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I, Tonya

Wanted to see this for a long time
The film gets a solid eight and while Allison Janney has been so lauded for her performance and that is very much deserved, watching Margot Robbie portray Tonya Harding is absolutely divine. If I were rating the film simply on that basis I would give it 9.5 stars. This movie really brings the characters to life in a way few movies do. When you arrive at the end and see clips of the real life subjects of the film , the resemblance is positively stunning. As they say, a real must see.

Manbiki kazoku

A film rare in its deft storytelling , balance and finesse
The film has an easygoing dynamic to it but you will always find yourself drawn into the film. Although it centers around what seem to be several different tragic circumstances The mutual love the characters show for each other and the way they care for one another is touching even though they are guilty of some dubious behavior. So you might be surprised how you find the film will touch you. There is this interesting juxtaposition of societal authority and the real life consequences for the characters in the film, The State doesn't always get the nuance of people's real lives and the rules they enforce don't always make things better. This film tells a story with such subtlety and is never ambiguous and you are surprised by what you see and how you react to it. A story so lovingly told you will be moved and won't for get it. I cannot praise it enough.

Es esmu seit

a family with no good options and the choices that catch up to them
The film is very bleak for the most part , created and directed from a completely different perspective than what I and most american viewers are used to. I came here to review the film because when I finished watching the film I thought I didn't like it but I changed my mind, it took a day for the film to sink in and once it did sink in it stayed with me. I'd say that's the test of a good movie. I saw it on Amazon Prime and I never would have found it except that when I searched for the movie MUD this film came up in the search as well.

Hell or High Water

Oscar bridesmaid
The only conceivable reason this film did not win an Oscar for best picture and best actor in a leading role for Jeff Bridges is because it happened to be up against Moonlight. I have seen both films and couldn't say one is better than the other but Hell or High Water is more entertaining. Don't miss it ! ! !


Explores the full range of emotions in more than one character
As I say in the title every human emotion you can think of is on full display here. Matthew McConaughney and the child actors deliver great performances with great production design , IE locations and cinematography and a script that brings out the many aspects of their characters. I was completely engaged during the entire film and that is what defines good cinema. This is a really good movie , do not hesitate to watch it, it would be a shame if you didn't.

The Great Hack

Nothing New, though we'd sooner not look.
Read the critical reviews here and ask yourself to what use we have put the hyper powerful computing power ,infinite memory storage and vast amounts of OUR DATA controlled by , literally, a handful of people. Granted it's mostly for commerce, selling us stuff, until it becomes selling our data to people or entities who clearly don't have our best interests in mind or at heart. And this handful of people cares not one wit to whom they are selling our data or what their ultimate aims might be. ??? leftist propaganda??? One need only look at the decidedly anti democratic trends sweeping the globe to understand how powerful the manipulation of people through the use of the data they surrender, either willing or not is. This film attempts to illuminate the dangers of weaponizing our data and using it against us to undermine democracy and how vulnerable we are to that sort of manipulation. There are real world consequences , Myanmar for one and those are bloody consequences. Propaganda is certainly the familiar domain of the fascists who currently hold sway. across the globe. Despite what the reviews on offer here proclaim this film is hardly propaganda , far from it.

Big Little Lies

Human relationships in all their complexity and ambiguity
Watch it and stick with it and you will find characters that are fully explored and developed and they are not some ideal Hollywood archetypes they have real human traits good and bad.

Nicole Kidman has some serious acting chops and the script allows her to put them on full display. I looked forward to watching it and always enjoyed it. I am sorry it's over but I think the story is played out . Thank you HBO and Reese Witherspoon Prod. Company.


A Solid Eight Stars
#1 If you're watching it on Netflix you don't have to watch it all in one go , treat it like a series. #2 You won't find many films that are as well done as this one, IMO the acting and direction are really good and the woman who plays opposite him , mutual love interests , is surely worthy of a Golden Globe for a supporting role. #3 If you watch any movie dubbed rather than with sub titles then your rating or opinion can't be of much substance, would you want Opera dubbed ? #4 The movie has all the elements of good story telling and the full range human flaws and attributes told in a sometimes moving and sometimes saddening way. It is one of the better films I have seen in the last year.


