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Warrior of the Lost World

Thos Italians Blowd It UP Real Good.
Director David Worth brings us a tried and true post apocalyptic formula film and he comes up with a winner. Our reluctant very low key hero The Rider (Robert Ginty) is compelled into helping rescue the Professor by the Professor's daughter the lovely (Natasia) Persis Khambatta. The Rider rescues the Professor but unfortunately leaves Natasia behind, oh well. The Professor then brings the chosen one along, his rescuer The Rider, to recruit a bunch of nomads who spend their days fighting each other in a circle. The Rider, as the chosen one, must defeat all of the sweaty nomads so they will be compelled to follow their new leader the Professor. I typically find myself fast forwarding through many fight scenes but not this one with girls fighting guys and guys fighting blackbelts, and throw a skinny 12 year old boy who is all heart for the fight, and the requisite little person, wow, you have a highly entertaining fighting sequences reminiscent of a great western bar room brawl. The Professor and the Rider then lead the nomads back to rescue Natasia and overthrow the evil (Prosor), played by the always dependable Donald Pleasence, who rules over a THX 1138 type kingdom.

That's pretty much the simplified plot, but with an Italian flair, The Rider's A. I. motorcycle, great chase and fight scenes combined with a number of explosions that Hal Needham would have been proud of this one really works and may be the best 1980's Italian post apocalypse films which I am sure you will agree is high praise indeed. Don't miss it.


Bummer - Now That's Truth In Advertising.
Director William A. Castleman brings us this hard bitten tale of a 70's Club band ("The Group" as "The Band" was taken) trying to make it in L. A. The Group is managed by (Morie) the beautiful Leslie Mcray. The undisputed leader of The Group is the singer (Duke) played quite well by Kipp Whitman. Duke is frustrated with The Groups status as a Club Band and Morie tells him he will have to hit the road to make money. The other band members are kind of nondescript with the exception of the emotionally troubled bass player (Butts) in Dennis Burkley's first movie roll. The Group has their groupies including rich girl Barbara (Connie Strickland) who incidentally has a great body and (Dolly) Diane Lee Hart who shares a flop house room with the third groupie (Janyce) Carol Speed.

The girls have some real adventures including a tryout at a topless bar and being recruited by, (Sid Rosen) played with a lot of glee by Jay Adler, to be call girls. The girls stick to being groupies and plan to follow the fellas around. The Group heads out to a gig in Bakersfield but dumb ass Butts attempts to rape a girl in The Groups van which gets them fired from the gig so they return to LA and reunite with the girls. It's unfortunate that The Group as a band was terrible. It would have helped the film if they would have had at least one tune that was good.

Bummer really tries to explore the relationship between the girls who all want to have serious relationships with the members of The Group and the guy's sincere reaction to them. The film becomes quite gritty and is indeed a Bummer with Duke rebuffing the pleas of manager Morry to fire Butts because Duke as the leader is loyal to his psychopathic band mate. There are some quite uncomfortable scenes with Butts forcing the Girls to strip and some weird S&M stuff involving Butts. Bummer pulled me in, and I actually cared about stressed out Duke and especially the Girls. I have been a bit melancholy since watching it yesterday.

Bummer is a Jack Starrett type film that is a weird and brutal slice of life which I recommend as long as you know what your getting yourself into.

Dynamite Brothers

Not Good Even For Al Adamson.
Director Al Adamson brings us this half hearted effort "Dynamite Brothers" which falls well short of his other blaxploitation films Black Samurai and Death Demensions. The problem with the Brothers is they are both supporting actors trying to play the lead without a lot of personality or charisma between them. Timothy Brown as (Stud) is terrible and sleepy Alan Tang (Larry) is worse as the two Defiant Ones are handcuffed together on a mission to find Larry's brother. The addition of Aldo Ray as the corrupt cop (Burke) and evil bad guy (Wei Chin) played by James Hung almost save the movie as do the two ladies the foxy as all get out Suzy Ewing as Burkes girlfriend (Laura) and pretty Carol Speed as (Mary). The film almost dies in the middle with nothing really happening and picks up a bit at the end, but not enough for a recommendation.

