and that show too crammed the cases into the same day seemingly.

And The Practice with far fewer staff than the later incarnation of Crane, Poole and Schmidt.

Boston Legal.

Denny Crane!

But my comment today is the for Boston Legal's bench of judges. A few of them stole the show from both Shatner's and Spader's characters.

Not easy to do.

Henry Gibson though. And Shelly Berman. They were judged and found guilty of both being hilarious. Albeit unlikely. But then it is the United States. No offence but confess I am often stunned by those whom reach the status of Judge over there. But let us keep my comment uncontroversial.

See the series for The Judges. And not for its accuracy in timekeeping.

Also known as a rush to judgement. No subtext intended but

Rest In peace Shelly Berman and Chuck McCann too.

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