Good Portrayal of Institutional Group Think
Criticism of the English accents in other reviews are fair but it is such an interesting study of what can go wrong Top Down, yes , Soviet style management. We have it here too. I find this to be realistic and very compelling. The dialogue and transitions from scene to scene and their chronology is well done logical. If you watch a mini series and find yourself looking forward to the next episode I'd say it's pretty good. Original , good writing , doesn't follow a formula.

Gentleman Jack

At last, a worthy offering from HBO
I have started watching some other series from HBO that were not even worth the time spent for one episode never mind seven or eight ," Succession "comes to mind. It matters not one bit what the subject matter of a mini series is when the script , acting , art direction and especially the character development are spot on. I don't think you'll grow impatient watching this as is the case with so many TV pieces ; impatient for the next episode would be more like it. The movies Phantom Thread and The Favourite , period pieces both, were not even close to being 1/2 as good as this and probably with twice the budget and "A List " players. Vision and ideas make good movies ; it takes more than just money. Hats off to HBO/BBC for green lighting this and getting it made. Recommended period. I came back to add to my review. It's a beautiful love story rendered in a natural and believable way no matter the subjects' orientation. The story is so naturally told and well woven together perhaps because they had Anne Lister's diaries to work from. Don't miss it.

The Favourite

don't be fooled by the trailer, it's not what you think
I was sucked in by the trailer and paid to rent it for home viewing. I give way to other reviewers here and warn it is a period piece with no meat on the bone. this is No Valmont or Amadeus. Some of the scenes seem like vaudeville and not in a good way. One asks oneself , " where'd that come from ? ". When a film makes you feel uncomfortable for no apparent reason ie to challenge you or give you a new perspective , one you had't thought of ,it becomes patently gratuitous. And I for one don't believe the film is the least bit authentic. Unfortunately as is so often the case you don't realize it until you have wasted an hour watching it. Read the negative reviews on offer here. You'll be better served by them than by watching this movie. Emma Stone ; lovely, movie ; almost ghastly.

Suburra - La serie

Truly great television the likes of which you won't find elsewhere.
There are precious few film projects that are as well done as this series. #1 You are going to want want to watch the whole thing. #2 This is epic storytelling at its finest, the plot is cohesive, the dialogue extremely well written and the acting is first rate for every character in every scene. #3 The production values and cinematography are as as good as what you would expect in a golden globe nominated film. With all the money that gets spent on producing titles for television one wonders why more are not as good as this one. In its second season this series will draw you in and , for me , never disappoints. It is , IMO, a rare gem indeed. Competing and conflicting interests and desires from assorted characters in a complex plot that you can easily follow. It is a real thriller.


great performance, mediocre production design.
The film is held together by Keira Knightly's performance which makes it worth watching. However the film doesn't always follow a coherent thread, one scene doesn't always logically segue into the next one and one wonders why some scenes are in the movie at all. A more coherent script with relevant scenes would have made this movie truly great instead it struggles at times to hold the viewer's attention. Seven stars for Keira Knightly's performance, at least, maybe four stars for the film overall. Pity to have such talent without a production that is the equal of her talent.

Can You Ever Forgive Me?

an absolute gem of a movie, memorable.
If you grow weary of looking for a good movie or are disappointed after watching a movie hoping it will become worthy of watching some where along the way but doesn't, please give this movie a go. I believe it is destined to become a classic. It probably would have been recognized to a greater degree in a different Oscar year. Story, character development, dialogue and ,my word, "caustic wit" ! ( caustic wit being a line in the movie).From beginning to end this movie is well executed and at no time will you not be drawn in by the above mentioned attributes of the movie. I have been disappointed by so many movies lately and there is so much "content" that I can't decide what to watch. I was delighted by this movie and I reveled in watching it. It doesn't rely on any gimmicks or great "star power". Melissa McCarthy has the acting chops that make this movie truly great and Richard Grant is every bit her equal.If you want a movie driven by story rather than action or contrived drama this is a movie about a real story that is as uncanny as it is compelling and interesting. I only wish 10% of the movies produced today were this good.