The Savage Seven

Yea Bro Let's Get Them Let's Get Them All. I love You Bro.
I actually tried to suspend belief and imagine that blue eyed Robert Walker Jr, (Johnnie) Max Julien (Grey Wolf) and Joanna Frank (Marcia) were actually Native Americans. In the early part of the movie after the bikers, led by handsome Adam Roarke (Kisum), rolled into the shanty town Joanna's character actually looked like a Native American especially in the darker bar scenes, however, once the filming moved in to the sunlight it was obvious that the beautiful lady was most likely a descendant of the Squirrel Hill Tribe. As far as the movie's plot goes the shanty town is ruled by (Mr. Fillmore) Mel Berger who works the Native Americans to the bone and takes all of their money at the company store. The film spends two much time flipping between the Bikers and Native Americans fighting each other or partying together while the evil Fillmore plots against them both. Then there is the subplot of a romance between Marcia and Kisum but there are two many points of dispute between the two and I couldn't help but think it would be better for each if they just moved on without each other.

Somehow, I did make it to the end but just didn't care anymore with all the fighting and especially the campy brain dead dialog between the bikers that really got old. I'm going to be charitable and give the the film three stars because Joanna did give her character Marcia a real calm and mellow presence making Marcia by far the most believable in a fine bit of acting among a lot of bad acting. László Kovács also did his usual great Cinematography and oh yea Penny Marshall in her first role was young and cute. I am happy that things have changed where Native American's principally play the parts of Native American's in the movies and not guys with baby blue eyes. Not that there is anything wrong with the baby blues but you know what I mean. If you want to watch a fun bikersploitation flick check out "Angels Hard as They Come" and skip The Savage Seven IMHO.

Mie jue qi qi

Alot Of Action And Alot Of Boobleliciousness Makes For A Good Time.
The Late Great Dick Randall, who also produced the film, leads an all star cast in this international spy thriller. Dependable Richard Harrison is the womanizing CIA agent (Richard Cannon) who is ably assisted by agent (Huang) played by the diminutive Bruce Le as opposed to the original Bruce Lee. Huang is quite a karate fighter who is in the habit of beating up a legion of bad guys while Richart is scheming on the ladies and only fights when he must. The third member of the CIA team is pretty Sharon Shira (Anna).

They are opposed by the ruthless Viet Cong led by surly Jeong-lee Hwang (Comrade Yang) and (Comrade Asian Girl) played by May Hung with an unfortunate unattractive hair do. The third group is a little less defined with multiple nationality's in the gang although they did through in a Sieg Heil so we would know they are definitely evil. This group is led by (The Boss) Tito Garcia and his partner in crime Dick Randall. Randall's character goes by the name of (Dick) to keep it simple I guess.. They have a fem fatal working for them the exotic (Maria) played by Nadiuska who was fine in the role but was probably better suited for her day job as a Super Model.

Each of these forces were desperate to get their hand on the, you guest it, Secret Formula. Challenge of the Tiger is a solid "B" movie in any language as the plot roles right along with members of all three teams getting, how can we say, neutralized with regularity. The portrayal of violence is perfect with it not being to graphic. A big shout out to Brad Harris who played the Boss's henchman (Leopard) with a lot of menacing intensity. At 47 years old the former great Eurospy star still looked buffed at around 235 lbs or so. Unfortunately, he lost his test of strength to our hero the 115 lbs Huang because Huang knows Karate I guess.

The film would rate a couple of points higher if it stuck to the cute nude scenes, of which they are thankfully many, and dispensed with the simulated sex scenes that almost turned it into a soft core film which bogged it down a bit. The ending could have also been a bit more thought out to tie up a couple of loose ends, but all in all this one's a winner. Thank's Dick.

Scorpion Thunderbolt

Wow, Wow, Now That Was Bizarre.
I don't know who the Director of the Donor movie was, however, he/she was light years more talented then the director who received the credit Godfrey Ho. In an effort to not give away too much suffice it to say that the leading man Inspector Lee played by (Homer Cheung) I think - is involved in a love triangle with his fellow Lady Detective and also Journalist Helen. Now one of these lady's turns out to be a real snake. So much bizarre stuff happens during this film including cut inns of the Ho Directed part with Richard Harrison having an almost too graphic sex scene with a stripper. There are too many snakes, a funny maniac named Hagow, a Monk, a Witch and a blind guy who blows a futile flute just to name a few. Scorpion Thunderbolt is not a feel good flick and it left me a little uneasy, but I still highly recommend it.

Creature from Black Lake

The Creature From Black Lake IS Still Out There, And He Is Mean.
Firstly, I watched Creature From Black Lake on YouTube and it was unfortunately a bit blurry. I wish I could have seen a cleaner cut because even fuzzy the cinematography and lighting were outstanding for a "B" movie. Our two leading men (Rives) John David Carson and (Pahoo) Dennis Fimple are out to find Big Foot so they can get an "A+" from their University of Chicago Zoology Professor. They head down to Redneckville and question the locals about the Bipedal Animal which gets them on the wrong side of (Sheriff Billy Carter) Bill Thurman. They finally track down (Joe Canton) Jack Elam who has had an unfortunate encounter with Big Foot who pulled Joe's fellow trapper (Woody) out of their boat and munched hm. The film moves along with many fun characters and does build up a good amount of suspense leading to the inevitable confrontation with the hairy beast who we never clearly see unfortunately.

I was not familiar with actor John David Carson but the handsome youngster was pitch perfect in his role as Rives. Unfortunately, Dennis Fimple was so over the top with his exaggerated facial expressions and his idiot stick persona it just about ruined the movie for me. Denis's character was supposed to be a Vietnam veteran but he came off more like the naive aggravating kid from the Culpepper Cattle Company. In totality the film is worth watching however with a very fine performance by sweet thing Becky Smiser who played Sheriff Billy Carters daughter (Becky) in apparently her only film credit. I really like Dennis Fimple as a character actor in other roles, but the late John David Carson is the reason to see Creature From Black Lake.

Rescue Team

Very Good Z Rescue Movie
The Veteran Actor Richard Harrison (Robert Burton) is hired by (Mike Cohen) to lead a team into the Jungle to rescue (Coleman) Mike Monty. They are a lively group that in the next decade would be ubiquitous in Filipino Z movies. The two standouts were Romano Kristoff as (Franco) and Don Gordon Bell as (Harry). The mission is also joined by lovely Tetchie Agbayanias as (Kara).

Kristoff is really good and I do believe he could have been a good supporting actor in Hollywood if he had chosen to leave the Philippines. Big Mike Cohen gives his usual good account of himself and Harrison has fun with the hard drinking Burton character. On the down side is the dubbing, worse then usual, and Director Jim Goldman not developing Kara's character with the beautiful lady just becoming a part of the scenery rather then a contributor to the "Rescue Team". A couple of big plot twists near the end, and a lot of action along the way makes this one worth watching.

SFX Retaliator

A Major Dissapointment For Z Movie Fans
It appears Linda Blair (Doris) was only in town for a couple days which would explain why she is such a small part of the film. Anyway, Director (Jim Goldmam) must have spent the budget on her because there was not enough left over for the wimpiest action hero of all time (Christopher Mitchum) Steve Baker who does not have enough special effects to make the film interesting. Steve runs his own special effects company with his wife Kate (Cristina Landson) who is also (Kristin Erlandson) in other films and has a separate IMDB page but is the same actress. Steve uses these special effects to scare the bad guy's who are out to get always fully clothed but still looking hot Doris.

Back to SFX which rolls along with a number of plot twists and two separate army 's of bad guys one led by (Morgan) Gordon Mitchell who was over the hill although he tried and (David Light) Jerome Massini who was at least engaged and it was nice to see a veteran of Z movies get a shot with some real actors. No one else is any good and I had to force myself to keep watching to the end with a fake army tank as the big payoff. SFX Retaliator could have been something special in the Z movie hierarchy, but it turned out to be almost as bad as this review. It's a big no on SFX Retaliator.