Miss Sloane

acting seminar ?
Watching the first ten minutes of the film we come to a scene with Jessica Chastain and Sam Waterston , a fine actor IMO , after Miss Sloane has belittled a client and is in that scene you feel like your watching an acting class. I agree with snoopystyle review 15 may 2017 , the film tries too hard. Maybe it's a John Madden thing.

The Debt

When I saw the trailer I was looking forward to seeing this film, I can suspend disbelief and enjoy a film, in fact it can be a lot of fun when a film is well made. This one is not well made. The drama builds up when the the female lead poses as woman in need of help with fertility treatment from a a Nazi surgeon from Birkenau who has assumed a new identity and is now in East Germany . So the Mossad wants to capture him to make him pay for his crimes. Once he is captured they have to hide and keep the surgeon alive until they can get out of East Berlin. And now here is why I write the review, the surgeon is tied up and they are force feeding him , not only does the scene come off as totally gratuitous, it is implausible as well. Can you really force feed an adult with a spoon while he's tied up, shoving the food in his mouth? You know you can lead a horse to water ... You can't make some one swallow even if you shovel food in their mouth. I was lead to this film by the trailer but you couldn't make me watch it.

Backstabbing for Beginners

Not tightly held together but....
The film gets a seven rating because Ben Kingsley's acting is first rate and never less than 1st rate and over all the story will hold your interest and has some twists to it, it will keep you guessing. The romantic parts of the movie feel like they were thrown in, like a focus group or a committee made the movie and the drama is suspended for those scenes. The dialogue and character development between Ben Kingsley and Theo James make the film worth watching. Pity that the entire script did not hold up as well as the better scenes. When you see of some of the uninspired fare that the streaming giants throw money at I say this is a worthy effort.

Killing Eve

one word to describe this series : DELICIOUS, spaghetti western updated
My review title may not make sense to some but this show is just that off beat : like the movie "My Name is Nobody". The humor is so british and comes at the most unexpected moments. The plot and the events within it may seem implausible but I am telling you I have been totally enthralled with the three episodes I have watched so far. The best I can offer is that I would rate this show a close second to " Better Call Saul" and that is high praise indeed.See tgp0210 review April 1,2018

First Reformed

Less than worth watching ?
I would not know where to begin but I recommend you start with the lowest ratings here and read a few before you watch this movie. It does start out with what are some interesting soliloquies by the main character played by Hawke, just enough to keep you watching even though you know the film is a dud. Piss poor art direction, awkward location selection , it is akin to the uncomfortable feeling you get in a crowded, silent elevator, when you watch this movie. The dialogue is stilted and nothing seems natural or more important a seamless, a narrative in which a good movie carries you along. The female lead delivers a good performance but with material that is less than sub standard , IE , not thought out. The art house crowd might find it " thought provoking" or edgy, edgy like broken glass, the final scene is tortured in its gratuitous qualities but not surprising because the film , which hadn't gone anywhere to begin with had to get to some destination no matter how unsatisfying or nonsensical. Thought provoking , yes , I thought how did this get green lighted ? The studios are throwing money at producers for content, 3rd rate content I surmise. I was more exhausted than enraged after wasting my time on this movie but I was certainly mad at myself for sticking with this movie when I already knew it was a dog. Now "You already know" don't waste a minute on it.