Heroes for Hire

Heroes for Hire Recieves The Rare And Highly Coveted "Z+" Rating.
Typically I like to start by acknowledging the Director , but in the case of Heroes for Hire it's only fair to give credit to the writer Timothy Jorge for an excellent screenplay with as many twist and turns one might expect to see in a good Al Adamson flick. McPearson played by the handsome (Bruce Baron) is out to rescue Professor Arlington (Mike Monty) and his lovely assistant Liza (Liza Hutton) who were kidnapped at a swanky pool party while our hero McPearson was merely knocked out. Suffice it to say the other guests were not so lucky.

The film really takes off from there with McPearson battling four levels of bad guy hierarchy with a cool and smug demeanor that just worked. Excellent performances by Z movie stalwarts (Robert Marius ) Barner, (Eric Hahn) Escalar and the great (Nick Nicholson ) as the less then pleasant Barankov. The final assault onto bad guy Island is a real treat with (Tony Chang) as the acrobat Ninja being the highlight.

The film does have some short comings with a couple of scenes needing a second take, and Baron's bad habit of slouching especially when he sits. This should have been rectified with Director Teddy Page telling him to sit up strait. These are trivial problems overcome by a high body count and the great action put on screen. A couple of actors in their one and only roles deserve a shout out with the debonair (Jack Steward ) Manager of the rescue team and the for- mentioned Liza Hutton who were both naturals in front of the camera. Liza even took on the duties of leading lady and provided a lovely polite much enjoyed shower scene. When you add it all up if you do not like Heroes For Hire you probably are not going to like Z movies in general because this one is a "Z+" to be sure.


Rom Kristoff 's Performance Is Enough To Recomend "SLASH"
Director Jim Goldman brings us the Ramboish "SLASH" starring Romano Kristoff (Peter Harris) and the pretty Gwendolyn Hung as (Barbara). With Ham and Egger Mike Monty thrown in as (Major Andrew Scott) this one rolls along nicely with a ton of action and most importantly Kristoff selling the fact that he is an actual bad ass. A couple of the usual plot twists and unfortunately some really bad war scene choreography keep this one out of the Z+ level, but it is still a solid "Z" film. Romano's performance put's it over the top for a recommendation if just barely.

Black Fire

Rambo Ripoff That Just Did Not Work
Not one of Director Teddy Page's best with (Rom Kristoff) taking the lead as (Sgt Frank Johnson). Sgt Johnson is out to break up an arms dealer something or other on a Island where he and his pal Jim Anderson (James Gains) are training soldiers. I mean this one really sucks even for a Z movie. They even waists the female lead Nancy (Chantelle Mansfield) with never developing a relationship with Johnson or anyone else. The only other decent actor (David Light) as Max is killed off in the first half hour. This one is a dud take my word for it as I usually try and find a way to like Filipino Z movies. I guess if you like torture scenes that go on for twenty minutes and the same storage shed being blown up ten times from different angles you might like Black Fire. If you are looking for a good Rom Kristoff Teddy Page Z movie check out Ninja's Force and skip Black Fire or else please remember I told you so.

Sunset Cove

Comedy Was Not Al Adamson's Strong Suit.
It was fun to watch a found lost film especially when it is directed by "B" movie royalty Al Adamson who has directed many enjoyable films. Sunset Cove's plot revolved around a bunch of high school kids attempting to stop an evil land developer (Dexter), played quite well by James B Martin, from building a Hotel on their beloved Sunset Beach. Hijinks ensue as the crazy kids attempt to blackmail (Mayor Nix) played with over the top camp by William Smidt. There is ample nudity although definitely nothing to write home about as the film rolls on to a happy conclusion.

One of the problems with the film is that there is not a solid actor among the kids who is a viable leading man as both Mark Flynn who does an adequate job playing the high school kid with a cool van (Bart) who incidentally doesn't look a day over 32, and Ray Andrews who plays the brains of the high school kids operation (Mike). He is lost in the film and is frankly terribly directed as the would be lovable nerd. Both Bart and Mike look like they have tooth picks for arms which doesn't stop wimpy Bart from getting tough when he has to, yeah right Bart. Mikes girlfriend (Joyce) Karen Fredrik is passable as the leading lady but really nothing great. Pretty Shirley Broger looks good and adds a little energy to the film playing Bart's girlfriend (Mimi). There is a third female amigo to Joyce and Mimi (Joanne) played by the aesthetically deficient Jane Ralston who kind of looks like a poor girls Squeeky Fromme.

The other major high school guy is the gangs frenamy (Moose) played stiffly by Bill Nuckols. This is where Al Adamson just dosn't seem to get it with Moose directing his two high school girlfriends (Bubles) Jenni Bardell and (Pig Iron) Sherri Coyle to have sex with any guy Moose finds favor with. The rest of the high school gang thinks that is just a hoot for some reason.

To sum it up, OK at best cinematography by the over rated IMHO Gary Graver, a terrible script , uneven acting and a substandard directing job by my buddy Al Adamson, Sorry Al.

Psycho a Go Go

One Of Al Adamson's Best
Very good suspenseful B movie from Schlock Master Al Adamson. If you saw this film in 1965 you probably would have thought that this young director Al Adamson was going places, but unfortunately this was probably the high water mark. Well cast beautifully shot with a great sound track. The psycho Joe played by Roy Morton is quite a memorable character with everyone else chipping in nicely. I can't understand why Mr. Morton wasn't a dependable character actor with his smile and demented laugh for the next thirty years. I highly recommend Psycho a Go Go.

Dynamite Johnson

Hey Cleopatra, Ditch The Kid Next Time.
Director Bobby A. Suarez brings us this convoluted Karate Fighting adventure starring Johnson Yap as a Bionic Karate Fighting Kid (Sonny Lee). Apparently, this is a sequel to The Bionic Boy, which I have yet to see, also starring Yap and long legged Marrie Lee (Cleopatra Wong) as Sonny's Mother . The first five minutes of Dynamite Johnson is "Z" movie magic highlighted by a fire breathing Nazi Dragon. The film slows down a bit from there with Cleopatra and Sonny out to stop One Eyed Nazi Kuntz, who is comically assisted by (Dr. Hiss) Joseph Zucchero, from blowing up Hong Kong which incidentally would take Chungking Mansions off of my bucket list. It's nice to see "Z" movie veteran Ken Metcalfe in a starring role as Head Nazi (Heinrich "One Eye" Kuntz).

A couple of problem with the film are The Boy (Sonny) gets quite irritating with his whistling and constantly sticking out his tung at his evil adversaries. Or Course the dubbing is not great and a bit is lost in translation with one of with Cleopatra's enemy's yelling "hey you, what you do there" at her. "The film is also thirty minutes too long, but it is nothing a skilled editor could not fix. I still give D. J. a qualified recommendation and with an good aforementioned edit this one could be vaulted into the highly desirable "Z+" catagory for sure.


Sloane Achieve The Rare Z+ Status.
Directors Dan Rosenthal and Richard Belding bring us one of the better 1980's Filipino Z movies. Sloane is played enthusiastically by (Robert Resnick) who keeps the pace going with some snappy one liners while he and his counterpart Cynthia Thursby (Debra Blee ) are out to rescue Cynthis's sister Janice Thursby (Ann Milhench). Sloane cracks wise throughout while Cynthia is the serious hot tempered girl. Think of the TV show Moonlighting which may have influenced this all action winner. Now Sloane was hired by the sister's father and excepts a blank check from dad and is determined to rescue Janice as they were once an item when Sloane lived in Manila. Sloan is your average Karate Superhero who likes to drink and will take a much deserved trips to the brothel from time to time. The movie moves right along with a couple of twists and turns and the requisite high body count. One of the fun moments involve the cannibal pygmy's who apparently haven't dined in quite some time. This movie is like a good 1980's "B' movie with a lot of explosions and pretty ladies. The down side is that the sub plot's get a little convoluted, and actor (Resnick) is definitely not great at Karate, but great stunt men work covers for him. Sloane's high pitched voice reminiscent of a 15 year old is also a little distracting. The sound track is not the best with too many elevator saxophone solos, however, with a handsome leading man and a gorgeous leading lady (Debra Blee) and a decent script it more then offsets these shortcomings. Sloan is no piker when it comes to bedding the ladies either just ask the sisters and the brothel girl. There is one great scene for the guy's involving actress (Ann Milhench) Janice who flutters her six foot frame and her fabulous legs down a flight of stairs while sporting a sexy white satin kimono. It's definitely worth a rewind and Sloane is definitely worth watching.