Manchester by the Sea

two hours thirty seven minutes
One can find strong points in the film such as Casey Affleck's acting and the theme or plot of the film. In the end someone, the film maker I assume , has to #1 bring all the various parts of the film ( story, locations, cinematography,acting and script)in to a narrative that carries you along and keeps your interest. So in this film it would be drama and suspense, maybe empathy, in others it might be horror or comedy. And #2 he or she has to do what is required to do that and nothing more. This film takes at least an hour and a half to get to the relevant dramatic parts that are any good at all. By that time you are so weary from waiting for something to happen you are bound to have become impatient with the film. I wish I had read some reviews here before I watched it and wasted , mind you, more than two hours. There many more films and series out there worthy of your time than this one, I don't think it is a matter of taste. The movie Phantom Thread is in the same category as this one but not quite as long or dragged out and that one had great locations and sumptuous cinematography and art direction. I affirm what mrsterrifrances said in his review; I do not understand the high rating of this film. It got Academy Awards for acting and script, perhaps deserved, but the film overall is not even close to being a great film.

Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj

He should get a Ten.
Nobody can tell me this show is any sort of a knock off of " Last Week Tonight ". Hasan , despite his first name and , yes, brown skin ( he always brings it up ) is so thoroughly American that his show is unique and definitely his own. Look, he takes a topic and explores it with such off beat and biting wit and does the job the media doesn't do, give a subject depth , context, and HISTORY. If you watch it and have functioning intellect you are going to laugh and that's what the show is supposed to be about, No? John Oliver is a British import and worthy of the Emmy s he's received. Hasan is homegrown, all american and delivers what no expat could. It's having his feet in two worlds at the same time, 1st or 2nd generation immigrants and their kid growing up American, and bringing a perspective and understanding you ain't gonna get anywhere else. Wait for his patented " are you kidding me moments " and you will see what I mean. I would have given it a ten except there are not enough episodes and they are too short. Don't believe me ? Watch it then and we'll talk. Very original.

Hold the Dark

There are no negative stars to review this film.
There is not much to add to all the reviews already posted here except that you should believe it when you are told the movie will get your interest and you will dispose of two perfectly hours of your life on a film that never had anywhere to go to begin with. And it doesn't even get to nowhere. I will put something other reviewers have said in a different way; ( who would green light this film ?) Netflix must have a ton of money to throw around and I, like so many of you, contribute. If you don't have a good script and execute the concept you can't make a good film. What a waste of resources. Bad movies get made all the time , they're called action adventures but they "know" what they are, this film has zero identity.

Phantom Thread

The film that never arrives at its destination.
The film has high production values, excellent acting which keeps your interest for for the two hours the film goes on. I would love to tell you how sumptuous the photography and locations are (they are) and how good the acting by the principals is ( It is ) but then you might want to watch this two hour film and I fear you would be disappointed with a film that in the end seems ambiguous at best and less than engaging at worst. Skip it.

Secret City

Hooray for Gov't funded Television
I don't quite know if I can follow the plot and get all the loose ends tied together.The production values are high, the acting is 1st rate and the script is good. The series probably would not get made with out the gov't funding.You really should watch an episode and decide for yourself. It is not some hand handed attempt at suspense and drama, I think it is very well executed.

Succession: Celebration
Episode 1, Season 1

Naval gazing for the the well to do arriviste ?
I assume that the series is inspired by Sumner Redstone and his Viacom empire and the nutty stuff he did while running the company (in to the ground ?) So I would be on board for that plot / story line. The dialog and characters, arrogant nasty and self centered, are so overplayed ( are there real people that act and talk like that ?) that you really can't get caught up in it and that's without dealing with bizarre camera work, do we really need both those elements just to make it seem "edgy"? It just is not the least bit subtle, like a teacher at a blackboard giving a lesson not leaving you to do any thinking for yourself. Will you want to watch ? Probably yes but it is more like a train wreck than a well thought out piece of work with high production values. So yes you may be drawn in but I can't imagine anyone really getting lost in the drama like you might in a really well done work of cinema. Potential , yes, substance in short supply.

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