Revenge of Billy the Kid

This GASSly Horror Would Make John Watters Blush.
Director Jim Groom brings us this grimy nightmare which is devoid of one solitary laugh. This POS Stars Michael Balfour as (Gyles MacDonald) who while drunk, he's always drunk of drinking, has sex with a Goat who delivers 'Billy the Kid", get it. For some reason Director Groom decides to put Gyles in close - up shot's almost every other scene in the film. Now Gyles makes Sid Haig look like some sort of beauty queen, so why director Groom thought the audience would enjoy constant close-up's of his hideous face is a mystery to me. As time goes by Billy grows up to be a Pumkinhead type creature which is still better looking then Gyles. There is a side story with Gyles plain Jane daughter (Ronnie) played OK by Samantha Perkins and her boyfriend (Lance) played by a totally uninspired Dean Williamson. The two of them have absolutely "0" chemistry with Lance always acting like he wants to be elsewhere, Then there is the rest of the family who's job it is to flatulent and snore, snore, snore which was more oppressive then the constant Gassing if that's possible. The whole film is just a filthy looser. I did make it to the end and was rooting for the monster Billy the Kid. Some of the cinematography, other then Gyles face, was good so I have charitably given it two star. Check out a fun "Carry On" film which are actually funny rather then this reprehensible excuse for a comedy. Incidentally. I do not recommend Revenge Of Billy The Kid.

Nerds of a Feather

A Lot Of Fun On A Limited Budget
Director Gary graver gives us a lighthearted old fashioned slapstick film starring Mario Romeo Milano (Peter Lawson) who also wrote and produced Nerds of a Feather. The films shining light is beautiful Kathleen Conway as Peter's girlfriend (Jennifer Greenberg). The plot is so convoluted that it would take a manuscript to explain , however, suffice it to say the Russians are out the get their secret formula back from Pat McCormick (professor Yuri) and his sister (Granny Greenberg) played by female impersonator Charles Pierce. Peter and Granny's niece Jennifer try to make it to the marriage alter while a platoon of Russian Little People, A gang of bikers led by (Biker Ben) Charles Dierkop, Residence of an old folks home, a demented cop, and a talking dog all adding to the hilarity. Not every gag works, but there are enough laughs to recommend this silly lighthearted romp. There is enough here in terms of story and script to make a fun remake IMHO.

Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice

A Fan Boys Dream
A fawning documentary that gets a little too close to worship. Linda was a great talent but this film would have you believe she was an innocent babe in the woods. While she admits to doing drugs and running off with another lady's husband (Bianca Jagger) to Mexico the documentary stays miles away from that scandal.

It's funny they didn't mention poor Bianca flying in from jolly old to confront Mic about his tryst with the then beautiful Linda, but instead shows how much she liked playing with paper dolls.

One of the hilarious scenes is when they ask one of her boyfriends why they broke up and he looked like he was going to faint. I guess you can't say anything bad about Linda. They should have called the Film "Heart like a Porcupine". She was a great singer and as a credit to herself she didn't let others steal all of he money. A little more balance would have been nice.

Lady Street Fighter

Lady Street Fighter Is No Spring Chicken
I wonder if director James Bryan tried to talk Writer, Producer (Renee Harmon) out of playing the leading lady Linda Allen. He may have said " Renee, Doll, this part is not right for you. Even though your beautiful you are still fifty two years old and your German accent is so strong it will be hard for your millions of fans to understand you. Renee may have responded "I ville play zee part". Against all odds she actually pulled it off to a degree with a boat load of natural charisma she sets out to avenge her sisters death with burning , whipping, stabbing, and acting like a an old fashion female sex fiend. The first half of Lady Street fighter is pretty good with an occasional topless scene in order to move the non existent plot along. Then comes the Toga party and things get really lurid and creepy with lady Street Fighter having a good laugh with foot fetishes and beating a guy with a bull whip. The momentum never quite picks up after that with leading man Jody McCrea as FBI agent (Rick Pollard) not doing the film any favors with a very flat performance. I can only wonder how much better the film would have been if the beautiful Ms. Harmon had a little better handle on the English Language and was twenty years younger while throwing the bad guys around. That all being said; yes, it is worth a watch.

Black Samurai

Big Al Does IT Again
Special Agent Robert Sand (Jim Kelly) is know one to trifle with. Cruising around in his Blue Dino Ferrari he is out to rescue his girlfriend who has been kidnapper by the evil Janikot played perfectly by the little known (Bill Roy). You won't be wanting for action as Sands does whatever it takes including battling a plethora of bad guy, snakes, and even a troublesome buzzard. Sand does not lack for confidence telling one bad guy he 's better then Mohamed Ali. This film has a great soundtrack, is filmed well, and is well cast with even a couple of midget wrestlers Lil Tokyo and Cowboy Lang taking some bumps. Al's wife Regina Carrol even graces the screen as a Voodoo dancer which is a lot of fun. The Beautiful Synne (Marilyn Joi ) is great as Janikot's Gun Moll and outclasses Toki Konuma Sand's girlfriend played by (Chia Essie Lin). Not that there is anything wrong with Chia's acting but that Fox Marilyn just lights up the screen. This is a great "B" movie and Jim Kelly's second best after another Adamson classic Death Dimensions.

Jungle Cruise

Too Long
Jungle Cruise is over 2 hours of relentless so called action with 1000 groan inducing quips by the Rock that get quite tiresome after the first half hour. It morphs from an action flick into some sort of weird Sci-Fi about an hour and a half in with something about snakes. Jungle cruise should have been edited down to a hour and twenty, but what we have is a terribly Long, unhinged, sack of Amazon feces. To say that it is a disappointment is an understatement, but on the other hand it's one of the Rock's best films.

Hell Riders

Hell Rider's Meet Their Match With Batman And Ginger.
Passable Biker Movie with Batman and Ginger, both past their prime, collecting a pay check. Hell Riders got a little more violent then it should have and would have been better played as Camp as an homage to the two glorious stars. It is worth a couple of hours of your time if you are a boomer with even a little bit of side boob from Ginger which is more fun then sexy. Don't miss Hell Riders.

Cain's Cutthroats

A Western Roughie.
Director Ken Osborne brings us a real rough western which probably could not be made today with so many racial pejoratives. If is the murder revenge formula with some terribly graphic scenes that made me uncomfortable which may have been the Directors point. A solid "not too far over the top performance" by John Carradine as the (Preacher) and an excellent job turned in by Bob Dix as the leader of the bad guys.(Amison). Everybody else is OK with Director Osborn at times attempting a little humor and a couple of nude scenes, thank you ladies, to break up the bleakness of the film. That being said I would still recommend it for guys who don't mind graphic violence and a dark hunger for revenge by the leading man (Scott Brady) as Cain. If you decide to watch - it is best viewed before a shower as you will need one after watching.

La polizia è sconfitta

Stunt Squad With Very Few Stunts.
Vittorio Mezzogio is the bad guy with "0" socially redeeming values (Valli). Short balding Marcel Bozzuffi who plays the (police commissioner) and also runs like a girl is a sorry excuse for a leading man. The Psycho Valli leads a pile of cadavers for the commissioner and his so called Stunt Squad to cry over while they attempt to track down Valli. The problem is the Stunt Squad stunts suck with them riding a dirt bike down some stairs add a couple of lame wheelies and short jumps that's could have been done by an eight year old. The story revolves around Valli blowing up businesses who don't pay him off and something about cocaine. There are some pretty ladies in the film but know character development as we are forced to look at almost handsome Valli interminably every other scene. Stunt Squad is also ponderous with a lot of Gallo drama death scenes which drags the pace down to where it almost stops. The positives are a great music score and a fun nightclub scene which is not enough to lift this one out of the terrible category. Don't waste your time with this drama drivel.

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